Sleeping Beauties

Author: Stephen King,Owen King

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641219477

Category: Fiction

Page: 960

View: 9091

Die Welt sieht sich einem faszinierenden Phänomen gegenüber. Sobald Frauen einschlafen, umhüllt sie am ganzen Körper ein spinnwebartiger Kokon. Wenn man sie weckt oder das unheimliche Gewebe entfernen will, werden sie zu barbarischen Bestien. Sind sie im Schlaf etwa an einem schöneren Ort? Die zurückgebliebenen Männer überlassen sich zunehmend ihren primitiven Instinkten. Eine Frau allerdings, die mysteriöse Evie, scheint gegenüber der Pandemie immun zu sein. Ist sie eine genetische Anomalie, die sich zu Versuchszwecken eignet? Oder ist sie ein Dämon, den man vernichten muss? Schauplatz und Brennpunkt ist ein kleines Städtchen in den Appalachen, wo ein Frauengefängnis den größten Arbeitgeber stellt.

Sleeping Beauties

A Novel

Author: Stephen King,Owen King

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 150116340X

Category: Fiction

Page: 720

View: 7572

The authors tell the highest of high-stakes stories: what might happen if women disappeared from the world of men?

Gwendys Wunschkasten

Author: Stephen King,Richard Chizmar

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641222192

Category: Fiction

Page: 128

View: 3872

Wiedersehen mit Castle Rock Die kleine Stadt Castle Rock in Maine hat die seltsamsten Vorkommnisse und ungewöhnlichsten Besucher erlebt. Warum sollte es der 12-jährigen Gwendy anders ergehen? Eines Tages tritt ein schwarz gekleideter Unbekannter an sie heran und macht ihr ein Geschenk: einen Kasten mit lauter Schaltern und Hebeln. Wozu er dient? Gwendy probiert es aus, und ihr Leben verändert sich von Grund auf.

The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties

Author: Ard op de Weegh,Kay Hottendorff,Arnoud op de Weegh

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1845840704

Category: Transportation

Page: 160

View: 6820

The 'Sleeping Beauties' – an array of neglected Bugattis, Lancias, Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, Cords and Aston Martins on a rural French estate – have fascinated car lovers worldwide since 1983, when they were immortalised in a sequence of photographs taken by Herbert W Hesselmann. for 25 years, the full story behind the collection and its fate has remained untold ... until now.

Sleeping Beauties USA

Abandoned classic cars & trucks

Author: Bjoern Marek

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1845849329

Category: Transportation

Page: 96

View: 5181

Sleeping Beauties USA honours rusted and forgotten automotive treasures that have been found parked alongside the highways of America, waiting to be discovered again. Rather than showcasing typically brilliant, highly rebuilt show queens, the book instead explores the transience and inherent beauty of a car’s life, captured through stunning and evocative photography.

Sleeping Beauties

Author: Mavis Cheek

Publisher: Ipso Books

ISBN: 1504053583

Category: Fiction

Page: 228

View: 1713

This “wonderfully funny” novel goes behind the scenes at a British beauty salon (Vogue). Tabitha’s Beauty Parlour is a haven. The women who cross its portals enter a gentle, perfumed world, hoping for a touch of transformation. For Tabitha, the power of being beautiful—or at least at little less dumpy and dowdy—is the intangible, invaluable product she has to offer her customers. But when Chloe, Tabitha’s trainee, sets out to prove that she can give her clients the makeover of a lifetime, the quest for feminine perfection achieves hilarious consequences. “A sharply observed social satire . . . wacky yet profound . . . Be wary, this book won’t do much for your laughter lines.” —Chic “A clever and funny novel.” —The Times (London)

Der Neue


Author: Tracy Chevalier

Publisher: Albrecht Knaus Verlag

ISBN: 3641161444

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 9011

Was es bedeutet, Außenseiter zu sein – ein atmosphärischer Roman, der in das Amerika der 1970er Jahre führt Osei will an seiner neuen Schule vor allem eines: nicht auffallen. Für den afrikanischen Diplomatensohn ist es der vierte Wechsel innerhalb von sechs Jahren, und aus Erfahrung weiß er, dass er gleich am ersten Tag Freundschaften schließen muss. Doch bereits seine Anwesenheit scheint einige seiner weißen Mitschüler und Lehrer zu provozieren. Im Amerika der 1970er Jahre sind gemischte Klassen immer noch selten. Als sich ausgerechnet die beliebte Dee mit Osei anfreundet, sieht Ian, der Tyrann auf dem Pausenhof, rot. Tracy Chevalier lässt Shakespeares Othello, jenes klassische Stück über Eifersucht und Diskriminierung, in einer Schule spielen, wo das Wort Mobbing kein Fremdwort ist.

