The Incredible 5-point Scale

Assisting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Understanding Social Interactions and Controlling Their Emotional Responses

Author: Kari Dunn Buron,Mitzi Curtis

Publisher: AAPC Publishing

ISBN: 9781931282529

Category: Psychology

Page: 73

View: 2673

Meant for children aged 7-13, this book shows how to work at problem behaviour such as obsessions or yelling, and move on to alternative positive behaviours.

When my worries get too big

Author: N.A

Publisher: National Autistic Society

ISBN: 9781905722501


Page: 73

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The 5-point Scale and Anxiety Curve Poster

Author: Kari Dunn Buron,Mitzi Curtis

Publisher: AAPC Publishing

ISBN: 9781934575369

Category: Education

Page: N.A

View: 9852

This 24x36” full-color, dual-sided, erasable poster is the perfect visual support to accompany the bestselling Incredible 5-Point Scale by the same authors. This unique poster may be individualized for a single student or a group. The Check-In side allows students to identify at various points of the day the state of their emotions as a means of learning to better self-regulate. The Anxiety Curve side offers a simple system for visually categorizing the various levels of anxiety and accompanying behavior.As such, it illustrates critical information needed to create effective and proactive teaching plans, thereby serving as an important part of a functional behavior plan. Includes instructions and suggestions for use plus 36 multicolor, dual-sided clip-tabs that students can personalize and move up and down the scale, as needed.
Autism in adolescence

Social Behaviour and Self-Management

5-Point Scales for Adolescents and Adults

Author: Kari Dunn Buron,Jane Thierfeld Brown,Mitzi Curtis,Lisa King

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781934575918

Category: Autism in adolescence

Page: 71

View: 5798

Practical tools and other resources to help adolescents and adults improve their social success through better self-regulation, improved interpretation of social cues and other interpersonal skills, in order to lead successful independent lives.

The New Social Story Book

Author: Carol Gray

Publisher: Future Horizons

ISBN: 9781885477668

Category: Education

Page: 280

View: 6580

Presents a collection of social stories with simple illustrations designed for serving people with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and those working for them.

Power Cards

Using Special Interests to Motivate Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome and Autism

Author: Elisa Gagnon

Publisher: AAPC Publishing

ISBN: 9781931282017

Category: Education

Page: 63

View: 2077

This step-by-step book shows parents and educators how to help change an unwanted or inappropriate behavior by capitalizing on the special interests that characterize children and youth with AS. A brief, motivational text related to the child's special interest or a highly admired person is combined with an illustration and made into a bookmark- or business card-sized POWER CARD that the youth can refer to whenever necessary. For younger children the special interest or hero is worked into a brief story.

A 5 Could Make Me Lose Control!

An Activity-Based Method for Evaluating and Supporting Highly Anxious Students

Author: Kari Dunn Buron

Publisher: AAPC Publishing

ISBN: 9781931282314

Category: Education

Page: 15

View: 3587

An interactive method for students ages 4-18 with autism spectrum disorders to express the nature, cause, and degree of their stress.
Anxiety in children

When My Worries Get Too Big!

Author: Kari Dunn Buron

Publisher: Autism Asperger Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781937473808

Category: Anxiety in children

Page: 55

View: 5148

An illustrated children's book with tips on how to recognize and cope with anxiety. Expanded 2nd ed. includes teaching ideas for parents and educators and other professionals.--Publisher.

My Book Full of Feelings

How to Control and React to the Size of Your Emotions

Author: Amy V. Jaffe,Luci Gardner

Publisher: AAPC Publishing

ISBN: 9781931282833

Category: Education

Page: 70

View: 6384

An interactive workbook for children and a teaching tool for parents and professionals, the book uses images of feelings and gradated colors to teach children how to deal effectively with gradated levels of emotions.

The Homunculi Approach to Social and Emotional Wellbeing

A Flexible CBT Programme for Young People on the Autism Spectrum or with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

Author: Anne Greig,Tommy MacKay

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 085700560X

Category: Psychology

Page: 96

View: 3480

The Homunculi, (or 'little people'), is a fun activity that builds social and emotional resilience in children and young people, aged 7 upwards, and into the teenage years. It is particularly suited to those with high functioning autism or Asperger's Syndrome who often have difficulty identifying troubling feelings such as anger, fear and anxiety. The Homunculi are miniature agents with problem-solving missions and special gadgets who live inside the brain and help out with distressing thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Through inventing their own Homunculi characters and stories, participants in the activity learn to cope with their real-life social problems. Complete with a large-format skull poster, character and storyboard templates, and photocopiable record sheets, this unique resource includes everything needed to get started on making Homunculi stories, cartoons or videos. This flexible, 10-week, CBT-based programme for individuals or groups will be transformative for psychologists, therapists, teachers and other professionals working with children on the autism spectrum or with behavioural difficulties.

