The Farmers' Game

Author: David Vaught

Publisher: JHU Press


Category: History

Page: 232

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Anyone who has watched the film Field of Dreams can’t help but be captivated by the lead character’s vision. He gives his struggling farming community a magical place where the smell of roasted peanuts gently wafts over the crowded grandstand on a warm summer evening just as the star pitcher takes the mound. Baseball, America’s game, has a dedicated following and a rich history. Fans obsess over comparative statistics and celebrate men who played for legendary teams during the "golden age" of the game. In The Farmers' Game, David Vaught examines the history and character of baseball through a series of essay-vignettes. He presents the sport as essentially rural, reflecting the nature of farm and small-town life. Vaught does not deny or devalue the lively stickball games played in the streets of Brooklyn, but he sees the history of the game and the rural United States as related and mutually revealing. His subjects include nineteenth-century Cooperstown, the playing fields of Texas and Minnesota, the rural communities of California, the great farmer-pitcher Bob Feller, and the notorious Gaylord Perry. Although—contrary to legend—Abner Doubleday did not invent baseball in a cow pasture in upstate New York, many fans enjoy the game for its nostalgic qualities. Vaught's deeply researched exploration of baseball's rural roots helps explain its enduring popularity.
Technology & Engineering

The Farming Game

Author: Bill Malcolm

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Technology & Engineering


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The Farming Game is the agricultural management text for the twenty-first century. The central theme underpinning this text is that the farm management context is most usefully and reliably managed by the application of economic ways of thinking. In this text, the practice of farm management is approached in an integrated way, leaving no significant issues about management uncovered. Finance, investment, decision analysis, management, economic thinking, growth, risk and marketing are critical and exciting domains of interest that are brought together to give the reader a thorough and comprehensive understanding of how the farming situation is best analysed and managed. The text is essential reading for those who seek to manage agricultural businesses well and for those with interest throughout agricultural supply chains who need to understand the character of farms as the core of agribusiness systems.
Business & Economics

The Farming Game Now

Author: J. P. Makeham

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 399

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The Farming Game Now is the only applied textbook on farm management specifically designed for Australian agricultural students and farmers. The book confronts the complexities of farming in the 1990s, as farm businesses are forced to adapt to technological changes and manage financial pressures. It takes a highly practical approach by introducing a management problem and then outlining analytical techniques to assist in solving it. The book contains a large number of useful diagrams and tables, and the authors suggest additional reading that will be useful for students. In its teaching of farm management, this book manages to strike a balance among modern farming technology, economics, finance, and most importantly, the human factor.

The Farming Game

Author: Bryan L. Jones

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press



Page: 246

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In cantankerous opinions, hard-headed advice, and free-swinging sketches of real farmers, Bryan Jones addresses everyone who feels the pull of the land. He accepts the emotional appeal of "going back to the land" and then takes the unconventional stand that, above all, farming can be a good way to make money. Against the grain of public policy that, he maintains, encourages big agriculture, Jones works out how a shrewd, stubborn small farmer can still make a go of it. His keen-eyed sketches of farmers at work show the variety of ways a farmer may succeed or fail. Even his own neighborhood, dominated by thousands of acres of corn and high technology, is peopled with "scalper" who makes a living in the cattle business with little more stake than a gooseneck trailer, a telephone, and his native wits; the sheep man who secretly grows rich while looking poor and raising an animal that other farmer disdain; the experimenter who never turns a nickel himself, but whose successful innovations are readily adopted by his neighbors; the hog raiser who makes a large family pay. The heart of the book is the primer for novices--and for city folk who dream of farming. Jones emphasizes the practicalities of farm finance and recommends sidelines for the beginner--welding, giving guitar lessons, keeping the books for a local elevator--as an alternative to starving. He urges newcomers to start small and to be sure that farming is something they really want to do. To interested bystanders, The Farming Game offers one farmer's audacious, stimulating, and entertaining view of American agriculture today.
Biography & Autobiography

Zen Ranching and the Farming Game

Author: George Rohrbacher

Publisher: Bookpartners


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 237

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When George and Ann Rohrbacher began farming in the early seventies, they had no idea their up-and-down adventures on the land would be so harrowing. They weathered drought and flood, insect infestations, poor prices, and brutal bondage to their crops. Exhausted, at wit's end, they gambled every cent they owned that a parlor game invented by George would rescue them financially. And it did! The game that cleverly teaches the economics of keeping a farm afloat has sold hundreds of thousands of copies all over the world. Zen Ranching and The Farming Game is the touching, humorous, fascinating story of the farming couple who were saved by an idea that enabled them to turn misfortune into success. It's The Egg and I of the nineties.
Educational games

The Farming Game

Author: Barry Pitman



Category: Educational games


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