Author: Diane Samuels

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781854592279

Category: Drama

Page: 88

View: 1911

The best play about the pain and passion of mother/daughter relationships.--Guardian.
Literary Criticism

Edinburgh Companion to Twentieth-Century British and American War Literature

Author: Adam Piette

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748653910

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 592

View: 4906

The first reference to literary and cultural representations of war in 20th-century English & US literature and film.Covering the two World Wars, the Spanish Civil War, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the War on Terror, this Companion reveals the influence of modern wars on the imagination.These newly researched and innovative essays connect ’high’ literary studies to the engagement of film and theatre with warfare, extensively covers the literary and cultural evaluation of the technologies of war and open the literary field to genre fiction.Divided into 5 sections: 20th-Century Wars and Their Literatures; Bodies, Behaviours, Cultures; The Cultural Impact of the Technologies of Modern War; The Spaces of Modern War & Genres of War Culture.Key Features: * All-new original essays commissioned from major critics and cultural historians.* Reflects the way war studies are currently being taught and researched: in the volume’s approach, structure and breadth of coverage.* For scholars: core arguments and detailed research topics.* For students: Historically grounded topic- and genre-based essays, useful forstudying the modern period and war modules.

Trauma and Attachment in the Kindertransport Context

German-Jewish Child Refugees’ Accounts of Displacement and Acculturation in Britain

Author: Iris Guske

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443807893

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 6325

The present volume is the result of an interdisciplinary oral history research project, which was carried out at the Centre for German-Jewish Studies at the University of Sussex. It focuses on the Kindertransport, the British rescue operation saving 10,000 predominantly German-Jewish children from Nazi Germany, and is based on in-depth case studies of five child survivors of the Holocaust. Looking at human development over the life cycle as mediated by intervening trauma was at the heart of the project, which examined the making and breaking of a child's close ties to significant others, processes of identity formation under acculturative stress as well as the creation and recall of traumatic memories. The study is thus one of the few in the field of attachment research which sheds light on the lifelong influence which early attachment has on coping with massive cumulative trauma. The former child refugees' narratives are enriched by letters, diaries, or articles written by them and their (host) families as well as by interviews conducted with family members and friends. Consequently, we can look at individual lives and collective destinies from more than one perspective as we are provided with rich, multi-layered accounts of people's whole-life trajectories. While each Holocaust survivor's developmental story is unique, it is, however, linked to the others' by the common experience of negotiating an identity between two countries, cultures, and religions against the background of unparalleled political upheavals, and as such also sheds light on, and offers ways out of, the traumata suffered in present-day contexts of enforced migration and displacement.
Performing Arts

Duologues for All Accents and Ages

Author: Eamonn Jones,Jean Marlow

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780878301683

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 208

View: 8860

This collection of forty-five duologues is selected from a range of plays, from Elizabethan to contemporary. Jean Marlow and Eamonn Jones, both experienced teachers and working actors, have chosen duologues which vary in style, offer a range of emotions and include parts for a variety of accents and ages. Much helpful advice is given in the book by contributors such as Tom Stoppard, April De Angelis, Don Taylor and representatives from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), Guildhall School of Music and Drama - both use duologues in their external exams - and The Actors' Centre.
Performing Arts

Audition Speeches

For 6-16 Year Olds

Author: Jean Marlow

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780878301140

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 133

View: 8024

Audition Speeches for 6-16 Year Olds offers a generous helping of carefully selected speeches that children can prepare for auditions. Each speech is introduced with commentary to set the scene and help the young actor.
German literature

Literatur und Holocaust

Author: Gerd Bayer,Rudolf Freiburg

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783826039065

Category: German literature

Page: 297

View: 9605

Kindertransports (Rescue operations)

Vergiss nie, dass Du ein jüdisches Kind bist

der Kindertransport nach England 1938/39

Author: Anna Wexberg-Kubesch

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783854764106

Category: Kindertransports (Rescue operations)

Page: 110

View: 2013

Cultural pluralism

MultiCultural Review

Dedicated to a Better Understanding of Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Diversity

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Cultural pluralism

Page: N.A

View: 3196


Remembering Refugees

Then and Now

Author: Tony Kushner

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719068829

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 2941

Refugee crises are one of the gravest problems facing the modern world. This book explores the paradox of why countries such as Britain pride themselves on their past treatment of refugees yet are suspicious and hostile towards asylum seekers trying to gain entry. It explores the contemporary treatment and representation of refugees ranging from the Huguenots in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries through to the many groups that have gained entry more recently. Was the treatment of refugees such as Jews escaping Tsarist and later Nazi persecution as welcoming as politicians and others now make out? Why have some groups been remembered positively, while others have been forgotten?

