Author: Alan Caillou

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595091431

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 4096

Two renowned big-game hunters – the German Otto von Abart and the American Harry Stanton – embark on a dangerous mission to the steaming jungles of Malaya. Their assignment: to capture prize specimens for the Munich Zoo. Neither man realizes that the trip is to prove the ordeal of their lives – an ordeal inflamed by the presence of von Abart’s beautiful mistress Anna. As the trio battle their way through the treacherous jungle, what began as a professional rivalry soon turns into a personal rivalry as well, and the two men engage in a strange combat that can end only with the destruction of one of them. Always between them is Anna – watching, waiting…as much the prize as is the black killer leopard they both pursue.
Political Science


The Social Roots of School Shootings

Author: Katherine S. Newman,Cybelle Fox,David Harding,Jal Mehta,Wendy Roth

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0786722371

Category: Political Science

Page: 242

View: 3968

In the last decade, school shootings have decimated communities and terrified parents, teachers, and children in even the most “family friendly” American towns and suburbs. These tragedies appear to be the spontaneous acts of disconnected teens, but this important book argues that the roots of violence are deeply entwined in the communities themselves. Rampage challenges the “loner theory” of school violence and shows why so many adults and students miss the warning signs that could prevent it.
True Crime


Canadian Mass Murder and Spree Killing

Author: Lee Mellor

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 1459707222

Category: True Crime

Page: 336

View: 6772

Lee Mellor has gathered more than 25 of Canada's most lethal mass and spree killers into a single work. Rampage details their grisly crimes, delves into their twisted psyches, and dissects their motivations to answer the question every true crime lover yearns to know: why?
Social Science

The Risk of School Rampage: Assessing and Preventing Threats of School Violence

Author: E. Madfis

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137399287

Category: Social Science

Page: 142

View: 808

By examining averted school rampage incidents, this work addresses problematic gaps in school violence scholarship and advances existing knowledge about mass murder, violence prevention, bystander intervention, threat assessment, and disciplinary policy in school contexts.

Deadly Rampage

A Reginald P. Gawker Mystery

Author: Donald E. Clem

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 160247253X

Category: Fiction

Page: 358

View: 9944

Sergeant of Detectives, Reginald P. Gawker, and his fiancee are threatened with death in Deadly Rampage, the second book by author Donald E. Clem-a gripping tale that gives the reader a glimpse into the twisted mind of a madman."
Social Science

Rampage Violence Narratives

What Fictional Accounts of School Shootings Say about the Future of America’s Youth

Author: Kathryn E. Linder

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739187511

Category: Social Science

Page: 168

View: 3725

This book is the first to explore the significance of more than twenty-five fictional depictions of rampage violence in film, television, adult literature, and young adult literature. Exploring these texts with an analysis grounded in feminist cultural studies unveils the ways in which fictional rampage violence narratives, in context with their urban violence counterparts, communicate adult anxieties about American youth and who represents the “ideal” citizen.
Juvenile Fiction

Rainforest Rampage

Author: Axel Lewis

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 1434279375

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 159

View: 3077

Jimmy Roberts and his robot, Maverick, are ready for the next stage of the robot races which will go through the Amazon rain forest, but his enemy Horace Pelly is equally determined to win--and he does not care how he does it.

School Rampage Shootings and Other Youth Disturbances

Early Preventative Interventions

Author: Kathleen Nader

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136997687


Page: 328

View: 5930

Together, School Rampage Shootings and Other Youth Disturbances and its accompanying CD provide a complete toolkit for using early preventative interventions with elementary-school age children. In ten thoughtful, clearly written chapters, both new and experienced practitioners will find a wealth of research- and evidence-based techniques that link personal child and childhood environmental conditions to a number of symptoms, disturbances, and disorders in youth or adulthood, including the expression of rampage violence. In the second part of this indispensable collection – the accompanying CD – practitioners will find worksheets and handouts that translate useful techniques into reality and are sure to make any practice come alive.
Juvenile Nonfiction

