Digitized Lives

Culture, Power and Social Change in the Internet Era

Author: T.V. Reed

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351388746

Category: Computers

Page: 312

View: 4468

In chapters examining a broad range of issues—including sexuality, politics, education, race, gender relations, the environment and social protest movements—Digitized Lives argues that making sense of digitized culture means looking past the glossy surface of techno gear to ask deeper questions about how we can utilize technology to create a more socially, politically and economically just world. This second edition includes important updates on mobile and social media, examining how new platforms and devices have altered how we interact with digital technologies in an allegedly ‘post-truth’ era. A companion website ( includes links to online articles and useful websites, as well as a bibliography of offline resources, and more.

Engaging the Digital Generation

New Directions for Student Services, Number 155

Author: Edmund T. Cabellon,Josie Ahlquist

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119316685

Category: Education

Page: 112

View: 1055

Take an in depth look at technology trends and the practices, possibilities, and direction needed to integrate a technology-open mindset into the work of a student affairs educator. This volume explores ways practitioners can engage the digital generation of students and colleagues on their campuses and beyond. Topics covered include: Student affairs administrators’ use of digital technology and how to develop and utilize their digital identities Increasing digital fluency and creating a more intentional digital mindset among senior student affairs officers College student development in digitized spaces and the application of digital data in student engagement efforts The development of guiding documents to inform digital and social strategies. This is the 155th volume of this Jossey-Bass higher education quarterly series. An indispensable resource for vice presidents of student affairs, deans of students, student counselors, and other student services professionals, New Directions for Student Services offers guidelines and programs for aiding students in their total development: emotional, social, physical, and intellectual.
Political Science

Die Vernetzung der Welt

Ein Blick in unsere Zukunft

Author: Eric Schmidt,Jared Cohen

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644030618

Category: Political Science

Page: 448

View: 1531

Welche Konsequenzen wird es haben, wenn in Zukunft die überwiegende Mehrheit der Weltbevölkerung online ist? Wenn Informationstechnologien so allgegenwärtig sind wie Elektrizität? Was bedeutet das für die Politik, die Wirtschaft – und für uns selbst? Diese Fragen beantwortet ein außergewöhnliches Autorenduo: Eric Schmidt, der Mann, der Google zu einem Weltunternehmen gemacht hat, und Jared Cohen, ehemaliger Berater von Hillary Clinton und Condoleezza Rice und jetzt Chef von Googles Denkfabrik. In diesem aufregenden Buch führen sie uns die Chancen und Gefahren jener eng vernetzten Welt vor Augen, die die meisten von uns noch erleben werden. Es ist die sehr konkrete Vision einer Zukunft, die bereits begonnen hat. Und ein engagiertes Plädoyer dafür, sie jetzt zu gestalten – weil Technologie der leitenden Hand des Menschen bedarf, um Positives zu bewirken.

Life at the Speed of Light

From the Double Helix to the Dawn of Digital Life

Author: J. Craig Venter

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101638028

Category: Science

Page: 240

View: 9775

“Venter instills awe for biology as it is, and as it might become in our hands.” —Publishers Weekly On May 20, 2010, headlines around the world announced one of the most extraordinary accomplishments in modern science: the creation of the world’s first synthetic lifeform. In Life at the Speed of Light, scientist J. Craig Venter, best known for sequencing the human genome, shares the dramatic account of how he led a team of researchers in this pioneering effort in synthetic genomics—and how that work will have a profound impact on our existence in the years to come. This is a fascinating and authoritative study that provides readers an opportunity to ponder afresh the age-old question “What is life?” at the dawn of a new era of biological engineering.
Business & Economics

Mobile Lives

Author: Anthony Elliott,John Urry

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113401922X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 7887

How should we understand the personal and social impacts of complex mobility systems? Can lifestyles based around intensive travel, transport and tourism be maintained in the 21st century? What possibility post-carbon lifestyles? In this provocative study of "life on the move", Anthony Elliott and John Urry explore how complex mobility systems are transforming everyday, ordinary lives. The authors develop their arguments through an analysis of various sectors of mobile lives: networks, new digital technologies, consumerism, the lifestyles of ‘globals’, and intimate relationships at-a-distance. Elliott and Urry introduce a range of new concepts – miniaturized mobilities, affect storage, network capital, meetingness, neighbourhood lives, portable personhood, ambient place, globals – to capture the specific ways in which mobility systems intersect with mobile lives. This book represents a novel approach in "post-carbon" social theory. It will be essential reading for advanced undergraduate students, postgraduates and teachers in sociology, social theory, politics, geography, international relations, cultural studies, and economics and business studies.
Language Arts & Disciplines

