Bittersweet Goodbye

Author: Stacy Boatman

Publisher: BookBaby


Category: Fiction

Page: 278

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In an attempt to hide the secret of her assault, Audrey Chapman avoids her friends and family, including Trevor Hayes—her best friend since forever, who just confessed that he sees her as more than just a friend. She can't hide her secret for long because this secret comes with a choice. No matter what decision she makes, someone will get hurt. Bittersweet Goodbye is a story of love and friendship, tragedy and hope, and God's grace.
Sports & Recreation

Bittersweet Goodbye

Author: Frederick C. Bush



Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 444

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This book was inspired by the last Negro League World Series ever played and presents biographies of the players on the two contending teams in 1948 - the Birmingham Black Barons and the Homestead Grays - as well as the managers, the owners, and articles on the ballparks the teams called home. Also included are articles that recap the season's two East-West All-Star Games, the Negro National League and Negro American League playoff series, and the World Series itself. Additional context is provided in essays about the effects of Organized Baseball's integration on the Negro Leagues, the exodus of Negro League players to Canada, and the signing away of top Negro League players, specifically Willie Mays. The lack of detailed press coverage of the Negro Leagues, the fact that not every player was a star with a lengthy career, and gaps in public records of the era (especially in regard to African Americans) present a situation in which it is not possible to detail the life of every single player as fully as in other SABR publications. In the face of such challenges, the SABR researchers who have contributed player biographies and feature articles to this book have done utmost diligence to uncover every possible nugget of information that is currently available and, in many instances, new discoveries have been made. Many of the players' lives and careers have been presented to a much greater extent than previously. This book represents the collaborative efforts of 49 authors and editors from the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). Contents: Willie Mays Letter to Jim Zapp THE BIRMINGHAM BLACK BARONS Lloyd Pepper Bassett, Frederick C. Bush Herman Bell, Margaret M. Gripshover John Britton, Bill Nowlin Lorenzo "Piper" Davis (player/manager) Jeb Stewart Bill Greason, Frederick C. Bush Wiley Griggs, William Dahlberg Jay (Jehosie) Heard, J. W. Stewart Willie Mays, John Saccoman Jimmie Newberry, Jeb Stewart Alonzo Perry, Dennis D. Degenhardt Nat Pollard, Jay Hurd Bill Powell, Mark Panuthos & Frederick C. Bush Norman (Bobby) Robinson, Bob LeMoine Joe Scot, t Charles F. Faber Ed Steele, Will Osgood Bob Veale, Joseph Gerard Samuel Williams, Bob LeMoine Artie Wilson, Rob Neyer Jim Zapp, Bill Nowlin Tom Hayes (Owner) James Forr Abe Saperstein (Co-Owner, 1939-45) Norm King Rickwood Field, Clarence Watkins THE HOMESTEAD GRAYS Ted Alexander, Rob Neyer Sam Bankhead, Dave Wilkie Lefty Bell, Frederick C. Bush Garnett Blair, Bill Nowlin Bob Boston, Bill Johnson Clarence Bruce, Frederick C. Bush Luther Clifford, Richard Bogovich Luke Easter, Justin Murphy Clarence Evans, Dennis D. Degenhardt Wilmer Fields, Frederick C. Bush Ervin Fowlkes, Dave Forrester Charles Gary, Chris Rainey Robert Gaston, Chris Rainey Cecil Kaiser, Brian Baughan Larry Kimbrough, Chris Rainey Buck Leonard, Ralph Berger Luis Marquez, Amy Essington Eudie Napier, Tom Hawthorn Tom Parker, Bill Johnson Willie (Bill) Pope, Skip Nipper Willie D. Smith, Alan Cohen Frank Thompson, Michael Mattsey Bob Thurman, Rick Swaine Bob Trice, Jack Morris R. T. Walker, Irv Goldfarb John Wright, Niall Adler Vic Harris (manager) Charlie Fouche Cum Posey (Owner to 1946 d.) Brian McKenna Ethel Posey (Co-Owner) Leslie Heaphy Rufus "Sonny Man" Jackson (Co-Owner) Ralph Carhart Forbes Field, Curt Smith Griffith Stadium, John Schleppi FEATURES Players Omitted from the Rosters, Frederick C. Bush The 1948 East-West All-Star Games, Thomas E. Kern The 1948 Negro American League Playoff Series (Birmingham v. Kansas City Monarchs) Japheth Knopp The 1948 Negro National League Playoff Series (Homestead v. Baltimore Elite Giants) Steve West The 1948 Negro Leagues World Series, Richard J. Puerzer Baseball's Integration Spells the End of the Negro Leagues, Japheth Knopp The Signing of Willie Mays, John Klima From the Negro Leagues to the Quebec Provincial League, Jack Anderson Epilogue: Birmingham, Pittsburgh, and the Negro Leagues Since 1948, Frederick C. Bush Bibliography for Further Research

Goodbye Valentine Cave

Author: Mandy Wolf

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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Helping her brother renovate his new house was not supposed to change Lena’s life. It was supposed to distract her from the fact that her husband was an adulterous slimeball. But finding a mysterious goodbye letter while banging around in the old fixer-upper changes everything. As does a wine-fueled night in which Lena ends her marriage by text. With the letter comes the friendship of Cassidy, the young mother who wrote it. When she suggests that her handsome father help finish the renovations on the house in exchange for room and board, Lena nervously accepts. She quickly comes to rely on Milo’s easy companionship and fights the impulse to let him be something more. The moment Lena might actually have things figured out, a family tragedy makes her question everything. How will Lena choose between her own happiness and the friends and family who count on her?

