Submitting to His Lordship

Author: Em Brown

Publisher: Em Brown


Category: Fiction


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In exchange for desperately needed funds, Miss Deana Herwood accepts Lord Rockwell's scandalous invitation to the Chateau Debauchery, but three nights of required submission may prove more than she can handle. Lord Rockwell hopes a few nights at the Chateau Debauchery will sate his inconvenient desire for the woman he propositioned a year ago, but can he command Miss Herwood's submission a second time? And in Chateau Debauchery, there exist two wings: the West Wing, where newer guests are introduced to the many facets of pleasure, and the East Wing, where seasoned guests take pleasure to its most wicked and wanton extremes. Lord Rockwell intends to keep Miss Herwood safely in the West Wing, but the arrival of a rival and prior lover may lead them into the East Wing…