Author: Diane Samuels

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781854592279

Category: Drama

Page: 88

View: 869

The best play about the pain and passion of mother/daughter relationships.--Guardian.
Literary Criticism

Diane Samuels' Kindertransport

The Author's Guide to the Play

Author: Diane Samuels

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

ISBN: 9781848422841

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 200

View: 4676

The author's guide to Kindertransport, an invaluable and uniquely authoritative resource for anyone studying, teaching or performing the play. Since it was first staged by the Soho Theatre Company in London in 1993, Diane Samuels’ Kindertransport has enjoyed huge success around the world, has been revived numerous times, and is widely studied in schools and colleges. The play tells the story of how nine-year-old Eva, a German Jewish girl, is sent by her parents on the Kindertransport to start a new life with a foster family in Britain just before the outbreak of World War Two. Over forty years later, she has changed her name to Evelyn and denied her roots. When her own daughter discovers some old letters and photos in the attic, she is forced to confront the truth about who she really is and to reveal a dark secret that she has done everything to keep hidden. In this author’s guide to the play, Diane Samuels investigates the historical background, drawing on the personal testimony of those whose lives were transformed by the Kindertransport. She explores the creative process that shaped the play through successive drafts. And she presents detailed accounts from the actors, directors, a composer and designer who have contributed to the play’s most notable productions. "Illuminating... It's a refreshing change for a study guide to come from the pen of the person who created the text being studied... an informative, enlightening contribution to textual study and performance." - The Stage Diane Samuels is a playwright and author whose plays include Kindertransport, The True-Life Fiction of Mata Hari (Palace Theatre, Watford, 2002), Cinderella’s Daughter (Trestle Theatre, 2005) and Tiger Wings (BBC Radio 4). She has written several plays for younger audiences and wrote the book for the musical The A-Z of Mrs P, music and lyrics by Gwyneth Herbert (Southwark Playhouse, 2014).

Leave Taking

Author: Winsome Pinnock

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

ISBN: 9781848427402

Category: Drama

Page: 96

View: 2501

A single mother came to England determined to make a good life for her family. Now Enid and her two daughters search for a way to feel rooted in a land where they're invisible. With one daughter prepping for university, happy to lead a quiet life, and the other doing anything but, what's a mother to do except call upon the local 'obeah' woman for some traditional Caribbean soul healing. Family secrets are soon revealed and tragedy rekindles Enid's longing for home. Winsome Pinnock's Leave Taking is a beautifully observed, moving account of a second generation immigrant family navigating the familial conflicts between generations and cultures. Leave Taking was first produced at the Liverpool Playhouse in 1987. It is revived at the Bush Theatre, London, in May 2018.

Poppy + George

Author: Diane Samuels

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

ISBN: 9781848425453


Page: 80

View: 315

A romantic drama with music inspired by the days of music hall and beyond, from the author of the modern classic Kindertransport. It is 1919. The Great War is over and Poppy Wright arrives in London from the north of England to make her mark in the world. Deep in the heart of the East End she finds work in Smith's tailor and costumiers workshop, where she meets dashing chauffeur George, and falls in love. This is a time of change and opportunity, emerging from the losses of war, when all are questioning who they are and what roles they can play in forging a new, modern era. It’s time to ditch the corset and discover who really wears the trousers. Poppy + George is a beguiling romance that draws on a world of female impersonators, popular song and double entendre. It was first performed at the Watford Palace Theatre in February 2016.
Juvenile Nonfiction

Rescuing the Children

The Story of the Kindertransport

Author: Deborah Hodge

Publisher: Tundra Books

ISBN: 1770493662

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 5866

This important book tells the story of how ten thousand Jewish children were rescued out of Nazi Europe just before the outbreak of World War 2. They were saved by the Kindertransport — a rescue mission that transported the children (or Kinder) from Nazi-ruled countries to safety in Britain. The book includes real-life accounts of the children and is illustrated with archival photographs, paintings of pre-war Nazi Germany by artist, Hans Jackson, and original art by the Kinder commemorating their rescue.

All Our Children

Author: Stephen Unwin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848426696

Category: Euthanasia

Page: 120

View: 3993

"I used to be scared of them. They seemed so different. They don't scare me anymore. They're just children, aren't they? Just children." January 1941. A terrible crime is taking place in a clinic for disabled children. The perpetrators argue that it will help struggling parents and lift the financial burden on the mighty German state. One brave voice is raised in objection. But will the doctor listen?

Mrs Klein

Author: Nicholas Wright

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781854592323

Category: Drama

Page: 58

View: 6340

Juvenile Fiction

The Garbage King

Author: Elizabeth Laird

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330478028

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 329

View: 3206

Inspired by the true story of an African childhood lived on the edge of destitution, award-winning Elizabeth Laird's The Garbage King takes readers on an unforgettable emotional journey. When Mamo's mother dies, he is abandoned in the shanties of Addis Ababa. Stolen by a child-trafficker and sold to a farmer, he is cruelly treated. Escaping back to the city, he meets another, very different runaway. Dani is rich, educated - and fleeing his tyrannical father. Together they join a gang of homeless street boys who survive only by mutual bonds of trust and total dependence on each other.

3 Sisters on Hope Street

Author: Tracy-Ann Oberman

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

ISBN: 9781854595768

Category: Drama

Page: 131

View: 1441



Author: Jonathan Lichtenstein

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822222491

Category: Drama

Page: 56

View: 9788

Haunting new play by award-winning writer about the continuing hold of the Nazi times today.

