Key Philosophical Writings

Author: René Descartes

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions

ISBN: 9781853264702

Category: Fiction

Page: 407

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Rene Descartes has been described as the "father" of modern philosophy. This selection of Descartes' writings attempt to answer central questions surrounding self, God, free-will and knowledge, using the science of thought as opposed to received wisdom based on the tenets of faith.
Social Science

Liminality and the Modern

Living Through the In-Between

Author: Bjørn Thomassen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317105036

Category: Social Science

Page: 262

View: 2823

This book provides the history and genealogy of an increasingly important subject: liminality. Coming to the fore in recent years in social and political theory and extending beyond is original use as developed within anthropology, liminality has come to denote spaces and moments in which the taken-for-granted order of the world ceases to exist and novel forms emerge, often in unpredictable ways. Liminality and the Modern offers a comprehensive introduction to this concept, discussing its development and laying out a conceptual and experiential framework for thinking about change in terms of liminality. Applying this framework to questions surrounding the implosion of ’non-spaces’, the analysis of major historical periods and the study of political revolution, the book also explores its possible uses in social science research and its implications for our understanding of the uncertainty and contingency of the liquid structures of modern society. Shedding new light on a concept central to social thought, as well as its capacity for pushing social and political theory in new directions, this book will be of interest to scholars across the social sciences and philosophy working in fields such as social, political and anthropological theory, cultural studies, social and cultural geography, and historical anthropology and sociology.

The Intentional Brain

Motion, Emotion, and the Development of Modern Neuropsychiatry

Author: Michael R. Trimble

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421419505

Category: Medical

Page: 328

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Neuropsychiatry has a distinguished history, yet its ideals and principles fell out of fashion in the early twentieth century as neurology and psychiatry diverged into separate disciplines. Later, neuropsychiatry reemerged as the two disciplines moved closer again, accelerated by advances in neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, and drugs that alter the functioning of the central nervous system. But as neuropsychiatrist Michael R. Trimble explains in The Intentional Brain, the new neuropsychiatry has its own identity and is more than simply a borderland between two disparate clinical disciplines. Looking at neuropsychiatry in the context of major cultural and artistic achievements, Trimble explores changing views of the human brain and its relation to behavior and cognition over 2,500 years of Western civilization. Beginning with the early Greek physicians and moving through the Middle Ages, the Enlightenment, the romantic era, the World Wars, and up to the present day, he explores understandings about the brain’s integral role in determining movement, motivation, and mood. Persuasively arguing that storytelling forms the backbone of human culture and individuality, Trimble describes the dawn and development of artistic creativity and traces the conflicts between differing philosophical views of our world and our position in it. A sweeping history of the branch of medicine concerned with both psychic and organic aspects of mental disorder, the book reveals what scientists have learned about movement and emotion by studying people with such diseases as epilepsy, syphilis, hysteria, psychosis, movement disorders, and melancholia. The Intentional Brain is a marvelous and interdisciplinary look at the clinical interface between the mind and the brain.

Der Staat (illustriert)

Author: Platon

Publisher: Clap Publishing, LLC.

ISBN: 1635372755


Page: N.A

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„Der Staat“ ist ein Werk des griechischen Philosophen Platon, in dem über die Gerechtigkeit und ihre mögliche Verwirklichung in einem idealen Staat diskutiert wird. An dem fiktiven, literarisch gestalteten Dialog beteiligen sich sieben Personen, darunter Platons Brüder Glaukon und Adeimantos und der Redner Thrasymachos. Platons Lehrer Sokrates ist die Hauptfigur. Weitere Anwesende hören lediglich zu.
Philosophy, French

