Brighton Babylon

Author: Peter Jarrette

Publisher: Dynasty Press



Page: 396

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Life in the city of Brighton can sometimes resemble that of a situation comedy...a formula that only requires three walls, one at the back and one each side with the action in the middle and the audience watching. Brighton's audience is the vast openness of the English Channel which washes its shore and watches its lives. Life in Brighton sometim
Performing Arts

Babel and Babylon

Author: Miriam HANSEN

Publisher: Harvard University Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 389

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Rock Star Babylon

Author: Jon Holmes

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Music

Page: 288

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Rockers Behaving Badly From Ozzy Osbourne to Chuck Berry, Courtney Love to Keith Moon, Rock Star Babylon has gathered together the most outrageous antics and diva-esque misbehavior in the annals of rock. Here in a single volume are the most wickedly entertaining stories of over-the-top parties, crazy divorces, hidden cameras, trashed hotel rooms, misapplied epileptic interventions, and innocent headless bats. Running the gamut from the rude to the ridiculous, these reports of rock-and-rollers at their worst come straight from the mouths of those who were there—or those who were there but left early and heard about it afterward. Fun, shocking, and compulsively readable, Rock Star Babylon is a guilty pleasure for fans everywhere.