A Clinical Handbook

Author: Ahmad Al-Sukaini,Mohsin Azam,Ash Samanta

Publisher: Scion Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781907904264

Category: Medical

Page: 156

View: 1619

Rheumatology: A clinical handbook is an essential resource for medical students who need an introduction, understanding and overview of the subject. Most competing texts either burden medical students with information they do not require, or cover rheumatology alongside orthopedics and as a result compromise fundamentals of rheumatology. This book is different – it provides all the information students need during their rheumatology placement and signposts them to where they can find further information. A definition and brief pathophysiology for each condition is provided, which is linked to the respective clinical features. The book covers the core elements of diagnosis and treatment based on the latest UK guidelines to swiftly bring students and junior doctors in training up-to-date. Self-assessment questions and an OSCE chapter provide a way of checking that users have understood and grasped the core material, as well as enabling students to be well equipped for their written and OSCE examinations. Written by two medical students and an experienced consultant rheumatologist, the book combines a reader-friendly writing style with coverage of the material through clinical experience of a professional in the field. Printed in full color throughout, with an attractive design, a clear and concise writing style as well as a range of pedagogical features including an array of mnemonics, pictures and diagrams, Rheumatology: A clinical handbook is exactly the sort of book medical students and newly qualified doctors would benefit from.

Paediatrics: a Clinical Handbook

Author: Ahmad Al-Sukaini,Joe Esland,Nabeel Ahmad,Arif Khan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781907904851


Page: 288

View: 1771

Paediatrics: A Clinical Handbook provides all the essential information required for asuccessful paediatrics rotation. Written by two recently qualified juniordoctors and a consultant paediatrician, the book offers an exam-centred,reader-friendly style backed up with concise clinical guidance. Building onthe success of the other ‘Clinical Handbook’ titles (Rheumatology, Psychiatryand Oncology and Haematology) Paediatrics: A Clinical Handbook provides student-friendly coverage of thematerial with many key features (such as mnemonics and OSCE tips) to help thereader get to grips with the subject. Paediatrics: A Clinical Handbook isideal for medical students and junior doctors; like the other books in theseries it will have a secondary market amongst medics who want a quickrefresher of the subject.

Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology

Author: Richard A. Watts,Philip G. Conaghan,Christopher Denton,Helen Foster,John Isaacs,Ulf Müller-Ladner

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191081183

Category: Medical

Page: 1552

View: 2949

The field of rheumatology has undergone numerous exciting advances in recent years, especially the development of biological drugs with novel targets, made possible by rapid advances in the basic science of musculoskeletal diseases together with improved imaging techniques. This thoroughly revised fourth edition of the Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology reflects the changing face of the specialty and the many recent advances in the science, treatment, andunderstanding of rheumatic diseases. The focus of this comprehensive reference work is the presentation and management of rheumatic conditions at all ages. Where relevant, treatment approaches are evidence-based and cross-referenced to national and international guidelines. Each clinical chapter provides up-to-date treatment advice illustrated with clinical vignettes as appropriate, and the authors consistently emphasize the overlap of rheumatology with other disciplines. With full colour illustrations throughout and acomplementary online version, the Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology, Fourth Edition is an essential reference for all trainees and specialists in the field.

Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology and Oxford Handbook of Orthopaedics and Trauma

Author: Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist and Director of Strategy and Business Development Alan Hakim,Consultant Rheumatologist Gavin Clunie,Senior Lecturer in Medical Education and Rheumatology and Director of Undergraduate Studies Inam Haq

