A Perfect Catch

Author: Anna Sugden

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 0373608985

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 9504

He's the perfect catch…for now! When it comes to romance, Tracy Hayden is not looking for a rematch. She's had epic passion—and problems!—with professional hockey player Ike Jelinek. Brilliant on skates and magic in bed, his too-traditional-for-her views were like a bucket of ice water on their affair. Then an injury takes Ike out of the game, and everything changes. Suddenly he needs her services-providing business—even though he once claimed it was their biggest problem. Tracy's determined to be professional, despite the sizzling attraction between them that won't go away. Maybe they need a second fling to fix that!

The Perfect Catch (Loveswept)

Author: Linda Cajio

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448111714

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 8440

Wearing an expensive suit and an air of bored calm, Graham Reed looks like a fish out of water at the ballpark. Even after enthusiastic fan Elaine Simpson soaks him with cold soda, he manages to keep his cool. Hot and bothered by this sexy stranger with broad shoulders and smoldering eyes, the perky schoolteacher insists on cleaning his suit. When he shows up at her door, Elaine realizes that the game has just begun. The busy owner of a successful pizza chain, Graham can’t get the memory of kissing pretty, down-to-earth Elaine out of his head. But it’s clear her teenage son hates him, and his own batting average when it comes to long-term relationships isn’t impressive. So is he in or is he out? Only his heart has the answer—and he’s putting it all into winning Elaine in a game called love.
Family & Relationships

The Perfect Catch

Fishing, Family and Friendship

Author: Kevin Walsh

Publisher: Sweet Tea Books

ISBN: 9780983901259

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 236

View: 9464

"For any man who has ever wanted to make his father proud and bond with his brothers, you must read "The Perfect Catch." It's perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors, loves to fish, and is not afraid to put love back into the tricky dynamic of male relationships in the family and among friends." --Dr. Marty Becker, "America's Veterinarian" "Kevin has done it again. He always finds a way to use sports as a backdrop to bring people together. "The Perfect Catch" is a warm story that will touch you." --Jim Nantz, Sportscaster Seventy-three-year-old Bob Walsh didn't bother to ask his three adult sons if they would like to join him on a Thanksgiving week fly fishing trip to western New York before he booked and paid for it. It had been five years since all four men had been together, and they didn't have another five years to wait. As prized steelhead trout returned to the river to spawn where they were born, the Walshes retraced their roots, reeling in fish and each other; settling old beefs, reconnecting as friends, and bonding as men. And oh yes, one unforgettable fish was caught by the man who made it all happen. "The Perfect Catch" is written for men by a man. It is a book that wives will want their husbands to read, and a book that any decent man should have in his hands.

The Perfect Catch

Author: Jennifer Youngblood

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781974503100


Page: 194

View: 6837

Enjoy this sweet, standalone sports romance in The Last Play Romance Series by bestselling author Jennifer Youngblood. When star quarterback Rigby Breeland punches a reporter and gets put on suspension, his agent demands that he lay low for a few weeks. He goes to the one place where he knows he can stay out of trouble-coastal Clementine, Alabama, Rigby's hometown. There's only one problem-Scarlett Foster, the girl Rigby never got over, the one who broke his heart and turned her back on him. One look at Scarlett and Rigby's heart goes into overdrive and he knows he won't rest until he wins her back. Too bad she's engaged to the town doctor who has no intention of giving Scarlett up for anyone, least of all hot-shot Rocket Breeland. Scarlett Foster has spent the last two years trying to forget Rigby Breeland and doesn't want to be reminded of his piercing blue eyes, ripped muscles, or magnetic personality. He thinks she broke his heart, but the truth is infinitely more complicated. Rigby and Scarlett don't expect to get thrown together at the harvest fair, and they certainly don't expect to kiss in front of the entire town. Then Rigby risks it all by bidding a whopping ten thousand dollars for Scarlett's sweet potato pie at a baked goods auction. Sparks fly between Rigby and Scarlett as old feelings rekindle, even though Scarlett vows she wants nothing to do with him. When an accident threatens to destroy Rigby's career, he and Scarlett must decide if they're willing to sit on the sidelines and watch their dreams go up in flames or jump back in the game and land the perfect catch, which will score them the love of a lifetime.
Man-woman relationships