Sleeping Beauties

Author: Susanna Moore

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307767051

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 6991

Like her much-acclaimed previous novels, Susanna Moore's Sleeping Beauties is set in Hawaii, whose shimmering beauty and melancholy traditions are both seductive and dangerously hard to leave. Or so they prove for Clio, who marries a well-known Hollywood actor--providing her with the promise of escape from the entanglements of island life.

Counting Sleeping Beauties

Author: Hazel Frankel

Publisher: Jacana Media

ISBN: 1770095446

Category: Fiction

Page: 274

View: 4856

A fictional account of a Jewish family’s journey from Nazi Germany to post-World War II South Africa, this breathtaking novel follows their everyday struggles living in Johannesburg in the 1950s. Through the voices of Hannah, the daughter of the house, her mother Susan, grandmother Leah, and domestic worker Sina, the story explores the cultural and generational parallels and differences and the unraveling of a family. The stories of Leah in the shtetl in Lithuania, Sina in her village outside Pietersburg, and Hannah in a quiet Johannesburg suburb are told in a compassionate narrative that is both disturbing and illuminating.

Sleeping Beauties

The gripping new serial-killer thriller

Author: Jo Spain

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1786483939

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 8802

The Irish Bestselling author of With Our Blessing and Beneath the Surface The inspector frowned and examined the earth under the trees. As he scanned the glade, his stomach lurched. One, two, three, four. Five, counting the mound of earth disturbed under the tent. Somebody had cleared the earth of its natural layer and sown their own flowers. In five places. Five graves. A young woman, Fiona Holland, has gone missing from a small Irish village. A search is mounted, but there are whispers. Fiona had a wild reputation. Was she abducted, or has she run away? A week later, a gruesome discovery is made in the woods at Ireland's most scenic beauty spot - the valley of Glendalough. The bodies are all young women who disappeared in recent years. D.I. Tom Reynolds and his team are faced with the toughest case of their careers - a serial killer, who hunts vulnerable women, and holds his victims captive before he ends their lives. Soon the race is on to find Fiona Holland before it's too late.

Tu Buße und stirb

Kriminalroman. Inspector Reynolds erster Fall

Author: Jo Spain


ISBN: 3732539350

Category: Fiction

Page: 541

View: 7382

An einem eiskalten Dezembermorgen wird in einem Park in Dublin die Leiche einer Nonne gefunden. Die Inszenierung des Tatorts deutet auf einen Ritualmörder hin, doch Inspector Tom Reynolds ahnt, dass das Opfer nicht zufällig ausgewählt wurde. Die Spur führt in ein einsam gelegenes Kloster. Als sich dort rätselhafte Ereignisse häufen, durchdringt ein beängstigender Verdacht das alte Gemäuer: Der Mörder befindet sich im Kloster - und was ihn antreibt, ist Rache für ein nie gesühntes Verbrechen ...
Business & Economics

Early Birds, Late Risers, and Sleeping Beauties

Bank Credit Growth to the Private Sector in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Balkans

Author: Ivanna Vladkova Hollar,Mr. Giovanni Dell'Ariccia,Mr. Carlo Cottarelli

Publisher: International Monetary Fund

ISBN: 1451919557

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 65

View: 7483

Following a period of privatization and restructuring, commercial banks in Central and Eastern Europe and, more recently, in the Balkans have rapidly expanded their lending to the private sector. This paper describes the causes of this expansion, assesses future trends, and evaluates its policy implications. It concludes that bank credit to the private sector is likely to continue rising faster than GDP in the next few years throughout the region, picking up also in countries where so far it has been stalled. Although this growth should be regarded as a structural and positive development, policymakers will have to evaluate carefully its implications for macroeconomic developments and financial stability.

Sleeping Beauties in Theoretical Physics

26 Surprising Insights

Author: Thanu Padmanabhan

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319134434

Category: Science

Page: 302

View: 2034

This book addresses a fascinating set of questions in theoretical physics which will both entertain and enlighten all students, teachers and researchers and other physics aficionados. These range from Newtonian mechanics to quantum field theory and cover several puzzling issues that do not appear in standard textbooks. Some topics cover conceptual conundrums, the solutions to which lead to surprising insights; some correct popular misconceptions in the textbook discussion of certain topics; others illustrate deep connections between apparently unconnected domains of theoretical physics; and a few provide remarkably simple derivations of results which are not often appreciated. The connoisseur of theoretical physics will enjoy a feast of pleasant surprises skilfully prepared by an internationally acclaimed theoretical physicist. Each topic is introduced with proper background discussion and special effort is taken to make the discussion self-contained, clear and comprehensible to anyone with an undergraduate education in physics.

