Elements of Venice

Author: Giulia Foscari

Publisher: Lars Muller Publishers


Category: Architecture

Page: 560

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"Developed as a research project parallel to FUNDAMENTALS - the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale, curated by Rem Koolhaas - this book introduces a radically new way of seeing Venice. With examinations of twelve different architectural elements, the guide allows readers to better understand the fundamental transformations that have shaped Venice over the past ten centuries."--Page 4 de la couverture.

The Merchant of Venice

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Nelson Thornes


Category: Drama

Page: 141

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This student book contains extensive notes and well-placed illustrations, providing clear explanations of words and phrases. It provides just the right balance for the study of language, imagery and theatricality, and of character and context, enabling students to gain a clear understanding of the text.

The Merchant of Venice of William Shakespeare

Author: S.S. Agarwalla

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist



Page: 288

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The Merchant Of Venice Bases Its Dramatic Logic On The New Testament Premise That You Get What You Give, And The Play S Consistent Enactment Of This Looking-Glass Logic Creates A World In Which Mirroring Is A Major Internal Principle Of Order. The Indian Philosophy, Distilled In Our Vedas, Puranas And Epics, Speaks In Almost The Same Vein. Shylock Is Cunning, Cruel And Implacable. For Centuries, The Shylocks Of India, In Various Garbs, Have Tried And Succeeded Partially, To Get Their Pounds Of Flesh From Their Victims. Usury Was Condemned In The Elizabethan Period But We, In India, Still Nourish It. Secondly, Shylock S Sense Of Jessica Is Anti-Human As Well As Anti¬Social. He Is Aware Of Her As Of An Item Of Inventory, As Many Father, In India, Do With Their Daughters.Bassanio Must Have Learnt From Shylock S Example: A Wrong, Even A Small One, Is Always A Wrong And Calls Forth Its Own Punishment Automatically, For, As We Shall See, In Dr. Agarwalla S Interpretation Of The Play, The Law Sleeps Only Until Unoffended, When It Reacts By Reflecting The Offence In Kind. The Law Has No Power To Make Anyone Choose To Do Right, It Can Only Punish Those Who Do Wrong. The Prince Of Morocco, Like Any Prince Of Yester-Years, In India, Is Chivalrous, Amorous, Gracious And Sexually Virile. It Was Unkind Of Portia To Say Uncomplimentary Words For Him But She, Like White-Skinned Ladies, Have Always Done So In The Past And Are Doing It, At Present. Thus The Merchant Of Venice Is As Much Relevant To Indians As It Was And Is To The English And To The World, In General. Dr. Shyam S. Agarwalla Gives A New Approach, A New Presentation And A New Direction To The Reading And Critical Analysis Of The Play. At Times, His Critical Examination Of The Play Is Unconventional, Provocative But Nonetheless Educative. That Marks Him Off From Other Indian Editors Of The Merchant.

Visions of Venice in Shakespeare

Author: Dr Laura Tosi

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: Drama

Page: 278

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Despite the growing critical relevance of Shakespeare's two Venetian plays and a burgeoning bibliography on both The Merchant of Venice and Othello, few books have dealt extensively with the relationship between Shakespeare and Venice. Setting out to offer new perspectives to a traditional topic, this timely collection fills a gap in the literature, addressing the new historical, political and economic questions that have been raised in the last few years. The essays in this volume consider Venice a real as well as symbolic landscape that needs to be explored in its multiple resonances, both in Shakespeare's historical context and in the later tradition of reconfiguring one of the most represented cities in Western culture. Shylock and Othello are there to remind us of the dark sides of the myth of Venice, and of the inescapable fact that the issues raised in the Venetian plays are tremendously topical; we are still haunted by these theatrical casualties of early modern multiculturalism.

The Venice Lagoon Ecosystem

Author: Pierre Lasserre

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Science

Page: 508

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New insights into the functioning of the Venice Lagoon and the biological effects of environmental pollution. Based on the Venice Lagoon Ecosystem Project, carried out in the early 1990s following agreements between the Italian government, the Municipality of Venice, UNESCO and a number of research institutes from Italy and elsewhere.