Stedman's Plus 2017 Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker (Standard)

Author: Stedman's

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781496354334


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Stedman's Plus Version 2017 Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker contains nearly 500,000 medical, pharmaceutical, and bioscience terms, including brand new updates to thousands of terms to ensure users the most current, comprehensive, and reliable content on the market. Compatible with a broad range of word processing systems, this spellchecker is convenient for every user who creates or edits medical documentation. Windows users also receive Stedman's Universal Spellchecker, which integrates spellcheck technology throughout your desktop. The standard single-user version is available as a Windows and Macintosh compatible CD-ROM. The 2017 version includes new medical and equipment terms introduced in 2016 and updated drug terminology drawn from Facts & Comparisons' American Drug Index 2017. If you are a current user of the Stedman's Spellchecker (having purchased within the last two versions), please call 1-800-638-3030 with your registration information to get pricing for an upgrade. Features: - Authoritative medical content provider: Stedman's Plus Spellchecker has been providing medical, pharmaceutical, and bioscience terms to medical language specialists for over 20 years! - Stedman's Plus Spellchecker integrates with the user's existing spellchecking program. After installing Stedman's Plus, the user simply spellchecks the document normally, with no need to run a separate application. - Nearly half a million medical, pharmaceutical, and bioscience terms - Medical and Pharmaceutical in one product. - Up-to-date medical equipment, surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, and trade, generic, and OTC drug names. - A subscription version is also available, providing three comprehensive, automatic updates per year.

Stedman's Medical Dictionary, Illustrated

A Vocabulary of Medicine and Its Allied Sciences, with Pronunciations and Derivations

Author: Thomas Lathrop Stedman

Publisher: N.A


Category: Medicine

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Now in its Twenty-Seventh Edition, this dictionary is the successor to the first American medical dictionary. This latest Deluxe Edition contains over 102,000 terms including 12,000 new terms, and is written and reviewed by a group of internationally renowned physicians, researchers, and academicians that cover 52 medical and health science specialties. Added features to the content of this edition include: Genus Finder, High Profile terms, Word Finder, Terminologia Anatomica, the Art Program, cross references in blue, Building Blocks and more. Beautifully bound in leather with exquisite customdesign marbled end papers, satin ribbon bookmark, and gold-trimmed pages.

LANGE Review: Computed Tomography Examination

Author: Sharlene M. Snowdon

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education / Medical

ISBN: 9780071843867

Category: Medical

Page: 272

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO ACE THE ARRT® COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY EXAM (CT) EXAM IN ONE COMPLETE PACKAGE! Written by an experienced program director who knows what it takes to excel, LANGE Review: Computed Tomography Examination is designed to boost confidence, test-taking skills, and knowledge for anyone preparing for the exam. Bolstered by nearly 500 registry-style questions with detailed answer explanations, this essential guide also includes valuable background material – covering everything from eligibility requirements to test-taking tips. You will also find two comprehensive practice exams within the text and online. It all adds up to the single-best way to increase your chance of success on the CT Exam. · A thorough review of patient care, imaging procedures, and physics and instrumentation distills core concepts on the registry exam · Chapter-ending practice questions assess your knowledge of essential concepts · Two comprehensive practice exams —in the book and online--to improve your confidence · Includes 495 registry-style questions with complete explanations for each answer · Informative introduction includes test taking tips, clinical experience requirements, content specifications, and certification eligibility requirements

Resource Management for School Administrators

Optimizing Fiscal, Facility, and Human Resources

Author: Daniel R. Tomal,Craig A. Schilling

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 1475802536

Category: Education

Page: 168

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Everything you need to know on managing school resources are covered: national and state perspectives, future challenges to funding public education, resource allocation, developing a school district budget, sources of revenue, accounting budgeting and reporting, financial statements, allocating resource for higher student performance, human resource, laws and policies, compensation, facilities and auxiliary services and safety and security Each chapter contains a comprehensive case study and exercises for easy application. This practical book will be useful to all school leaders who are trying to improve their school resource management.

