The Hip Hop & Obama Reader

Author: Assistant Professor of Social Science Travis L Gosa,Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts Erik Nielson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 019934180X

Category: Hip-hop

Page: 336

View: 1163

Before the presidential candidacy and election of Barack Obama, hip hop was clearly in trouble. Nas's 2006 album, Hip Hop is Dead, seemed to articulate the growing concern among many performers, fans, and academics that nihilistic gangsterism and a lack of musical creativity were eclipsing three decades of hip hop's creative innovation, as well as its dedication to counter-hegemonic movements and discourse. On the eve of Obama's election, many pondered whether the first African American president might trigger a renaissance of socially conscious lyrics and creativity. The "Obamafication of rap" thesis, which anticipated such a renaissance, was presented by Reverend Al Sharpton, the rapper Common, and by a number of leading hip hop scholars. These predictions were not simply responses to the President's willingness to embrace hip hop in his campaign, but to hip hop's clear desire to embrace him as well. By the time Obama took office, the dominant narrative declared that America's first black president would change hip hop for the better and bring a gravely ill cultural movement back to life. The Hip Hop & Obama Reader offers the first systematic analysis of hip hop and politics before and during the Obama era. Over the course of 14 chapters, leading scholars and activists offer new perspectives on hip hop's role in political mobilization, grassroots organizing, campaign branding, and voter turnout, as well as the ever-changing linguistic, cultural, racial, and gendered dimensions of hip hop in the U.S. and abroad. Inviting readers to reassess how Obama's presidency continues to be shaped by the voice of hip hop and, conversely, how the voice of hip hop itself has been shaped by Obama, The Hip Hop & Obama Reader critically examines hip hop's potential to effect social change in the 21st century. This volume is essential reading for scholars and serious fans of hip hop, as well as those interested in the shifting relationship between democracy and popular culture.

Religion in the Age of Obama

Author: Juan M. Floyd-Thomas,Anthony B. Pinn

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1350041068

Category: History

Page: 264

View: 8076

This is the first book to focus on the significance of religion during President Obama's years in the White House. Addressing issues ranging from identity politics, immigration, income inequality, Islamophobia and international affairs, Religion in the Age of Obama explores the religious and moral underpinnings of the Obama presidency and subsequent debates regarding his tenure in the White House. It provides an analysis of Obama's beliefs and their relationship to his vision of public life, as well as the way in which the general ethos of religion and non-religion has shifted over the past decade in the United States under his presidency. Topics include how Obama has employed religious rhetoric in response to both international and domestic events, his attempt to inhabit a kind of Blackness that comforts and reassures rather than challenges White America, the limits of Christian hospitality within U.S. immigration policy and the racialization of Islam in the U.S. national imagination. Religion in the Age of Obama shows that the years of the Obama presidency served as a watershed moment of significant reorganization of the role of religion in national public life. It is a timely contribution to debates on religion, race and public life in the United States.
Social Science

Hip Hop around the World: An Encyclopedia [2 volumes]

Author: Melissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith,Anthony J. Fonseca

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313357595

Category: Social Science

Page: 894

View: 6230

This set covers all aspects of international hip hop as expressed through music, art, fashion, dance, and political activity. • Includes contributors from a range of fields, including musicology, theater, and anthropology, giving readers a broad perspective on the genre • Covers hip hop in virtually every country, including countries with severely restricted hip hop activity • Contains comprehensive lists of record labels, films, editor-recommended videos, and more • Shows the influence hip hop has on many aspects of life, such as politics, fashion, dance, and art
Social Science

Hip-Hop Activism in the Obama Era

Author: Bakari Kitwana

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780883783085

Category: Social Science

Page: N.A

View: 9484

Kitwana, author of the best-selling The Hip-Hop Generation, sits down with leadership of the five major national hip-hop organizations, a larger part of the force that is driving the innovative marriage between hip-hop and civic engagement—The League of Young Voters, The Hip-Hop Congress, The National Hip-Hop Political Convention, The Hip-Hop Caucus and The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network. Hip Hop Activism in the Obama Era is a collection of interviews with activists and political organizers at the forefront of increasing youth involvement in electoral politics.

