The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Penguin Study Guide

Author: Sabine Gross

Publisher: Penguin Classics

ISBN: 9780141396927


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Bertolt Brecht's classic drama The Caucasian Chalk Circle centres on a trial to discover the true mother of a young boy, where two women, one rich, one poor, must risk killing him to prove their love. It tackles fundamental questions of human nature, social justice, law and lawlessness, love in revolutionary times, and the bond between a mother and her child.This clear and accessible study guide includes: - Author's biography and writing of the play - Synopsis - Scene-by-scene analysis and commentary- Introduction to Brecht's 'Epic Theatre' - The Caucasian Chalk Circle as an example of Brechtian Theatre- Conclusion: Major themes and overall interpretation- Topics for discussion

The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Author: Bertolt Brecht

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 140816101X

Category: Drama

Page: 176

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This Student Edition of Brecht's classic dramatisation of the conflict over possession of a child features an extensive introduction and commentary that includes a plot summary, discussion of the context, themes, characters, style and language as well as questions for further study and notes on words and phrases in the text. It is the perfect edition for students of theatre and literature. Brecht projects an ancient Chinese story onto a realistic setting in Soviet Georgia. In a theme that echoes the Judgment of Solomon, two women argue over the possession of a child; thanks to the unruly judge, Azdak (one of Brecht's most vivid creations) natural justice is done and the peasant Grusha keeps the child she loves, even though she is not its mother. Written in exile in the United States during the Second World War, The Caucasian Chalk Circle is a politically-charged, much-revived and complex example of Brecht's epic theatre. This volume contains expert notes on the author's life and work, historical and political background to the play, photographs from stage productions and a glossary of difficult words and phrases. It features the acclaimed translation by James and Tania Stern with W. H. Auden.
Literary Criticism

An Anatomy of Drama

Author: Martin Esslin

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780809005505

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 125

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An internationally recognized scholar and critic provides insight into the nature of dramatic expression as he explores the common and distinguishing features of a wide range of dramatic media

Structuring Drama Work

Author: Jonothan Neelands,Tony Goode

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107530164

Category: Education

Page: 152

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Structuring Drama Work is the only drama resource that explores 100 dramatic conventions and techniques and provides ideas for how to practise them. This book explains dramatic conventions and what they do, explores how dramatic techniques can be used, provides cultural connections and global contexts and includes examples of the techniques in the context of plays and texts. The compact size and simple format make this book convenient and easy to use. Suitable for IGCSE® students up to A Level, IB Diploma and beyond, this resource will give inspiration and ideas to students and save teachers valuable planning time by providing numerous examples in a global context.

Brecht on Theatre

The Development of an Aesthetic

Author: Bertolt Brecht,John Willett

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 0809005425

Category: Drama

Page: 294

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Selections from the celebrated German playwright's writings on the nature and direction of twentieth-century drama

Teaching Primary English Through Drama

A Practical and Creative Approach

Author: Suzi Clipson-Boyles

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136728783

Category: Education

Page: 168

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Teaching Primary English through Drama builds on the success of the classic text Drama in Primary English, inspiring ideas and techniques for teaching English skills through the medium of drama.


Author: Howard Colyer,Mikhail Bulgakov


ISBN: 1291049460

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

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The Civil War is drawing to an end in Russia. The White Army is disintegrating and a wave of refugees is about to descend on Turkey, and then spread across Europe. Bulgakov's play follows the fate of a small group of Russians from the Crimea to Constantinople to Paris. It is a tragic comedy that was never staged during the life of its author due to the opposition of Stalin. ""There is no doubt that this is one of the masterpieces of world theatre and in this solid production of a terrific translation it is well worth catching."" Peter Scott-Presland reviewing the production at the Jack Studio.

Bertolt Brecht's Me-ti

Book of Interventions in the Flow of Things

Author: Bertolt Brecht

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472579186

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

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Bertolt Brecht's Me-ti, which remained unpublished in his own lifetime, now appears for the first time in English. Me-ti counselled against 'constructing too complete images of the world'. For this work of fragments and episodes, Brecht accumulated anecdotes, poems, personal stories and assessments of contemporary politics. Given its controversial nature, he sought a disguise, using the name of a Chinese contemporary of Socrates, known today as Mozi. Stimulated by his humorous aphoristic style and social focus, as well as an engrained Chinese awareness of the flow of things, Brecht developed a practical, philosophical, anti-systematic ethics, discussing Marxist dialectics, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, the Moscow trials, and the theories behind current events, while warning how ideology makes people the 'servants of priests'. Me-ti is central to an understanding of Brecht's critical reflections on Marxist dialectics and his commitment to change and the non-eternal, the philosophy which informs much of his writing and his most famous plays, such as The Good Person of Szechwan. Readers will find themselves both fascinated and beguiled by the reflections and wisdom it offers. First published in German in 1965 and now translated and edited by Antony Tatlow, Brecht's Me-ti: Book of Interventions in the Flow of Things provides readers with a much-anticipated accessible edition of this important work. It features a substantial introduction to the concerns of the work, its genesis and context - both within Brecht's own writing and within the wider social and political history, and provides an original selection and organisation of texts. Extensive notes illuminate the work and provide commentary on related works from Brecht's oeuvre.
Literary Criticism

