Secrets of Eve

Author: Archibald D. Hart,Catherine Hart Weber,Debra L. Taylor

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

ISBN: 9780849990625

Category: Religion

Page: 320

View: 5754

Secrets of Eve: Unerstanding the Mystgery of Female Sexuality offers a fuller conprehension of female sexuality that will help bridge the gap between the sexes and strengthen our resolve to celebrate God's design for our sexuality.

The Secrets of the Notebook

A Woman's Quest to Uncover Her Royal Family Secret

Author: Eve Haas

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1628723076

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 3230

“The beautiful owner of this book is dearer to me than my life – August your protector.” This one sentence was the key to a mystery involving some of the greatest and most infamous figures in European history, from Frederick the Great to Napoleon and Hitler—and solved by the author of this book. Eve Haas is the daughter of a German Jewish family that took refuge in London after Hitler came to power. Following a terrifying air raid in the blitz, her father revealed the family secret, that her great-great grandmother Emilie was married to a Prussian prince. He then showed her the treasured leather-bound notebook inscribed to Emilie by the prince. Her parents were reluctant to learn more, but later in life, when Eve was married and inherited the diary, she became obsessed with proving this birthright. The Secrets of the Notebook tells how she follows the clues, from experts on European royalty in London to archives in West Germany and then, under threat of being arrested as a spy by the Communist regime, to an archive in East Germany that had never before opened its doors to the West. What she unearths is a love story set against the upheaval of the Napoleonic wars and the antiSemitism of the Prussian court, and a ruse that both protected Emilie’s daughter and probably condemned her granddaughter—Eve’s beloved grandmother, Anna—to death in the Nazi camps. When first published in the UK, The Secrets of the Notebook was an Irish Times bestseller. A movie based on the book is in production.
Business & Economics


Revealing the Trade Secrets of Leadership

Author: Eve Poole

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472941217

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 232

View: 1819

Shortlisted for the Business Book Awards 2018 'Leadership' is in danger of becoming a tired phrase in the world of management - it may sound cerebral and important, but more often comes across as static and trite. Which might explain why so many 'leaders' feel like imposters; they may have a vision or masterplan, but the reality is daily messiness, acute uncertainty and fragile loyalty from team members. Often, they have been parachuted in to transform a complex situation, or promoted in unexpected circumstances. Are there more effective ways in which people can learn the art of being a great leader? Being an effective leader is about the daily grind, and it is a far from glamorous existence, but it can be hugely rewarding if leaders are realistic about the choices they face. In many trades and professions, mastery of the subject can take a lifetime; leadership is no different. An apprenticeship approach can breathe life into the development of leaders, day in, day out. Using insights gained by Ashridge Business School about how leaders really learn, Leadersmithing guides readers through the process of becoming more precisely job-ready and more effectively resourced for the challenges they face. The result is a more confident leader, more perceptive as to their vocation and mandate, and able to maintain the most effective position at the very top of their game.
Family & Relationships

Adam & Eve

Marriage Secrets from the Garden of Eden

Author: Michael Shevack

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9780809141173

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 253

View: 2155

Hidden deep below the surface of the story of Adam and Eve are 25 secrets to a happy, fulfilling marriage. Marriages become strained or fail when they're not aligned to the spiritual order of the universe. But with these easy-to-read secrets, every man and woman can master the art of aligning themselves to the laws of God's Garden -- to create their own personal Garden of Eden. Sensitively-written for today's Adams and Eves of all faiths and denominations, as well as those inspired by self-help or popular spiritual teachings, author Michael Shevack shows readers how to have a relationship that combines individual freedom, without restrictive roles, with the security of a traditional marriage. Spiritually eye-opening, yet immensely practical, including exercises to help readers consciously change old patterns, these marriage secrets include: Knowing Each Other's Boundaries and Honoring Them (Marriage Secret #16); Never, Ever Blame (Marriage Secret # 12); Think before You Act (Marriage Lesson #13); and Turn Away from Temptation (Marriage Lesson #18). Adam and Eve: Marriage Secrets from the Garden of Eden offers biblical truths in fresh, insightful ways to help couples solve problems quickly and stay joyfully married forever.
Social Science

Eve's Secrets

A New Theory of Female Sexuality

Author: Josephine Lowndes Sevely

Publisher: Random House Incorporated


Category: Social Science

Page: 213

View: 6105

Based on the findings of a Harvard-approved study of male and female sexuality conducted by the author, this report offers a new theory of sexual symmetries between men and women
Performing Arts

All About All About Eve

The Complete Behind-the-Scenes Story of the Bitchiest Film Ever Made!

