Amitié dans la littérature

Perfect Friendship

Studies in Literature and Moral Philosophy from Boccaccio to Corneille

Author: Ullrich Langer

Publisher: Librairie Droz

ISBN: 9782600000383

Category: Amitié dans la littérature

Page: 273

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Family & Relationships

My Sweetest Friend

Recipes for the Perfect Friendship

Author: Dena Fishbein

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 1449448119

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 48

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This charming 5x5 book packs a big message for that special friend who has touched your life. My Sweetest Friend is a wonderful form of appreciation when someone has given you a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on, or shown that they care with a warm smile and a willing ear. California artist Dena Fishbein has compiled a keepsake book that's not just a creative gift, but also a long-lasting, distinctive remembrance. The message is clear: Thank you for being my friend! Endearing quotes tell it all, such as: * "Your friendship makes me feel good about myself." * "I love tea for two with you. Our dreams rise like steam from the teapot and make their way to the sky. Tea with you means we can dream for silly things, reminisce about happy things, or cry over sad things." My Sweetest Friend also includes fun recipes, such as "Mimi's Sticky Fudge," and lists, from "What every big girl needs........." to "I'm Sorry for........." Her beautiful, cheery illustrations perfectly accompany the uplifting writing.
Juvenile Fiction

You Fit the Bill for a Perfect Friend

Author: Suzy Spafford

Publisher: Harvest House Pub

ISBN: 9780736914185

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 47

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The rare duck who makes friendship smooth sailing deserves to swim in compliments. You Fit the Bill for the Perfect Friend celebrates that special person with a flock of cheerful quotes, charming characters, and ten praises including: You follow the golden rule of friendship: Birds of a feather stick together. Rainy days never get you down. When I lose my way, you bring me back to shore. Friends who make a splash wherever they go and those who love the popular classic ducks of Suzy's Zoo? will be delighted to receive this gift of appreciation.

Politics as Friendship

The Origins of Classical Notions of Politics in the Theory and Practice of Friendship

Author: Horst Hutter

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 088920067X

Category: History

Page: 204

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Contemplating Friendship in Aristotle's Ethics

Author: Ann Ward

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438462689

Category: Philosophy

Page: 182

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Examines how Aristotle posits political philosophy and the experience of friendship as a means to bind strictly intellectual virtue with morality. In this book, Ann Ward explores Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, focusing on the progressive structure of the argument. Aristotle begins by giving an account of moral virtue from the perspective of the moral agent, only to find that the account itself highlights fundamental tensions within the virtues that push the moral agent into the realm of intellectual virtue. However, the existence of an intellectual realm separate from the moral realm can lead to lack of self-restraint. Aristotle, Ward argues, locates political philosophy and the experience of friendship as possible solutions to the problem of lack of self-restraint, since political philosophy thinks about the human things in a universal way, and friendship grounds the pursuit of the good which is happiness understood as contemplation. Ward concludes that Aristotle’s philosophy of friendship points to the embodied intellect of timocratic friends and mothers in their activity of mothering as engaging in the highest form of contemplation and thus living the happiest life.
Juvenile Fiction

A Perfect Friend

Author: Reynolds Price

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439106274

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 176

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A Moving Fable For Readers Of All Ages -- From National Book Critics Circle Award-Winning Author Reynolds Price Ben Barks loved elephants long before he'd seen one. He sometimes wondered how that love started.... It's been a whole year since Ben's mother died, and nothing has soothed his broken heart -- except thinking about elephants, those magnificent creatures his mother loved too. Imagining their awesome grace always calms him in a way that his sad father and closest friends never can. When a one-ring circus comes to Ben's small town, he discovers Sala, an elephant who survived a wicked trainer's abuses. And soon, their powerful bond becomes a miraculous healer -- and gives Ben renewed hope for the future.

Aristotle's Practical Side

On his Psychology, Ethics, Politics and Rhetoric

Author: William Fortenbaugh

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9047409752

Category: Philosophy

Page: 495

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Aristotle’s analysis of emotion and his moral psychology are discussed, as are the relation of virtue to emotion, the status of animals, human friendship and the subordinate role of slaves and women. Persuasion through words and character also receive attention.

Love and Friendship in Plato and Aristotle

Author: A. W. Price

Publisher: Clarendon Press

ISBN: 9780191586613


Page: 278

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This book fully explores for the first time an idea common to Plato and Aristotle, which unites their treatments - otherwise very different - of love and friendship. The idea is that although persons are separate, their lives need not be. One person's life may overflow into another's, and as such, helping another person is a way of serving oneself. The author shows how their view of love and friendship, within not only personal relationships, but also the household and even the city-state, promises to resolve the old dichotomy between egoism and altruism. - ;Friendship and desire in the Lysis; Love in the Symposium; Love in the Phaedrus; Perfect friendship in Aristotle; Aristotle on the varieties of friendship; The household; The City; Epilogue; Appendices; Homogeneity and beauty in the Symposium; Psychoanalysis looks at the Phaedrus ; Plato's sexual morality; Aristotle on erotic love; List of modern works cited. -

Thinking about Friendship

Historical and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives

Author: Damian Caluori

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137003995

Category: Philosophy

Page: 270

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It's hard to imagine a good life without friends. But why is friendship so valuable? What is friendship at all? What unites friends and distinguishes them from others? Is the preference given to friends rationally and morally justifiable? This collection examines answers given by classic philosophers and offers new answers by contemporary thinkers.
Juvenile Fiction

The Perfect Friend

Author: Yelena Romanova,Boris Kulikov

Publisher: Farrar Straus & Giroux

ISBN: 9780374358211

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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Archie the dog is unsure about his role in the family when a new baby arrives.