Hip Hop Ain't Dead: It's Livin' in the White House

Author: Sanford Richmond, PhD

Publisher: Hillcrest Publishing Group

ISBN: 1635052262

Category: History

Page: 386

View: 6857

Becoming the first Black president in the history of the United States, and shattering the mold of conventional politics by making hip hop culture his political ally, Obama's public relationship with hip hop throughout his presidency caused an explosion of public dialogue.
Social Science

Stare in the Darkness

The Limits of Hip-hop and Black Politics

Author: Lester K. Spence

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 0816669872

Category: Social Science

Page: 245

View: 6589

Critiquing the true impact of hip-hop culture on politics.
Language Arts & Disciplines

Articulate While Black

Barack Obama, Language, and Race in the U.S.

Author: H. Samy Alim,Geneva Smitherman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199985987

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

View: 7479

Barack Obama is widely considered one of the most powerful and charismatic speakers of our age. Without missing a beat, he often moves between Washington insider talk and culturally Black ways of speaking--as shown in a famous YouTube clip, where Obama declined the change offered to him by a Black cashier in a Washington, D.C. restaurant with the phrase, "Nah, we straight." In Articulate While Black, two renowned scholars of Black Language address language and racial politics in the U.S. through an insightful examination of President Barack Obama's language use--and America's response to it. In this eloquently written and powerfully argued book, H. Samy Alim and Geneva Smitherman provide new insights about President Obama and the relationship between language and race in contemporary society. Throughout, they analyze several racially loaded, cultural-linguistic controversies involving the President--from his use of Black Language and his "articulateness" to his "Race Speech," the so-called "fist-bump," and his relationship to Hip Hop Culture. Using their analysis of Barack Obama as a point of departure, Alim and Smitherman reveal how major debates about language, race, and educational inequality erupt into moments of racial crisis in America. In challenging American ideas about language, race, education, and power, they help take the national dialogue on race to the next level. In much the same way that Cornel West revealed nearly two decades ago that "race matters," Alim and Smitherman in this groundbreaking book show how deeply "language matters" to the national conversation on race--and in our daily lives.

Hip Hop's Inheritance

From the Harlem Renaissance to the Hip Hop Feminist Movement

Author: Reiland Rabaka

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739164805

Category: Music

Page: 284

View: 7493

An analysis of the roles of the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Arts movement, the Feminist Art movement and 1980s and 1990s postmodern aesthetics in hip-hop draws on a wide range of disciplines to reveal hip-hop's practice of cultural criticism, social commentary and political analysis. Simultaneous.

Thug Life

Race, Gender, and the Meaning of Hip-Hop

Author: Michael P. Jeffries

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226395855

Category: Music

Page: 263

View: 6859

Hip-hop has come a long way from its origins in the Bronx in the 1970s, when rapping and DJing were just part of a lively, decidedly local scene that also venerated b-boying and graffiti. Now hip-hop is a global phenomenon and, in the United States, a massively successful corporate enterprise predominantly controlled and consumed by whites while the most prominent performers are black. How does this shift in racial dynamics affect our understanding of contemporary hip-hop, especially when the music perpetuates stereotypes of black men? Do black listeners interpret hip-hop differently from white fans? These questions have dogged hip-hop for decades, but unlike most pundits, Michael P. Jeffries finds answers by interviewing everyday people. Instead of turning to performers or media critics, Thug Life focuses on the music’s fans—young men, both black and white—and the resulting account avoids romanticism, offering an unbiased examination of how hip-hop works in people’s daily lives. As Jeffries weaves the fans’ voices together with his own sophisticated analysis, we are able to understand hip-hop as a tool listeners use to make sense of themselves and society as well as a rich, self-contained world containing politics and pleasure, virtue and vice.

The Cambridge Companion to Hip-Hop

Author: Justin A. Williams

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107037468

Category: Music

Page: 365

View: 1939

This Companion covers the hip-hop elements, methods of studying hip-hop, and case studies from Nerdcore to Turkish-German and Japanese hip-hop.

