Social Science

New Technology in Sociology

Practical Applications in Research and Work

Author: Grant Blank,James L. McCartney,Edward E. Brent

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412829670

Category: Social Science

Page: 185

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When technology has been applied in business environments, its justification has usually been cast in terms of saving time or saving money. In the social sciences, the justification must be different; the viability of sociology as a profession, for example, will not be enhanced by cost reductions. The focus in this volume is on a different bottom line: the quality and content of work.
Social Science

Networks, Hacking and Media - [email protected]

Now and Then and Tomorrow

Author: Barry Wellman,Laura Robinson,Casey Brienza,Wenhong Chen,Shelia Cotten

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 1787696650

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

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Sponsored by the Communication, Information Technologies, and Media Sociology section of the American Sociological Association (CITAMS), this volume celebrates the section's thirtieth anniversary. It looks at the history of the section, reviews some of its most important themes, and sets the agenda for future discussion.
Social Science

Zur Aktualität von Howard S. Becker

Einleitung in sein Werk

Author: Dagmar Danko

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3531189158

Category: Social Science

Page: 191

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Howard S. Becker gehört zu den vielseitigsten Soziologen der Gegenwart. Er ist in mehrfacher Hinsicht ein Klassiker: Vertreter der sog. zweiten Chicagoer Schule und Weiterentwickler des Symbolischen Interaktionismus, Klassiker einer Devianz- bzw. Kriminalsoziologie, Klassiker der Kunstsoziologie, prominenter Verfechter qualitativer Forschungsmethoden. Das Einführungsbuch stellt seine wichtigsten Theorien dar und zeigt die Bedeutung von Becker für die Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften der Gegenwart auf.
Social Science

Neue Medien im Alltag

Begriffsbestimmungen eines interdisziplinären Forschungsfeldes

Author: Klaus Boehnke,G. Günter Voß,Werner Holly

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322998681

Category: Social Science

Page: 268

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Das Buch liefert aus der Perspektive unterschiedlicher Disziplinen Forschungsgrundlagen zur Erfassung des soziokulturellen Wandels durch die Neuen Medien im Alltag.
Social Science

Qualitative Researching with Text, Image and Sound

A Practical Handbook for Social Research

Author: Martin W Bauer,George Gaskell

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited

ISBN: 9780761964803

Category: Social Science

Page: 384

View: 5059

`This excellent text will introduce advanced students - and remind senior researchers - of the availability of a broad range of techniques available for the systematic analysis of social data that is not numeric. It makes the key point that neither quantitative nor qualitative methods are interpretive and at the same time demonstrates once and for all that neither a constructivist perspective nor a qualitative approach needs to imply abandonment of rigor. That the chapters are written by different authors makes possible a depth of expertise within each that is unusually strong' - Susanna Hornig Priest, Texas A&M University; Author of `Doing Media Research' Qualitative Researching with Text, Image and Sound off
Social Science

Unobtrusive Methods in Social Research

Author: Raymond M. Lee

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780335200528

Category: Social Science

Page: 175

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Social researchers often collect "self-report" data based on interviews and surveys. There are major problems associated with the "reactive" nature of these data, for example, people are not always honest when asked to supply information on "sensitive issues". Unobtrusive methods produce data that are not elicited in this way. Instead data are "found" in the word, captured from various forms of observation or are retrieved from data repositories of various kinds. The production of unobtrusive methods requires considerable ingenuity on the part of the researcher and this book explores the methods involved and how they are produced. There are also ethical problems associated with unobtrusive methods which are discussed in the book. The Internet promises to be a major source of unobtrusive data and so is discussed in some detail.

Computer analysis and qualitative research

Author: Nigel Fielding,Raymond M. Lee

Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd


Category: Computers

Page: 204

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The use of computers in qualitative research has dramatically changed the way social researchers handle qualitative data and computer-assisted qualitative data analysis (CAQDAS) has become an indispensable element in the researcherÆs tool kit. Authors Nigel G. Fielding and Raymond M. Lee, leading researchers in the field, provide a lucid and accessible text on the nature of this change and profile potential new approaches to qualitative data analysis. They report on findings from the first systematic field research on the impact of CAQDAS. They analyze the rapidly growing popularity and legitimacy of qualitative research methods, looking at usersÆ experiences of CAQDAS and the advantages and disadvantages of computers use, research resources, and the status of qualitative research. Fielding and Lee also cover the principal approaches in qualitative research and show how leading computer programs are actually used. They provide a framework for developing the craft and practice of CAQDAS and conclude by examining new techniques and the evolution of qualitative research to meet new challenges. Computer Analysis and Qualitative Research will be essential reading for anyone using qualitative research methods.
Social Science

Encyclopedia of sociology

Author: Edgar F. Borgatta,Rhonda J. V. Montgomery

Publisher: Holiday House


Category: Social Science

Page: 3481

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Online version of the 5 v. encyclopedia published in 2000.

Qualitative data analysis

an expanded sourcebook

Author: Matthew B. Miles,A. M. Huberman

Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc


Category: Science

Page: 338

View: 8132

The latest edition of this best-selling textbook by Miles and Huberman not only is considerably expanded in content, but is now available in paperback. Bringing the art of qualitative analysis up-to-date, this edition adds hundreds of new techniques, ideas and references developed in the past decade. The increase in the use of computers in qualitative analysis is also reflected in this volume. There is an extensive appendix on criteria to choose from among the currently available analysis packages. Through examples from a host of social science and professional disciplines, Qualitative Data Analysis remains the most comprehensive and complete treatment of this topic currently available to scholars and applied researchers.
Social Science

Methods of Social Research

Author: Kenneth D. Bailey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780029012796

Category: Social Science

Page: 588

View: 1421

An introduction for undergraduates to every stage of sociological research, showing how to deal effectively with typical problems they might encounter. The book is fully updated to include examples from the LA riots and the 1992 presidential elections.