No More Culturally Irrelevant Teaching

Author: Mariana Souto-Manning,Alicia Arce-Boardman

Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books

ISBN: 9780325089799

Category: Education

Page: 96

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Every child is a cultural being with a unique history and rich cultural practices; a member of communities in and outside of school. Yet too many children spend their days inside classrooms where they rarely find their voices, values, and cultural practices reflected in curriculum materials, much less embraced and celebrated through instructional practices. Culturally relevant teaching is essential, now more than ever. If we want children to develop as successful learners, we must communicate that they belong in our classrooms. They need to see themselves, their cultures, their families, and their communities reflected in the materials and resources they find there. Culturally relevant teachers honor students' identities by positioning them at the center of teaching and learning. Each and every day, they make sure children and their families feel that they belong in school. They include multiple perspectives and points of view in the curriculum. In this book, four teachers who teach in richly diverse classrooms and have studied culturally relevant pedagogy for years with researcher Mariana Souto-Manning, share specific practices, strategies, and tools that make their teaching culturally relevant. Join the authors of No More Culturally Irrelevant Teaching and show your students that their lives do teaching, in learning, and in society.

Stedman's Plus Version Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker 2014

Author: Stedman's,Stedman's Medical Dictionary Staff

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Stedman's Plus Version 2014 Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker contains nearly 500,000 medical, pharmaceutical, and bioscience terms, including brand new updates to over 9,000 terms, to ensure users the most current, comprehensive, and reliable content on the market. Compatible with a broad range of word processing systems, this Spellchecker is convenient for every user who creates or edits medical documentation and now includes Stedman's Universal Spellchecker, which integrates spellcheck technology throughout your desktop. The standard single-user version is available as a Windows and Macintosh compatible CD-ROM. The 2014 version includes new medical and equipment terms introduced in 2013 and updated drug terminology drawn from Facts & Comparisons' American Drug Index 2014. Please note that Stedman's Plus Version 2014 Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker is not compatible with Word 2011 for Mac. If you are a current user of the Stedman's Spellchecker (having purchased within the last two versions), please call 1-800-638-3030 with your registration information to get pricing for an upgrade. A subscription Premium version is also available.

The Cure for Obamacare

Author: Sally C. Pipes

Publisher: Encounter Books

ISBN: 1594037159

Category: Law

Page: 56

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This Broadside will look at the changes that can be made to halt the full implementation of the law over the next few years, including repealing parts of the act that are unpopular with members of both parties. These parts are the medical device tax, IPAB, the new 3.8 percent tax on unearned income, to name a few. Also covered will be potential reforms to Medicare and Medicaid, two major entitlement programs that, if not reformed to ensure sustainability for those who really need these programs, will be bankrupt by 2024. There are a number of important lawsuits that will come before the courts this year on issues such as the exchanges, employer and individual mandates, and the contraception mandate. These will be highlighted and their potential impact on the law will be discussed. Finally, there is the issue of defunding the Medicaid expansion and the federal tax subsidies which, unless changed, will add tremendously to the cost of health care in this country. With the current fiscal crisis, these programs must be scaled back. Like welfare reform, the battle to bring about meaningful health care reform is a long-term fight. We must not give up. The election of 2016 will be very important for the future direction of health care. A reform plan will be offered. If Obamacare is not repealed and replaced, the U.S. will be on the road to a single-payer, “Medicare for All” system such as exists in Canada. We, too, will face long waiting lists, rationed care, and a lack of access to the latest technology and treatments. Examples will be given. America will be on the “Road to Serfdom” and there will be no off-ramp.

Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens

Author: National Safety Council

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 9780073382883

Category: Medical

Page: 66

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The National Safety Council has been the leader in protecting life and promoting health in the workplace for nearly 100 years. Its mission is to educate and influence people to prevent accidental injury and death. The National Safety Council’s courses have grown to meet the changing needs of emergency responders at all levels of expertise. More than 8 million first aid/CPR/AED responders have trained by over 10,000 instructors through a network of approximately 2,500 training centers nationwide. Fulfill OSHA training requirements and reduce employees’ risk of injury and illness with the National Safety Council’s Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens course—the choice for infection control compliance information.