Tragedy in Tucson: Arizona Shooting Rampage

The Arizona Shooting Rampage

Author: Aimee Houser

Publisher: ABDO

ISBN: 1614784523

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

View: 4215

This title examines an important historic event - the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others in Tucson, Arizona. Easy-to-read, compelling text explores the man behind the shooting, Jared Loughner, and his history of mental illness, the disease schizophrenia, Giffords rise in politics, the political climate in America, including the hot button issue of health-care reform, Giffords's fight for her life, and the effects of this event on society. Also discussed are the gun laws in America, the National Rifle Association's stand on gun control, new legislation introduced in Congress regarding gun control, and mental health policy and law. Features include a table of contents, glossary, selected bibliography, Web links, source notes, and an index, plus a timeline and essential facts. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Essential Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.
Juvenile Fiction

Zebra Rampage

Mission Fox

Author: Justin D'Ath

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0857962078

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

View: 4773

JORDAN WATCHED THE BABY ZEBRA FOR A FEW SECONDS. ITS EYES WERE CLOSED. 'SOMETHING'S WRONG,' HE SAID. Harry and Jordan Fox are on a chairlift ride at Nullambine Zoo when they spy a baby zebra in danger. It looks like a Code Bright Red mission. Can they outrun a charging zebra and outsmart a river of hippos in time to save the baby's life? IT LOOKS LIKE THEIR STRIPEY-ESST MISSION YET . . .

Acapulco Rampage

Author: Don Pendleton

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1497685788

Category: Fiction

Page: 186

View: 9420

In Mexico’s most glamorous resort, the Executioner targets the heroin trade Bobby Cassiopea is one of the new breed of American mobsters: a stylish jet setter whose high-finance reputation hides a corrupt criminal soul. It is on the backs of slick young men like Bobby Cass that the Mafia hopes to escape its thuggish reputation and move into the upper crust of international crime. The war for Acapulco has begun. In this nexus of jet-set style and global drug trafficking, the Mafia grows like a cancer. Bolan has come to cut it out.
Juvenile Fiction

Rogmasher Rampage

Author: Mark Crilley

Publisher: Yearling

ISBN: 0307514358

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

View: 7517

After months of intensive training, Billy is finally ready to go on his first solo creatch op for AFMEC (Allied Forces for the Management of Extraterritorial Creatches). Godzilla-like monsters are menacing the Chinese mountain village of Hua Qing. Billy is more than fired up to fend them off–until he discovers that bossy Ana García will be tagging along. Though Ana is no older than Billy, she’s a full-fledged AFMEC agent–and doesn’t hesitate to remind him of that fact. Whenever possible. At first, the mission is pretty straightforward. Billy and Ana help Hua Qing fight off the monsters, and life for the villagers goes back to normal. But Billy can’t shake the feeling that things in Hua Qing are not what they seem. Is Billy being paranoid? Or is something really bad about to go down? If Billy is right, then he, Ana, and the villagers of Hua Qing are in a whole lot of trouble. From the Hardcover edition.
Juvenile Nonfiction

Nature on the Rampage

Author: Sue L. Hamilton

Publisher: ABDO Publishing Company

ISBN: 1617843350

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 3381

Presents situations of horror between nature and man and describes how to protect yourself and others in these situations.
Batman (Fictitious character)

Bane on the Rampage!

Author: Bill Matheny

Publisher: Raintree

ISBN: 1406279609

Category: Batman (Fictitious character)

Page: 22

View: 9414

The young Dark Knight faces the mighty Bane, a foe who is twice his size and has the wiles of ten men.
Asia, Southeastern

A Sudden Rampage

The Japanese Occupation of Southeast Asia, 1941-1945

Author: Nicholas Tarling


ISBN: 9781850655848

Category: Asia, Southeastern

Page: 286

View: 7306

This describes the origins, the methods and the result of imperial Japan's occupation of Southeast Asia during World War II. Japanese policy makers had recognized that the region's European colonial regimes would not last for ever, but they had not envisaged a military conquest. While Japan launched stunningly successful military operations - such as the attacks on Pearl Harbor and Singapore - it found devising occupation policies that were suitable to the diverse regions under its sway after 1941 much harder. To a large extent Japan's policies were improvised, often being based on models derived from the experiences of Manchuria or the homeland itself. For some Japanese the invasion was a work of liberation, and those who tried to extricate Japan from the war as defeat loomed emphasized this rationale. Eventually, however, the people of the region liberated themselves, taking advantage of the interregnum between Japanese military defeat and the imposition of alternative Allied administrations. Any sense of obligation to the Japanese was reduced by the violence of their soldiery and the inadequacy of their administration.
True Crime