Digital Technology in Physical Education

Global Perspectives

Author: Jeroen Koekoek,Ivo van Hilvoorde

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351336967

Category: Education

Page: 284

View: 865

The rapid development of digital technologies has opened up new possibilities for how Physical Education is taught. This book offers a comprehensive, practice-oriented and critical exploration of the actual and potential applications of digital technologies in PE. It considers the opportunities that are offered by new technologies and how they may be best implemented to enhance the learning process. Including contributions from the US, UK, Europe, Canada and New Zealand, this international collection reflects on how digital innovations are shaping PE pedagogy in theory and practice across the globe. Its chapters identify core pedagogical principles – rather than simply discussing passing digital fads – and offer practical narratives, case studies and reflections on how PE practitioners can introduce technology into teaching and learning through the use of social media, video gaming, virtual reality simulation, iPads and Wiki platforms. Digital Technology in Physical Education: Global Perspectives is a valuable resource for students, researchers and practitioners of PE looking to integrate digital technology into their work in a way that does justice to the complexity of teaching and learning.
Research, Industrial

Applied Science and Technological Progress

A Report to the Committee on Science and Astronautics, U.S. House of Representatives

Author: National Academy of Sciences (U.S.). Committee on Science and Public Policy,National Research Council (U.S.). Panel on Applied Science and Technological Progress

Publisher: National Academies


Category: Research, Industrial

Page: 434

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Mathematics and Computing 2013

International Conference in Haldia, India

Author: Ram N. Mohapatra,Debasis Giri,P. K. Saxena,P. D. Srivastava

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 813221952X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 352

View: 1790

This book discusses recent developments and contemporary research in mathematics, statistics and their applications in computing. All contributing authors are eminent academicians, scientists, researchers and scholars in their respective fields, hailing from around the world. The conference has emerged as a powerful forum, offering researchers a venue to discuss, interact and collaborate and stimulating the advancement of mathematics and its applications in computer science. The book will allow aspiring researchers to update their knowledge of cryptography, algebra, frame theory, optimizations, stochastic processes, compressive sensing, functional analysis, complex variables, etc. Educating future consumers, users, producers, developers and researchers in mathematics and computing is a challenging task and essential to the development of modern society. Hence, mathematics and its applications in computer science are of vital importance to a broad range of communities, including mathematicians and computing professionals across different educational levels and disciplines.

Advances in Computer Science, Environment, Ecoinformatics, and Education, Part III

International Conference, CSEE 2011, Wuhan, China, August 21-22, 2011. Proceedings

Author: Sally Lin,Xiong Huang

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3642233457

Category: Computers

Page: 624

View: 2127

This 5-volume set (CCIS 214-CCIS 218) constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Science, Environment, Ecoinformatics, and Education, CSEE 2011, held in Wuhan, China, in July 2011. The 525 revised full papers presented in the five volumes were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on information security, intelligent information, neural networks, digital library, algorithms, automation, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computer networks, computational system, computer vision, computer modelling and simulation, control, databases, data mining, e-learning, e-commerce, e-business, image processing, information systems, knowledge management and knowledge discovering, mulitimedia and its apllication, management and information system, moblie computing, natural computing and computational intelligence, open and innovative education, pattern recognition, parallel and computing, robotics, wireless network, web application, other topics connecting with computer, environment and ecoinformatics, modeling and simulation, environment restoration, environment and energy, information and its influence on environment, computer and ecoinformatics, biotechnology and biofuel, as well as biosensors and bioreactor.

Transitions to Sustainable Development

New Directions in the Study of Long Term Transformative Change

Author: John Grin,Jan Rotmans,Johan Schot

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135151180


Page: 418

View: 937

There has been a growing concern about the social and environmental risks which have come along with the progress achieved through a variety of mutually intertwined modernization processes. This book addresses how to understand the dynamics and governance of long term transformative change towards sustainable development.
Juvenile Nonfiction

The Social and Economic Impact of New Technology 1978–84: A Select Bibliography

Author: Leslie Grayson

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1468482580

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: N.A

View: 3258

Silicon chip technology; microprocessor technology; information technology; or quite simply new technology. These are some of the names representing the microelectronics revolution depending upon the audience being addressed by speaker or writer. No previous new industrial development has caused such widespread publicity and discussion amongst users and researchers as the new technology. Concern is being expressed about the effects of new technology on employment, job satisfaction, social life, leisure activities and the economics of commerce and industry. The late 70s saw many doom-laden predictions of those effects but by 1983 both management and trade unions were taking a more objective view of the social and economic impacts, and many correspondents now see the new technology as a means of opening up new industries and overcoming the effects of world recessions. The "chip" has involved the factory floor, the office, the supermarket and the home. Electronic funds transfer, electronic shopping, microelectronic domestic appliances, word processors and microprocessor-controlled machinery mean that the new technology has pervaded all aspects of social and economic life, and the developed countries are now coming to accept it as part of society as a whole. Inevitably the flood of literature on the social and economic impacts of new technology has been overwhelming. Unfortunately the quality of information and arguments propagated at conferences, in journal papers and research reports has indicated that there has been little quantifiable evidence available on the effects of these impacts.