Year Book

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Germany

Page: N.A

View: 7804


Anglo-Jewish women writing the Holocaust

displaced witnesses

Author: Phyllis Lassner

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

ISBN: 9780230202580

Category: History

Page: 225

View: 6253

In its rigorously researched analysis of Anglo-Jewish women writing the Holocaust, this book highlights the necessity of their inclusion in the evolving canon of modern British literature. Addressing the question of why the Holocaust is still being written, this study brings together Kindertransport writers, those of the Second Generation and those writers who have no personal or communal connection to the Holocaust but who have felt compelled to testify to the painful adaptations or betrayals of refugees by the nation which rescued so many. In her significant critical interpretations of memoirs, plays, poetry and novels, Lassner shows how these writers complicate theories of trauma and memory by using fantasy and the Gothic as a response to silence as well as to the historical and narrative relationship between endangered European Jews and Britain's cultural and political responses to them.
English drama

Contemporary Drama in English

Author: Christoph Houswitschka,Anja Müller-Wood

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783884767511

Category: English drama

Page: 253

View: 9374

Literary Criticism

Diane Samuels' Kindertransport

The Author's Guide to the Play

Author: Diane Samuels

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

ISBN: 9781848422841

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 200

View: 3485

The author's guide to Kindertransport, an invaluable and uniquely authoritative resource for anyone studying, teaching or performing the play. Since it was first staged by the Soho Theatre Company in London in 1993, Diane Samuels’ Kindertransport has enjoyed huge success around the world, has been revived numerous times, and is widely studied in schools and colleges. The play tells the story of how nine-year-old Eva, a German Jewish girl, is sent by her parents on the Kindertransport to start a new life with a foster family in Britain just before the outbreak of World War Two. Over forty years later, she has changed her name to Evelyn and denied her roots. When her own daughter discovers some old letters and photos in the attic, she is forced to confront the truth about who she really is and to reveal a dark secret that she has done everything to keep hidden. In this author’s guide to the play, Diane Samuels investigates the historical background, drawing on the personal testimony of those whose lives were transformed by the Kindertransport. She explores the creative process that shaped the play through successive drafts. And she presents detailed accounts from the actors, directors, a composer and designer who have contributed to the play’s most notable productions. "Illuminating... It's a refreshing change for a study guide to come from the pen of the person who created the text being studied... an informative, enlightening contribution to textual study and performance." - The Stage Diane Samuels is a playwright and author whose plays include Kindertransport, The True-Life Fiction of Mata Hari (Palace Theatre, Watford, 2002), Cinderella’s Daughter (Trestle Theatre, 2005) and Tiger Wings (BBC Radio 4). She has written several plays for younger audiences and wrote the book for the musical The A-Z of Mrs P, music and lyrics by Gwyneth Herbert (Southwark Playhouse, 2014).

Der Struwwelpeter oder lustige Geschichten und drollige Bilder

Author: Heinrich Hoffmann

Publisher: Publio Kiadó Kft.

ISBN: 6155367876

Category: Poetry

Page: 20

View: 4974

Am Brunnen stand ein großer Hund, trank Wasser dort mit seinem Mund. Da mit der Peitsch herzu sich schlich der bitterböse Friederich; und schlug den Hund, der heulte sehr, und trat und schlug ihn immer mehr. Da biß der Hund ihn in das Bein, recht tief bis in das Blut hinein. Der bitterböse Friederich, der schrie und weinte bitterlich. Jedoch nach Hause lief der Hund und trug die Peitsche in dem Mund. Ins Bett muß Friedrich nun hinein, litt vielen Schmerz an seinem Bein; und der Herr Doktor sitzt dabei und gibt ihm bittre Arzenei. Der Hund an Friedrichs Tischchen saß, wo er den großen Kuchen aß; aß auch die gute Leberwurst und trank den Wein für seinen Durst. Die Peitsche hat er mitgebracht und nimmt sie sorglich sehr in acht.
Literary Criticism

