Reclaiming the Sacred

Lay Religion and Popular Politics in Revolutionary France

Author: Suzanne Desan

Publisher: N.A


Category: Religion

Page: 262

View: 2843

"This is a carefully crafted piece of social history that broadly revises widely held preconceptions about ideological currents in the French Revolution. The issues it raises go beyond those that might appeal only to specialists in communal action and religion; historical sociologists and sociologists of culture will also find this to be an important and provocative study."--American Journal of Sociology

Reclaiming the Sacred

The Bible in Gay and Lesbian Culture, Second Edition

Author: Raymond J Frontain

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136571035

Category: Religion

Page: 286

View: 828

The second edition of Reclaiming the Sacred: The Bible in Gay and Lesbian Culture continues the groundbreaking work of the original, exploring the territory between gay/lesbian studies, literary criticism, and religious studies. This much-anticipated follow-up examines the appropriation and/or subversion of the authority of the Judeo-Christian Bible by gay and lesbian writers. The book highlights two prevalent trends in gay and lesbian literature—a transgressive approach that challenges the authority of the Bible when used as an instrument of oppression, and an appropriative technique that explores how the Bible contributes to defining gay and lesbian spirituality. Reviewers of the first edition of Reclaiming the Sacred hailed the book’s enterprise in exploring the area between literary criticism and religious studies. Whereas contemporary literary-critical theory has been slow to integrate religion and religious history into queer theory, this pioneering journal has addressed the issue from the start with a collection of thoughtful and though-provoking articles. This latest edition expands coverage to include noncanonical ancient texts, popular Victorian religious texts, and contemporary theater. Academics and lay readers interested in literary criticism, cultural studies, and religious studies will gain new insights from topics such as: religious mystery and homosexual identity in Terrence McNally’s “Corpus Christi” same-sex biblical couples in Victorian literature homoerotic texts in the Apocrypha sodomite rhetoric in a seventeenth-century Italian text Radclyffe Hall’s lesbian messiah in her 1928 novel The Well of Loneliness homosexual temptation in John Milton’s Paradise Regained Reclaiming the Sacred counteracts the manipulative and oppressive uses to which modern writers and thinkers put the Bible and the “morality” it is presumed to inscribe. An important tool for understanding the role of the Bible in gay and lesbian culture, this remarkable book makes a powerful contribution to the advancement of studies on queer sanctity.

Reclaiming the Sacred Temple

Meditations to Inspire Us to Find the Divine

Author: Vania Kaady

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477142932

Category: Religion

Page: 40

View: 5672

This book of meditations is the ticket to spiritual growth. Written under the extenuating circumstances of MCS, these thoughts are an extraordinary journey of a woman struggling to bring the divine into her life while her body struggled to stay alive. Isolated from life like a bubble girl after a chemical poisoning destroyed her immune system, Vania created an excellent read for anyone wanting to seek God in his or her life. Read these beautiful meditations, and step forward, grow spiritually, and conquer your difficulties too.

The Goddess in the Gospels

Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine

Author: Margaret Starbird

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 159143811X

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 1760

In an era that has reclaimed many aspects of the feminine, Margaret Starbird’s The Woman with the Alabaster Jar stands out as a courageous exploration of the scorned feminine in the Western religious tradition. But espousing the marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene created a personal crisis for this Catholic scholar. In The Goddess in the Gospels the author tells how she was guided in her ever-deepening study of the New Testament and the gematria--number coding of the Greek alphabet--by an incredible series of synchronicities that mirror the inner and outer worlds and which reveal the Sacred Marriage of male and female--the hieros gamous--leading to her own personal redemption.

Blossom of bone

reclaiming the connection between homoeroticism and the sacred

Author: Randy P. Conner

Publisher: Harpercollins


Category: Psychology

Page: 352

View: 2959

The first multi-cultural exploration of the sacred experience, roles, and rituals of gay and gender-bending men, from the ancient priests of the goddess to Oscar Wilde and pop music icon Sylvester--a rich tradition of men who have embodied the interrelationship between androgyny, homoeroticism, and the quest for the sacred. Illustrations and photos.