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780198793885


Page: N.A

View: 9758

Two titles from the bestselling Oxford Medical Handbooks series are available together in this great value pack. Extensively revised and fully updated, this third edition of the Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology provides everything you need to understand the wide range of rheumatic conditions. Including the latest guidelines and the most up-to-date information, this is the indispensible guide for students, trainees, consultant rheumatologists, and everyone dealing with patients with musculoskeletal disease. Rheumatic conditions are common in both general and hospital practice; a primary feature of many multi-system illnesses, and in the context of injury, age-related change, and psychological distress. This handbook provides practical advice, guidance, and key clinical facts to help you provide the best care for your patients. Practically structured, the handbook focuses first on presenting symptoms, and then considers key diseases, emergencies, and rare diseases in more detail, finishing with a comprehensive account of assessment, guidelines, and treatment options including the latest advances in biological therapy. It provides practical guidelines on the management and diagnosis of patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal disease. Colour plates and line drawings are present throughout along with tables of key information. Taking a clinical, evidence-based approach, written by experts, and presented in a clear, practical, bullet-point style for rapid reference, this handbook will be your constant companion and a joy to use. The Oxford Handbook of Orthopaedics and Trauma offers junior doctors, medical students, and all those with an interest in the field the practical and up-to-date information needed for clinical practice. It presents the essentials of orthopaedics and trauma in a concise and user-friendly style for use with patients, in the operating room, and in tutorials. As well as covering the basic principles and conditions of both adult and paediatric orthopaedics and trauma, it also contains a comprehensive overview of anatomy and surgery. Helpful illustrations and diagrams guide the reader, aiding the understanding of movements and anatomical relationships, which are of particular importance in establishing a diagnosis. Information is extensively referenced with further reading materials, providing a structured basis in for all levels of training. Emergency topics are highlighted for quick access and the appendix provides information on common drugs in orthopaedics and trauma, as well as fracture diagrams. The book is clearly laid out, and written in an easily readable note-based style. Blank pages are included for the reader, so that notes, observations, and local protocols can be included, thereby individualising the Handbook. Written by trainees and qualified surgeons, the Oxford Handbook of Orthopaedics and Trauma is an accessible and informative tool for all junior doctors and students in the field.

Oxford Handbook of Medical Dermatology

Author: Susan Burge,Rubeta Matin,Dinny Wallis

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0191065137

Category: Medical

Page: 712

View: 8591

This second edition of the Oxford Handbook of Medical Dermatology provides practical and accessible advice on how to reach a diagnosis or create a management plan when faced with patients with a range of skin conditions. Giving concise and clear guidance on investigation and treatment, this Handbook helps doctors adopt a step-by-step approach at the bedside to make sense of skin problems by analysing clinical signs. Illustrated and in full colour, it covers skin physiology, an overview of common skin conditions, and skin problems commonly seen in a broad range of specialities, from rheumatology to psychiatry, as well as children and the elderly. Now comprehensively updated with new clinical pictures, references, and extensively reworked chapters on skin in infancy and childhood, cutaneous reactions to drugs, skin tumours, and rheumatology. This second edition now includes a brand new chapter on skin and genetics, detailing this fast-growing and important area of dermatology, promoting good communication with a patient-centred and practical common-sense approach for trainees in dermatology, junior doctors, GPs, and medical students.

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine

Author: Murray Longmore,Ian Wilkinson,Edward Davidson,Alexander Foulkes,Ahmad Mafi

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199232172

Category: Medical

Page: 863

View: 7065

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is a guiding star for all medical students, junior doctors and trainees. The Key references are clearly identified for each subject, representing the essential reading that underpins each area.

Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology

Author: Richard A Watts,Philip Conaghan,Chris Denton,Helen Foster,John Isaacs,Ulf Müller-Ladner

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199642486

Category: Medical

Page: 1522

View: 6119

This fourth edition of the Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology provides a complete overview of all rheumatological and musculoskeletal problems, and is a comprehensive reference for all trainees and specialists in the field.

Illustrated Handbook of Rheumatic and Musculo-Skeletal Diseases

Author: Eleftherios Pelechas,Evripidis Kaltsonoudis,Paraskevi V. Voulgari,Alexandros A. Drosos

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3030036642

Category: Medical

Page: 379

View: 8011

This book comprehensively reviews clinical aspects and features of rheumatic and musculo-skeletal diseases in an integrated and easy to read format. It enables the reader to become confident in identifying common and unusual disease symptoms and be able to apply a variety of diagnostic modalities and evaluate potential treatment options. Every disease covered has a variety of clinically relevant images detailing both typical and rare signs and symptoms. Each image is accompanied by a detailed description covering relevant epidemiological data, diagnostic modalities and treatment options. The Illustrated Handbook of Rheumatic and Musculo-Skeletal Diseases provides a comprehensive and clinically relevant guide for the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of rheumatic and allied diseases. It is a valuable resource for the trainee and practising rheumatologist, general practitioner, orthopaedic specialist, and dermatologist.
Career development

The Medical Student Career Handbook

Author: Elizabeth Cottrell,Christele Rebora,Mark Williams

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 9781846190773

Category: Career development

Page: 165

View: 8881

This book contains a foreword by Steve Field, Regional Postgraduate Dean, West Midlands Deanery, Chair of the UK MMC Advisory Board; Chair of the UK MMC working Group for Career Management. Written by medical students, this book provides completely up-to-date information on the vast number of changes occurring in medical training. It is ideal for all medical students, especially those in their clinical years, and junior doctors. Medical student careers advisors will also find the information invaluable. "I am delighted to write the foreword for this excellent book whose arrival is timely given the introduction of new foundation and specialist training programmes across the United Kingdom. It has been researched and written by consumers; by final year medical students with contributions and support from more experienced consultants and general practitioners. I believe that it provides a superb source of information and focussed help for medical students and junior doctors that will help them prepare effectively for their Foundation Programmes and for specialist training. It will also provide a valuable resource for educational supervisors, GP trainers and clinical tutors. I commend it to you." - Steve Field, in the Foreword.

