Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Streamside Communities

Author: Robert J. Naiman,Henri Decamps,Michael E. McClain

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080470689

Category: Science

Page: 448

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This book describes the underlying water conditions and geologies that support viable riparia, illustrates the ecological characteristics of riparia, and discusses how riparia are used by human cultures as well as how riparia can be used to sustain environmental quality. In recent years riparian management has been widely implemented as a means of improving fisheries, water quality, and habitat for endangered species. This book provides the basic knowledge necessary to implement successful, long-term management and rehabilitation programs. Treats riparian patterns & processes in a holistic perspective, from ecological components to societal activities Contains over 130 illustrations and photos that summarize this complex ecological system Synthesizes the information from more than 6,000 professional articles Sidebars provide a look into ongoing research that is at the frontiers of riparian ecology and management

Handbook of Flowering

Author: Abraham H. Halevy

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780849339165

Category: Science

Page: 776

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This volume is an exhaustive source of information on the control and regulation of flowering. It presents data on the factors controlling flower induction and how they may be affected b climate and chemical treatments. For each plant, specific information is provided on all aspects of flower development, including sex expression, requirements for flowering initiation and development, photoperiod, light density, vernalization, and other temperature effects and interactions. Individual species are described from the standpoint of juvenility and maturation, morphology, induction and morphogenesis to anthesis. All information is presented alphabetically for easy reference.

Mid-Atlantic Freshwater Wetlands: Advances in Wetlands Science, Management, Policy, and Practice

Author: Robert P. Brooks,Denice Heller Wardrop

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461455960

Category: Science

Page: 491

View: 9245

The lands and waters of the Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR) have changed significantly since before the 16th century when the Susquehannock lived in the area. Much has changed since Captain John Smith penetrated the estuaries and rivers during the early 17th century; since the surveying of the Mason-Dixon Line to settle border disputes among Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware during the middle of the 18th century; and since J. Thomas Scharf described the physiographic setting of Baltimore County in the late 19th century. As early as 1881, Scharf provides us with an assessment of the condition of the aquatic ecosystems of the region, albeit in narrative form, and already changes are taking place – the conversion of forests to fields, the founding of towns and cities, and the depletion of natural resources. We have always conducted our work with the premise that “man” is part of, and not apart from, this ecosystem and landscape. This premise, and the historical changes in our landscape, provide the foundation for our overarching research question: how do human activities impact the functioning of aquatic ecosystems and the ecosystem services that they provide, and how can we optimize this relationship?

Pamphlets on Biology

Kofoid collection

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Social Science

Riparia dans l'Empire romain

pour la définition du concept : actes des journées d'étude de Québec, 29-31 octobre 2009

Author: Ella Hermon

Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited

ISBN: 9781407304724

Category: Social Science

Page: 338

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Riparia, here encompassing both river banks and shorelines, represent inherently unstable landscapes, but which have proved of fundamental importance to human activities. These essays look at Roman responses to riparian environments, presenting regional case-studies, and analysing attempts to manage these landscapes, as well as their depiction in legal, agronomic and literary contexts. French text.
Juvenile Fiction

Riparia's River

Author: Michael J. Caduto,Olga Pastuchiv

Publisher: Tilbury House Pub

ISBN: 9780884483274

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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When Gretchen, her twin brother Jason, their little sister Daphne, and a friend find their favorite swimming hole filled with green slime, they learn how the water became polluted and what can be done to clean it up.

Les ailes du Sahel

Zones humides et oiseaux migrateurs dans un environnement en mutation

Author: Le Zwarts,Rob G. Bijlsma,Jan van der Kamp,Eddy Wymenga

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004278125

Category: Science

Page: 564

View: 3895

'Living on the Edge' examines the function of the Sahel region of Africa as an important wintering area for long-distance migrant birds. It describes the challenges the birds have to cope with – climate change, of course, and rapid man-made habitat changes related to deforestation, irrigation and reclamation of wetlands. How have all these changes affected the birds, and have birds adapted to these changes? Can we explain the changing numbers of breeding birds in Europe by changes in the Sahel, or vice versa?

Science, Vine and Wine in Modern France

Author: Harry W. Paul

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521525213

Category: Cooking

Page: 368

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Examines viticulture and oenology, and the civilization of wine in modern France.