Media Ethics

Key Principles for Responsible Practice

Author: Patrick Lee Plaisance

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483323439

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 288

View: 2145

Media Ethics: Key Principles for Responsible Practice makes ethics accessible and applicable to media practice, and explains key ethical principles and their application in print and broadcast journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing, and digital media. Unlike application-oriented casebooks, this text sets forth the philosophical underpinnings of key principles and explains how each should guide responsible media behavior. Author Patrick Lee Plaisance synthesizes classical and contemporary ethics in an accessible way to help students ask the right questions and develop their critical reasoning skills, as both media consumers and media professionals of the future. The Second Edition includes new examples and case studies, expanded coverage of digital media, and two new chapters that distinguish the three major frameworks of media ethics and explore the discipline across new media platforms, including blogs, new forms of digital journalism, and social networking sites.

Civic Responsibility and Higher Education

Author: Thomas Ehrlich

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781573565639

Category: Education

Page: 448

View: 9890

More than a century ago, John Dewey challenged the education community to look at civic involvement for the betterment of both community and campus. Today, the challenge remains. In this text, editor Thomas Ehrlich has collected essays from national leaders who have focused on civic responsibility and higher education. The book imparts both philosophy and working examples with the aim of providing the inspiration for innovative new programmes in this essential area of learning.

Black looks

Popkultur - Medien - Rassismus

Author: Bell Hooks

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783929823141


Page: 253

View: 7323


Adult Learning

Linking Theory and Practice

Author: Sharan B. Merriam,Laura L. Bierema

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118416317

Category: Education

Page: 320

View: 977

Solidly grounded in theory and research, but concise andpractice-oriented, Adult Learning: Linking Theory andPractice is perfect for master’s-level students andpractitioners alike. Sharan Merriam and Laura Bierema have infusedeach chapter with practical applications for instruction which willhelp readers personally relate to the material. The contents covers: Adult Learning in Today’s World Traditional Learning Theories Andragogy Self-Directed Learning Transformative Learning Experience and Learning Body and Spirit in Learning Motivation and Learning The Brain and Cognitive Functioning Adult Learning in the Digital Age Critical Thinking and Critical Perspectives Culture and Context Discussion questions and activities for reflection are included atthe end of each chapter.


Spiritual Implications of Technology

Author: Bernard Bull

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780758659156

Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 8126

Digital and technological changes significantly influence every part of society-our beliefs, values, and practices at work, at home, in our community, and in our church. Technology helps to shape how we think, speak, and act. It makes some things more possible and others less. When we become more conscious about the impact of technology in our lives, how it helps or hinders, we are better equipped to make deliberate, intentional choices about using it. As we live out our Christian faith in this increasingly technology-centered world, we must explore the benefits and the downsides of a digitized life and consider how to respond to the persistent unmistakable changes it brings. All Christians will face challenges and opportunities in this digital age. At the intersection of faith and life, we must seek a biblical perspective about technology-for today and for tomorrow. Book jacket.
Social Science

الحياة الرقمية الثقافة والسلطة والتغير الاجتماعي في عصر الانترنت

Digitized Lives: Culture, Power, and Social Change in the Internet Era 1st Edition by T.V. Reed