Ein Sommer in Corona del Mar


Author: Rufi Thorpe

Publisher: btb Verlag

ISBN: 3641130271

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Es ist Sommer in der südkalifornischen Stadt Corona del Mar. Die beiden Freundinnen Mia und Lorrie Ann sind unzertrennlich. Doch als Lorrie Anns Vater stirbt, weiß Mia nicht, was sie für ihre Freundin tun kann. Und dies ist nur der erste von vielen schweren Schicksalsschlägen, die Lorrie Ann treffen werden ... Jahre später steht Lorrie Ann plötzlich wieder vor Mias Tür: barfuß, hungrig und vom Leben gezeichnet. Und Mia kann nicht verstehen, wie das Leben ihrer scheinbar makellosen Freundin so aus dem Ruder laufen konnte. Kann es sein, dass sie Lorrie Ann nie wirklich gekannt hat?
Literary Criticism

The Arts of Friendship

The Idealization of Friendship in Medieval and Early Renaissance Literature

Author: Reginald Hyatte

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004100183

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 249

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The selected texts under examination include, among others, hagiographies, works of Bernard of Clairvaux and Aelred of Rievaulx, The Quest of the Holy Grail, Thomas' Tristan, the Prose Lancelot, Ami and Amile, the Decameron, and L.B. Alberti's Dell' amicizia.
Literary Criticism

Perfecting Friendship

Politics and Affiliation in Early American Literature

Author: Ivy Schweitzer

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807876718

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

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Contemporary notions of friendship regularly place it in the private sphere, associated with feminized forms of sympathy and affection. As Ivy Schweitzer explains, however, this perception leads to a misunderstanding of American history. In an exploration of early American literature and culture, Schweitzer uncovers friendships built on a classical model that is both public and political in nature. Schweitzer begins with Aristotle's ideal of "perfect" friendship that positions freely chosen relationships among equals as the highest realization of ethical, social, and political bonds. Evidence in works by John Winthrop, Hannah Foster, James Fenimore Cooper, and Catharine Sedgwick confirms that this classical model shaped early American concepts of friendship and, thus, democracy. Schweitzer argues that recognizing the centrality of friendship as a cultural institution is critical to understanding the rationales for consolidating power among white males in the young nation. She also demonstrates how women, nonelite groups, and minorities have appropriated and redefined the discourse of perfect friendship, making equality its result rather than its requirement. By recovering the public nature of friendship, Schweitzer establishes discourse about affection and affiliation as a central component of American identity and democratic community.

Derrida and Hospitality

Author: Judith Still

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748687270

Category: Philosophy

Page: 304

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The first full-length study of hospitality in the writings of Jacques Derrida
Political Science

When Men Revolt and Why

Author: James Chowning Davies

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412841405

Category: Political Science

Page: 357

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The environment within which humans interact has changed dramatically since the Industrial Revolution. However, their expectations stem from the same hopes and dreams people have had from the beginning of humankind. When Men Revolt and Why encourages readers to look closer and more deeply into the relationships between humans and the institutions that have originated to help them realize their full potential. The contributors not only examine people, but also the need to change institutions that have outworn their usefulness. When institutions inhibit rather than facilitate everyone's desire to live a full life, the result is likely to be violence. This book offers the ideas of many people who have tried to dig deeper into basic causes of violence. Included in this volume are selections by Aristotle, Tocqueville./Marx and Engels, and Brinton. The ideas they espoused still hold vitality. In his new introduction, James Davies talks about the circumstances under which this book was originally published. In Vietnam, a people were fighting for their autonomy. In the United States, many Americans were protesting against American involvement in the Vietnam War. Blacks were marching for their civil rights. Women were fighting for equality. Time has tempered these conflicts. Davies maintains that we remain ignorant of the elemental forces that impel people and nations to resort to violence. We are usually surprised by their anger and shocked by their violence. Davies asserts that we need to learn more about how humans respond to change so as to prepare ourselves for such responses to change. When Men Revolt and Why is as timely as ever as we deal with uncertainty in various areas of the world— the former Yugoslavia, the Middle East, and Ireland, among others. It is especially pertinent for political scientists, historians, and sociologists.

Logical Fictions in Medieval Literature and Philosophy

Author: Virginie Greene

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107068746

Category: History

Page: 322

View: 4989

Examines the ways in which traditions of philosophy and logic are reflected in major works of medieval literature.