From the Holly Jolly to the Holy

Reclaiming the Sacred During Advent and Christmas

Author: James Rosenthal

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780880283571

Category: Advent

Page: 48

View: 6307

Has the good cheer and the holiness of Advent and Christmastide been lost in the busyness of the season? Then this devotional book is for you - and for everyone who wants to reclaim this time as sacred and joy-filled. Explore Advent and Christmas through the lens of St. Nicholas and scripture, embracing true generosity, re-learning about giving of our hearts, not just from our wallets, and finding the holy in the midst of the secular traditions.

Reclaiming the Spiritual in Art

Contemporary Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Author: Dawn Perlmutter,Debra Koppman

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438415893

Category: Art

Page: 168

View: 1821

Examines the role of the sacred in art and makes a compelling case for its continued contemporary relevance.

Sacred Inception

Reclaiming the Spirituality of Birth in the Modern World

Author: Marianne Delaporte,Morag Martin

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1498546706

Category: Religion

Page: 274

View: 330

This interdisciplinary book examines the shifting meaning of spirituality and birth practices in the modern world in the context of biomedical advances as well as colonial incursions. It indicates that spirituality in the birth place has managed to reemerge in many parts of the world.
Technology & Engineering

Crisis and Opportunity

Sustainability in American Agriculture

Author: John E. Ikerd

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803217447

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 342

View: 9112

With the decline of family farms and rural communities and the rise of corporate farming and the resulting environmental degradation, American agriculture is in crisis. But this crisis offers the opportunity to rethink agriculture in sustainable terms. Here one of the most eloquent and influential proponents of sustainable agriculture explains what this means. These engaging essays describe what sustainable agriculture is, why it began, and how it can succeed. Together they constitute a clear and compelling vision for rebalancing the ecological, economic, and social dimensions of agriculture to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future. In Crisis and Opportunity, John E. Ikerd outlines the consequences of agricultural industrialization, then details the methods that can restore economic viability, ecological soundness, and social responsibility to our agricultural system and thus ensure sustainable agriculture as the foundation of a sustainable food system and a sustainable society.

Reclaiming the Sacred Heart of Healthcare

Celebrating Spiritually Integrated Heart Failure Management

Author: Barbara Larrabee

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692142721


Page: 196

View: 8512

"We do not have to choose" between science and spirituality in our work as providers of healthcare, Larrabee assures the biomedical community. A thoughtful integration of both aspects of shared humanity could make for better clinicians, more satisfied patients, and greater ease in navigating daily life. Backed by research, personal vignettes and the cumulative experience of over 40 years of nursing experience and heart failure management, Larrabee invites readers to reclaim their own sacred hearts, using wisdom and compassion as a guide to fully integrated living. Written from the perspective of advanced heart failure management, this invitation to integrated, devotional living is open and accessible to everyone, regardless of occupation or spiritual beliefs.

Sacred Sexuality

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine

Author: A'Ra Blair

Publisher: Books To Believe In

ISBN: 9780985615192


Page: 190

View: 1279

When you reclaim the Divine Feminine, you create a world where women are fully empowered, living passionately and being loved in extraordinary ways. This book is dedicated to the awakening of every Soul to their full potential as emissaries of light and love, to the surrender of Ego to its rightful place as servant, to Spirit to the sacred expression of our sexuality as a path to enlightenment, to the intimate union of the Divine Feminine with the Sacred Masculine.