Author: T.V. Reed

Publisher: العبيكان للنشر

ISBN: 6035090923

Category: Social Science

Page: 373

View: 1782

عملت شبكة الإنترنت وما يرتبط بها من تقنية الاتصالات على تغيير نمط حياة الملايين حول الكرة الأرضية بصورة جذرية في زمن قصير جدًّا؛ ولكن، ما طبيعة التأثير الذي أحدثته في حياة الناس؟ يحاول هذا الكتاب - في فصوله التي تبحث في الكثير من القضايا المهمة، مثل: الجنس، والسياسة، والتعليم، والعرق، وعلاقات النوع، والبيئة، وحركات الاحتجاج الاجتماعي- الإجابة عن الأسئلة المحورية الآتية: ما الجديد حقًّا فيما يُسمَّى (الوسائط الجديدة)؟ ما الصخب الدعائي المحض؟ كيف جعلت تقنية الاتصال الرقمية حياتنا أكثر يسرًا أو عسرًا؟ كيف يمكن لهذه الوسائط والتقنية والممارسات أن تُسهِم في إيجاد مشهد ثقافي أغنى ومجتمع أكثر ديمومة؟ ويناقش الكتاب مسألة مهمة مفادها أن فهم الثقافة الرقمية يعني استشراف ما وراء سطح الأجهزة التقنية اللامع لطرح أسئلة أعمق عن كيفية الإفادة من وسائل التقنية في إيجاد عالَم أكثر عدلًا؛ اجتماعيًّا، واقتصاديًّا، وسياسيًّا. العبيكان 2018

Samsung Gear S2 For Dummies

Author: Eric Butow

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119279992

Category: Computers

Page: 288

View: 6664

Your hands-on guide to the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Not only does the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 look cool, it's designed to keep up with the speed of your life, giving you fast and easy access to calendar notifications, texts, and more—right on your wrist! If you're tired of fumbling through pockets and bags to get your hands on the information you need, Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 For Dummies shows you how easy it is to make the most of your new smartwatch without ever breaking a sweat. Wearable technology is taking the world by storm as more and more people in today's time-crunched culture are discovering the benefits of having quick access to their digitized lives. Packed with clear instruction and plenty of helpful tips and tricks, this down-to-earth guide covers all aspects of keeping your work and personal life organized on a Samsung Galaxy Gear S2, from set up and configuration to texting, emailing, and accessing the Internet—and beyond. Download apps on your smartphone Synch with an Android device Make sense of your watch's features and capabilities Expand your watch's potential with new software releases If the idea of getting used to new technology makes you tense, watch out! Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 For Dummies makes it easier than ever to wrap your mind around wearable technology.

Arguments for Stillness


Author: Erik Campbell

Publisher: N.A


Category: Poetry

Page: 85

View: 1474

Arguments for Stillness is a debut book of extraordinary accomplishment, a vivid examination of daily life filtered through a Buddhist consciousness. Campbell's concerns are wide ranging- from political injustice to the solace of nature and the comfort of love. In essence he is searching for balance in the center of quietness. These are clear, direct poems readily accessible, although they resonate with psychological and philosophical depth. Arguments for Stillness, in short, is just that: a case for stillness and a lyrical exploration of contemplation in our world of frenetic motion; an examination and series of "arguments" for the quality and possibilities of stillness and reflection in spite and because of what Neil Postman referred to as our current "peek-a-boo world." The theme of the collection is perhaps best expressed in the last two lines from Campbell's poem, "Considering Metal Man (as a Template for World Peace)": "Look how he sits and stares, they say. Observe how // Nobody dies because of this." Reminiscent of the work of Billy Collins, these are finely wrought poems-thoughtful, witty, precise-reflecting upon small farmers, hoboes, business, movies, books, and art. With an introduction by Nebraska State Poet William Kloefkorn.

FotoFest 2002

the classicial & Beyond

Author: Wendy Watriss

Publisher: N.A


Category: Photography

Page: 348

View: 5643

Books of hours

Die Bedford Hours

das reichste Stundenbuch des Mittelalters

Author: Eberhard König

Publisher: N.A


Category: Books of hours

Page: 144

View: 3219


Art in America

Author: Frank Jewett Mather,Frederic Fairchild Sherman

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: N.A

View: 4488


In the Swarm

Digital Prospects

Author: Byung-Chul Han

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262533367

Category: Computers

Page: 104

View: 1978

A prominent German thinker argues that -- contrary to "Twitter Revolution" cheerleading -- digital communication is destroying political discourse and political action.

Igniting Your Genius

The Startling Fusion of Creativity, Curiosity, Intellect, Passion, and Awe

Author: Curtiss DeMars-Johnson

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 1461731623

Category: Education

Page: 365

View: 3451

Would you like to ignite the inquisitive nature of your students? Igniting You Genius is designed to help any learner explore creativity and imagination through original questions. By examining unconsciously held worldviews, students, teachers, and administrators will break out of their reticence to think 'outside of the box.' An excellent resource to use for organizational retreats or to locate meeting icebreakers, this is the tool for tackling any situation demanding an expansion of learning horizons.