Sandra Marton   The Collector s Edition Volume 1   5 Book Box Set

Sandra Marton The Collector s Edition Volume 1 5 Book Box Set

Written by: Sandra Marton

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Australia
  • Publish Date: 2012-03-01
  • ISBN-10: 9781460818497
  • ebook-sandra-marton-the-collector-s-edition-volume-1-5-book-box-set.pdf

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Book Summary

A Proper Wife Ryan Kincaid doesn't like being told what to do. When his grandfather pressures him to marry and introduces him to a suitable bride, Ryan is furious. Devon Franklin is the most argumentative, grasping female he's ever met! So what if she's gorgeous and he can't stop thinking about her? Devon is perfectly capable of running her own life. She doesn't need a husband and certainly not one like Ryan –– disgustingly rich, dangerously handsome, infuriatingly smug...! Who cares if his kisses turn her knees to jelly? Perhaps the solution is a whirlwind wedding ...and an equally quick divorce? An Indecent Proposal Cade Landon tells his story: 'When I heard that my father wanted me to sort out Gordon Oil, I thought that Angelica Gordon would be a pushover. Shows how wrong a roan can be! Angelica's different to any other woman I've met, and I just can't get enough of her. That doesn't mean I'm in love with her ...of course it doesn't. I'm an independent guy, and I don't need any woman as a permanent fixture in my life. So why, when it comes to saving her beloved oil company, do I find myself making all sorts of proposals just tm keep this particular 'Angel' happy? Guardian Groom This is Grant's story: 'What a legacy for my father to leave me. Crista Adams –– my ward! But the woman is no more a child than I am. In fact, with her lifestyle, I doubt Crista ever was a child. Why is it, then, that I, who've never let a woman get under my skin, am so jealous of every man in Crista's life? That's why I've decided to really act as her guardian. I've demanded that she move in with me. But that's surely the craziest idea I've ever had! Now I have the feeling that nothing in my life will ever be the same again....' Hollywood Wedding Zaeh says: 'Why did I have to be the one left with my father's mistress? Still, I know her type, and she should have been easy to dismiss. After all, Eve Palmer didn't actually climb the corporate ladder: she got to the top on her back in a tangle of silken sheets. But when I met her, was I in for a shock! Innocent, vibrant and talented, Eve was nothing like I'd imagined. Now I'm in so deep I realise I'm in danger of repeating my old man's mistake and falling in love. Marriage is the last thing I want, and even the prospect of a Hollywood wedding won't change my mind....' Spring Bride It's Kyra's turn: 'My father's legacy allowed me to assert my independence after years of being the pampered Landon 'princess.' But I've discovered independence has its own problems. Antonio Rodrigo Cordoba del Rey will help me...but at a price! He wants to own me, body, heart and soul. Pride prevents me from calling on my family for help – but if I succumb to Antonio's terms, I know I'll never be free again!'

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