Clinical Informatics Board Review

Author: Rocky Reston





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Clinical Informatics Board Review: Pass the Exam the First Time provides a comprehensive review of the clinical informatics concepts you need to know to pass your subspecialty board examination. You'll get comfortable with topics on the exam you were never taught in med school - like leadership, software implementation, and project management. You'll also review topics you may not have touched in a while, such as Markov decision processes and epidemiology. Inside this book you will find the most relevant content, straight-to-the-point explanations, easy to understand graphics, over 200 topic review questions with answer explanations, chapter summaries, and suggested reading for further exploration. Get ready to become a board certified clinical informatician and watch your career in healthcare technology take off.
Business & Economics

The CMIO Survival Guide

Author: Richard L. Rydell, MBA, FACHE, LFHIMSS, Editor

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Business & Economics

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The CMIO Survival Guide is the handbook for the new Chief Medical Information Officer, as well as for those recruiting or planning to recruit a CMIO. This quick reference is organized by real-world topics that CMIOs need to know, as well as the criteria that the CIO, CMO or CEO should consider in identifying excellence in a CMIO candidate. It is written by pioneering physicians and AMDIS faculty with a wealth of experience in medical informatics who provide guidance, advice and lessons learned for those interested in this relatively new role in healthcare. This second edition updates every chapter in the original work and adds new chapters to address the changes in healthcare delivery, the role of the physician executive, technology, medical education, small and rural hospitals.

Healthcare Information Management Systems

Author: Marion J. Ball

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Medical

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Healthcare Information Management Systems, Third edition, will be a comprehensive volume addressing the technical, organizational, and management issues confronted by healthcare professionals in the selection, implementation, and management of healthcare information systems. With contributions from experts in the field, this book focuses on topics such as strategic planning, turning a plan into reality, implementation, patient-centered technologies, privacy, the new culture of patient safety, and the future of technologies in progress. With the addition of 28 new chapters, the Third Edition is also richly peppered with case studies of implementation, both in the United States and abroad. The case studies are evidence that information technology can be implemented efficiently to yield results, yet they do not overlook pitfalls, hurdles, and other challenges that are encountered. Designed for use by physicians, nurses, nursing and medical directors, department heads, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs, and healthcare informaticians, the book aims to be a indispensible reference.

Introduction to Health Care

Author: Dakota Mitchell

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Medical

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INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH CARE, 3E provides learners with an easy-to-read introduction to the foundational skills necessary for a range of health care professions. This redesigned and updated new edition offers a comprehensive but introductory survey of basic clinical health care skills for learners entering health care programs or for those that think they may be interested in pursuing a career in health care. Core competencies shared by all health care professions such as communication, infection control, and professionalism are provided to expose learners to the reality of practice. This book emphasizes developing critical thinking skills through a five-step problem solving model that teaches how to assess a situation, consider alternatives, choose an appropriate alternative, evaluate the results, and revise as needed. This resource demonstrates how to think like a health care professional and is a terrific first step towards a rewarding career. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

U.S. News Ultimate Guide to Medical Schools

Author: Josh Fischman

Publisher: Sourcebooks Incorporated


Category: Education

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"A great resource. Well-organized with all necessary information easy to find. A must-have for any aspiring doctor. If only getting into medical school was as easy as using this book." - Vanessa E. Kass, reader The #1 medical school book! The U.S. News Ultimate Guide to Medical Schools helps students carefully assess the long road to successful career in medicine. A chapter-length essay directly from a medical school graduate describes what her first year in medical school was like. Descriptions of five top medical school programs give students an inside peek at med school academics. The exclusive U.S. News Insider's Index reveals which schools cost the most and least, and which get the most research money and turn out the most primary care residents. The Ultimate Medical School Directory features complete profiles of the nation's medical schools. - How to pick the best med school for you - Succeeding at the MCAT - Writing the personal essay and understanding what admissions officers really look for - Foreign medical schools that welcome medical students - Additional careers in healthcare