My Billionaire, My Wedding and Me 3

Author: Mina Shepard

Publisher: Addictive Publishing


Category: Fiction


View: 441

No one has been able to reach him since his brother revealed to the media that he has a twin. Benjamin and Diego haven't had any news from him either and his staff have confirmed he's not at his estate, although his personal effects and his cell phone are. He's disappeared off the face of the earth. I can't even bring myself to think about how he must be feeling right this moment. Even though I keep telling myself that Samuel is a responsible adult, that he wouldn't do anything stupid, no matter how hard I try to rationalize the situation it’s taking every ounce of energy in me to remain calm. Where is Samuel Wright, where is my sweet billionaire boyfriend right now? And what will be the repercussions of this revelation on him? And on us? *** My Billionaire, My Wedding and Me, volume 3 of 3. This is a complete, uncensored version: no scenes have been cut.

Heaven in a Mirror

Author: Jonathan Roberts

Publisher: Archway Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 172

View: 730

Alexi is an elderly woman, lying in a hospital bed on Christmas Eve, 2085, nearing the end of her life. As her pain medication causes her to drift, she thinks back to the true love she has never forgotten, even though those memories are more than seventy years old. In 2014, Alexi is eighteen, and although she doesn’t know it, this Christmas will bring magic. She discovers she is able to walk through her mirror into another world, where she travels to a placed called Azure City and meets a young man named Ethan. She learns that this is, in fact, a gateway to paradise--a place for people to encounter their soul mates before moving on to heaven. Alexi spends seven days with Ethan--visiting a water park, flying in a hot air balloon, riding a dog sled pulled by rabbits, and so much more. She also finds that living a good life on earth will bring her soul back to paradise after death--to spend eternity with her soul mate. In this fantasy novel, a young woman visits a spiritual realm at the age of eighteen and discovers that she has a soul mate waiting for her in heaven.

A Man with Integrity

Author: Haymanot Berhanu



Category: Religion

Page: 120

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The life story of an Ethiopian Christian who raises his family in the late twentieth century, A Man With Integrity follows the life of Berhanu Ademe as told by his daughter, Haymanot.

Madame Part 1

Author: Patrick Lorcan Woods




Page: 578

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The Story starts...The story is about a protestant woman who is the last of her bloodline. She is jilted on her wedding day by the one true love of her life and falls into depression as a result. She also suffers the loss of her parents. Fr Peter appears to take control of her home, Linden Hall, and the running of her estate. He promises to bring it back to its former glory.But in return she has a heavy price to pay. He requests that to do this, she must rear five small boys in secret. Why have these children been sent to her? Why have they to be kept imprisoned at Linden Hall? Will Madame keep her end of the bargain? What are the repercussions if she does not?.

Path of the Puritan

Author: Dan Gordon

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 292

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Whats driving the moral decline of America? What lies behind the radical changes in our societys values? This is the sweeping saga of one mans lifelong struggle against a sinful world. A New Englander and a descendentof the Puritans, his Christian battle leads him to some startling conclusions about modern teaching and howthough often presented as scienceit has changed the very foundations of human thought, casting mankind in a different and godless light. Sure to be controversial, this novel nonetheless provides food for thought to a world starving for answers.

Lincoln and McClellan

Author: John C. Waugh

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: History

Page: 272

View: 438

There was no more remarkable pair in the Civil War than Abraham Lincoln and George McClellan. At only 35 years old, McClellan commanded the Ohio troops early in the war, and won skirmishes for the Union in western Virginia. After the disastrous Union defeat at Bull Run in the summer of 1861, Lincoln sent word for McClellan to come to Washington, and soon elevated him to commander-in-chief of the Union army. But in the late summer and fall of 1861, things took a turn for the worst. Meticulous in his planning and preparations, McClellan began to delay attacking the enemy and developed a penchant for vastly overestimating the Confederate forces he faced. All of this hampered his ability to lead an aggressive force in a fast-moving battlefield environment. Finally losing his patience, Lincoln was famously quoted as saying, "If General McClellan does not want to use the army, I would like to borrow it for a time." Lincoln and McClellan takes an in-depth look at this fascinating relationship, from the early days of the Civil War to the 1864 presidential election when McClellan ran against Lincoln on an anti-war platform and lost. Here, award-winning author John C. Waugh weaves a tale of hubris, paranoia, failure, and triumph, illuminating as never before this unique and complicated alliance.