Rampage Spree Killers and Mass Murderers

Author: RJ Parker

Publisher: N.A


Category: True Crime

Page: 128

View: 359

WARNING: this book is NOT for the faint of heart! It depicts realistic violence with vile and malicious activities, and delve into the darkness of the human heart and mind. Two major motives fuel the Spree Killer's final, hate-filled act: revenge against the world and a desire to show that he is a person to be reckoned with. Tormented by his failure to achieve those things that seem to come so easily to others-satisfying work, loving relationships-he will prove that he is special in at least one regard: in his power to wreak havoc. Could you imagine being in an area like a mall or restaurant when someone pulls out weapons and starts killing people? It's scary! I have chosen thirteen of these stories to write about and compiled them in this book. * Columbine School Shooting * Rodrick Shonte Dantzler - Grand Rapids, Michigan * Michael Kenneth McLendon - Geneva County Massacre * Tim Kretschmer - The Winnenden School Shooting * Nidal Malik Hasan - Fort Hood Shooting * Joseph T. Wesbecker - The Standard Gravure Shooting * George Hennard - The Luby's Massacre * Seung-Hui Cho - Virginia Tech Killing Spree * Howard Barton Unruh - The Walk of Death, Camden, New Jersey * Michael Robert Ryan - The Hungerford Massacre * Patrick Henry Sherrill - Edmond United States Post Office Massacre
Juvenile Fiction

Circus of Thieves on the Rampage

Author: William Sutcliffe

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1471120260

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 288

View: 2065

Pure delight… the promised sequel can't come too soon' Independent on Sunday 'Funny, Bizarre and brilliantly illustrated by David Tazzyman, this is perfect for anyone who loves Mr Gum.' Sunday Express Get ready for rampages, chunky tandem rides, marching dogs, escaped convicts, synchronised otters and so much more! Shank's Impossible Circus is back… There are 7,362 things that Armitage Shank hates and at the top of the list (which includes puppies, rainbows, lifts and flashing trainers…) is being made a fool of. So, when he thinks his old nemesis, Queenie Bombazine, ringmaster of Bombazine's Ecstatic Aquatic Splashtastic Circus, is trying to do just that, he sets out on a revenge rampage! Meanwhile, a HUGE revelation sends Hannah and Granny on their own journey to find Queenie, it's only a matter of time before they all collide… Full of fun, adventure and wacky characters, a must for fans of Andy Stanton, David Walliams and Roald Dahl.
Juvenile Fiction

Romans on the Rampage

Author: Jeremy Strong

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141357940

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

View: 5629

Perilus is a Roman boy who is crazy about chariot racing. He loves to practise in his own homemade chariot (pulled by the family goat) and dreams of riding in the Circus Maximus himself one day. But when Perilus's hero, the brilliant charioteer Scorcha , goes missing on the day of the big race, Perilus finds his wish coming true sooner than he'd imagined!
Juvenile Nonfiction

Dinosaur Rampage Activity Book

Author: Chuck Whelon

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486480992

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 8196

Guide a Maiasaura mother through a maze to her missing babies, spot the differences among a flock of pteranodons, match fossilized skulls to the appropriate species, and solve other wacky dinosaurian dilemmas. 27 puzzles.
Juvenile Fiction

Rampage in Prince's Garden

Author: Francesca Simon

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444007009

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 80

View: 6927

Early Readers are stepping stones from picture books to reading books. A blue Early Reader is perfect for sharing and reading together. A red Early Reader is the next step on your reading journey. Prince the poodle is away, leaving his secret garden free for the rest of the Buffin Street Gang to explore. After all, he'll never even know they've been there . . . will he?