Social Science

The Disuniting of America

Reflections on a Multicultural Society

Author: Arthur Meier Schlesinger

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393045802

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 504

Examines the growing cult of ethnicity in the United States and discusses how it undermines a common American identity and results in ethnic and racial animosity
Social Science

The Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society (Revised and Enlarged Edition)

Author: Arthur Meier Schlesinger

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393346021

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

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The New York Times bestseller that reminded us what it means to be an American is more timely than ever in this updated and enlarged edition, including "Schlesinger's Syllabus," an annotated reading list of core books on the American experience. The classic image of the American nation — a melting pot in which differences of race, wealth, religion, and nationality are submerged in democracy — is being replaced by an orthodoxy that celebrates difference and abandons assimilation. While this upsurge in ethnic awareness has had many healthy consequences in a nation shamed by a history of prejudice, the cult of ethnicity, if pressed too far, threatens to fragment American society to a dangerous degree. Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner in history and adviser to the Kennedy and other administrations, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., is uniquely positioned to wave the caution flag in the race to a politics of identity. Using a broader canvas in this updated and expanded edition, he examines the international dimension and the lessons of one polyglot country after another tearing itself apart or on the brink of doing so: among them the former Yugoslavia, Nigeria, even Canada. Closer to home, he finds troubling new evidence that multiculturalism gone awry here in the United States threatens to do the same. "One of the most devastating and articulate attacks on multiculturalism yet to appear."—Wall Street Journal "A brilliant book . . . we owe Arthur Schlesinger a great debt of gratitude."—C. Vann Woodward, New Republic

Beyond Black and White

New Faces and Voices in U.S. Schools

Author: Maxine Seller,Lois Weis

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791433676

Category: Education

Page: 328

View: 1494

Dedicated to a better understanding of the diversity of children being taught in American public schools, this book includes the experiences of groups (e.g. Haitians, Dominicans, Indians, and Vietnamese) not often represented even in the multicultural education literature. It also includes the experiences of often marginalized groups such as lesbians and gays, Appalachians, and white working class males.
Political Science

Who are We?

The Challenges to America's National Identity

Author: Samuel P. Huntington

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780684870533

Category: Political Science

Page: 428

View: 8783

Analyzes the gradual erosion of American identity over the recent decades because of bilingualism, multiculturalism, and other factors and explores signs of a revival of American identity in the wake of September 11th.
Political Science

American Dream

Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation's Drive to End Welfare

Author: Jason DeParle

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780143034377

Category: Political Science

Page: 422

View: 4470

Provides an in-depth study of the conflict between government social policy and the realities of life in post-welfare America, focusing on the lives of three women in a single extended family.

Making Choices for Multicultural Education: Five Approaches to Race, Class and Gender, 6th Edition

Author: Christine E. Sleeter

Publisher: Wiley Global Education

ISBN: 1118313127

Category: Education

Page: 252

View: 1377

Focusing on what multicultural education actually looks like in the classroom, "Making Choices for Multicultural Education, Sixth Edition" encourages all to examine the latest theoretical perspectives on multicultural education, as well as personal beliefs about classroom diversity. The authors show how schools reflect broad patterns of institutional discrimination, and then offer five different approaches to addressing such problems in the classroom.
Political Science

We Are Doomed

Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism

Author: John Derbyshire

Publisher: Crown Forum

ISBN: 0307409597

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

View: 615

A tongue-in-cheek report on what the author identifies as pseudo-idealistic challenges facing conservatism today upholds such figures as Lord Salisbury, Calvin Coolidge, and Pat Buchanan as characteristic of authentic conservatism, in a report that calls for more realistic practices while covering such topics as diversity, education, and religion.

American Myth and the Legacy of Vietnam

Author: John Hellmann

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231515382

Category: History

Page: 241

View: 9724

American Myth and the Legacy of Vietnam
Political Science

Uneven Roads

An Introduction to U.S. Racial and Ethnic Politics

Author: Todd Shaw,Louis DeSipio,Dianne Pinderhughes,Toni-Michelle C. Travis

Publisher: CQ Press

ISBN: 1506371744

Category: Political Science

Page: 512

View: 5734

Uneven Roads helps you grasp how, when, and why race and ethnicity matter in U.S. politics. Using the metaphor of a road, with twists, turns, and dead ends, this incisive text takes you on a journey to understanding political racialization and the roots of modern interpretations of race and ethnicity. The book’s structure and narrative are designed to encourage comparison and reflection. You will critically analyze the history and context of U.S. racial and ethnic politics to build the skills needed to draw your own conclusions. In the Second Edition of this groundbreaking text, authors Shaw, DeSipio, Pinderhughes, and Travis bring the historical narrative to life by addressing the most contemporary debates and challenges affecting U.S. racial and ethnic politics. You will explore important issues regarding voting rights, political representation, education and criminal justice policies, and the immigrant experience. A revised final chapter on intersectionality encourages you to examine how groups go beyond the boundaries of race and ethnicity to come together on matters of class, gender, and sexuality.