Teaching Children with Autism to Mind-Read

The Workbook

Author: Julie A. Hadwin,Patricia Howlin,Simon Baron-Cohen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118314867

Category: Education

Page: 160

View: 1302

This workbook expands upon the authors? Teaching Children with Autism to Mind-Read: A Practical Guide to present the most effective approaches, strategies, and practical guidelines to help alleviate social and communication problems in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Complements the best-selling Teaching Children with Autism to Mind-Read: A Practical Guide for use in practical settings Answers the need for more training of professionals in early interventions for children assessed with ASD called for by the National Plan for Autism Written by a team of experts in the field Covers issues such as how to interpret facial expressions; how to recognize feelings of anger, sadness, fear and happiness; how to perceive how feelings are affected by what happens and what is expected to happen; how to see things from another person?s perspective; and how to understand another person?s knowledge and beliefs

Navigating the Social World

A Curriculum for Individuals with Asperger's Syndrome, High-Functioning Autism and Related Disorders

Author: Jeanette McAfee

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1935274465

Category: Psychology

Page: 354

View: 6462

Pediatrician Jeanie McAfee originally created this user-friendly social curriculum for her daughter Rachel, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age ten. Since then, it has become a staple for parents and educators. It addresses the most urgent problems facing those with Asperger’s Syndrome, high-functioning autism, and related disorders. Dr. McAfee covers how to increase communication skills, recognize and cope with emotions, recognize and prevent stress, develop abstract thinking skills, address behavioral problems, and much more. Tasks are broken down into small steps, repeated until they are mastered, then generalized. Helpful handouts, templates, and forms will help keep teachers and learners on track.
Autistic children

The Zones of Regulation

A Curriculum Designed to Foster Self-regulation and Emotional Control

Author: Leah M. Kuypers

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780982523162

Category: Autistic children

Page: 188

View: 4350

"... a curriculum geared toward helping students gain skills in consciously regulating their actions, which in turn leads to increased control and problem solving abilities. Using a cognitive behavior approach, the curriculum's learning activities are designed to help students recognize when they are in different states called "zones," with each of four zones represented by a different color. In the activities, students also learn how to use strategies or tools to stay in a zone or move from one to another. Students explore calming techniques, cognitive strategies, and sensory supports so they will have a toolbox of methods to use to move between zones. To deepen students' understanding of how to self-regulate, the lessons set out to teach students these skills: how to read others' facial expressions and recognize a broader range of emotions, perspective about how others see and react to their behavior, insight into events that trigger their less regulated states, and when and how to use tools and problem solving skills. The curriculum's learning activities are presented in 18 lessons. To reinforce the concepts being taught, each lesson includes probing questions to discuss and instructions for one or more learning activities. Many lessons offer extension activities and ways to adapt the activity for individual student needs. The curriculum also includes worksheets, other handouts, and visuals to display and share. These can be photocopied from this book or printed from the accompanying CD."--Publisher's website.

Self-Regulation Interventions and Strategies

Keeping the Body, Mind & Emotions on Task in Children with Autism, ADHD or Sensory Disorders

Author: Teresa Garland, MOT, OTR/L

Publisher: PESI Publishing & Media

ISBN: 1936128772

Category: Psychology

Page: 175

View: 7480

Keeping children's bodies, minds and emotions on task just got easier with this new book from self-regulation expert Teresa Garland. Self-Regulation Interventions and Strategies features more than 200 practical and proven interventions, strategies and adaptations for helping children gain more control over their lives. Each chapter provides rich background and theoretical material to help the reader better understand the issues our children face. Topics include: Basic and advanced methods to calm a child and to preventing outbursts and melt-downsInterventions to help with attention problems, impulse control, distractibility and the ability to sit stillStories and video-modeling for autism, along with techniques to quell repetitive behaviorsSensory strategies for sensitivity and cravingBehavioral and sensory approaches to picky eatingWays to increase organization skills using technology and appsStrategies for managing strong emotions as well as techniques for releasing them

Our Brains Are Like Computers!

Exploring Social Skills and Social Cause and Effect with Children on the Autism Spectrum

Author: Joel Shaul

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1784502081

Category: Education

Page: 80

View: 6932

This highly visual social skills book uses computer metaphors and visual diagrams to help children on the autism spectrum to understand how their words and actions can affect other people. Easily identifiable computing and social networking metaphors are used to explain how memories are saved in the brain, like files in computer folders, and how, just as files can be shared and downloaded on the internet, people learn about you by sharing their positive and negative impressions with each other. The author explains why certain actions may be 'liked' or 'disliked' by others, and offers guidance on appropriate and inappropriate social behavior. This book also features photocopiable worksheets to reinforce the guidance and lessons offered in the book.
Family & Relationships

Tom Needs to Go

A book about how to use public toilets safely for boys and young men with autism and related conditions

Author: Kate E. Reynolds

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 0857009354

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 36

View: 5318

When Tom is out shopping, he needs to go to the toilet. Tom knows that public toilets are different to his toilet at home. There are urinals and cubicles and he has to decide which to use. This visual resource helps parents and carers teach boys and young men with autism or other special needs about how to use public toilets safely. It covers the subtleties of social etiquette including where to stand and look, as well as practicalities such as remembering to lock the cubicle door. With simple and effective illustrations throughout, the book is the perfect starting point for teaching independence when using public toilets.
Juvenile Fiction

Blue Bottle Mystery

An Asperger Adventure

Author: Kathy Hoopmann

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1853029785

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

View: 3578

Ben finds an unusual old bottle buried in the school yard, and in a roundabout way it helps Ben and his family find out what is causing some of the persistent problems he has both at home and at school.
Autistic children

Behavior Mapping

A Visual Strategy for Teaching Appropriate Behavior to Individuals with Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders

Author: Amy Buie

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781937473822

Category: Autistic children

Page: 48

View: 3149

A manual for creating visual maps to help students whose primary learning style is visual become better problem solvers by literally showing them cause and effect and choices in various situations. The ultimate goal is to make students more successful learners and reduce the incidence of unacceptable behavior.--Publisher.
Juvenile Nonfiction

I'm Furious

Author: Elizabeth Crary

Publisher: Parenting Press, Inc.

ISBN: 9780943990934

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 3748

A young boy discusses his feelings with his mother when his little brother ruins his possessions, and she suggests ways he can control his anger