Brecht on Performance

Messingkauf and Modelbooks

Author: Bertolt Brecht

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1408159503

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 312

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Brecht on Performance: Dialogues, Models, Practice Pieces presents a selection of Brecht's principle writings for actors and directors and is suitable for acting schools, directors, actors, students and teachers of Theatre Studies. Through these texts Brecht provides a general practical approach to acting and to realising texts for the stage that crystallises and makes concrete many of the more theoretical aspects of his other writing. The volume features a corpus of theatre materials, production records from Brecht's work with the Berliner Ensemble and practice pieces for actors, most of which has not previously been published in the English language. Edited by an international team of Brecht scholars and including a section by director and teacher Di Trevis examining the practical application of the texts for theatres and actors today, it is a wonderfully rich resource. Texts include: A Dialogue About Acting and realted pieces The Street Scene a newly edited version of The Messingkauf Dialogues Practice scene for actors based on texts by Shakespeare, Schiller and Homer extracts from the Model Books recording productions of Galileo and Mother Courage The text is illustrated with over 30 photographs from the Model Books.
Biography & Autobiography

Bentley on Brecht

Author: Eric Bentley

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 0810123932

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 513

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Contains the texts of: The Brecht commentaries (1987) and The Brecht memoir (1990).

War Primer

Author: Bertolt Brecht

Publisher: Verso Books

ISBN: 1784782106

Category: Poetry

Page: 112

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A terrifying series of short poems by one of the world’s leading playwrights, set to images of World War II In this singular book written during World War Two, Bertolt Brecht presents a devastating visual and lyrical attack on war under modern capitalism. He takes photographs from newspapers and popular magazines, and adds short lapidary verses to each in a unique attempt to understand the truth of war using mass media. Pictures of catastrophic bombings, propaganda portraits of leading Nazis, scenes of unbearable tragedy on the battlefield — all these images contribute to an anthology of horror, from which Brecht’s perceptions are distilled in poems that are razor-sharp, angry and direct. The result is an outstanding literary memorial to World War Two and one of the most spontaneous, revealing and moving of Brecht’s works.
Literary Criticism

A Guide To The Plays Of Bertolt Brecht

Author: Stephen Unwin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 140815031X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

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Stephen Unwin's A Guide to the Plays of Bertolt Brecht is an indispensable, comprehensive and highly readable companion to the dramatic work of this challenging and rewarding writer. Besides providing detailed accounts of nineteen key plays, it explores their context and Brecht's dramatic theory to equip readers with a rich understanding of how Brecht's work was shaped by his times and by his evolving thinking about the function of theatre. Bertolt Brecht's work as a director, his critical and theoretical writing, and above all the remarkable plays that emerged from one of the most turbulent periods in history have had a profound and lasting influence on theatre. Central to theatre studies courses and whose plays are frequently revived on stage, Brecht is nevertheless perceived as a difficult writer. This companion is divided into two sections: the first seven chapters outline the tumultuous historical, cultural and theatrical context of Brecht's work. They explore his theatrical theory and provide an account of his approach to staging his plays which informs an understanding of how they work in practice. The second section provides an analysis of nineteen plays in six chronological groupings, each prefaced by a brief sketch of Brecht's life and theatrical development in that period. For each play, Stephen Unwin offers a synopsis, a critical commentary and an account of the work in performance. The book concludes with an examination of Brecht's legacy and a chronicle of his life and times. Written by experienced theatre director Stephen Unwin, this is the perfect companion to Brecht's plays and life for student and theatre practitioner alike.
German drama

The Good Woman of Setzuan

Author: Bertolt Brecht,Eric Bentley

Publisher: Penguin Modern Classics

ISBN: 9780141189178

Category: German drama

Page: 144

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The Open Fist Theatre presents a re-imagined version of Bertolt Brecht's The Good Woman of Setzuan. Set in the imaginary city of Setzuan in pre-communist China, the play explores themes of good and evil, love and betrayal and male/female identity. The Brecht approach uses song, dance and style to create a humorous and provocative look at how humanity deals with love, money and social injustice.

