Beginner's Guide to Crystal Reports 2016

Author: Eric M. Gatmaitan

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 120

View: 495

Fourth Edition - The Beginner's Guide to Crystal Reports 2016 was written as a quick start guide for beginners, and not intended as a comprehensive reference manual. The beginner-level skills of Crystal Reports is easy to learn and can be achieved within a few hours of hands-on learning. With an established data source connection, learning and using Crystal Reports 2016 is as easy as using Microsoft Office. Learn how to setup a data connection, examine a data structure, create a new report, add data fields, format a report, add pictures, charts and create formulas. See how to filter data, setup user parameters and create a summary report with drill-down features. This book demystifies the complexity of learning Crystal Reports and presents it as a user-friendly application. This book is currently used in corporate training focused primarily for non-programmers how to extract system data and create basic reports. This book is intended to provide the reader the basic skills at creating simple reports and the confidence to learn additional skills independently. This book is NOT a reference manual.

Beginner`s Guide to SAP Security and Authorizations

Author: Tracy Juran

Publisher: Espresso Tutorials GmbH




View: 457

SAP has a wide range of built-in functionality to meet various security requirements, including network protection, data protection, and SAP authorizations. This book will focus on the application of SAP authorizations and how user access can be limited by transaction codes, organizational levels, field values, etc. Explore the basic architecture of SAP Security and Authorizations, including user master records, roles, profiles, authorization object classes, authorization objects, and authorization fields. Dive into how to create user profiles and assign roles. Get tips on leveraging the profile generator transaction, PFCG. Obtain valuable tools and tables for identifying user master records and role and authorization information. By using practical examples, tips, and screenshots, the author brings readers new to SAP Security and Authorizations up to speed. - Basic architecture of SAP Security and Authorizations - GRC Access Control introduction - User profile creation and role assignments - Common security and authorization pain point troubleshooting

Beginner’s Guide to Flux Crystal Growth

Author: Makoto Tachibana

Publisher: Springer


Category: Science

Page: 130

View: 442

This book introduces the principles and techniques of crystal growth by the flux method, which is arguably the most useful way to obtain millimeter- to centimeter-sized single crystals for physical research. As it is possible to find an appropriate solvent (“flux”) for nearly all inorganic materials, the flux method can be applied to the growth of many crystals ranging from transition metal oxides to intermetallic compounds. Both important principles and experimental procedures are described in a clear and accessible manner. Practical advice on various aspects of the experiment, which is not readily available in the literature, will assist the beginning graduate students in setting up the lab and conducting successful crystal growth. The mechanisms of crystal growth at an elementary level are also provided to better understand the techniques and to help in assessing the quality of the crystals. The book also contains many photographs of beautiful crystals with important physical properties of current interest, such as high-temperature superconductors, strongly correlated electronic systems, topological insulators, relaxor ferroelectrics, low-dimensional quantum magnets, non-linear optical materials, and multiferroics.
Language Arts & Disciplines

Controlling Language in Industry

Author: Stephen Crabbe

Publisher: Springer


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 113

View: 446

This book provides an in-depth study of controlled languages used in technical documents from both a theoretical and practical perspective. It first explores the history of controlled languages employed by the manufacturing industry to shape and constrain the information in technical documents. The author then offers a comparative analysis of existing controlled languages and distills the best-practice features of those language systems. He concludes by offering innovative models that can be used to develop and trial a new controlled language. This book will be of interest to linguists working in technical and professional communication, as well as writers and practitioners involved in the production of technical documents for companies in multiple industries and geographical locations.
Business & Economics

Medical Billing 101

Author: Crystal Clack

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

View: 586

Learn the basics of physican-based medical billing with MEDICAL BILLING 101, 2E. Clear and practical guidelines introduce you to the job responsibilities and basic processes in the medical billing world. Case studies and software tools like SimClaimTM CMS-1500 software offer you practice on actual forms to build confidence and understanding of the reimbursement process. This easy-to-use guide starts you off on the right path as you begin your journey to becoming a medical billing professional. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Crystal Clarity

Author: Diane Sova

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 60

View: 576

A powerhouse of concise information revealing practical, unique methods for choosing, tuning, and using your crystals, Crystal Clarity is packed with pictures and drawings making it clear and easy to understand. The information empowers YOU using unconventional but scientifically proven methods to use crystals as tools without repeating information found in ordinary books. It is a compact, easy to carry reference guide for understanding untapped ways of working with crystals.
Technology & Engineering

Arduino Project Handbook

Author: Mark Geddes

Publisher: No Starch Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 272

View: 720

Arduino Project Handbook is a beginner-friendly collection of electronics projects using the low-cost Arduino board. With just a handful of components, an ­Arduino, and a computer, you’ll learn to build and program everything from light shows to arcade games to an ultrasonic security system. First you’ll get set up with an introduction to the Arduino and valuable advice on tools and components. Then you can work through the book in order or just jump to projects that catch your eye. Each project includes simple instructions, colorful photos and ­circuit diagrams, and all necessary code. Arduino Project Handbook is a fast and fun way to get started with micro­controllers that’s perfect for beginners, hobbyists, parents, and educators.

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature

Author: Anna Lorraine Guthrie



Category: Periodicals


View: 920

An author subject index to selected general interest periodicals of reference value in libraries.