Author: Sam Staggs

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1466830433

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 320

View: 4400

To millions of fans, All About Eve represents all that's witty and wonderful in classic Hollywood movies. Its old-fashioned, larger-than-life stars--including Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Anne Baxter, George Sanders, and Celeste Holm--found their best roles in Eve and its sophisticated dialogue has entered the lexicon. But there's much more to know about All About Eve. Sam Staggs has written the definitive account of the making of this fascinating movie and its enormous influence on both film and popular culture. Staggs reveals everything about the movie--from the famous European actress Margo Channing was based on to the hot-blooded romance on-set between Bette Davis and costar Gary Merrill, from the jump-start the movie gave Marilyn Monroe's career to the capstone it put on director Joseph L. Mankeiwicz's. All About "All About Eve" is not only full of rich detail about the movie, the director, and the stars, but also about the audience who loved it when it came out and adore it to this day.

Secrets of the Lost Summer

Author: Carla Neggers

Publisher: MIRA

ISBN: 1488038902

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 3486

Go back to where it all began in book one of the classic heartwarming Swift River Valley series set in Knights Bridge, New England, only from New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers. A wave of hope carries Olivia Frost back to her small New England hometown nestled in the beautiful Swift River Valley. She’s transforming a historic home into an idyllic getaway—picturesque and perfect, if only the absentee owner will fix up the eyesore next door… Dylan McCaffrey’s ramshackle house is an inheritance he never counted on. It also holds the key to a generations-old lost treasure he can’t resist any more than he can resist his new neighbor. Against this breathtaking landscape, Dylan and Olivia pursue long-buried secrets and discover a mystery wrapped in a love story…past and present. Originally published in 2012

The Secret of Crickley Hall

Author: James Herbert

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330472534

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 3979

The Caleighs have had a terrible year... They need time and space, while they await the news they dread. Gabe has brought his wife, Eve, and daughters, Loren and Cally, down to Devon, to the peaceful seaside village of Hollow Bay. He can work and Eve and the kids can have some peace and quiet and perhaps they can try, as a family, to come to terms with what’s happened to them... Crickley Hall is an unusually large house on the outskirts of the village at the bottom of Devil's Cleave, a massive tree-lined gorge - the stuff of local legend. A river flows past the front garden. It's perfect for them... if a bit gloomy. And Chester, their dog, seems really spooked at being away from home. And old houses do make sounds. And it's constantly cold. And even though they shut the cellar door every night, it’s always open again in morning... The Secret of Crickley Hall is James Herbert’s finest novel to date. It explores the darker, more obtuse territories of evil and the supernatural. With brooding menace and rising tension, he masterfully and relentlessly draws the reader through to the ultimate revelation – one that will stay to chill the mind long after the book has been laid aside.
Biography & Autobiography

Mum's the Word

The High-Flying Adventures of Eve Branson

Author: Eve Branson

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1477245839

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 270

View: 9416

Eve Branson’s life reads like a fast-paced adventure novel. A classically trained ballet dancer, she appeared in racy West End productions, disguised herself as a boy to take glider lessons, enlisted in the Women’s Royal Navy Service, and then embarked on a series of harrowing adventures as a “Star Girl” air hostess on the ill-fated British South American Airways. Though marrying the dashing ex-Cavalry officer, Edward “Ted” Branson, brought her down to earth to raise three children, Eve’s quest for adventure never faltered. After running several businesses, traveling the world, and doing global charity work, Eve is preparing to launch the first commercial space travelers to the edge of space in a Virgin Galactic mother ship that bears her name. In this lively, absorbing memoir – part diary, part adventure story, part family history – Eve Branson’s formidable energy propels the reader through an extraordinary life. Along the way, she divulges some of the unorthodox but effective trade secrets behind raising one of the world’s most colourful entrepreneurs.

Defending Eve

A Divorce Lawyer's Secrets to Keeping Love - Not Ending It!