The Perfect Catch

Based on the Hallmark Channel Original Movie

Author: Cassidy Carter

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781947892149

Category: Man-woman relationships

Page: 270

View: 8973

She's small-town. He's big-league. They broke up years ago... But is it really over? In the small town of Parker Falls, Jessica Parker spends her time serving pie and coming up with ideas to save the failing diner she inherited from her grandfather. A single mom to eight-year-old Wesley, she has enough to keep her busy well into the future. But when her old high school love, Chase Taynor, unexpectedly pops up, Jess finds herself thinking not of the future but of her past with the handsome professional baseball player. After a few bad pitches leave his dream career in limbo, Chase slides back home to Parker Falls...although the town may not be as safe as he'd expected. As Jess and Chase reconnect, old feelings return in a major-league way. With the possibility that Chase could return to the baseball diamond at any time, will their reunion be worth the risk to their hearts? Or will it be déjà vu all over again, with Chase choosing the limelight over the woman he loved before the fame? The book contains a free original recipe for Bacon & White Cheddar Burgers with Spicy Mustard Relish.

The Perfect Catch

Lessons For Life From A Bass Fisherman

Author: H. Norman Wright,Sheryl Macauley

Publisher: Bethany House Pub

ISBN: 9780764229442

Category: Religion

Page: 287

View: 9728

An inspirational exploration of Christ's metaphorical use of fishing and fisherman to develop meaningful lessons about faith offers sixty devotional readings that wonderfully relate the experience of fishing with a religious life. Reprint.

Fish Tales

Savoring the Thrill of the Perfect Catch

Author: Steve Chapman,The Hautman Brothers

Publisher: Harvest House Pub

ISBN: 9780736918503

Category: Religion

Page: 48

View: 3719

Popular wildlife artists The Hautman Brothers and avid fisherman and bestselling author Steve Chapman—creators of the popular A Hunter’s Call and A Look at Life from the Deer Stand Gift Edition—collaborate once again to illuminate the great sport of fishing. Detailed and captivating paintings of all things fishing showcase entertaining stories about the joys of the popular pastime. Quotes celebrating the pursuit entertain while a few inspired recipes keep the promise of the big catch alive. A great gift for outdoorsman enthusiasts for any occasion, readers won’t have to cast their nets far to capture the inspiration of a day on the water or the shore with rod and reel in hand.

In a Perfect Ocean

The State Of Fisheries And Ecosystems In The North Atlantic Ocean

Author: Daniel Pauly,Jay Maclean

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 9781559633246

Category: Nature

Page: 175

View: 588

"In a Perfect Ocean is the first in a series of assessments of the world's marine ecosystems. In this first comprehensive, empirical portrait of the North Atlantic, the authors use traditional catch data and cutting-edge scientific techniques to provide an indisputable picture of an ocean whose food webs have been dramatically altered. They then explain how the North Atlantic arrived at this state, and how we can return it to health."--Back cover.
Juvenile Fiction

Afro-Indian Dreams Trilogy

Author: William Forde


ISBN: 1326055712

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 170

View: 7503

This book is a compilation of the 3 stories that Nelson Mandela phoned me personally to say were Wonderful at their publication in the year 2000. The stories are from the individual perspective of 3 children; one from South Africa, one from the Punjab in India and one from Falmouth in Jamaica. Each story provides an accurate historical background setting. Throughout my life I have always been fascinated by the cultures, customs, development and history of three countries from the other side of my world. The 3 countries are Africa, India and Jamaica.
Juvenile Fiction

Spy Dog Unleashed

Author: Andrew Cope

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141929162

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

View: 1653

Super Spy Dog Lara is faced with her biggest challenge yet. Her nemesis, the evil Mr Big, has escaped from prison. Not only does he want to frame Lara and land her in big trouble, he's got his evil eye on the Millennium Diamond. It's the world's most precious jewel – and it's about to go walkies . . . Spy Dog to the rescue! Gripping, funny, adventure fiction with brilliant illustrations throughout – boys and girls aged 7+ won't be able to put it down!

