Beneath a Scarlet Sky

A Novel

Author: Mark Sullivan

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

ISBN: 9781503902374


Page: 439

View: 7887

Soon to be a major television event from Pascal Pictures, starring Tom Holland. Based on the true story of a forgotten hero, the USA Today and #1 Amazon Charts bestseller Beneath a Scarlet Sky is the triumphant, epic tale of one young man's incredible courage and resilience during one of history's darkest hours. Pino Lella wants nothing to do with the war or the Nazis. He's a normal Italian teenager--obsessed with music, food, and girls--but his days of innocence are numbered. When his family home in Milan is destroyed by Allied bombs, Pino joins an underground railroad helping Jews escape over the Alps, and falls for Anna, a beautiful widow six years his senior. In an attempt to protect him, Pino's parents force him to enlist as a German soldier--a move they think will keep him out of combat. But after Pino is injured, he is recruited at the tender age of eighteen to become the personal driver for Adolf Hitler's left hand in Italy, General Hans Leyers, one of the Third Reich's most mysterious and powerful commanders. Now, with the opportunity to spy for the Allies inside the German High Command, Pino endures the horrors of the war and the Nazi occupation by fighting in secret, his courage bolstered by his love for Anna and for the life he dreams they will one day share. Fans of All the Light We Cannot See, The Nightingale, and Unbroken will enjoy this riveting saga of history, suspense, and love.

Hot Guys and Baby Animals

Author: Audrey Khuner,Carolyn Newman

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 1449411843

Category: Photography

Page: 80

View: 3318

Are you sick and tired of studly male models showing off their perfectly sculpted muscles? Have you had enough of cuddly baby animals flaunting their perfect newborn fuzzy cuteness? We didn't think so. Shirtless guys and puppy dog eyes take over with this collection of Hot Guys and Baby Animals by Audrey Khuner and Carolyn Newman. Hot Guys and Baby Animals features photos of gorgeous guys and their fuzzy friends, along with tongue-in-cheek captions detailing the likes and dislikes of each guy and baby animal. Let the "ohs" and "ahs" begin as male models play with puppies, snuggle kittens, nuzzle lambs, and even coo at a few chicks (baby chickens, that is). Perhaps the Sundance Channel says it best in its review of the California calendar that started it all: "Hot guys + baby animals = genius."

The Trout of North America

Author: Joseph R. Tomelleri

Publisher: Scott & Nix Incorporated

ISBN: 9780979903724

Category: Nature

Page: N.A

View: 7333

Masterfully illustrated and designed to capture the intricate details of 34 species of trout found in American waters, this essential collection of elite angler quarry are dutifully presented on one delightful poster. With faithful attention to detail and accuracy and representative in relative scale, each fish—from the tiny golden trout to the massive steelhead—is painstakingly replicated at 40 percent of average size. Reflective of the immense popularity of fishing among avid anglers throughout America and the world, and essential as a reference for easy identification of each distinct species, this colorful and fastidiously accurate poster—by the foremost authority on trout illustration in the country—is a truly remarkable addition to any fisherman’s functional art collection.
Technology & Engineering

Storage Networks Explained

Basics and Application of Fibre Channel SAN, NAS, iSCSI, InfiniBand and FCoE

Author: Ulf Troppens,Rainer Erkens,Wolfgang Muller-Friedt,Rainer Wolafka,Nils Haustein

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119965438

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 600

View: 1549

All you need to know about Storage Area Networks The amount of data of an average company doubles every year. Thus, companies who own 1TB of data today will own 32TB in five years. Storage networks help to tame such data quantities and to manage this data growth efficiently. Since stored data and information are the biggest asset of any company, anyone who is involved in the planning or the operation of IT systems requires a basic knowledge of the principle and the use of storage networks. Storage Networks Explained covers the fundaments, techniques and functions of storage networks such as disk subsystems, Fibre Channel SAN, Internet SCSI (iSCSI), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), Network Attached Storage (NAS), file systems, and storage virtualization. Furthermore the authors describe the use of these techniques and how they are designed to achieve high-availability, flexibility, and scalability of data and applications. Additional attention is given to network backup and the management of storage networks. Written by leading experts in the field, this book on storage area networks is updated and fully revised. Key features: Presents the basic concepts of storage networks, such as I/O techniques, disk subsystems, virtualization, NAS and SAN file systems Covers the design of storage networks which provide flexible, highly-available, and scaleable IT systems Explains the use of storage networks for data sharing, data protection, and digital archiving Discusses management of storage networks using SNMP, SMI-S, and IEEE 1244 This book provides system administrators and system architects, as well as students and decision makers, with the tools needed for optimal selection and cost-effective use of storage networks. The Linux Journal awarded the first edition with the “Editor’s Choice Award 2005” in the category “System Administration Book.”
Young Adult Nonfiction