People of Plenty

Economic Abundance and the American Character

Author: David M. Potter

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226676319

Category: History

Page: 248

View: 5116

America has long been famous as a land of plenty, but we seldom realize how much the American people are a people of plenty—a people whose distinctive character has been shaped by economic abundance. In this important book, David M. Potter breaks new ground both in the study of this phenomenon and in his approach to the question of national character. He brings a fresh historical perspective to bear on the vital work done in this field by anthropologists, social psychologists, and psychoanalysts. "The rejection of hindsight, with the insistence on trying to see events from the point of view of the participants, was a governing theme with Potter. . . . This sounds like a truism. Watching him apply it however, is a revelation."—Walter Clemons, Newsweek "The best short book on national character I have seen . . . broadly based, closely reasoned, and lucidly written."—Karl W. Deutsch, Yale Review
Juvenile Nonfiction

Encounters in the New World

A History in Documents

Author: Associate Professor of History and American Studies Jill Lepore,Jill Lepore

Publisher: Turtleback

ISBN: 9780613573566

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 175

View: 1159

Jill Lepore, winner of the distinguished Bancroft Prize for history, brings to life in exciting, first-person detail some of the earliest events in American history. Pages From History.

The Strange Death of American Liberalism

Author: H. W. Brands

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300098242

Category: History

Page: 200

View: 9873

In this provocative book, H. W. Brands confronts the vital question of why an ever-increasing number of Americans do not trust the federal government to improve their lives and to heal major social ills. How is it that government has come to be seen as the source of many of our problems, rather than the potential means of their solution? How has the word liberal become a term of abuse in American political discourse? From the Revolution on, argues Brands, Americans have been chronically skeptical of their government. This book succinctly traces this skepticism, demonstrating that it is only during periods of war that Americans have set aside their distrust and looked to their government to defend them. The Cold War, Brands shows, created an extended--and historically anomalous--period of dependence, thereby allowing for the massive expansion of the American welfare state. Since the 1970s, and the devastating blow dealt to Cold War ideology by America’s defeat in Vietnam, Americans have returned to their characteristic distrust of government. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Brands contends, the fate of American liberalism was sealed--and we continue to live with the consequences of its demise.

Social Change in America

From the Revolution Through the Civil War

Author: Christopher Clark

Publisher: Ivan R Dee

ISBN: 9781566636865

Category: History

Page: 349

View: 6835

Citing the early processes that were to have significant impact on the character of American society, an account of the late colonial period and early years of the new republic covers such topics as free and compensated labor, regional characteristics, and the tension between advocates for geographic expansion and economic development. History.
Social Science

Breaking the Ice

A Guide to Understanding People from Other Cultures

Author: Daisy Kabagarama

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 9780205266524

Category: Social Science

Page: 78

View: 3272

This book helps readers better understand and interact with people from other cultures, encouraging them to react and draw upon their experiences. The concept of culture is discussed fully, and both its unifying and divisive elements are examined. Exercises found both throughout the text and at the end of each chapter are aimed at helping readers discover their own biases.
Political Science

Why I Am a Democrat

Author: Theodore C. Sorensen

Publisher: Henry Holt & Company

ISBN: 9780805044140

Category: Political Science

Page: 246

View: 5806

Outlines the differences between Republicans and Democrats, and argues the reasons why, in the author's view, Democratic policies are better for America
Political Science

Struggle for the Land

Native North American Resistance to Genocide, Ecocide, and Colonization

Author: Ward Churchill

Publisher: City Lights Books

ISBN: 9780872864146

Category: Political Science

Page: 460

View: 1619

Landmark work illustrates the history of North American indigenous resistance and the struggle for land rights.
Social Science

Migration Without Borders

Essays on the Free Movement of People

Author: Antoine Pécoud,Paul F. A. Guchteneire

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781845453602

Category: Social Science

Page: 294

View: 2482

International migration is high on the public and political agenda of many countries, as the movement of people raises concerns while often eluding states attempts at regulation. In this context, the Migration Without Borders scenario challenges conventional views on the need to control and restrict migration flows and brings a fresh perspective to contemporary debates. This book explores the analytical issues raised by open borders, in terms of ethics, human rights, economic development, politics, social cohesion and welfare, and provides in-depth empirical investigations of how free movement is addressed and governed in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia. By introducing and discussing the possibility of a right to mobility, it calls for an opening, not only of national borders, but also of the eyes and minds of all those interested in the future of international migration in a globalising world.

Religion and the New Republic

Faith in the Founding of America

Author: James H. Hutson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780847694341

Category: History

Page: 213

View: 4155

A collection of America's historians, philosophers and theologians examines the role of religion in the founding of the United States. These essays, originally delivered at the Library of Congress, presents scholarship on a topic that still generates considerable controversy. Readers interested in colonial history, religion and politics, and the relationship between church and state should find the book helpful. Contributors include Daniel L. Driesbach, John Witte Jr, Thomas E. Buckley, Mark A. Knoll, Catherine A. Brekus, Michael Novak and James Hutson.