A Perfect Ganesh

Author: Terrence McNally

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822213796

Category: Drama

Page: 97

View: 1038

THE STORY: The pilgrimage tradition is turned on its head when two outwardly unremarkable, middle-aged lady friends throw themselves into a rousing tour of India, each one having her own secret dreams of what the fabled land of intoxicating opposit

Love! Valor! Compassion! and a Perfect Ganesh

Author: Terrence McNally

Publisher: Plume

ISBN: 9780452279308

Category: Drama

Page: 256

View: 7150

Beautifully written, moving, and very funny, "Love! Valour! Compassion!" gathers together eight gay men at the upstate New York summer house of a celebrated dancer-choreographer who fears he is losing his creativity...and possibly his lover. Infidelity, flirtations, soul-searching, AIDS, truth-telling, and skinny-dipping mix monumental questions about life and death with a wacky dress rehearsal for "Swan Lake" performed in drag. The result is a cross between a gay "Big Chill" and Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard." To read it is to join in a dance of life.
Literary Criticism

Reclaiming the Sacred

The Bible in Gay and Lesbian Literature

Author: Raymond-Jean Frontain

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781560233558

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 265

View: 7873

This second edition explores the territory between gay - lesbian studies, literary criticism, and religious studies. The book examines the appropriation and/or subversion of the authority of the Judeo-Christian Bible by gay and lesbian writers. Texts being focused on are 'Paradise Regained' (Milton), 'Sodom' (Rochester), 'The Life to Come' (Forster), 'The Well of Loneliness' (Radclyffe Hall), 'Desert of the Heart' (Radclyffe Hall), 'Oranges are Not the Only Fruit' (Winterson), and 'Corpus Cristi' (McNally) among others.
Performing Arts

Terrence McNally

A Casebook

Author: Toby Silverman Zinman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135596050

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 210

View: 7364

First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
American drama

Broadway-Theater in der Kritik

Pulitzerpreis-Stücke 1917 - 2009 im Urteil von Fachjuroren

Author: Heinz-Dietrich Fischer,Ingrid Dickhut

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3643102909

Category: American drama

Page: 202

View: 6828


Contemporary Scenes for Actors, Women

Author: Michael Earley

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780878300785

Category: Drama

Page: 187

View: 6927

Conflicting Identities and Multiple Masculinities takes as its focus the construction of masculinity in Western Europe from the early Middle Ages until the fifteenth century, crossing from pre-Christian Scandinavia across western Christendom. The essays consult a broad and representative cross section of sources including the work of theological, scholastic, and monastic writers, sagas, hagiography and memoirs, material culture, chronicles, exampla and vernacular literature, sumptuary legislation, and the records of ecclesiastical courts. The studies address questions of what constituted male identity, and male sexuality. How was masculinity constructed in different social groups? How did the secular and ecclesiastical ideals of masculinity reinforce each other or diverge? These essays address the topic of medieval men and, through a variety of theoretical, methodological, and disciplinary approaches, significantly extend our understanding of how, in the Middle Ages, masculinity and identity were conflicted and multifarious.

Ein Elefant für Inspector Chopra


Author: Vaseem Khan

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 3843714002

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 7541

Am Tag seiner Pensionierung stolpert Inspector Chopra gleich über zwei mysteriöse Ereignisse: Das erste ist der rätselhafte Fall eines ertrunkenen Jungen, dessen Tod niemanden zu kümmern scheint. Die zweite Überraschung ist ein Babyelefant. Chopra nimmt sich beider an. Ohne seine Polizeimarke, dafür aber mit tatkräftiger Unterstützung von Elefantenbaby Ganesha, sucht er jeden Winkel Mumbais nach dem Mörder des Jungen ab. Er muss bald feststellen, dass sowohl an seinem Fall als auch an seinem neuen Schützling mehr dran ist, als es auf den ersten Blick scheint.
Social Science

Outstanding Broadway Dramas and Comedies

Pulitzer Prize Winning Theater Productions

Author: Heinz-Dietrich Fischer

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3643903413

Category: Social Science

Page: 216

View: 4689

Many Pulitzer Prize-winners in the theater award category started their international careers right from Broadway. Among the laureates were dramatists such as Eugene O'Neill who earned four awards. Double prize-winner Tennessee Williams was praised for A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Thornton Wilder's plays Our Town and The Skin of Our Teeth were successful, as well as Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. Edward Albee's Three Tall Women or Alfred Uhry's Driving Miss Daisy represent the younger generation of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwrights. This book takes a look at many of the Pulitzer Prize-winning productions that have been presented over the years on Broadway. (Series: Pulitzer Prize Panorama - Vol. 6)
Performing Arts