Reclaiming the Hopewellian Ceremonial Sphere

200 B.C. to A.D. 500

Author: A. Martin Byers

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806153776

Category: History

Page: 440

View: 1983

Multiple Hopewellian monumental earthwork sites displaying timber features, mortuary deposits, and unique artifacts are found widely distributed across the North American Eastern Woodlands, from the lower Mississippi Valley north to the Great Lakes. These sites, dating from 200 B.C. to A.D. 500, almost define the Middle Woodland period of the Eastern Woodlands. Joseph Caldwell treated these sites as defining what he termed the “Hopewell Interaction Sphere,” which he conceptualized as mediating a set of interacting mortuary-funerary cults linking many different local ethnic communities. In this new book, A. Martin Byers refines Caldwell’s work, coining the term “Hopewell Ceremonial Sphere” to more precisely characterize this transregional sphere as manifesting multiple autonomous cult sodalities of local communities affiliated into escalating levels of autonomous cult sodality heterarchies. It is these cult sodality heterarchies, regionally and transregionally interacting—and not their autonomous communities to which the sodalities also belonged—that were responsible for the Hopewellian assemblage; and the heterarchies took themselves to be performing, not funerary, but world-renewal ritual ceremonialism mediated by the deceased of their many autonomous Middle Woodland communities. Paired with the cult sodality heterarchy model, Byers proposes and develops the complementary heterarchical community model. This model postulates a type of community that made the formation of the cult sodality heterarchy possible. But Byers insists it was the sodality heterarchies and not the complementary heterarchical communities that generated the Hopewellian ceremonial sphere. Detailed interpretations and explanations of Hopewellian sites and their contents in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Georgia empirically anchor his claims. A singular work of unprecedented scope, Reclaiming the Hopewellian Ceremonial Sphere will encourage archaeologists to re-examine their interpretations.
Family & Relationships

Choosing Waterbirth

Reclaiming the Sacred Power of Birth

Author: Lakshmi Bertram

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing

ISBN: 9781612831497

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 176

View: 5072

Waterbirth is an all-natural, gentle, pain-reducing, fulfilling, and empowering birthing method, in which mother and infant start their new life together in a relaxing and deeply familiar environment: warm water. But is it safe? How does water reduce the pain? And is it really more beneficial to your baby? In this complete guide to waterbirth, a yoga instructor and mother of five "water babies" relates her own experiences in the tub while providing the important information that every parent needs to understand, prepare for, and undertake waterbirthing: The basics of natural birthHow water immersion promotes the feeling of well-being while reducing painHow to locate birthing facilities, practitioners, and tubsExercises designed to relax and strengthen the motherHow to create the ideal birthing environmentPractical advise for breast-feeding, baby massage, and more In addition, Choosing Waterbirth contains a complete prenatal yoga program with exercises and breathing and relaxation techniques designed to prepare the mother for an easier labor and delivery. More than 80 photos, including some of the author giving birth in water, bring the experience vividly to life. If you are interested in creating a loving, positive, empowering, and fulfilling birth experience, Choosing Waterbirth will provide you with all the information, practical guidance, and insight you'll ever need.
Social Science

Feminist Foremothers in Women's Studies, Psychology, and Mental Health

Author: Ellen Cole,Esther D Rothblum,Phyllis Chesler

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317764331

Category: Social Science

Page: 566

View: 4338

Feminist Foremothers in Women’s Studies, Psychology, and Mental Health is by and about the more recent wave of feminist foremothers; those who were awakened in the 1960s and ’70s to the realization that something was terribly wrong. These are the women who created the fields of feminist therapy, feminist psychology, and women’s mental health as they exist today. The 48 women share their life stories in the hope that they will inspire and encourage readers to take their own risks and their own journeys to the outer edges of human possibility. Authors write about what led up to their achievements, what their accomplishments were, and how their lives were consequently changed. They describe their personal stages of development in becoming feminists, from unawareness to activism to action. Some women focus on the painful barriers to success, fame, and social change; others focus on the surprise they experience at how well they, and the women’s movement, have done. Some well-known feminist foremothers featured include: Phyllis Chesler Gloria Steinem Kate Millett Starhawk Judy Chicago Zsuszanna Emese Budapest Andrea Dworkin Jean Baker Miller Carol Gilligan In Feminist Foremothers in Women’s Studies, Psychology, and Mental Health, many of the women see in hindsight how prior projects and ideas and even dreams were the forerunners to their most important work. They note the importance of sisterhood and the presence of other women and the loneliness and isolation experienced when they don’t exist. They note the validation they have received from grassroots feminists in contrast to disbelief from professionals. Although these women have been and continue to be looked up to as foremothers, they realize how little recognition they’ve been given from society-at-large and how much better off their male counterparts are. Some foremothers write about the feeling of being different, not meshing with the culture of the time and about challenging the system as an outsider, not an insider. These are women who had few mentors, who had to forge their own way, “hit the ground running.” Their stories will challenge readers to press on, to continue the work these foremothers so courageously started. Throughout the pages of Feminist Foremothers in Women’s Studies, Psychology, and Mental Health runs a sense of excitement and vibrancy of lives lived well, of being there during the early years of the women’s movement, of making sacrifices, of taking risks and living to see enormous changes result. Throughout these pages, too, sounds a call not to take these changes for granted but to recognize that feminists, rather than arguing over picayune issues or splitting politically correct hairs, are battling for the very soul of the world.
Literary Criticism

