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The Ethnographic Self

Fieldwork and the Representation of Identity

Author: Amanda Coffey

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761952671

Category: Social Science

Page: 180

View: 7380

What are the relationships between the self and fieldwork? How do personal, emotional and identity issues impact upon working in the field? This book argues that ethnographers, and others involved in fieldwork, should be aware of how fieldwork research and ethnographic writing construct, reproduce and implicate selves, relationships and personal identities. All too often research methods texts remain relatively silent about the ways in which fieldwork affects us and we affect the field. The book attempts to synthesize accounts of the personal experience of ethnography. In doing so, the author makes sense of the process of fieldwork research as a set of practical, intellectual and emotional accomplishments. The book is
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Handbook of Ethnography

Author: Paul Atkinson,Sara Delamont,Amanda Coffey,John Lofland,Lyn Lofland

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446204820

Category: Social Science

Page: 528

View: 9618

"I wish the Handbook of Ethnography had been available to me as a fledgling ethnographer. I would recommend it for any graduate student who contemplates a career in the field. Likewise for experienced ethnographers who would like the equivalent of a world atlas to help pinpoint their own locations in the field." - Journal of Contemporary Ethnography "No self-respecting qualitative researcher should be without Paul Atkinson's handbook on ethnography. This really is encyclopaedic in concept and scope. Many "big names" in the field have contributed so this has to be the starting point for anyone looking to understand the field in substantive topic, theoretical tradition and methodology." - SRA News Ethnography is one of the chief research methods in sociology, anthropology and other cognate disciplines in the social sciences. This Handbook provides an unparalleled, critical guide to its principles and practice. The volume is organized into three sections. The first systematically locates ethnography firmly in its relevant historical and intellectual contexts. The roots of ethnography are pinpointed and the pattern of its development is demonstrated. The second section examines the contribution of ethnography to major fields of substantive research. The impact and strengths and weaknesses of ethnographic method are dealt with authoritatively and accessibly. The third section moves on to examine key debates and issues in ethnography, from the conduct of research through to contemporary arguments. The result is a landmark work in the field, which draws on the expertise of an internationally renowned group of interdisicplinary scholars. The Handbook of Ethnography provides readers with a one-stop critical guide to the past, present and future of ethnography. It will quickly establish itself as the ethnographer's bible.
Social Science

New Directions in Educational Ethnography

Shifts, Problems, and Reconstruction

Author: Akashi Kaul,William Rodick

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 1784416231

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

View: 7893

The primary objective of Studies in Educational Ethnography is to present original research monographs based on ethnographic perspectives, and methodologies.
Political Science

Muslim Political Participation in Europe

Author: Jorgen S Nielsen

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748677534

Category: Political Science

Page: 360

View: 6515

Analyses European Muslim communities' developing involvement in their political environment and related Muslim and public debates.
Social Science

Youth Culture and Private Space

Author: S. Lincoln

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137031085

Category: Social Science

Page: 254

View: 3676

Siân Lincoln considers the use, role and significance of private spaces in the lives of young people. Drawing on extensive ethnographic research, she explores the place of 'the private' in youth cultural discourses, both historically and contemporarily, that until now have remained largely absent in youth cultural research.
Social Science

Social Research

Author: Sotirios Sarantakos

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1137292474

Category: Social Science

Page: 536

View: 8141

From question development and research design to data collection and statistical analysis, this text guides the reader through every aspect of social research. Encouraging a critical approach in each chapter, this 4th edition includes enhanced coverage of internet sampling, mixed methods, conversation analysis and feminist research.

Ethnographically speaking

autoethnography, literature, and aesthetics

Author: Arthur P. Bochner,Carolyn Ellis

Publisher: Altamira Pr


Category: Computers

Page: 412

View: 3026

This volume presents the latest explorations in the literary turn in ethnographic work. Centering on autoethnography, personal narrative, ethnographic performance, and the blending of social science and the arts, the articles collected here emphasize embodiment, experiential understanding, participatory ways of knowing, sensuous engagement, and intimate encounter. Drawing from disciplines as diverse as sociology, philosophy, performance studies, psychology, and English, the authors here demonstrate the many ways in which ethnography can be effectively expressed. Contributors include such noted scholars as Laurel Richardson and Ernest Lockridge, Arthur Frank, Michael Angrosino, Kenneth and Mary Gergen, Ron Pelias, and Deborah Reed-Danahay. Accessible and jargon free, this volume should excite scholars and students as to the expanding possibilities for ethnographic presentation.
Social Science

Qualitative Research in Action

Author: Tim May

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited


Category: Social Science

Page: 416

View: 8642

"This is an excellent collection at the cutting edge of thinking about qualitative research.... The breadth of coverage and the sophistication of the discussion make this an important addition to the increasing literature on qualitative work." - Jonathan Potter, Loughborough University "This book is likely to have a broad appeal to a rising generation of qualitative researchers seeking to relate theoretical debates to methodological practice." - Clive Seale, Goldsmiths College This exciting new book brings together contributions from world-leading scholars as well as younger researchers and focuses on cutting-edge issues related to the practice of qualitative research in the field. It provides a forum for contributors to discuss the issues and processes which inform qualitative research in its various forms as based on fieldwork experiences. In achieving this in an accessible manner to both practising students and researchers, it seeks to enable a dialogue over ideas and provide the reader with a `state of the art' overview of the topic from a contemporary perspective. Rather than being a `how to do' book, this volume should prove vitally useful for advanced students and researchers who wish to engage with those ideas and practices in terms of their applicability for an understanding and explanation of the place of qualitative research in the social sciences. It is also a forum in which leading scholars make an original contribution to the subject. Lively and highly readable throughout, Qualitative Research in Action will be essential reading for advanced undergraduates and above in a variety of disciplines, as well as researchers who wish to engage with contemporary ideas and practices in relation to qualitative research.
Social Science