The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry

Author: David Taylor,Carol Paton,Shitij Kapur

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118323254

Category: Medical

Page: 680

View: 3683

Helps with complex prescribing needs The evidence base for drug treatments in psychiatry ranges from meta-analyses and randomised controlled clinical trials to single case reports, and from NICE guidelines to individual SPCs. Where do you look for information when transferring a patient from one drug to another? Where do you find a clear overview when dealing with a complex patient (e.g, with co-morbid epilepsy or liver disease or HIV infection)? Where can you seek advice on prescribing psychotropics during pregnancy? The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry! The leading clinical reference for handling prescribing problems as encountered in daily practice and for formulating prescribing policy. Evidence-based and written by experts This book is the essential guide for anyone responsible for prescribing, dispensing or administering drugs for patients with mental health disorders. All the evidence has been reviewed and summarized succinctly by an expert team of psychiatrists and pharmacists. New content and improved format This new edition makes greater use of tables and boxes to facilitate quick reference and includes new sections on cytochrome-mediated interactions and psychiatric side effects of non-psychotropic drugs. Clinically relevant Chapters address plasma monitoring, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety, children and adolescents, substance abuse and special patient groups. Each section has a full reference list. The book covers prescribing drugs outside their licensed indications and their interaction with substances such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. Useful for all levels of experience Trainees will gain important information regarding the rational, safe and effective use of medications for patients with mental illness. Experienced clinicians will find excellent guidance regarding more complex issues that they may not encounter regularly. Why the Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry? Long recognized as an international trailblazer in mental health care, the Maudsley Hospital earned its reputation for excellence in both in-patient and community care. It is highly regarded for its research, and pioneered the use of clinical neuroscience. You can trust The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry to be scientifically sound and clinically effective.

Conditions in Occupational Therapy

Effect on Occupational Performance

Author: Ben Atchison,Diane K. Dirette

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780781754873

Category: Medical

Page: 385

View: 303

This Third Edition focuses on chronic health problems and their impact on an individual's physical, cognitive, psychological, and social capabilities. Readers learn how the patient's age, life tasks, and living environment affect occupational therapy needs, and how to determine what occupational therapy services to provide. Chapters present the etiology, symptoms, prognosis, and progression of conditions frequently encountered in practice. Case studies at the end of every chapter help students apply the content to real-life clinical situations. This edition includes new chapters on anxiety disorders and cardiopulmonary disorders. The expanded art program includes more photos, drawings, charts, and graphs.

Dorland's Electronic Medical Speller

Version 5.0

Author: ANONIMO,Dorland

Publisher: W B Saunders Company

ISBN: 9781416049067

Category: Computers

Page: N.A

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This CD-ROM adds over 450,000 medical and pharmaceutical terms to your spell checker, whether on a PC or a Macintosh, using WordPerfect or, Microsoft Word/Microsoft Office. And new in this version is Dorlandâ?Ts Anywhere, which will add spell checking to almost any Windows program. Terms are drawn from the 31st Edition of Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary, the Dorlandâ?Ts Word Books, and numerous key texts and periodicals. By following the simple installation instructions, users will equip their computers to recognize all of today's key medical and pharmaceutical terms!