Faraway, Nearby

Author: Wayne Kyle Spitzer

Publisher: Wayne Kyle Spitzer

ISBN: 8827550445

Category: Fiction

Page: 44

View: 7526

Now that the smoke had cleared, she saw that the bulge had burst open, and was hollow. Reams of tree sap dribbled from its fracture. She stared at it as piano music tiptoed up the hall—Maggie's radio, no doubt—resonating eerily amidst the sterile walls. Thinking she heard the ghost-voice of Karen Carpenter—what were recordings if not the voices of ghosts?—she noticed something different about the willow tree. Something other than the weird bulge, now split open. It was an odd configuration of branches, some thick as a person’s arms, others thick as legs. Had those been there before? She was pretty sure they hadn’t. She noticed there were unusual masses of vegetation growing from them; in addition to strands of weeping willow leaves, there were flowers, ferns, lilies, mushroom stools—she knew they hadn’t been there. Taken together, the branches almost formed a human shape—with shaggy shoulders and a mane of green hair—in profile. But since when did trees grow— Suddenly the shape turned its face to her, opening its eyes, and Tika shrieked.

Perfect Catch

Author: N. R. Walker

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781542353335


Page: 76

View: 7621

*19,000 word (72 pages) short story. LGBT romance.Calvin Lynch and Troy Hoffman have been best mates since they were fourteen years old. They're both hard-working tradesmen, both love weekends away fishing, both gay, but have never been single at the same time. Until now.What is supposed to be a weekend away fishing with a group of mates, changes at the last minute when friends bail out in an attempt to give Cal and Troy some alone time.With more than just hooks on the line, can these two see what's been right in front of them the whole time?The Perfect Catch is a short story about falling for your best friend hook, line, and sinker.

The Paris Connection

Author: Cerella Sechrist

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460328175

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 3618

Sparks are flying in the City of Light Emma Brooks, single mom and managing director at the leading recruiting firm in Paris, was against their merger with an American company from the start. Not only was her firm losing its autonomy, she was losing her well-deserved promotion to Cole Dorset—a handsome, arrogant interloper from New York! How did Cole's ex-girlfriend's dream of moving to Paris become his nightmare? Now he's got to find his way in a new country, and the woman showing him the ropes wants to string him up by one. But as he gets to know Emma and her daughter, he realizes Paris may have more to offer than he thought….

Vier Fische

Author: Paul Greenberg

Publisher: ebook Berlin Verlag

ISBN: 3827074746

Category: Nature

Page: 320

View: 6979

Der preisgekrönte Autor und passionierte Angler Paul Greenberg nimmt uns mit auf eine Reise über die Flüsse und Meere dieser Welt und erzählt die Geschichte jener vier Fischarten, die mittlerweile überall die Speisekarten beherrschen: Lachs, Barsch, Kabeljau und Thunfisch. Er besucht norwegische Großfarmen, die jährlich 500 000 Tonnen Lachs produzieren - mit Hilfe genetischer Techniken, die ursprünglich bei der Schafzucht zum Einsatz kamen. In Alaska besichtigt er die einzige Fair-Trade-Fischerei der Welt. Er erklärt, warum die Meerestiere zunehmend mit Quecksilber und anderen Schadstoffen belastet sind, und schildert, wie der Mittelmeerbarsch zu einer global nachgefragten Ware werden konnte. Greenberg stellt viele der Fragen, die immer mehr Menschen beim Anblick einer Speisekarte oder der Tiefkühltruhe unseres Supermarkts beschäftigen: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Wild-, Zucht- und Biofisch? Welchen Fisch können wir bedenkenlos essen? Was bedeutet Überfischung eigentlich? Lassen sich Fische wirklich domestizieren wie andere Tiere auch, oder sollten wir generell aufhören, Fisch zu essen? Fische, so Greenbergs Fazit, sind unser letztes wirklich ?wildes Nahrungsmittel. Womöglich nicht mehr lange. Nur wenn wir besser verstehen, unter welchen Bedingungen und um welchen Preis Fisch auf unseren Tellern landet, werden wir dem Lebensraum - und der Nahrungsquelle - Meer mit neuer, dringend gebotener Achtung begegnen.
Family & Relationships