Author: Adam Scott Jaffe

Publisher: Adam Scott Jaffe

ISBN: 1482030594

Category: Fiction

Page: 386

View: 6357

For most people, it is a struggle to learn how to give themselves completely to love. Surprisingly, it is his career as a divorce lawyer where author Adam Scott Jaffe learned there is no half-way effort if relationships are to thrive. He has truly seen behind the curtain. Through his work, he was able to discover a simple yet paramount secret that provides couples the greatest opportunity to follow through on their commitments to each other. Jaffe's revelations in this passionate and sincere novel intend to give a couple the best opportunity to experience the most rewarding and sustainable relationship possible. He focuses on the conscious decision partners in a relationship have to make to succeed. Through intimate and detailed storytelling, Jaffe's main character admits how he was sabotaging his own dreams for happiness. He uses the lessons that he crystallized from his years as a divorce attorney to spur a complete metamorphosis of his character. The ultimate lesson is uncovered: it is never too late to change for love. Defending Eve is inspired by true events. It is not a self-help book or biography. Rather it is a genuine and heartfelt story that leaves the reader with many valuable lessons intended to better all relationships. It is also unique because such a tender story has its source in a world affected by the acrimony of break up. Ironically, it is only through such a stormy environment that the light shines through. There is truly bounty in such a revelation, and it must be shared.

Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed

Every Dragon Slayer's Guide to the Bible

Author: Sir Wyvern Pugilist

Publisher: Paraclete Press

ISBN: 1612617514

Category: Religion

Page: 200

View: 9638

Sir Wyvern Pugilist’s long-awaited guide is a must-read for every Dragon Slayer or Dragon-Slayer-to-be. He guides reader through the stories of the Ancient Manual (a/k/a the “Bible”) and eventually shines a brilliant light on the treasures hidden deep within. He answers your questions about the dragons, and why we’re here with them, and where to find rescue from their deathly clutches. Read his manual alongside the Ancient Manual—and you will never be the same. This book tells bible stories in an exciting and new way, inspiring kids of all ages to go deeper in understanding the bible. As a young man, Wyvern Pugilist joined the secret order of Dragon Slayers, through which he continues to fight the murderous beasts and labors to train a new generation to do the same. He is also the author of Dragon Slayers, aided by popular children’s book author, Joyce Denham (Patrick: Saint of Ireland and others). "Sir Wyvern Pugilist is a masterful storyteller...and this is the greatest story ever told. It will inspire you to be a great dragon slayer." —Dr. John R. Wood, Author of Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission "This book is fun but serious, like G. K. Chesterton. Kids will learn a lot about the Bible and its message. I also expect it will be read-aloud by many families." —Tim Stafford, senior writer for Christianity Today and author of The Adam Quest "Never have I been so impressed by a book that is steeped in religion and intended for young readers. Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed is a masterpiece written by a gifted author who clearly knows the secret of how to make the sacred teachings of the Bible come alive in a most meaningful and captivating manner. Highly recommended for Dragon Slayers of all ages!" —William C. Hammond, author of the Cutler Family Chronicles "Hurray, Sir Wyvern Pugilist is back! The sequel to Dragon Slayers has arrived in Secrets of the Ancient Manual: Revealed! A much anticipated sequel to Dragon Slayers! You will not want to put this manual down once you pick it up! But, be warned some of the Dragons that were introduced to you in Dragon Slayers, will try to invade your mind and warn you to not read it...But, read you MUST! —On This Rock Christian Books & Gifts, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

III Minutes to XII:The Last Secrets of the Bible

Author: Ed DesAutel

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 164138252X

Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 5874

III Minutes to XII This book was not written to convince anyone to change their views or to take sides in any issue that may arise from any point of view stated by the Author, Ed DesAutel. Any relation to personal belief in science or religion is the author’s own observations based on research and analysis of the bible and various books and science publications. Anyone may research the same information and come to their own conclusions as to what may be the true history of the Caucasian race in relation to the biblical story. Past and current scientific research have excavated old cities in various locations around the world that is uncovering western man’s historical past that is directly and indirectly involved with the bible. This book, “III Minutes to XII”, will attempt to tell the untold story of our ancient and modern day ancestors, the Caucasian race, that existed before the great flood of the bible and after. This book will attempt to explain where modern Caucasian man had his beginning and where his technology came from, and where his destructive nature was born. I will try to explain some of the questions that modern man asks about the bible, his science, mythology, and what does science (E=mc2) have to do with creation? Who are the sons of God that called themselves watchers in the book of Enoch? Who were the giants of the bible? Where did they go? What is the meaning of 666, the number of a man in Revelation 13:18? Many books have been written about what is going to happen to man because of his destructive nature? Should we be worried? Read this book with an open mind, and draw your own conclusions.