No More White Lies, My President Is Black

Author: Eike Rüdebusch

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 3640623274


Page: 76

View: 5328

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2010 in the subject Communications - Media and Politics, Politic Communications, grade: 1,0, University of Siegen, language: English, abstract: Nearly 400 years after slavery in the United States (US) begun an African American, actually a man of half African and half American descent, has probably changed the United States forever. During his election campaign, he promised hope and change. His words inspired millions all over the world, not only in the US. Just by campaigning Obama changed the world's views on the United States. Moreover, and this will form the thesis of this paper, Obama has changed Hip Hop as well. With every step taken in African American history, considering being brought to America as the first and Obama being elected president the most recent one, African American music has changed. Until Obama appeared the changes have mostly been stylistically, afterwards it mostly changed content-wise. The first chapter of this paper will deal with the first 300 years of African American music in the US and will present an overview of the developments in African American music that lead to Hip Hop as we know it. The second chapter will be about the first decade of Hip Hop, the 1970s. I will describe the circumstances that led to and accompanied the evolution of Hip Hop, with a special focus on Hip Hop's birthplace, New York City. Chapter three will deal with the rebellious and radical era of political rap in the 1980s, coined by rap groups such as Public Enemy and Boogy Down Productions. In chapter four I will discuss the 1990s and its so-called political nihilism. Gangsta rap was and is generally seen as nihilistic and nonpolitical. But, having a closer look at it I will show that Gangsta rappers also reflected the political circumstances around them, and therefore following the traditions of African American music of the preceding decades to criticize those who vice versa criticized them. In addition, to the commercially
Biography & Autobiography

Barack Obama

Author: Sarah Parvis

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 0740798421

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 80

View: 4736

In the incredibly giftable little book Barack Obama, readers get an inside look at the remarkable 44th president of the United States. Barack Obama is the first African American U.S. president and the first politician to bring 21st-century technology to an election and the presidency. He brought change to a nation and changed history. From local community reformer to Oval Office tenant, Barack Obama has lived the American dream. This is his story in pictures and in words. Amazing candid photos and insights make this Little Book a big must-have for any American.

The Legends of Hip Hop

Author: Justin Bua

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062206982

Category: Art

Page: 160

View: 5262

Sweeping in its scope, The Legends of Hip Hop is an intimate look at the visionaries, the movers and the shakers, and the pioneers who have helped shape the world of hip hop. Groundbreaking artist Justin Bua profiles and paints fifty key figures, including everyone from Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash to President Obama and Jay-Z, providing a portrait of each legend in a style reminiscent of the great masters. The artwork is accompanied by an engaging autobiographical narrative that contextualizes the impact each icon has had on Bua’s personal life and on the hip-hop culture at large. With a foreword by Chuck D, this landmark volume is more than a celebration of hip hop; it is the definitive word on the subject as told by Bua, one of hip hop’s leading artists and a legend in his own right.
Social Science

Angry White Men

Die USA und ihre zornigen Männer

Author: Michael Kimmel

Publisher: Orell Füssli Verlag

ISBN: 3280038987

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

View: 3646

Die Supermacht USA befindet sich in einer tiefen Identitätskrise. Einst berühmt für ihre pragmatische Kompromissbereitschaft stehen sich Republikaner und Demokraten unversöhnlich gegenüber, gewinnen ehemals politische Randgruppen wie die Tea Party enormen politischen und gesellschaftlichen Einfluss. Das Land radikalisiert sich und die weiße männliche Bevölkerung spielt dabei eine entscheidende Rolle. Wer sind die zornigen weißen Amerikaner, die ihren "Way of Life" so gefährdet sehen, dass sie zum radikalen Widerstand gegen jeden bereit sind, der ihre Anschauungen nicht teilt? Woher rührt die Wut auf Frauenemanzipation und Immigranten, auf Farbige und Homosexuelle, auf die Gleichstellung der Geschlechter und generell auf "die im Weißen Haus"? Dieses Buch zeichnet das beklemmende Porträt einer vorrangig männlichen Bewegung, deren Angst vor dem eigenen Bedeutungsverlust, vor dem Verlust amerikanischer Männlichkeit und Dominanz nicht nur die kommenden Präsidentschaftswahlen bestimmen wird, sondern darüber hinaus auch die amerikanische Außenpolitik - also uns.