Sleeping Beauties

Australia's Best Places to Stay

Author: David Matheson

Publisher: Lantern

ISBN: 9781920989057

Category: Australia

Page: 182

View: 4813

Searching for a piece of paradise in Australia? Sleeping Beautieswill turn your escapist dreams into reality. Equally at home on your coffee table or in your overnight bag, Sleeping Beautiesis an expertly compiled and sumptuously photographed selected of Australia's most exquisite accommodation. Ranging from outback retreats and hideaways in the snow to quintessential beach houses and cabins nestled in the rainforest, all have been chosen for their relaxing ambience, gracious service, excellent amenities, spectacular locations and unique interiors. Detailed reviews provide a sense of the place and its surroundings, the best times to visit, contact details, room rates and facilities - everything you could possibly want to know.

House of the Sleeping Beauties and Other Stories

Author: Yasunari Kawabata

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0525434143

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

View: 2607

Three surreal, erotically charged stories from Nobel Prize winner Yasunari Kawabata. In the three long tales in this collection, Yasunari Kawabata examines the boundaries between fantasy and reality in the minds of three lonely men. Piercing examinations of sexuality and human psychology—and works of remarkable subtlety and beauty—these stories showcase one of the twentieth century’s great writers—in any language—at his very best.

Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauty and Snow White Tales from Around the World

Author: Heidi Anne Heiner

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781453744611

Category: Fiction

Page: 508

View: 9036

Sleeping Beauty and Snow White are two of the most popular fairy tales of all time and have intrigued readers for centuries. Both have been retold continuously in modern times in novels, poetry, plays, movies and more. Both have also been criticized for their apparently passive and occasionally foolish heroines. Despite first impressions, the stories and their many variants are filled with female characters, good and evil, active and passive. Whatever your view of either tale, it is fascinating to study their histories and explore why they have resonated with our ancestors as well as our own generations. In all the tales, whether the sleep is enchanted with a time limit or intended to be a permanent death, it is ultimately overcome, sometimes through accidental means and other times through heroic methods. With motivations ranging from petty offenses to overwhelming bouts of jealousy, the tales also present interesting villains. Offering over seventy stories, this collection compiles several variants of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White tales from around the world, some dating back to Greek myths and others to medieval times. Many of the tales are new translations, a few appearing for the first time in English. At times the stories are obviously related to each other and at other times the relationship is tenuous. Some additional stories with sleeping heroines, as well as heroes, are also presented although they are not strictly classified as Sleeping Beauty or Snow White tales. Whether you are a student of folklore or an armchair enthusiast, this anthology offers a diverse array of tales with a unifying theme that both entertains and educates, all gathered for the first time in one helpful collection.

Sleeping Beauties

Author: Cristian Butnariu

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781977834898


Page: 254

View: 4073

What makes horror literature so pervasive is that its need to evoke the necessary atmosphere and sense of emotional dread is utterly dependent on who we are as readers -- as people. As children, we might be afraid of the shadows looming from a half-closed closet door or of the monster we believe lies under the bed. Terrors of the imagination run wild at that age. As adults, our fears become more sophisticated, more grounded in worldly events. They become the death of a loved one, the terminal illness of a small child, the fear of our lives running out of our control. Horror, by nature, is a personal touch -- an intrusion into our comfort levels. It speaks of the human condition and forcibly reminds us of how little we actually know and understand. Robert McCammon, one of the founders of HWA, said, "Horror fiction upsets apple carts, burns old buildings, and stampedes the horses; it questions and yearns for answers, and it takes nothing for granted. It's not safe, and it probably rots your teeth, too. Horror fiction can be a guide through a nightmare world, entered freely and by the reader's own will. And since horror can be many, many things and go in many, many directions, that guided nightmare ride can shock, educate, illuminate, threaten, shriek, and whisper before it lets the readers loose." (Twilight Zone Magazine, Oct 1986).

Sleeping Beauties

Newborns in Dreamland

Author: Tracy Raver,Kelley Ryden

Publisher: Sellers Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781416205777

Category: Photography

Page: 128

View: 789

After airing on the "Today Show" in September 2009, the photographers portraits of sleeping babies caused a national sensation. Here, their lens has captured newborns as they inhabit magical dreamscapes.

Sleeping Beauties

Author: Ann Geeraerts,Luc Vanackere

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789058563859

Category: Art

Page: 127

View: 5788

With a selection of contemporary artworks explicitly inspired by the world of dream and sleep, Sleeping Beauties allows its readers to take a peek into the dream world down the rabbit hole.