The Theater of Terrence McNally

A Critical Study

Author: Peter Wolfe

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786474955

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 272

View: 6820

Peter Wolfe's new book isn't just a groundbreaking introduction to one of today's leading American playwrights; it's also a subtle, carefully nuanced critique. This first book-length monograph on Terrence McNally shows how McNally's decades in the theater have both deepened and refined his thoughts on subjects like growing up gay in mannish, homophobic Texas, Shakespeare's legacy in contemporary drama, and the life-giving power of forgiveness. McNally believes that the ability to forgive confirms our humanity because the wrongs perpetrated against us usually don't deserve to be forgiven. Putting them behind us, he knows, too, challenges the most high-minded. He likens this to the idea, from Edward Albee's Zoo Story, of having to go a great distance out of our way to cover a short distance correctly. This journey, he views as vital. Wolfe shows how his impeccable timing, his instinct for a good laugh line, and his preference for physical sensation and character over plot helps him reveal both what's important to his people and why his people are important. These revelations will shake up your preconceptions. Often shaking your sides with laughter, too, they leave you in a better place?while providing, to boot, a great evening at the theater.
Performing Arts

The Alchemy of Theatre - The Divine Science

Essays on Theatre and the Art of Collaboration

Author: Robert Viagas

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 147684948X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 288

View: 4830

(Applause Books). Featuring 28 of the top talents on Broadway! The Alchemy of Theatre lets the top talents in every theatrical field, from producing and writing to publicity and makeup, share their hard-earned wisdom. They speak on how to achieve success in an environment where giant egos are locked up together under mounting financial and emotional pressure, and are expected to deliver greatness. In short, this book is a how-to manual of collaboration by the professionals who do it best. Among those who have packed their lively essays with real-world stories of experience on legendary productions are directors Harold Prince, Susan Stroman, and George C. Wolfe; playwrights Wendy Wasserstein, recently deceased, and Edward Albee; stars Chita Rivera and Brian Stokes Mitchell; set designer Robin Wagner; songwriter Cy Coleman, in one of his last writing efforts before his death; costume designer William Ivey Long; producer Rocco Landesman; theatre operator Gerald Schoenfeld, chairman of The Shubert Organization; playwright and librettist Terrence McNally; lighting designers Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer; Musical Director Paul Gemignani; and more than a dozen more. This book is nothing but true-life stories of how these precepts work in real life for some of the most talented people alive. "Every narrative gives an inside look at what makes theater magical and allows a performance to come together. For those who love the theater, this book is essential." Library Journal

The Stendhal Syndrome

Author: Terrence McNally

Publisher: Grove Press

ISBN: 9780802141507

Category: Drama

Page: 68

View: 1400

The Stendahl Syndrome is named for the French novelist, who on a visit to Florence had such a visceral and physical reaction to its beauty that he wrote, "I felt a pulsating in my heart. Life was draining out of me, while I walked fearing a fall." Now Terrence McNally, whom The New Yorker has called "one of our most original and audacious dramatists and one of our funniest," has crafted two stunning and witty plays about art and how it transforms us. Full Frontal Nudity explores the reaction of three American tourists to the perfection and beauty of Michelangelo's David. In Prelude & Liebestod, a renowned conductor watches his life unravel while conducting Wagner's musical masterpiece.

Corpus Christi

A Play

Author: Terrence McNally

Publisher: Grove Press

ISBN: 9780802136350

Category: Drama

Page: 82

View: 627

A unique look of the story of Christ dramatically explores the homosexual quest for faith

Book of Ganesha

Author: Royina Grewal

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9351180913

Category: Religion

Page: 152

View: 1138

Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, is easily the most recognizable and loveable of Hindu deities. But pinpointing his various attributes is not quite so simple. He is at once the portly, merry, childlike god and the sage, complex philosopher. He is the presiding deity of material wealth and the lord of spirituality. He removes all impediments for his devotees but creates all manner of difficulties for the transgressors, man or god. And associated with every aspect of Ganesha-be it his extraordinary birth, his elephant head, his broken tusk, his vehicle (the mouse), his appetite, his anger-are scores of myths, each more colourful than the other. In this thoroughly researched and delightfully narrated book, Royina Grewal gives us the many stories of Ganesha, exploring their significance and how they reflect the times and the cultures during which they originated.

Ginger and Ganesh

Adventures in Indian Cooking, Culture, and Love

Author: Nani Power

Publisher: Counterpoint Press

ISBN: 1582436649

Category: Cooking

Page: 240

View: 6377

“Please teach me Indian cooking! I will bring ingredients and pay you for your trouble. I would like to know about your culture as well.” And with this posting on Craigslist, so begins Nani Power’s journey to learn traditional Indian cooking in the most ancient of ways — woman to woman. Welcomed warmly into the homes of strangers, Power meets women of all ages and backgrounds, and from them learns the skills that were passed on to them from their own mothers. Power takes the reader into a culture, a cuisine, and the female psyche, with recipes and stories from each chapter revealing the struggle of modern women, both American and of Indian descent, searching for identity and a definition of what it means to be a woman today. The recipes shared in this collection are far from ordinary; they are treasured family recipes from vegetarian homes in India — from homemade cheese cubes in a rich cilantro and almond curry to coconut-stuffed okra and luscious potato-curry dumplings. Power’s recipes and stories pave the road to understanding a culture that is at the same time ancient and so very much part of our modern world.