The Good Person Of Szechwan

Author: Bertolt Brecht

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 147253817X

Category: Drama

Page: 224

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'Brecht's dark, dazzling world-view...makes an absolutely devastating impact. The play is fuelled by the brilliant perception that everyone requires such a dual or split personality to survive.' Evening Standard Three gods come to earth hoping to discover one really good person. No one can be found until they meet Shen Te, a prostitute with a heart of gold. Rewarded by the gods, she gives up her profession and buys a tabacco shop but finds it is impossible to survive as a good person in a corrupt world without the support of her ruthless alter ego Shui Ta. Brecht's parable of good and evil was first performed in 1943 and remains one of his most popular and frequently produced plays worldwide. This Student Edition features an extensive introduction and commentary that includes a plot summary, discussion of the context, themes, characters, style and language as well as questions for further study and notes on words and phrases in the text. It is the perfect edition for students of theatre and literature.
Biography & Autobiography

Soldier of Fortune

Adventuring in Latin America and Mexico with Emil Lewis Holmdahl

Author: Douglas V. Meed

Publisher: Halcyon Press Ltd.

ISBN: 1931823057

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 226

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Soldier of Fortune traces the bold and adventurous career of Emil Holmdahl, one of that swashbuckling breed of mercenaries growing out of the United States' imperialistic years during the early twentieth century. Following Holmdahl from the Philippine Insurrection, through the "banana wars" in Central America, onto the bloody stage of the Mexican Revolution and World War I, Douglas Meed captures the drama and adventure not only of Holmdahl, but of the United States' quest to become a major world power. Holmdahl's adventures in Mexico shed new light on revolutionary activities and the struggle for power, including the death of revolutionary leader Francisco "Pancho" Villa. Meed suggests that Holmdahl may have been the man who opened Villa's grave, cut off his head, and sold it to a Mexican general. The author captures the excitement and spirit of adventure in those bloody years, while Holmdahl's life mirrors the end of one era and the beginning of another -- from the twilight of the era of horse-driven armies to the age of industrial warfare. Soldier of Fortune is a fascinating account of a bygone age, and forms a distinctive addition to the annals of the American Southwest. Book jacket.

Eight Modern Plays

Authoritative Texts ... Backgrounds, and Criticism

Author: Anthony Francis Caputi

Publisher: New York : Norton

ISBN: 9780393960150

Category: Drama

Page: 611

View: 4791

This Norton Critical Edition presents some of the most important voices in modern drama and, through the inclusion of supporting materials, places each play in its proper intellectual, artistic, and historical context.

Edward II

Author: Bertolt Brecht

Publisher: Grove Press

ISBN: 9780802151476

Category: Drama

Page: 100

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Social Science

The Routledge Critical and Cultural Theory Reader

Author: Neil Badmington

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780415433082

Category: Social Science

Page: 452

View: 5456

Everything is open to question. Nothing is sacred. Critical and cultural theory invites a rethinking of some of our most basic assumptions about who we are, how we behave, and how we interpret the world around us. The Routledge Critical and Cultural Theory Reader brings together 29 key pieces from the last century and a half that have shaped the field. Topics include: subjectivity, language, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, the body, the human, class, culture, everyday life, literature, psychoanalysis, technology, power, and visuality. The choice of texts, together with the editors' introduction and glossary, will allow newcomers to begin from first principles, while the use of unabridged readings will also make the volume suitable for those undertaking more specialized work. Material is arranged chronologically, but the editors have suggested thematic pathways through the selections.

The Modern Theatre

Author: Eric Bentley

Publisher: Peter Smith Pub Incorporated


Category: Drama

Page: 384

View: 8667

Selected plays representing the variety and opulence of twentieth-century drama. Bibliogs

Camille and Other Plays

A Peculiar Position; The Glass of Water; La Dame Aux Camélias; Olympe's Marriage; A Scrap of Paper

Author: Stephen S. Stanton

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 0809007061

Category: Drama

Page: 306

View: 3978

In this classic anthology of French drama, Stephen S. Stanton has assembled the nineteenth century's finest "well-made plays": The Glass of Water and A Peculiar Position by Eugene Scribe; Camille by Alexander Dumas fils; Olympe's Marriage by Emile Augier; A Scrap of Paper by Victorien Sardou. In an incisive introduction, Stanton fully diagrams these works and their seminal influence on modern theater. Whether Dumas's risqué study of courtesan love in Camille, or Augier's counterattack on the dangers of sentimentalizing such passions in Olympe's Marriage, these plays not only brilliantly evoke Second Empire and Third Republic French culture but also introduce domestic themes and theatrical devices that have influenced Western drama for the last one hundred and fifty years.