My Life in His Hands

Author: Sarah L. Rosmond

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 342

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Abuse happens everywhere and sometimes it can happen right in front of us and we still wont see it, or maybe we just don't want to. This is my true story about living with a monster, a monster that only those in my household would have ever had the unfortunate chance to meet, the monster I called my daddy!!! We cannot choose who we are related to, but we can sure as hell despise them. My story is hard to read in parts I am not going to lie, but was even harder to live it. It has taken 35 years but I am living proof that just because your life starts out feeling pointless and a punishment that you don't have to accept it. As an adult. you are the only person in control of your life and only you can make the changes if they are needed. My life was in his hands for a long time!!! Now you have chance to hold my life in your own

A Simple Hello...

Author: Sarah Louise Rosmond

Publisher: Neilsen



Page: 464

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Ella is almost 30 years old and is fed up with life on the grey streets of Manchester, so she decides to jump on the boat and visits her Mum in Belfast. Although within weeks Ella is regretting her decision and scared her daughter is about to run back home, Ella's Mum sets a plan in motion.... Ella has been talked into setting up a profile for an online dating site, but she is like a fish out of water, luckily for Ella her Mum is on hand to help. Ella is grateful to her mum when she finally meets a local art teacher named Tylor... and it turns out that this man likes to get creative both on and off the canvas... Who needs 50 shades of Grey when you can have 100 shades of Multicolour Ella has her walls up but his are even higher and all is going well until Tylor is offered teaching post in England, she is devastated. It is a year later when they finally meet back up and Ella is trying her hardest not to fall in love with this man. The sexual energy between these two is apparent but what happen when one of them starts wanting more?