Aircraft accidents

Crash in the Jungle

Author: Jim Alderson

Publisher: Nelson Thornes


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Designed specifically for children who are reluctant to read, the Classic Spirals Non-Fiction books feature: engaging themes that are not immature or patronising; attractive cover designs chosen to motivate pupils; short but substantial chapters to give children a sense of achievement in reading whole texts; and clearly laid out text without illustrations.
Chicago (Ill.)

The Jungle

Author: Upton Sinclair

Publisher: Prestwick House Inc


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This Prestwick House Literary Touchstone Edition includes a glossary and reader's notes to help the modern reader contend with Sinclair's characterizations and language.Chicago, 1904: The lure of good wages and a chance to live The American Dream lure thousands of unsuspecting immigrants to the big city, where they find'instead of wealth and freedom'only stifling poverty, pervasive corruption, infectious disease, and early death. Upton Sinclair's masterpiece of muckraking fiction-mixed-with-fact led to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act, but not in time to save the struggling Lithuanian family whose members come to life in The Jungle. The daily dangers of the meatpacking industry, dishonest politicians, and greedy businessmen, who care only about profits, conspire to rob Jurgis, Marija, Ona, and the rest of their hope and dignity. One after another, they succumb to the horrors that Sinclair so vividly depicts.

Welcome to the Jungle

Author: Kobena Mercer

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Art

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Welcome to the Jungle brings a black British perspective to the critical reading of a wide range of cultural texts, events and experiences arising from volatile transformations in the politics of ethnicity, sexuality and "race" during the 1980s. The ten essays collected here examine new forms of cultural expression in black film, photography and visual art exerging with a new generation of black British artists, and interprets this prolific creativity within a sociological framework that reveals fresh perspectives on the bewildering complexity of identity and diversity in an era of postmodernity. Kobena Mercer documents a wealth of insights opened up by the overlapping of Asian, African and Caribbean cultures that constitute Black Britain as a unique domain of diaspora.

A Tiger Among the Jungle

Author: Steven Kendall

Publisher: Trafford Publishing



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While working undercover, Steven Kendall has had many roles to play. His job entailed gathering evidence to prosecute animal and environmental activists involved in domestic terrorism, educating the public, and dealing with the media. Kendall refers to the role of the circus as ''Edutainment.'' The role he played for Ringling Bros. Circus (Feld Entertainment) was to offset the propaganda aimed at the circus industry by animal activists. He worked as a consultant to Feld Entertainment and wrote thousands of reports dealing with animal activists and environmental groups. Many of the reports Kendall wrote were used by the CIA. He organized counter demonstrations nationwide under the umbrella group ''Putting People First.'' Feld Entertainment was able to utilize this group to offset the animal activist protestors. Steven Kendall did numerous TV shows and news segments around the world. Everywhere the circus went so did Steven Kendall. The book deals with the life of a undercover private investigator who organized an operation with the financial backing of Feld Entertainment. Activist groups were shocked to learn they had been infiltrated by the circus industry. PeTA currently has a federal case in Virginia against Feld Entertainment. Any group opposed to PeTA and other animal activist groups poses a threat to them. In the book, Kendall stated there were times of frustration because of the lack of cooperation among government agencies, which included the USDA, FBI and CIA.

The Jungle - Upton Sinclair

Author: Harold Bloom

Publisher: Infobase Publishing




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Upton Sinclair's The Jungle not only drew attention from the likes of Winston Churchill and President Theodore Roosevelt-it drew action. The novel's depiction of what takes place in a meat-processing plant pressed the U.S. government into tak

The Jungle Book

Author: Joseph Robinette

Publisher: Dramatic Publishing



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The Jungle Book is one of the best-loved stories of all time. In Mowgli, the boy who is raised by wolves in the jungle, we see an enduring creation that has gained near-mythical status. And with such unforgettable companions as Father and Mother Wolf, Shere Khan and Bagheera, Mowgli's life and adventures have come to be recognised as a complex fable of mankind. With a rich and vibrant imagination behind layer upon layer of meaning, Kipling has created a pure masterpiece to thrill and delight adult and child alike.

Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass for the Acoustic Drum Set

Author: Johnny Rabb

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing


Category: Music

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Provides an introduction to electronically produced grooves, loops, and sounds on the acoustic drumset and includes exercises, transcriptions, and sound applications to achieve the jungle style.

Jungle Beat

Author: Lynn Kleiner

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing


Category: Music

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The perfect mix of music, creativity, and fun for music teachers, classroom teachers, and child care providers. Students will enjoy learning about the jungle and its creatures through captivating songs and activities. Includes many imaginative lesson ideas for young children that capture the delightful power and excitement of interactive musical learning. Classroom curriculum, singing and playing instruments, crafts, and snacks are integrated, overlapped, and joined for a joyful, inventive learning experience. This title has received the iParenting Media award as one of the "Best Products of 2006."