Clinical Medicine

Author: Alex Liakos,Martin Hill

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199562121

Category: Medical

Page: 554

View: 5337

Oxford Assess and Progress, Clinical Medicine is a new revision resource for medical students. Complimenting the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine and suitable for use alone, it provides an array of SBA's, EMQ's and editorials on core clinical topics and themes with detailed feedback and rated levels of competence.

Oxford Handbook of Medical Imaging

Author: M J Darby,D Barron,R E Hyland

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199216363

Category: Medical

Page: 440

View: 9323

A practical quick reference guide to the main techniques used to image common medical and surgical conditions.
Handbooks - MeSH

Anamnese und Untersuchung

Author: Kurt Kochsiek

Publisher: Elsevier,Urban&FischerVerlag

ISBN: 9783437410833

Category: Handbooks - MeSH

Page: 328

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine - Mini Edition

Author: Murray Longmore,Ian Wilkinson,Edward Davidson,Alexander A. Foulkes,Ahmad A. Mafi

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780199691302

Category: Medical

Page: 920

View: 8017

Now in a convenient extra-small format, the new Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, Mini Eighth Edition offers the same erudite and practical clinical information as it has always done. Completely unabridged, the mini edition remains the ultimate clinical handbook, only smaller.

Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 3e and Oxford Handbook of Medical Sciences 2e

Author: Senior Lecturer in Haematology Drew Provan,University Lecturer in Physiology and American Fellow in Physiology Robert Wilkins,David Meredith,Reader and Honorary Consultant School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Simon Cross,Lifescan Chair of Diabetes Ian Megson,University Research Lecturer Lecturer in Biomedical Science David Meredith

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198785040


Page: 1900

View: 2178

Two titles from the bestselling Oxford Handbook series are available together in this great value pack. The Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigations provides a patient-oriented approach to investigation. The first chapter describes key symptoms and signs along with tests that may be of value in reaching a diagnosis. The remainder of the book is specialty-centred and provides a comprehensive review of all available tests within a given subject. The aim is of the book is to provide a more rational method of investigation and prevent over-investigation which is expensive for the hospital and unpleasant for the patient. It emphasises which tests are of value, when tests are not likely to be helpful, along with pitfalls in the interpretation of results. This new edition has been updated throughout to incorporate current investigations and management of disease. Chapters on rheumatology, radiology, and renal medicine have been extensively revised. With contributions from active clinicians who are engaged in medical practice, the book will be of value to senior medical students facing finals examinations, and junior doctors who are responsible for ordering tests on their patients. Written by biomedical scientists and clinicians to disseminate the fundamental scientific principles that underpin clinical medicine, the Oxford Handbook of Medical Sciences provides a clear, easily digestible account of basic cell physiology and biochemistry, and an investigation of the traditional piers of medicine (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology and pharmacology) integrated in the context of each of the major systems relevant to the human body. Cross-referenced to the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, and thoroughly illustrated, it is the ideal introduction to the basic medical sciences for junior medical students, and a perfect revision guide for senior students.

Clinical Handbook of Interstitial Lung Disease

Author: Muhunthan Thillai,David R. Moller,Keith C. Meyer

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1351650084

Category: Medical

Page: 529

View: 1933

This handbook provides clinical guidance to the practicing physician on the diagnosis and treatment of Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILD). A contributed work with invited chapters which draw on the knowledge and experience of recognised global leaders in respiratory medicine, it is authoritative, concise and portable and is intended for use in a fast-paced clinical setting. The book: offers practical tips and clear guidance for clinicians provides detailed explanations of the main therapeutic options for each individual ILD contains high-quality visuals, including radiology and histopathology of the most common as well as some of the rarer ILDs discusses individual ILDs and has topics common to all including critical care, lung transplantation and palliative care navigates clinicians through cases with decision making guidelines and algorithms includes appendices with international practice guidelines, sample patient information sheets and other helpful resources. Emphasizing how to perform a thorough assessment of an ILD patient for accurate diagnosis and their subsequent effective management, this is both a gold standard text as well as a daily companion for physicians caring for ILD patients. A first-of-its-kind, it will become the go-to guide for all clinicians who manage patients with ILD.