"In the Open"

Jewish Women Writers and British Culture

Author: Claire M. Tylee

Publisher: N.A


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

View: 1709

This collection of twelve essays. on Jewish women writers and British culture breaks new ground in the fields of both women's studies and Jewish studies. For the first time a variety of British women writers from across the twentieth century are brought together and considered through the lens of their Jewish back-ground. The surprising result is to reveal unsuspected connections between authors as diverse as the cross-dressing actress Naomi Jacob and the former professor of Art History at the Courtauld, Anita Brookner, between the Anglo-American poets Denise Levertov and Mina Loy, the Welsh Zionist novelist, Lily Tobias, and the Israeli children's writer, Lynne Reid Banks; between the translator, Elaine Feinstein, the cellist, Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, and the dramatist, Diane Samuels.

Little Holocaust Survivors

And the English School that Saved Them

Author: Barbara Wolfenden

Publisher: Greenwood World Pub

ISBN: 9781846450532

Category: Education

Page: 311

View: 9005

As Europe prepared for war, the newly-founded Stoatley Rough School began to shelter hundreds of traumatized Jewish children fleeing (usually alone) from Nazi persecution. "Little Holocaust Survivors," based on dozens of original interviews, tells their stories, and the stories of the teachers and benefactors who created this refuge in a country house on a hillside in Surrey, donated by its philanthropic owner. Struggling against constant money problems, war-time deprivation, the occasional suspicion of locals and unfamiliarity with the English language, teachers and pupils endeavoured to hold their educational establishment together. As the Luftwaffe bombed London forty miles away, the inhabitants of Stoatley Rough did their best to focus on the values of equality, tolerance, music appreciation and hard work. Author Barbara Wolfenden (wife of one of the boys educated at Stoatley Rough) has interviewed many of the children (both 'Hut Boys' and 'Household Girls') from the school, and the book draws on their individual stories. It begins in Nazi Germany, where so many Jewish families were separated - often for ever - in their desperate attempts to survive, and continues with the experiences of those child refugees who found their way to England, and to Stoatley Rough. The varied cast of characters includes not only the children but also the German-Jewish feminist headmistress and the German teachers she brought with her, and the school's wealthy and zealous English benefactors, whose extraordinary efforts created some sort of order (often makeshift, sometimes eccentric) out of the chaos. In these extraordinary circumstances, the children grew into adults, and Barbara Wolfenden also follows their stories after Stoatley Rough, as they made their way in the world. Unique and intimate, the book is also a testimony to the modest power of trust, endurance and fellow-feeling in a time of loss and hardship.
Juvenile Fiction

Liverpool Street

Author: Anne C. Voorhoeve

Publisher: Ravensburger Buchverlag Otto Maier GmbH

ISBN: 3473384739

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 576

View: 528

»Wenn Mamu mich alleine nach England schicken wollte, würde ich abhauen und mich so lange verstecken, bis der Zug ohne mich abgefahren war ! Um nichts in der Welt würde ich ohne meine Eltern gehen ...« Winter 1939, Bahnhof Liverpool Street, London. Die elfjährige Ziska Mangold aus Berlin steigt aus dem Zug. Es ist nicht irgendein Zug, der sie hierhergebracht hat, sondern einer der Kindertransporte, die fast zehntausend jüdische Jungen und Mädchen aus Nazi-Deutschland befreiten. Ziska hat ein klares Ziel vor Augen: So schnell wie möglich will sie ihre Eltern und ihre beste Freundin Bekka nachholen. Doch viel Zeit bleibt ihr nicht, schon wirft ein mörderischer Krieg seine Schatten voraus. Auf Ziska warten eine fremde Familie, eine fremde Sprache, Heimweh und Ungewissheit - aber auch das Abenteuer ihres Lebens und sieben Jahre später eine schwere Entscheidung.