The Manual to Manhood

How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change a Tire, Impress a Girl & 97 Other Skills You Need to Survive

Author: Jonathan Catherman

Publisher: Revell

ISBN: 1441234578

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 288

View: 4394

There's a lot a guy needs to know as he grows up and makes his way in the world. And a lot of it, he wouldn't necessarily want to have to ask about because then, well, people would know he didn't know what he was doing! For all the guys out there who want to have it all together, Jonathan Catherman offers this collection of one hundred step-by-step instructions on almost everything a guy needs to know, including how to · wear cologne correctly · manage a credit card · talk to a girl · plan a date · write a résumé · ask for a reference · clean a bathroom · throw a football · change a tire · behave during a traffic stop · fold a shirt · tie a tie · grill a steak · clear a sink drain · find a stud in a wall In fact, if it's in here, it's an important skill or character trait practiced by capable and confident men. With great illustrations and a supporting website, this all-in-one reference tool for young men in the making is the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, or any occasion.

The Driving Book

Everything New Drivers Need to Know But Don't Know to Ask

Author: Karen Gravelle

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 0802738036

Category: Education

Page: 176

View: 7747

Covering virtually every scenario a new driver may face, from changing a tire and negotiating privileges with parents to handling a car in bad weather, a practical guide helps teen drivers navigate through tricky new territory on the road and at home. --Publisher's description.

Naked Ibiza

Author: N.A

Publisher: Bruno Gmuender

ISBN: 9783959851527


Page: 128

View: 3036

Dylan Rosser's started working for Naked Ibiza four exciting years ago. After visiting Ibiza regularly since 2000, he decided to leave London for it, with the intention of photographing models outdoors in nature, something that was new to him after primarily indoor studio work. 'I wanted to work with more models in different locations at different times of the year to provide a more vivid picture of this Mediterranean island paradise,' he puts it. The range of body types and the mix of clothed and nude bodies means there is something for everyone in Rosser's biggest book.

Volcanic Girls

Author: Stefan Soell

Publisher: Skylight Editions

ISBN: 9783037666500

Category: Art

Page: 160

View: 764

A new edition in a special big format, using even better high density printing quality. This collection contains of some of the finest modern nude photography. Stefan Söll's works are characterized by their striking quality, and ability to offer­ a glimpse into the personalities of his models. He captures their beauty in awe-inspiring natural locations, where he combines art with the glory of nature. The location selected for this unique ­collection is Lanzarote, a small but beauti­ful island off the coast of north-east Africa.


Author: Stefan Soell

Publisher: Skylight Editions

ISBN: 9783037666302

Category: Photography

Page: 160

View: 6394

Text in English & German. Renowned erotic photographer Stefan Soell has tasted success with Volcanic Girls, Alpenglühn and Urban Girls; a lot of green is designed to contrast with the skin tone and hair colour of his wonderfully natural-looking models. This book refreshingly portrays the subject of lust in the woods (and on the mountain). As the still largely unknown sexy "foresters" and "Alpine maidens" boldly and provocatively pose for the camera, nearby mountain boys are forced to ignore their milking stools.