The Memorial to the Missing of the Somme

Author: Gavin Stamp

Publisher: Profile Books

ISBN: 1847650600

Category: History

Page: 227

View: 5779

Edwin Lutyens' Memorial to the Missing of the Somme at Thiepval in Northern France, visited annually by tens of thousands of tourists, is arguably the finest structure erected by any British architect in the twentieth century. It is the principal, tangible expression of the defining event in Britain's experience and memory of the Great War, the first day of the Battle of the Somme on 1 July 1916, and it bears the names of 73,000 soldiers whose bodies were never found at the end of that bloody and futile campaign. This brilliant study by an acclaimed architectural historian tells the origin of the memorial in the context of commemorating the war dead; it considers the giant classical brick arch in architectural terms, and also explores its wider historical significance and its resonances today. So much of the meaning of the twentieth century is concentrated here; the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing casts a shadow into the future, a shadow which extends beyond the dead of the Holocaust, to the Gulag, to the 'disappeared' of South America and of Tianenmen. Reissued in a beautiful and striking new edition for the centenary of the Somme.
Technology & Engineering

Health 4.0: How Virtualization and Big Data are Revolutionizing Healthcare

Author: Christoph Thuemmler,Chunxue Bai

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319476173

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 254

View: 1446

This book describes how the creation of new digital services—through vertical and horizontal integration of data coming from sensors on top of existing legacy systems—that has already had a major impact on industry is now extending to healthcare. The book describes the fourth industrial revolution (i.e. Health 4.0), which is based on virtualization and service aggregation. It shows how sensors, embedded systems, and cyber-physical systems are fundamentally changing the way industrial processes work, their business models, and how we consume, while also affecting the health and care domains. Chapters describe the technology behind the shift of point of care to point of need and away from hospitals and institutions; how care will be delivered virtually outside hospitals; that services will be tailored to individuals rather than being designed as statistical averages; that data analytics will be used to help patients to manage their chronic conditions with help of smart devices; and that pharmaceuticals will be interactive to help prevent adverse reactions. The topics presented will have an impact on a variety of healthcare stakeholders in a continuously global and hyper-connected world. · Presents explanations of emerging topics as they relate to e-health, such as Industry 4.0, Precision Medicine, Mobile Health, 5G, Big Data, and Cyber-physical systems; · Provides overviews of technologies in addition to possible application scenarios and market conditions; · Features comprehensive demographic and statistic coverage of Health 4.0 presented in a graphical manner.

Nutrition and Diagnosis-related Care

Author: Sylvia Escott-Stump

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780781798457

Category: Medical

Page: 948

View: 6375

Provides timely, pertinent medical nutrition therapy information for the care of patients with over 360 diseases, disorders, and conditions.

Vibration Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018

Author: Paul Kurowski

Publisher: SDC Publications

ISBN: 1630571598

Category: Computers

Page: 348

View: 414

Vibration Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 goes beyond the standard software manual. It concurrently introduces the reader to vibration analysis and its implementation in SOLIDWORKS Simulation using hands-on exercises. A number of projects are presented to illustrate vibration analysis and related topics. Each chapter is designed to build on the skills and understanding gained from previous exercises. Vibration Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 is designed for users who are already familiar with the basics of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using SOLIDWORKS Simulation or who have completed the book Engineering Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018. Vibration Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 builds on these topics in the area of vibration analysis. Some understanding of structural analysis and solid mechanics is recommended.

Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary

Author: William Alexander Newman Dorland

Publisher: Saunders

ISBN: 9780808924180

Category: Anatomie

Page: 2147

View: 8799

Illustrates and defines terms used in different branches of medicine and health science.
Biography & Autobiography


Engage, Teach, Persuade, and Change Your Life through the Power of Storytelling

Author: Matthew Dicks

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1608685489

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 368

View: 805

A five-time Moth GrandSLAM winner and bestselling novelist shows how to tell a great story — and why doing so matters. Whether we realize it or not, we are always telling stories. On a first date or job interview, at a sales presentation or therapy appointment, with family or friends, we are constantly narrating events and interpreting emotions and actions. In this compelling book, storyteller extraordinaire Matthew Dicks presents wonderfully straightforward and engaging tips and techniques for constructing, telling, and polishing stories that will hold the attention of your audience (no matter how big or small). He shows that anyone can learn to be an appealing storyteller, that everyone has something "story worthy" to express, and, perhaps most important, that the act of creating and telling a tale is a powerful way of understanding and enhancing your own life.