The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra

Baby Ganesh Agency

Author: Vaseem Khan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 147361225X

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 3814

Mumbai, murder and a baby elephant combine in a charming, joyful mystery for fans of Alexander McCall Smith and Rachel Joyce. On the day he retires, Inspector Ashwin Chopra discovers that he has inherited an elephant: an unlikely gift that could not be more inconvenient. For Chopra has one last case to solve... But as his murder investigation leads him across Mumbai - from its richest mansions to its murky underworld - he quickly discovers that a baby elephant may be exactly what an honest man needs. So begins the start of a quite unexpected partnership, and an utterly delightful new series.

The Perfect Murder: The First Inspector Ghote Mystery

The First Inspector Ghote Mystery

Author: H. R. F. Keating

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141962879

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 3461

In the house of Lala Varde, a vast man of even greater influence, an attack has taken place. Varde's secretary, Mr Perfect, has been struck on his invaluable business head. And try as Inspector Ghote might to remain conscientious and methodical, his investigation is beset on all sides by cunning, disdain and corruption. And then there's the impossible theft of a single rupee to be dealt with . . . The Perfect Murder introduced Inspector Ghote: Bombay CID's most dutiful officer, and one of the greatest, most engaging creations in all detective fiction.

The Counterinsurgent's Constitution

Law in the Age of Small Wars

Author: Ganesh Sitaraman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199930317

Category: History

Page: 328

View: 7714

When the U.S. military began its "surge" in Iraq in 2006, counterinsurgency effectively became its dominant approach for fighting wars. Yet many of the major controversies and debates surrounding counterinsurgency operations have turned not on military questions but on legal ones: Who can the U.S. military attack with drones? Is the occupation of Iraq legitimate? What tradeoffs should the military make between self-protection and civilian casualties? What is the right framework for negotiating with the Taliban? How can we build the rule of law in Afghanistan? The Counterinsurgent's Constitution tackles this wide range of legal issues from the vantage point of counterinsurgency strategy. It explains why law matters in counterinsurgency, how law operates during counterinsurgency, and how law and counterinsurgency strategy can be better integrated. As Ganesh Sitaraman shows, far from being opposed, law and strategy are aligned and reinforcing. Following the laws of war is not just the right thing to do, it is strategically beneficial. Reconciliation with enemies can both end the conflict and preserve the possibility of justice for war crimes. Building the rule of law is not simply altruistic "nation-building," but an important strategy for success. The first book on law and counterinsurgency strategy, The Counterinsurgent's Constitution seamlessly integrates law and military strategy to illuminate some of the most pressing issues in warfare and the transition from war to peace.

The Hindus

An Alternative History

Author: Wendy Doniger

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110102870X

Category: Religion

Page: 800

View: 1533

From one of the world?s foremost scholars on Hinduism, a vivid reinterpretation of its history An engrossing and definitive narrative account of history and myth that offers a new way of understanding one of the world?s oldest major religions, The Hindus elucidates the relationship between recorded history and imaginary worlds. Hinduism does not lend itself easily to a strictly chronological account: many of its central texts cannot be reliably dated even within a century; its central tenets?karma, dharma, to name just two?arise at particular moments in Indian history and differ in each era, between genders, and caste to caste; and what is shared among Hindus is overwhelmingly outnumbered by the things that are unique to one group or another. Yet the greatness of Hinduism?its vitality, its earthiness, its vividness?lies precisely in many of those idiosyncratic qualities that continue to inspire debate today. Wendy Doniger is one of the foremost scholars of Hinduism in the world. With her inimitable insight and expertise Doniger illuminates those moments within the tradition that resist forces that would standardize or establish a canon. Without reversing or misrepresenting the historical hierarchies, she reveals how Sanskrit and vernacular sources are rich in knowledge of and compassion toward women and lower castes; how they debate tensions surrounding religion, violence, and tolerance; and how animals are the key to important shifts in attitudes toward different social classes. The Hindus brings a fascinating multiplicity of actors and stories to the stage to show how brilliant and creative thinkers?many of them far removed from Brahmin authors of Sanskrit texts?have kept Hinduism alive in ways that other scholars have not fully explored. In this unique and authoritative account, debates about Hindu traditions become platforms from which to consider the ironies, and overlooked epiphanies, of history.