Pussy Mania

Author: Martin Sigrist

Publisher: Skylight Editions

ISBN: 9783037666227

Category: Photography

Page: 400

View: 4632

Often referred to poetically as the "delta of venus," this mysterious, triangular-shaped area, nestling by the female crotch is what doubtless attracts virtually every man (and also many women) more than any other! What is it about the look of a woman’s pussy, as it is affectionately called, that is so fascinating? In our topless age, why is this most feminine of all forbidden zones still strictly shielded from prying eyes? Who knows, who can say? However, it is common knowledge that nothing inspires erotic imagination more than this yummy triangle, which attracts voyeuristic looks as magically as the Bermuda Triangle attracts ships and aeroplanes. The incredible variety of shapes and colors, both inside and outside, featuring everything from bold hair styles to naked hairless pleasure, is simply breathtaking. It is almost as if the pussies are before our very eyes, glistening slightly, and we are virtually able to inhale their seductive scent or taste it; these pussies have been very skillfully photographed to set them off in the very best light. Enjoy! Didier Carré, Ludmilla Foblova, Emanuel Fouquet, Ulrich Grolla, J. Stephen Hicks, Dirk Krauzig, Chas Ray Krider, Karl Louis, Bryon Paul McCartney, Jean Najean, George Pitts, Katerina Rudlova, Jiri Ruzek, Jim Fredlund, Frank Sabino, Renee Azcra Woodward, Ragnar Gischas, Robert Baham, Carnish, Felix Kirsch, Günther Hagedorn, Stephan B., Dimitar Petrov, Mark Page, Jeremy Saffer, Veselin Valchev, Jürgen Wunderlich, Sabine Modotti, Igor Amelkovich, Stefan Schaal

Naked Ibiza 2017


Author: Dylan Rosser

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783959851787


Page: 14

View: 3810

Dylan Rosser's Naked Ibiza project started four exciting years ago. AFter visiting Ibiza regularly since 2000, he decided to move there from London, with the intention of photographing models outdoors in nature, something that was new to him after primarily indoor studio work. HE wanted to work with more models to provide a more vivid picture of this Mediterranean island paradise. IT's his biggest project yet, financed through a very successful Kickstarter campaign for the book of the same name.
Biography & Autobiography

A Street Cat Named Bob

And How He Saved My Life

Author: James Bowen

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1250029473

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 9879

The Instant New York Times Bestseller! James is a street musician struggling to make ends meet. Bob is a stray cat looking for somewhere warm to sleep. When James and Bob meet, they forge a never-to-be-forgotten friendship that has been charming readers from Thailand to Turkey. A Street Cat Named Bob is an international sensation, landing on the bestseller list in England for 52 consecutive weeks and selling in 26 countries around the world. Now, James and Bob are ready to share their true story with the U.S. in this tale unlike any you've ever read of a cat who possesses some kind of magic. When street musician James Bowen found an injured cat curled up in the hallway of his apartment building, he had no idea how much his life was about to change. James was living hand to mouth on the streets of London, barely making enough money to feed himself, and the last thing he needed was a pet. Yet James couldn't resist helping the strikingly intelligent but very sick animal, whom he named Bob. He slowly nursed Bob back to health and then sent the cat on his way, imagining that he would never see him again. But Bob had other ideas. Perfect for fans of Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog and Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat That Changed the World, this instant classic about the power of love between man and animal has taken the world by storm and is guaranteed to be a huge hit with American fans as well.

Wade Into the River

Author: Kennedy Foster

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781511617277


Page: 356

View: 7371

Domingo loves Alice, freckles and all. Alice loves Domingo back, and she also loves Domingo's daughter Socorro. Socorro loves them both, and even more she loves the old cow-pony Skookum. The sale price of beef is holding steady. The profits on timothy hay and alfalfa are up a little bit. Calving is done, and the weather is not too bad. Alice thinks cautiously that things at Standfast are looking pretty sunny. And then the unfixable happens: the mother, the boyfriend. The Border. Detailing the struggles of a ranching family in the Palouse Country of eastern Washington state, Wade into the River is the second volume in the Standfast series.
Biography & Autobiography

Jane Jacobs

Urban Visionary

Author: Alice Sparberg Alexiou

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813537924

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 231

View: 3391

Today, we take for granted the wisdom of renovating old factory buildings into malls or condos, of making once decaying waterfronts like Baltimore's and New York's into vibrant public spaces, of protecting historic buildings under landmark laws, or of building public housing on a human scale rather than as high-rises. In contemporary cities, it is now common for community groups to plant gardens in empty lots, and to buy abandoned apartment buildings from the city for a dollar and fix them up. But these and other urban planning policies and practices have not always been accepted. Before they became widespread practice, they were the visionary ideas of the writer and urban commentator Jane Jacobs. Best known in the United States for her path-breaking efforts in preserving the character of Greenwich Village, Jacobs is the author of the classic 1961 book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities. This book, which launched her career, is arguably one of the most influential works ever published in urban studies. Architectural critic Herbert Muschamp wrote in the New York Times that its publication was one of twentieth-century architecture's most traumatic events. Jacobs's ideas and work, Alice Sparberg Alexiou tells the remarkable story of a woman who without any formal training in planning became a prominent and effective spokesperson for sensible urban change. Besides writing the seminal book about contemporary cities, Jacobs organized successful community battles in New York against powerful interests. She resisted urban renewal in the West Village in the 1960s, helped defeat the Lower Manhattan Expressway, advocated the pleasures of street life that she called sidewalk ballet, and opposed the original Twin Towers plans. She was also active in the anti-Vietnam War movement, which eventually led her to move to Canada. There she continued both her writing and her grass-roots activism, including helping to prevent the construction of an expressway that would have cut through several neighborhoods in Toronto. Based on a rich array of interviews and primary source material, this book brings long-overdue attention to Jacobs's far-reaching influence as an original and prescient thinker. cities don't provide some insight into. In page after page, we discover that there is also much about cities today that we owe to the insights and work of Jane Jacobs.
Biography & Autobiography