The Passions of the Soul and Other Late Philosophical Writings

Author: Rene Descartes

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199684138

Category: Philosophy, French

Page: 448

View: 1745

'Those most capable of being moved by passion are those capable of tasting the most sweetness in this life.' Descartes is most often thought of as introducing a total separation of mind and body. But he also acknowledged the intimate union between them, and in his later writings he concentrated on understanding this aspect of human nature. The Passions of the Soul is his greatest contribution to this debate. It contains a profound discussion of the workings of the emotions and of their place in human life - a subject that increasingly engages the interest of philosophers and intellectual and cultural historians. It also sets out a view of ethics that has been seen as a radical reorientation of moral philosophy. This volume also includes both sides of the correspondence with Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia, one of Descartes's keenest disciples and shrewdest critics, which played a crucial role in the genesis of The Passions, as well as the first part of The Principles of Philosophy, which sets out the key positions of Descartes's philosophical system. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

Le Morte Darthur

Author: Sir Thomas Malory

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions

ISBN: 9781853264634

Category: Fiction

Page: 912

View: 1237

Tells the stories of King Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, Queen Guenever, and Tristram and Isolde
Out-of-print books

Guide to Reprints

Author: Albert James Diaz

Publisher: K G Saur Verlag Gmbh & Co

ISBN: 9783598238963

Category: Out-of-print books

Page: N.A

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The Nicomachean Ethics

Author: Aristotle

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions

ISBN: 9781853264610

Category: Fiction

Page: 287

View: 4360

This work contains Artistotle's views on what makes a good human life. It has served as an influence on the history of ideas and offers insights into the human condition.
Literary Criticism

Reading The Lord of the Rings

New Writings on Tolkien's Classic

Author: Robert Eaglestone

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826484604

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 214

View: 5327

Beginning with an analysis of the critical history of Tolkien, the first section, Context and Criticism, examines and contrasts the historical and intellectual context of the books, films and their criticism. The second, Space, Place and Communities, turns to the philosophical and post-colonial concerns which structure contemporary understandings of the book and film. The third section, Gender, Sexuality and Class, shows how these issues are depicted in the novles and films. The final section, Tolkien's Futures, looks at the continuing influence of his work in both more traditional literary forms and in contemporary game and electronic narrative >
Literary Collections

Fifty Key Classical Authors

Author: Alison Sharrock,Rhiannon Ash

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415165105

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 421

View: 7638

A chronological guide to influential Greek and Roman writers, Fifty Key Classical Authors is an invaluable introduction to the literature, philosophy and history of the ancient world. Including essays on Sappho, Polybius and Lucan, as well as on major figures such as Homer, Plato, Catullus and Cicero, this book is a vital tool for all students of classical civilization.
American literature

Books in Print

Author: R.R. Bowker Company

Publisher: N.A


Category: American literature

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Books in print is the major source of information on books currently published and in print in the United States. The database provides the record of forthcoming books, books in-print, and books out-of-print.

Meditations on First Philosophy

With Selections from the Objections and Replies

Author: René Descartes,Michael Moriarty

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0192806963

Category: Philosophy

Page: 279

View: 7740

In Descartes's Meditations, the thinker rejects all his former beliefs in the quest for new certainties. He develops new conceptions of body and mind to create a new science of nature. This new translation includes a wide-ranging, accessible introduction, notes and full selections from the Objections and Replies.

Apuleius' Metamorphoses

A Study in Roman Fiction

Author: Stefan Tilg

Publisher: Oxford University Press (UK)

ISBN: 0198706839

Category: History

Page: 190

View: 5273

This volume reveals how Apuleius' Metamorphoses -- the only fully extant Roman novel and a classic of world literature -- works as a piece of literature, exploring its poetics and the way in which questions of production and reception are reflected in its text. Providing a roughly linear reading of key passages, the volume develops an original idea of Apuleius as an ambitious writer led by the literary tradition, rhetoric, and Platonism, and argues that he created what we could call a seriocomic 'philosophical novel' avant la lettre. The author focuses, in particular, on the ways in which Apuleius drew attention to his achievement and introduced the Greek ass story to Roman literature. Thus, the volume also sheds new light on the forms and the literary and intellectual potential of the genre of the ancient novel.