Secrets of the Code

Author: Dan Burstein

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0297864890

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 592

View: 6356

Unauthorised (but authoritative) guide to the mysteries behind the phenomenal bestseller THE DA VINCI CODE Readers of Dan Brown's extraordinary bestseller THE DA VINCI CODE are fascinated by the questions raised in the novel. Was Jesus actually married to Mary Magdalene? Was she one of his disciples and did she write her own gospel? Did they have a child together? Did some geniuses of art and science, people like Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton, belong to secret societies that had the most compelling insider information in history, and did Leonardo convey some of these ideas in The Last Supper and other paintings? SECRETS OF THE CODE is the definitive guide to the novel and provides the curious reader with authoritative explorations into the major themes within THE DA VINCI CODE.
Social Science

The Fabric of the Future

Women Visionaries of Today Illuminate the Path to Tomorrow

Author: M. J. Ryan

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 9781573241977

Category: Social Science

Page: 460

View: 9258

A collection of thoughts on the future by female visionariesscientists, philosophers, and psychospiritual writersincludes contributions from Jean Houston, Joanna Macy, Sue Bender, Joan Borysenko, Caroline Myss, Marion Woodman, and Gloria Steinem, among others. Reprint.
Body, Mind & Spirit

Song of Freedom

Author: Judith Moore

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

ISBN: 1622335899

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: N.A

View: 1721

Judith Moore knew she had bene brought up by loving parents. Before age 40 she had no memory of childhood trauma, although she knew she had bene sick a lot mor ethan most peoople -- but it wasn't until she joinged an incest survivors' group to help her adopted daughter that the memories began surfacing. In this brave and groundbreaking work, Judith Moore shares her shattering revelations of the reality of HIGH-LEVEL MIND CONTROL. She opens the pages of her journal and the innermost feelings of her heart to share with the reader her JOUNREY TO WHOLENESS and to healing. Her early environment, rich in NATIVE AMERICAN FOLK-LORE, helps her in her quest. With the help of caring prefessionals, she researces, travels, investigates and meditates in an effort to set herself free, to reclaim her very sense of herself a sa person. Her search leads her into terrifying, unknown territory and ILLUMINATING DISCVOERIES about her own psyche and that of today's society as a whole.

Recovering the Sacred

The Power of Naming and Claiming

Author: Winona LaDuke

Publisher: South End Press

ISBN: 9780896087125

Category: Nature

Page: 294

View: 865

"An overview of efforts by Native Americans to regain cultural and genetic patrimony and the conditions needed for traditional spiritual practices, including tribal histories, analysis of changes to nutrition, economy, and physical environment, and actions taken toward pollution abatement, dam removal, land and cultural reclamation, and alternative energy production"--Provided by publisher.

The Sacred Scriptures of Love

Author: Victoria of Light

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1452509654

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

View: 1385

The Sacred Scriptures of Love have been ‘brought’ to me by God to deliver to You in this the divine time upon the Earth. These scriptures are all about the sacredity of who You are, where You have come from, that what it is all about and the reason for all. You are of the divine template here upon Earth to shine and illuminate Love and Light. Where there is Love there is Light and where there is Love and Light there is God. The time has come in the now to realize who we are. We are now allowed the totality of access to know the grand and Almighty plan of God. In this is the Becoming of the full expression of who we are and the awakening of the universal and multidimensional consciousness. In the greatest of moments of this cycle upon Earth we are, and in this is Celebration as we move unto that of the realm of the higher dimensionality vibration of pure love and all faith and joyousness. Here is the creation of heaven and the beyond essence on Earth and all Bliss in this. And whence our Holy mission is complete thereafter is the promise of returning home to all gloriousness and the Nirvanic Paradise.