Whicker's World Take 2

Author: Alan Whicker

Publisher: Andre Deutsch Limited

ISBN: 9780233050195

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 7344

Following on from the best-selling first volume of his autobiography, Within Whicker's World, Alan Whicker presents a hugely entertaining and characteristically insightful second volume that will delight his army of devoted fans. We've all been around the world many times with Alan Whicker - and every expedition has been fun. Our guide and travelling companion for over forty years, this wry observer has revealed secret worlds and let us eavesdrop on the powerful, the villainous, the exotic...Throughout his years as Foreign Correspondent and then television's Man Around the World, Whicker has covered everything from wars and revolutions to plastic surgery and mudmen. His belief that you can ask anyone anything as long as you do it pleasantly gained him access to the elusive and the secret: voodoo rituals in Haiti, drug squads in Singapore, bank raids in San Francisco, ashrams in India, polar bears in Alaska - even the social fortress of Palm Beach. With instinctive curiosity and a nose for a great story, he has lived a life of adventure, excitement and danger, winning a raft of awards from peers and public. His genius is to make everything that happens in Whicker's World look easy. threatening Dictator. Whicker has influenced a generation of fellow journalists, helped the careers of a gaggle of impersonators and, most important of all, encouraged the rest of us to travel and explore. In this book, we go with him to the palaces of the Sultan of Brunei, watch Luciano Pavarotti make life hell on a paradise island and consider the mysterious death of a colleague on the First Sea Lord's flagship. We learn why India is the best place to murder your husband, and discover the amiable Mexican sponger who was a top state secret policeman. We meet a little old Californian lady who always shot them straight between the eyes and a dolphin who accepts credit cards. In a dusty African game park one cheetah and 156 people struggle to overcome a Masai curse

The World Atlas of Musical Instruments

Author: Bozhidar Abrashev,Vladimir Gadjev

Publisher: Hf Ullmann

ISBN: 9783848000517

Category: Music

Page: 320

View: 5037

"• Presents the entire history of music instruments, organized according to geographical regions and time periods • Separate chapter devoted to orchestral instruments, featuring articles on virtuoso musicians including Paganini, Verdi, Beethoven, and Wagner • A multitude of graphics comparing instrument families according to their size and their design characteristics • More than 1,000 detailed, colored illustrations designed by artist Anton Radevsky"

Timeless Bodies

Author: David Vance

Publisher: Bruno Gmunder Verlag

ISBN: 9783867875363

Category: Photography

Page: 160

View: 3888

David Vance is one of the world's most successful photographers in male erotic photography and photographer of international stars such as Dionne Warwick, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, William Baldwin, Sophia Loren and many more. For the first time, David Vance presents the best photographs from his books Heavenly Bodies (2009) and Timeless (2006) in a new volume of 160 pages titled Timeless Bodies.

Christopher and the Boys

Author: Howard Roffman

Publisher: Bruno Gmunder Verlag

ISBN: 9783867870078

Category: Photography

Page: 160

View: 4408

A collection of photo stories from Howard Roffman, continuing his tradition of striking images that are at once innocent and highly sensual. Images include Christopher, a small town boy on holiday in San Francisco; Tolga, a German exchange student, frolicking nude at the Grand Canyon; J.C., an aspiring English actor, becoming a boy at play on a deserted beach; Brian and Tyler making passionate love; and more.

Landscapes 2017

Author: Blank Wall Gallery

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781389480836


Page: N.A

View: 8532

A catalogue for the exhibition "Landscapes 2017" at Blank Wall Gallery in Athens. Copyright 2017


Limited Nude Edition

Author: Lars Harmsen,Raban Ruddigkeit,Oliver Seltmann

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783946688358


Page: N.A

View: 9201