Political Science

The Government and Politics of Ireland

Author: Basil Chubb

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317896440

Category: Political Science

Page: 356

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The third edition of Government and Politics in Ireland has been updated to take account of the political developments that have taken place in Ireland between 1981 and 1991. Amongst the topics covered are political parties, pressure groups, the government and the Dail and local government.

The Longman Companion to Britain in the Era of the Two World Wars 1914-45

Author: Andrew Thorpe

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317897463

Category: History

Page: 244

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In the momentous period -- barely 30 years -- covered by this systematic reference/guide, the Edwardian world was transformed unrecognisably, through war, technological progress and social change, into the Nuclear Age. It saw the coming of mass democracy, the apogee of empire, the Depression, the threat of fascism, the development of suburban society, and, as yet scarcely understood, the end of Britain's international hegemony. Andrew Thorpe's superb contribution to the Companions series illuminates all this and much else. It will be indispensable to anyone interested in the history and politics of modern Britain.
Social Science

Protectionism to Liberalisation: Ireland and the EEC, 1957 to 1966

Ireland and the EEC, 1957 to 1966

Author: Maurice Fitzgerald

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351746359

Category: Social Science

Page: 450

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This title was first published in 2000. This work examines Irish government towards European integration in the second post-war decade by concentrating on crisis points or flash points, it does this in a fairly subject-oriented manner concerning Dublin's decision-making processes. The central themes of this study are concentrated on economic matters, but they deal with other tenets when relevant too, be they of a cultural, diplomatic, ideological, military, political or social nature.

The Longman Companion to the Conservative Party

Since 1830

Author: Nick Crowson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317883330

Category: History

Page: 346

View: 401

This Longman Companion provides a wide-ranging compendium of essential facts and figures on the Conservative Party - from its origins in the 1830s to the dawn of the 21st Century. Central to the book are the detailed chronologies on the Conservative Party's years in government and opposition. In addition, it contains fascinating information on the Party's relationships with women, ethnic minoirities, the trade unions, Europe, Ireland, ideology, social reform and empire.

The Longman Companion to European Nationalism 1789-1920

Author: Raymond Pearson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317897773

Category: History

Page: 350

View: 9278

A highly topical analysis of European Nationalism from the French Revolution through to the aftermath of the First World War, when the nationalist issues and problems that dominate the political landscape of our own time were already fully established. Covering an enormous range of peoples -- from the Icelanders to the Gypsies, from Brittany to Wallachia -- the book presents a wealth of historical geopolitical information unavailable elsewhere. Essential as a reference work, it also provides a unique opportunity to survey systematically a crucial but fragmented subject in its full European context. For historians, political scientists, departments of European studies, and general readers.

Longman Companion to Britain Since 1945

Author: Chris Cook,John Stevenson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317879953

Category: History

Page: 368

View: 7516

This timely new edition of the Longman Companion to Britain since 1945 (compiled by the series editors themselves) provides a wide-ranging compendium of key facts and figures on British history from the start of the landmark Attlee government in 1945 to the final years of the 1990s. The book embraces all major aspects of British history, government and society, reflecting the massive social, political and economic changes that have transformed the face of Britain since the end of the Second World War. Fully revised and updated, this new edition covers the advent of Tony Blair, the electoral victory of New Labour in 1997 and the major constitutional changes currently underway in Britain. This book will be invaluable to anyone interested in the history and politics of post-war Britain - from students and teachers to party activists and lovers of reader-friendly reference books.

The Routledge Companion to the Stuart Age, 1603-1714

Author: John Wroughton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136008705

Category: History

Page: 328

View: 6744

Here is an invaluable, user-friendly and compact compendium packed with facts and figures on the seventeenth century – one of the most tumultuous and complex periods in British history. From James I to Queen Anne, this Companion includes detailed information on political, religious and cultural developments as well as military activity, foreign affairs and colonial expansion. Chronologies, biographies, documents, maps and genealogies, and an extensive bibliography navigate the reader through this fascinating and formative epoch as the book details the key events and themes of the era including: the English Civil War and its military campaigns the Gunpowder Plot, Catholic persecution and the influence of Puritanism imperial adventures in America, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean Scotland and the Act of Union, 1707 the Irish Confederate wars and the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland the Great Fire of 1666 and the rebuilding of London biographies of key figures, including women, artists, architects, writers and scientists the Restoration and the revival of drama. With complete lists of offices of state, an extensive glossary of key constitutional, political and religious terminology, and up-to-date thematic annotated bibliographies to aid further research, this student-friendly reference guide is essential for all those interested in the Stuart Age.