Singled Out

How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After

Author: Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1466800526

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 336

View: 5171

People who are single are changing the face of America. Did you know that: * More than 40 percent of the nation's adults---over 87 million people---are divorced, widowed, or have always been single. * There are more households comprised of single people living alone than of married parents and their children. * Americans now spend more of their adult years single than married. Many of today's single people have engaging jobs, homes that they own, and a network of friends. This is not the 1950s---singles can have sex without marrying, and they can raise smart, successful, and happy children. It should be a great time to be single. Yet too often single people are still asked to defend their single status by an onslaught of judgmental peers and fretful relatives. Prominent people in politics, the popular press, and the intelligentsia have all taken turns peddling myths about marriage and singlehood. Marry, they promise, and you will live a long, happy, and healthy life, and you will never be lonely again. Drawing from decades of scientific research and stacks of stories from the front lines of singlehood, Bella DePaulo debunks the myths of singledom---and shows that just about everything you've heard about the benefits of getting married and the perils of staying single are grossly exaggerated or just plain wrong. Although singles are singled out for unfair treatment by the workplace, the marketplace, and the federal tax structure, they are not simply victims of this singlism. Single people really are living happily ever after. Filled with bracing bursts of truth and dazzling dashes of humor, Singled Out is a spirited and provocative read for the single, the married, and everyone in between. You will never think about singlehood or marriage the same way again. Singled Out debunks the Ten Myths of Singlehood, including: Myth #1: The Wonder of Couples: Marrieds know best. Myth #3: The Dark Aura of Singlehood: You are miserable and lonely and your life is tragic. Myth #5: Attention, Single Women: Your work won't love you back and your eggs will dry up. Also, you don't get any and you're promiscuous. Myth #6: Attention, Single Men: You are horny, slovenly, and irresponsible, and you are the scary criminals. Or you are sexy, fastidious, frivolous, and gay. Myth #7: Attention, Single Parents: Your kids are doomed. Myth #9: Poor Soul: You will grow old alone and you will die in a room by yourself where no one will find you for weeks. Myth #10: Family Values: Let's give all of the perks, benefits, gifts, and cash to couples and call it family values. "With elegant analysis, wonderfully detailed examples, and clear and witty prose, DePaulo lays out the many, often subtle denigrations and discriminations faced by single adults in the U.S. She addresses, too, the resilience of single women and men in the face of such singlism. A must-read for all single adults, their friends and families, as well as social scientists and policy advocates." ---E. Kay Trimberger, author of The New Single Woman

A Perfect Match

Emma and James, Novel 2

Author: Sinéad Moriarty

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141911492

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 1216

In her second novel, A Perfect Match, Sinéad Moriarty tells the story of Emma Hamilton who embarks on the path to adopting a baby when she and her husband can't conceive. It manages to be both hilarious and incredibly moving is comparable to the writing of Marian Keyes in its ability to balancing of light and shade. After two years of being deafened by the TICKTOCK of her biological clock and tormented by Mother Nature's refusal to grant her a baby, Emma Hamilton decides to go for the instant solution: finding a Russian baby in need of a home. But Emma hasn't reckoned on the route to adoption being so complicated. Between proving that she's fit to be a mother (by inventing an unblemished past and discovering an unsuspected talent for housekeeping), driving her long-suffering husband insane with madcap schemes to make them the perfect would-be parents (a few Russian verbs a night and they'll be fluent in no time), and tripping over red tape every step of the way (who knew social workers could be so terrifying?) Emma finds out that adoption is far from the easy option - and that perfection has very little to do with finding the perfect match. Sinéad Moriarty's novels have sold over half a million copies in Ireland and the UK and she is a four times nominee for the popular fiction Irish Book Award. She has won over readers and critics telling stories that are funny, humane, moving and relevant to modern women. A Perfect Match is a follow-up to The Baby Trail, but it also stands on its own as a complete story.

A Perfect Distraction

Author: Anna Sugden

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460318919

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 594

A face-off—head vs. heart For Jake Badoletti, this year is all about his career. He has a rare second chance to make the most of being a pro hockey player, so no parties, no scandals. Too bad he's met a woman who could sideline those plans. Maggie Goodman is not his usual type—right down to being a single mom. Still, the sizzling connection with this gorgeous brunette can't be ignored. With a little juggling and a lot of focus, Jake manages to have the game and Maggie. Then his performance on the ice suffers and a scandal erupts. Now he can't afford the distraction of Maggie…even if she is perfect for him.

A Perfect Place, a Perfect Life

Author: Jean Manton

Publisher: Jean Manton

ISBN: 1291954449

Category: Fiction

Page: 217

View: 9203

Bronwyn has moved to her dream job in the outback town of Pinder's Creek. She finds job satisfaction and love. But something odd is happening. People are disappearing. Is it just the life, work, or something more sinister?