Best Kept Secrets of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Celestial Concepts in a Telestial World

Author: Lawrence D. Gardner

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462839193

Category: Religion

Page: 350

View: 9781

I had a religion professor at Brigham Young University who often asked, What is the best kept secret of The Mormon Church? After declaring all answers amiss he would make this statement; The best kept secret of The Mormon Church is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Over the years of teaching gospel doctrine I have found his statement to be all too true. Despite their best study efforts and the abundance of scriptural resources, many members do not understand some fundamental and extremely important doctrines. I invite you to feast with me upon the meat of more exalted concepts.
Electronic books

The Secrets of Generation

Reproduction in the Long Eighteenth Century

Author: Raymond Stephanson,Darren N. Wagner

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442646969

Category: Electronic books

Page: 560

View: 4265

The secrets of Generation' is an interdisciplinary examination of the many aspects of reproduction in the eighteenth century. Exploring the theme of generation from the perspective of histories of medicine, literature, biology, technology, and culture, this collection offers a range of cutting-edge approaches. Its twenty-four contributors, scholars from across Europe and North America, bring an international perspective to discuss reproduction in British, French, American, German, and Italian contexts. The book is a collection on eighteenth-century generation and its many milieus

Numerical Secrets of the Bible

Introduction to Biblical Arithmology

Author: Casper J. Labuschagne

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1498284264

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 7006

Were you intrigued, but disappointed by The Bible Code? Numerical Secrets of the Bible, written by one of Europe's leading biblical scholars, gives you the actual facts about one of the most important recent discoveries in the field of biblical study, namely that the books of the Bible are numerical compositions. The biblical writings were not written in an off-hand manner, but were meticulously composed according to compositional techniques in which the counting of words played a crucial role. This discovery has far-reaching consequences for our views on the formation and the structure of the text of the Hebrew Bible and of the Greek text of the New Testament. Labuschagne introduces you to the fascinating world of number symbolism in biblical times. He demonstrates how well-known symbolic numbers, such as 7 and 12, and especially the lesser known holy numbers 17 and 26, which represent the numerical value of the name YHWH, were used to give structure to the text and to deepen its contents. Among other fascinating findings, this study confirms the medieval Jewish tradition that the name of God is interwoven in the fabric of the text of Holy Scripture.

Eve Green

Author: Susan Fletcher

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393059885

Category: Fiction

Page: 287

View: 7196

A pregnant woman remembers her childhood loss of her mother, her relocation to her grandparents' home in rural Wales, her friendships with two locals, and the suspicious disappearance of a beautiful young girl.

Secrets in Death

An Eve Dallas Novel (In Death, Book 45)

Author: J. D. Robb

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1250123186

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 5914

A new novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series: Lt. Eve Dallas must separate rumors from reality when a woman who traffics in other people’s secrets is silenced. The chic Manhattan nightspot Du Vin is not the kind of place Eve Dallas would usually patronize, and it’s not the kind of bar where a lot of blood gets spilled. But that’s exactly what happens one cold February evening. The mortally wounded woman is Larinda Mars, a self-described “social information reporter,” or as most people would call it, a professional gossip. As it turns out, she was keeping the most shocking stories quiet, for profitable use in her side business as a blackmailer. Setting her sights on rich, prominent marks, she’d find out what they most wanted to keep hidden and then bleed them dry. Now someone’s done the same to her, literally—with a knife to the brachial artery. Eve didn’t like Larinda Mars. But she likes murder even less. To find justice for this victim, she’ll have to plunge into the dirty little secrets of all the people Larinda Mars victimized herself. But along the way, she may be exposed to some information she really didn’t want to know...

Secrets of Mount Sinai

the story of the world's oldest Bible--Codex Sinaiticus

Author: James Bentley

Publisher: Doubleday Books

ISBN: 9780385232975

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 7505

Recounts the discovery of Codex Sinaiticus, the oldest Bible manuscript, and assesses its impact on the development and understanding of Christianity

Secret of the Sands

Author: Rai Aren,Tavius E.

Publisher: Secret of the Sands

ISBN: 1419675524

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

View: 8786

A surprising adventure exploring the mysterious origins of Ancient Egypt and its enigmatic monuments, uncovering long-buried truths and a powerful secret that is as dangerous as it is awe-inspiring...