The Crystal Mirror of Philosophical Systems

A Tibetan Study of Asian Religious Thought

Author: Roger R Jackson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0861714644

Category: Philosophy

Page: 664

View: 2815

Thuken Chökyi Nyima's The Crystal Mirror of Philosophical Systems is the widest-ranging account of religious philosophies ever written in premodern Tibet. After covering the major schools of India, both Buddhist and non-Buddhist, Thuken discusses in detail the entire range of Tibetan traditions, with separate chapters on the Nyingma, Kadam, Kagyü, Shijé, Sakya, Jonang, Geluk, and Bön schools. He then describes the major traditions of China ? Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist ? as well as those of Mongolia, Khotan, and Shambhala. Not content with simply describing and analyzing doctrines, Thuken traces the historical development of the various traditions. While he favors his own Geluk school, Thuken treats the views of other traditions with sympathy and respect, sometimes even defending them against criticisms from his own tradition. Eloquent, erudite, and informative, The Crystal Mirror of Philosophical Systems is evidence that serious and balanced study of the history of religions has not been a monopoly of Western scholarship.
Literary Criticism

A History of Chinese Literature

Author: Herbert G. Giles

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462913067

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 472

View: 9456

A History of Chinese Literature is THE classic introduction to Chinese literature, which has given to the world exquisite poetry and such classics as Monkey, The Analects of Confucius, the works of Chuang Tzu, and other writings over a time span of 2,500 or more years. Author, Professor Giles, a legendary scholar of Chinese, was best known for the Wade-Giles romanization system. In this book he considered all forms of Chinese literature including: prose, poetry, the novel, the short story, drama, and scientific writing. The material is organized chronologically into eight books which are in turn divided into subject chapters. The arrival of Buddhism to China, the invention of printing, and other significant events are admirably outlined. Whoever reads this excellent introduction will be hungry for more of the literary products of China. A History of Chinese Literature provides us with a capsule guide to 2,500 years of Chinese culture. Remote as ancient literature may seem to Chinese manners today, the traditional literature does in fact provide a key to modern China and to Chinese communism. This populous nation, which represents the world's oldest living civilization, is in reality still close to its own past philosophies and ideals.

Der tägliche Stoiker

366 nachdenkliche Betrachtungen über Weisheit, Beharrlichkeit und Lebensstil

Author: Ryan Holiday,Stephen Hanselman

Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag

ISBN: 3960920717

Category: Self-Help

Page: 432

View: 6198

Wie findet man das wahre Glück? Wie lässt sich Erfolg wirklich bemessen? Und wie geht man mit den Herausforderungen des Alltags wie Wut, Trauer und der Frage nach dem Sinn des Ganzen um? Was große Geister wie George Washington, Friedrich der Große, Weltklassesportler oder Top-Performer längst für sich entdeckt haben, liegt mit "Der tägliche Stoiker" erstmals gesammelt vor. New York Times-Bestsellerautor Ryan Holiday und Stephen Hanselman haben das Wissen der Stoiker in 366 zeitlose Lektionen verpackt und zeigen, dass die Philosophie des Stoizismus nicht nur zeitlos, sondern gerade für unsere hektische und unsichere Zeit ein Segen ist. Weisheit, Mut, Gerechtigkeitssinn und Selbstbeherrschung sowie Gelassenheit lassen sich erlernen und helfen uns, in der zunehmenden Komplexität unserer Welt zu bestehen. Die uralten Weisheiten der Stoiker, gesammelt und kommentiert, unterstützen bei diesen alltäglichen Herausforderungen.
Language Arts & Disciplines

Key Thinkers in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language

Author: Siobhan Chapman,Christopher Routledge

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780195187687

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 282

View: 3924

This book is a unique and accessible reference guide to the work of eighty key figures who have played an important role in the development of ideas about language from antiquity to the twenty-first century. The entries are extensively cross referenced, allowing readers to trace influences, developments, and debates both in contemporary thinking and across time. Each entry concludes with suggestions for further reading of primary texts and secondary sources, encouraging readers to find out more about the particular key thinker and the impact of his or her ideas.