Communicating Hip-Hop

How Hip-Hop Culture Shapes Popular Culture

Author: Nick J. Sciullo

Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: 9781440842221

Category: Music

Page: 155

View: 2460

This insightful analysis of the broad impact of hip-hop on popular culture examines the circulation of hip-hop through media, academia, business, law, and consumer culture to explain how hip-hop influences thought and action through our societal institutions. * Considers hip-hop across aspects of culture, recognizing hip-hop's pervasive influence on not only clothing styles, music, and brand consumption but also social movements, political activity, legal thought, and artistry * Presents evidence of how U.S. culture is strongly influenced by the main elements of hip-hop culture--emceeing, DJing, break dancing, and graffiti * Argues that hip-hop should be recognized both as an object of study and approach to studying popular culture * Supplies academically rigorous information and perspectives but is written for an educated general readership
Political Science

Party Crashing

How the Hip-Hop Generation Declared Political Independence

Author: Keli Goff

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0786732326

Category: Political Science

Page: 304

View: 1166

For the last forty years the label “black voter” has been virtually synonymous with “Democrat” but a new generation of voters is changing that. In her provocative new book Party Crashing, political commentator Keli Goff introduces America's newest swing voter. Like soccer moms and Nascar dads before them, young, black voters born after the Civil Rights Movement are becoming increasingly up for grabs, politically speaking. While the politics of their parents and grandparents were shaped by the Civil Rights Movement, Goff notes that the politics of her peers, members of the post-Civil Rights generation, have been shaped by a number of cultural influencers that transcend race; from “The Cosby Show,” to icons such as Oprah Winfrey, and the tragedy of 9/11. Civil rights has long been the defining political issue for black Americans but for this emerging generation of black voters, civil rights is now one issue among many that define their politics. As a result, they are challenging the idea that one's skin color should color one's political identity, and they are also challenging the idea that they should be Democrats. Since the support of black Americans has been crucial to the success of democratic candidates-from Presidents Kennedy to Clinton-this shift could be one of the most important developments in modern politics, arguably as important as the Civil Rights movement itself. Along with the political shift occurring, Goff also examines the cultural shift that is taking place on a wide range of issues including: gay marriage, hip-hop, and the emergence of what Goff calls “Generation Obama.” Through in-depth interviews with young, black voters, groundbreaking survey research, and conversations with a range of high profile Americans-from Colin Powell to Russell Simmons-Party Crashing explores the issues and people who have helped shape the politics of the post-Civil Rights Generation, and how this generation is reshaping America.
Biography & Autobiography

Hip Hop Raised Me

Author: DJ Semtex,Chuck D

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500293959

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

View: 942

In 2008, with help from Jay-Z and Puff, Barack Obama got the hip hop vote, and became the first African American to be elected president. For a brief moment, the "Audacity of Hope" seemed attainable. The 2014 Ferguson riots signaled the end of that hope, and in 2016 the hip hop community had to grapple with the election of Donald J. Trump as Obama's successor. Now more than ever, hip hop artists such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are the voice of the voiceless.In the new, updated compact edition of Hip Hop Raised Me., DJ Semtex examines the crucial role of hip hop in society and reflects on the positive influence it has had on his own life, and the lives of disaffected youths from generation after generation. Featuring specially commissioned photography and seminal interviews he conducted with key artists such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Nas, Semtex traces the course of hip hop from its origins in the early 1970s through its breakthrough to the mainstream and the advent of gangsta rap in the late 1980s to the global industry that it has become today.

What's Wrong with Obamamania?

Black America, Black Leadership, and the Death of Political Imagination

Author: Ricky L. Jones

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791477630

Category: History

Page: 158

View: 9101

Juxtaposes the meteoric rise of Barack Obama with far-reaching—and disturbing—shifts in black leadership in post–Civil Rights America.
Political Science

Zwischen mir und der Welt

Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Publisher: Hanser Berlin

ISBN: 3446251952

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

View: 1131

Wenn in den USA schwarze Teenager von Polizisten ermordet werden, ist das nur ein Problem von individueller Verfehlung? Nein, denn rassistische Gewalt ist fest eingewebt in die amerikanische Identität – sie ist das, worauf das Land gebaut ist. Afroamerikaner besorgten als Sklaven seinen Reichtum und sterben als freie Bürger auf seinen Straßen. In seinem schmerzhaften, leidenschaftlichen Manifest verdichtet Ta-Nehisi Coates amerikanische und persönliche Geschichte zu einem Appell an sein Land, sich endlich seiner Vergangenheit zu stellen. Sein Buch wurde in den USA zum Nr.-1-Bestseller und ist schon jetzt ein Klassiker, auf den sich zukünftig alle Debatten um Rassismus beziehen werden.