Political Science

The Antiegalitarian Mutation

Author: Nadia Urbinati

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 208

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The twin crises of immigration and mass migration brought new urgency to the balance of power between progressive, humanitarian groups and their populist opponents. In the United States and many European countries, the outcome of this struggle is uncertain, with a high chance that the public will elect more politicians who support an agenda of nativism and privatization. The Antiegalitarian Mutation makes a forceful case that those seeking to limit citizenship and participation, political or otherwise, have co-opted democracy. Political and legal institutions are failing to temper the interests of people with economic power against the needs of the many, leading to an unsustainable rise in income inequality and a new oligarchy rapidly assuming broad social control. For Nadia Urbinati and Arturo Zampaglione, this insupportable state of affairs is not an inevitable outcome of robust capitalism but rather the result of an ideological war waged against social democracy by the neoliberal governments of Reagan, Thatcher, and others. These giants of free-market fundamentalism secured power through legitimate political means, and only by taking back our political institutions can we remedy the social ills that threaten to unmake our world. That, according to The Antiegalitarian Mutation, is democracy's challenge and its ongoing promise.
Foreign Language Study

Advanced English-Arabic Translation

Author: El Mustapha Lahlali



Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 212

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This clearly structured guide will help learners who already have a basic grasp of Arabic to hone their translation skills.
Science fiction

Mudhakarat man najā

Author: Doris Lessing

Publisher: ناشرون الدار العربية للعلوم


Category: Science fiction

Page: 236

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Business & Economics

Tax Policy for Developing Countries

Author: Howell H. Zee

Publisher: International Monetary Fund


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 20

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Discusses important tax policy issues facing developing countries today, provides a review of the role of tax incentives, and identifies some policy challenges posed by the globalization of the world economy. Draws on country cases.