The Moving Target

Author: Ross Macdonald

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard


Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 306

The first book in Ross Macdonald's acclaimed Lew Archer series introduces the detective who redefined the role of the American private eye and gave the crime novel a psychological depth and moral complexity only hinted at before. Like many Southern California millionaires, Ralph Sampson keeps odd company. There's the sun-worshipping holy man whom Sampson once gave his very own mountain; the fading actress with sidelines in astrology and S&M. Now one of Sampson's friends may have arranged his kidnapping. As Lew Archer follows the clues from the canyon sanctuaries of the megarich to jazz joints where you get beaten up between sets, The Moving Target blends sex, greed, and family hatred into an explosively readable crime novel.

Capitalism: the Moving Target

Author: Leonard Solomon Silk

Publisher: [New York] : Quadrangle


Category: Capitalism

Page: 159

View: 272

The articles (except 3) were originally published on the Op-Ed page of the New York times. Includes bibliographical references. Silk, L. Capitalism: the moving target.--Terkel, S. Here am I, a worker.--Sorrentino, G. Empty, empty promises, promises.--Carvel, T. Land of opportunity? Damned right.--Kuh, E. Who gets what and why.--Glyn, A. The wage-push crisis of capitalism.--Rockefeller, D. The essential quest for the middle way.--Leontief, W. Sails and rudders, ship of state.--Arrow, K.J. Capitalism, for better or worse.--Samuelson, P.A. Taking stock of war--Sweezy, P.M. Capitalism, for worse.--Kolko, G.A war from time to time.--Galbraith, J.K. Power and the useful economist.
Crafts & Hobbies

Walleye, the Moving Target

Author: R.G. Webb

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 221

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Walleye was originally intended to allow professionals and touring promotional fishermen the advantage of planning their time on the water ahead of schedule. Chapter Four is the only chapter to consider spending your time on if the above applies to you. If you are among the other ninety percent of Walleye anglers out there, the entire spectrum of Walleye angling has been included in this writing to help reduce the mistakes a person makes beginning with shopping for rods and culminating in tournament mentality. Nothing is missing, and there is something for everyone here. Enjoy! And Good Luck!
Business & Economics

The moving target

Author: Rena Bartos

Publisher: Free Pr


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

View: 371

Examines the quiet revolution that has brought women into the job market in recent decades and analyzes its implications for advertisers who aim at the women's market
Technology & Engineering

Study on Ground Moving Target Indication and Imaging Technique of Airborne SAR

Author: Jian Yang

Publisher: Springer


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 109

View: 989

Based on a detailed analysis of the signal model of the moving target, this thesis focuses on the theories and applications of ground moving target indicator (GMTI) and ground moving target imaging (GMTIm) algorithms in synthetic aperture radar/ ground moving target indicator (SAR/GMTI mode), wide-area surveillance ground moving target indication (WAS-GMTI) mode and frequency modulated continuous wave synthetic aperture radar (FMCW SAR) systems. The proposed algorithms can not only indicate and image fast-moving targets, but are also effective in the context of slow-moving target processing. The system design scheme combines the mechanical scanning mode and the airborne SAR system, while the azimuth moving target indication algorithm employs the additional range walk migration induced by FMCW SAR systems. In addition, the non-ideal errors that deteriorate the performance of GMTIm algorithms in real SAR data processing are discussed, and suitable compensation methods are provided.>
American poetry

The Moving Target

Author: William Stanley Merwin

Publisher: New York : Atheneum


Category: American poetry

Page: 97

View: 586


A Moving Target

Author: Manuel Ruiz Muller

Publisher: IUCN


Category: Law

Page: 124

View: 774

Current discussions over the "Certificate of Origin, Source and Legal Provenance" include the legal and practical implications associated with tracking the flow of genetic resources. Knowing what is where, how it got there, and whether conditions and restrictions were complied with, is a critical aspect if an ABS regime is to be effective in its implementation. This book provides insights into options and components for the development of a national/international system for the tracking and monitoring of genetic resources to ensure compliance with the ABS provisions of the CBD. It includes discussions addressing the practical options for such a system, its costs and economic impacts, and its possible role in the ABS framework.
Auditory perception

Auditory and Visual Tracking of a Moving Target

Author: Edward W. Frederickson



Category: Auditory perception

Page: 26

View: 104

A test of target tracking accuracy was conducted, comparing individual performances of auditory and visual tracking. Aiming and pointing responses were ompared for both tracking modalities and for approaching vs. departing target aspects. Comparison of mean auditory tracking location errors corrected (for acoustic lag) with mean visual tracking location errors were related to target-to-observer distance increased, where mean visual location errors remained constant. When both constant and variable errors were combined into a measure of total human error, the dispersion index, total auditory tracking error was found. (Author).

Happiness Is a Moving Target

Author: Don Wicker, PhD

Publisher: Author House


Category: Self-Help

Page: 100

View: 482

An Interactive Guide to Determine Your Happiness From the author of Goal Setting, Motivation, Attitude Is # 1, Job Satisfaction, Success Is For Everyone, and Why Is It Hard To Find A Job After 50? This book will help you analyze your own level of happiness. If happiness is a moving target, will people always try to achieve total happiness? Everyone has the awesome power to change a situation that makes them unhappy. It's an individual choice. Change it, or complain about it. After reading this book, hopefully you will choose to change your situation to obtain or maintain happiness. We have discovered many ways to create happiness and prevent unhappiness; it's an individual choice and mind-set. Additional information can be obtained from the website

Moving Target Defense

Author: Sushil Jajodia

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Computers

Page: 184

View: 375

Moving Target Defense: Creating Asymmetric Uncertainty for Cyber Threats was developed by a group of leading researchers. It describes the fundamental challenges facing the research community and identifies new promising solution paths. Moving Target Defense which is motivated by the asymmetric costs borne by cyber defenders takes an advantage afforded to attackers and reverses it to advantage defenders. Moving Target Defense is enabled by technical trends in recent years, including virtualization and workload migration on commodity systems, widespread and redundant network connectivity, instruction set and address space layout randomization, just-in-time compilers, among other techniques. However, many challenging research problems remain to be solved, such as the security of virtualization infrastructures, secure and resilient techniques to move systems within a virtualized environment, automatic diversification techniques, automated ways to dynamically change and manage the configurations of systems and networks, quantification of security improvement, potential degradation and more. Moving Target Defense: Creating Asymmetric Uncertainty for Cyber Threats is designed for advanced -level students and researchers focused on computer science, and as a secondary text book or reference. Professionals working in this field will also find this book valuable.