Ethnographic Worldviews

Transformations and Social Justice

Author: Robert Rinehart,Karen N. Barbour,Clive C. Pope

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400769164

Category: Social Science

Page: 259

View: 8125

This book discusses ethnography from the three points of view of Emerging Methodologies, Practice and Advocacy, and Social Justice and Transformation, with an over arching emphasis on researchers' and participants' worldviews. While these three thematic threads cut across each other, the actual chapters will be located so that the reader understand many of the current issues and concerns—with specific exemplars from around the globe—for ethnographers. 'Ethnographic Worldviews: Transformations and Social Justice' will have its "finger on the pulse" of contemporary ethnography. Chapters demonstrate up-to-the-moment awareness of ethnographic methods, concerns, and subject matters within contemporary ethnographic writing. Authors are deeply engaged in both their subject matter and their method. For example, discussion of ethical issues surrounding visual methods of "collecting" for photo-ethnographies is anticipated as a potential hot topic for this book. Unlike other ethnographic books which often suggest "giving voice to others", this book will actually give voice to a wide variety of perspectives, from the points of view of researchers.
Social Science

Doing ethnography

Author: Giampietro Gobo

Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd

ISBN: 9781412919210

Category: Social Science

Page: 355

View: 3720

Doing Ethnography will be vital reading for any researcher or student seeking to embark on an ethnographic or observation-based study of their own. Giampietro Gobo describes with clarity and skill the many phases of doing an ethnographic inquiry, provides numerous examples of ethnographic practice and offers suggestions and advice for the novice ethnographer. - from the publisher's description.
Social Science

Reconceptualizing Social Policy

Sociological Perspectives on Contemporary Social Policy

Author: Amanda Coffey

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780335206308

Category: Social Science

Page: 182

View: 8151

How can sociological perspectives help us make sense of contemporary social policy? How has the discipline of social policy engaged in recent sociological debates and developments? This book provides a variety of sociological frameworks for understanding contemporary social policy. It explores how sociological perspectives may be used to theorize, conceptualize and research social policy. Amanda Coffey captures the different ways in which social policy can be understood - as academic discipline, policy process, service provision and lived experience. The book engages with a range of policy areas and client groups, and pays attention to sociodemographic categories such as gender, 'race', class and age. Themes include: The body and processes of embodiment Citizenship and identity Equality and differences Space and time Research and representation Reconceptualizing Social Policy is a key text for students and lecturers in sociology and social policy.
Social Science

Narrative Methods

Author: Paul Atkinson,Sara Delamont

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited


Category: Social Science

Page: 1640

View: 8421

In recent years, there has been a convergence of interest on narratives and lives from many qualitative and interpretative strands in the social sciences. In some contexts this is interpreted somewhat narrowly but these volumes adopt a more inclusive approach to the topic of narrative methods to reflect the current diversity of perspectives across the different social sciences. Here the broad term 'narrative' includes personal narratives, life histories, performances, testimonials, and memories. The aims of this compilation are to demonstrate the deeply rooted nature of this approach across the social sciences; reveal the contested nature of the narrative turn; emphasize the methodological strengths and weakness associated with the collection and analysis of narrative, life story and performance; and break down the barriers between the disciplines in their uses of such material.
Anti-globalization movement

Direkte Aktion

ein Handbuch

Author: David Graeber

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783894017750

Category: Anti-globalization movement

Page: 347

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Social Science


Author: Alan Bryman

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited


Category: Social Science

Page: 1680

View: 2303

Ethnography is one of the most discussed research methods in the social sciences. This outstanding collection brings together some landmark contributions by key figures such as Geertz, Denzin, Whyte, Emerson and Atkinson and Delamont, and a wide variety of issues in the field. It provides a complete guide to the methods, significance and contribution of ethnography and will be an invaluable resource for scholars and students. Volume 1: The Nature of Ethnography Volume 2: Ethnographic Fieldwork Practice Volume 3: Issues in Ethnography Volume 4: Analysis and Writing in Ethnography
Social Science

Being Ethnographic

A Guide to the Theory and Practice of Ethnography

Author: Raymond Madden

Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd


Category: Social Science

Page: 216

View: 7177

Full of practical 'how to' tips for applying theoretical methods - 'doing ethnography' - this book also provides anecdotal evidence and advice for new and experienced researchers on how to engage with their own participation in the field - 'being ethnographic'. Being Ethnographic clearly sets out the important definitions, methods and applications of field research while reinforcing the infinite variability of the human subject and addressing the challenges presented by ethnographers' own passions, intellectual interests, biases and ideologies.
Social Science

Die Street Corner Society

Die Sozialstruktur eines Italienerviertels

Author: William Foote Whyte

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110809648

Category: Social Science

Page: 403

View: 6507

Social Science

Fairness, Class and Belonging in Contemporary England

Author: K. Smith

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137009330

Category: Social Science

Page: 249

View: 9476

Using experiences of the white, English, working-classes in Manchester, this book explores the local frustrations with feeling 'ignored' and 'neglected' by the government through articulations of fairness.