Ireland, Sweden, and the Great European Migration, 1815-1914

Author: Donald Harman Akenson

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773590781

Category: History

Page: 304

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Akenson's book parts company with the great bulk of recent emigration research by employing sharp transnational comparisons and by situating the two case studies in the larger context of the Great European Migration and of what determines the physics of a diaspora: no small matter, as the concept of diaspora has become central to twenty-first-century transnational studies. He argues (against the increasing refusal of mainstream historians to use empirical databases) that the history community still has a lot to learn from economic historians; and, simultaneously, that (despite the self-confidence of their proponents) narrow, economically based explanations of the Great European Migration leave out many of the most important aspects of the whole complex transaction. Akenson believes that culture and economic matters both count, and that leaving either one on the margins of explanation yields no valid explanation at all.
Social Science

The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Political Sociology

Author: Edwin Amenta,Kate Nash,Alan Scott

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444355074

Category: Social Science

Page: 576

View: 6790

The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Political Sociology is a complete reference guide, reflecting the scope and quality of the discipline, and highlighting emerging topics in the field. Global in focus, offering up-to-date topics from an interdisciplinary, international set of scholars addressing key issues concerning globalization, social movements, and citizenship The majority of chapters are new, including those on environmental politics, international terrorism, security, corruption, and human rights Revises and updates all previously published chapters to include new themes and topics in political sociology Provides an overview of scholarship in the field, with chapters working independently and collectively to examine the full range of contributions to political sociology Offers a challenging yet accessible and complete reference guide for students and scholars

Women in God’s Army

Gender and Equality in the Early Salvation Army

Author: Andrew Mark Eason

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 1554586763

Category: Religion

Page: 260

View: 9932

The early Salvation Army professed its commitment to sexual equality in ministry and leadership. In fact, its founding constitution proclaimed women had the right to preach and hold any office in the organization. But did they? Women in God’s Army is the first study of its kind devoted to the critical analysis of this central claim. It traces the extent to which this egalitarian ideal was realized in the private and public lives of first- and second-generation female Salvationists in Britain and argues that the Salvation Army was found wanting in its overall commitment to women’s equality with men. Bold pronouncements were not matched by actual practice in the home or in public ministry. Andrew Mark Eason traces the nature of these discrepancies, as well as the Victorian and evangelical factors that lay behind them. He demonstrates how Salvationists often assigned roles and responsibilities on the basis of gender rather than equality, and the ways in which these discriminatory practices were supported by a male-defined theology and authority. He views this story from a number of angles, including historical, gender and feminist theology, ensuring it will be of interest to a wide spectrum of readers. Salvationists themselves will appreciate the light it sheds on recent debates. Ultimately, however, anyone who wants to learn more about the human struggle for equality will find this book enlightening.
History, Modern

Historical Abstracts

Modern history abstracts, 1775-1914

Author: Eric H. Boehm

Publisher: N.A


Category: History, Modern

Page: N.A

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The Longman companion to the European Union since 1945

Author: Alasdair Blair

Publisher: Longman Pub Group


Category: History

Page: 384

View: 3606

This work examines the development of the EU from the Paris and Rome Treaties to the Amsterdam reforms. The text aims to provide reliable analysis to students, academics and the wider public of the main policies which encompass the European Union.

Medieval Ireland

Author: Clare Downham

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107031311

Category: History

Page: 420

View: 2828

A concise and accessible overview of Ireland AD 400-1500 which challenges the stereotype of medieval Ireland as a backwards-looking nation.
Literary Collections

Longman companion to twentieth century literature

Author: Alfred Charles Ward,Maurice Hussey

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman Ltd


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 598

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Governing Gaeldom

The Scottish Highlands and the Restoration State, 1660-1688

Author: Allan D. Kennedy

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004269258

Category: History

Page: 418

View: 7497

In Governing Gaeldom, Allan Kennedy offers a fresh contribution to the literature of British state formation through a detailed reconstruction of the relationship between the Highlands and the Scottish government in the later seventeenth century.