The True Life Fiction of Mata Hari

Author: Diane Samuels

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781854596727

Category: Spies

Page: 101

View: 8078

The story behind the notorious World War One femme fatale known as Mata Hari - from the author of Kindertransport. It is 1917. The First World War has taken its toll on 'gay Paree'. Everyone is struggling, not least the notorious exotic dancer, Mata Hari, formerly Margaretha Zelle from Holland. Arrested for passing information to the Germans but steadfastly proclaiming her love for France, her sincerity and innocence, Mata Hari is interrogated by two Frenchmen who are convinced that everything she says and does is a lethal fiction. For years Mata Hari has been seen as a femme fatale and a dangerous spy. But the 'truth' behind this remarkable woman is a good deal more complex, with many having their own motives for their version of her story. Why is everything about her not quite what it seems? And what really lies beneath her many masks?

Children's Exodus

A History of the Kindertransport

Author: Vera K. Fast

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 1848855370

Category: History

Page: 270

View: 1506

Based on interviews, journals, and articles, offers an in-depth look at the people and politics behind the rescue of nearly 10,000 Jewish children from Nazi-occupied territories to Great Britain, as well as the postwar aftermath and attempts to reunite fragments of the Jewish community.

Cling to Me Like Ivy

Author: Samantha Ellis

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

ISBN: 9781848420656

Category: Drama

Page: 91

View: 5887

A sassy, offbeat comedy-drama about rebelling against your roots. Rivka wants the perfect Orthodox wedding. With two weeks to go, she has the man, the dress – and the wig. But when doubt is cast on her wig, everything starts to unravel. Rivka finds herself far from home, up a tree and in the midst of an anti-road protest, not knowing whether she’ll be able to go back to where she came from… Or even if she wants to. Samantha Ellis’ play was inspired by a chance remark by Victoria Beckham in 2004 which sparked a crisis within the Orthodox Jewish community about the wigs worn by married women.

Breathing Corpses

Author: Laura Wade

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 1849433259

Category: Drama

Page: 112

View: 1138

Amy's found another body in a hotel bedroomThere's a funny smell coming from one of Jim's storage units.And Kate's losing it after spending all day with the police. There's no going back after what they've seen. Breathing Corpses was first performed at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upstairs in February 2005. 'The tension, the emotions and the sense of absurdity and fear are brilliantly handled... A terrifying tour de force.' - Sunday Times '[a] powerful new play... The clash between the tone of sadness and the tricksiness of the play’s structure gives the evening its undeniable edge.' – The Stage 'a highly intriguing new play' – The Independent

Now This Is Not the End

Author: Rose Lewenstein

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

ISBN: 9781848424609


Page: 96

View: 346

How important is it to keep memories alive and pass down the tales of our ancestors? Six decades after her grandmother fled Germany, Rosie is making Berlin her new home. As she looks to the future, the secrets of her family’s past begin to unravel… Set in London and Berlin, Rose Lewenstein’s poignant play explores the meaning of legacy, identity and our sense of belonging, through the eyes of three generations of women. Now This Is Not The End premiered at the Arcola Theatre, London, in 2015.

Escaping the Nazis on the Kindertransport

Author: Emma Carlson Bernay

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 1515745481


Page: 112

View: 9093

Tells the stories--in their own words--of several of the thousands of Jewish children rescued from Nazi Germany between 1938 and 1940 and brought to new homes in the United Kingom. Memoir pieces, poems, photographs, and other primary sources bring their stories to life in digital format.


Author: Tanya Ronder

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848423282

Category: Drama

Page: 108

View: 1242

Six generations, twenty-three characters one very special piece of furniture. Tanya Ronder's thrilling play is an epic tale of belonging, identity and the things we pass on. Table was the first play to be staged in The Shed, a temporary venue at the National Theatre, London, to celebrate original, ambitious and unexpected theatre. It premiered in April 2013 in a production directed by Rufus Norris.
Literary Collections

Watching the Fire Eater

Author: Robert Minhinnick

Publisher: Seren Books/Poetry Wales PressLtd

ISBN: 9781854110756

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 139

View: 903

Casgliad o ysgrifau sy'n trafod amrywiaeth o bynciau ac yn cyfeirio at amryfal leoedd a phobl mewn rhannau gwahanol o'r byd, gan gynnwys llawer o sylwadau craff a chrafog am Gymru. Adargraffiad; cyhoeddwyd yn wreiddiol ym 1992. -- Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru


A Comedy in Four Acts

Author: Peter Quilter

Publisher: Samuel French Limited

ISBN: 9780573111112

Category: Drama

Page: 62

View: 4319

A gloriously funny examination of the chaotic world of love, relationships and why the grass is never greener. Duets is a hilarious tribute to the strength and madness of the human heart. Though written to be produced in its entirety with a cast of up to M4 F4, Duets may also be performed as four separate one-act plays, each with a cast of M1 F1. The cast size is flexible.

Passing Places

A Road Movie for the Stage

Author: Stephen Greenhorn

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781854593498

Category: Drama

Page: 84

View: 2536

Alex and Brian are a pair of smalltown boys going nowhere, who get out the only way they know how - doing a runner with a prized surfboard owned by Alex's psychopathic boss. The only transport available is a worn-out Lada, but they head north for Thurso, where the surf is up all year round...