Chomskyan (R)evolutions

Author: Douglas A. Kibbee

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing


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It is not unusual for contemporary linguists to claim that “Modern Linguistics began in 1957” (with the publication of Noam Chomsky’s Syntactic Structures). Some of the essays in Chomskyan (R)evolutions examine the sources, the nature and the extent of the theoretical changes Chomsky introduced in the 1950s. Other contributions explore the key concepts and disciplinary alliances that have evolved considerably over the past sixty years, such as the meanings given for “Universal Grammar”, the relationship of Chomskyan linguistics to other disciplines (Cognitive Science, Psychology, Evolutionary Biology), and the interactions between mainstream Chomskyan linguistics and other linguistic theories active in the late 20th century: Functionalism, Generative Semantics and Relational Grammar. The broad understanding of the recent history of linguistics points the way towards new directions and methods that linguistics can pursue in the future.
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Burning Books and Leveling Libraries

Author: Rebecca Knuth

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


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In her previous book Libricide, Knuth focused on book destruction by authoritarian regimes: Nazis, Serbs in Bosnia, Iraqis in Kuwait, Maoists during the Cultural Revolution in China, and the Chinese Communists in Tibet. But authoritarian governments are not the only perpetrators. Extremists of all stripes--through terrorism, war, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and other forms of mass violence--are also responsible for widespread cultural destruction, as she demonstrates in this new book. Whether the product of passion or of a cool-headed decision to use ideas to rationalize excess, the decimation of the world's libraries has occurred throughout the 20th century, and there is no end in sight. Cultural destruction is, therefore, of increasing concern to the library community, educators, human rights and civil rights activists, and caring citizens.

Essential Chomsky

Author: Chomsky

Publisher: Penguin Books India




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The Seminal Writings Of The World S Leading Philosopher, Linguist And Critic, Published To Coincide With His Eightieth Birthday. For The Past Forty Years Noam Chomsky S Writings On Politics And Language Have Established Him As A Preeminent Public Intellectual And As One Of The Most Original And Wide-Ranging Political And Social Critics Of Our Time. Among The Dominant Figures In Linguistic Theory Over The Past Century, Since The 1960S Chomsky Has Also Secured A Place As Perhaps The Leading Dissident Voice In The United States. Chomsky S Many Bestselling Works Including Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy Of The Mass Media, Hegemony Or Survival: America S Quest For Global Dominance, Understanding Power: The Indispensable Chomsky, And Failed States: The Abuse Of Power And The Assault On Democracy Have Served As Essential Touchstones For Dissidents, Activists, Scholars, And Concerned Citizens On Subjects Ranging From The Media To Human Rights To Intellectual Freedom. In Particular, Chomsky S Scathing Critiques Of The U.S. Wars In Vietnam, Central America, And The Middle East Have Furnished A Widely Accepted Intellectual Inspiration For Antiwar Movements Over Nearly Four Decades. The Essential Chomsky Assembles The Core Of His Most Important Writings, Including Excerpts From His Most Influential Texts Over The Past Forty Years. Here Is An Unprecedented, Comprehensive Overview Of Chomsky S Thought.

Elenchus of Biblica

Author: Robert Althann

Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop


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Language and languages

On Language

Author: Noam Chomsky



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Chomsky'S Classic Works Language And Responsibility And Responsibility On Language In One Volume. On Language Restores To Print Two Of Chomsky S Most Famous And Popular Books In One Omnibus Edition Language And Responsibility And Reflections On Language. In Language And Responsibility, Chomsky Presents A Fascinating Self-Portrait Of His Political, Moral And Linguistic Thinking. In Reflections On Language, He Explores The More General Implications Of The Study Of Language And Offers Incisive Analyses Of The Controversies Among Psychologists, Philosophers And Linguists Over Fundamental Questions Of Language. Featuring Some Of The Noted Linguist And Political Critic S Most Informal And Highly Accessible Work, This Book Is An Ideal Introduction To His Thought.
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A Short History of Linguistics

Author: Robert Henry Robins

Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 282

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This complete revision and updating of Professor Robins' classic text offers a comprehensive account of the history of linguistic thought from its European origins some 2500 years ago to the present day. It examines the independent development of linguistic science in China and Medieval Islam, and especially in India, which was to have a profound effect on European and American linguistics from the end of the eighteenth century. The fourth edition of A Short History of Linguistics gives a greater prominence to the work of Wilhelm von Humboldt, because of the lasting importance of his work on language in relation to general eighteenth century thinking and of its perceived relevance in the latter half of the twentieth century to several aspects of generative grammatical theory. The final section, covering the twentieth century, has been rewritten and divided into two new chapters, so as to deal effectively with the increasingly divergent development of descriptive and theoretical linguistics that took place in the latter half of this century. Readable and authoritative, Professor Robins' introduction provides a clear and up-to-date overview of all the major issues in the light of contemporary scholarly debate, and will be essential reading for undergraduate and graduate students of linguistics alike.