The Ocean Basins: Their Structure and Evolution

Author: Open University

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080537936

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This is an invaluable textbook, prepared by the Open University team and designed so that it can be read on its own or as part of the OU course. This second edition has been fully revised and updated including new colour illustrations increasing the striking spread of full colour diagrams throughout the book. The clarity of the text has been improved, providing comprehensive coverage of the evolution of ocean basins and their structure in a clear, concise manner aimed specifically at the student market. In this second edition the technological advances in fields as diverse as: - deep-towed instruments for `sniffing' hydrothermal plumes - mapping the sea-floor by sophisticated sonar techniques - three-dimensional imaging of crustal structure by seismic tomography - the use of satellites for navigation, and for making precise measurements of the height of the sea-surface The first chapters describe the processes that shape the ocean basins, determine the structure and composition of oceanic crust and control the major features of continental margins. How the 'hot springs' of the oceanic ridges cycle chemical elements between seawater and oceanic crust is then explored. Sediment distributions are examined next, to demonstrate how sediments can preserve a record of past climatic and sea-level changes. Finally, the role of the oceans as an integral part of global chemical changes is reviewed. High quality full colour diagrams Substantial chapter summaries ideal for revision Answers, hints and notes for questions at back of the book

The Ocean Basins

Their Structure and Evolution

Author: Joan Brown

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483292681

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This Volume describes the processes that shape ocean basins, determine the structure and composition of the ocean crust, and control the major features of the continental margins. Further subjects examined are the 'hot springs' of the deep oceans, the main pattern of sediment distribution in ocean basins including the recording of past climatic and sea-level changes, and the role of oceans as an integral part of global chemical cycles. Each Volume in this set is well laid out and copiously illustrated with full colour photographs, graphs and graphics. Questions to help develop arguments and/or understanding can be found in the text and at the end of each chapter, with worked answers provided at the back of each Volume. Each chapter also concludes with a sum mary to help consolidate understanding before the next chapter is begun.

The Ocean Basins, Their Structure and Evolution, Second Edition

Earth sciences, Oceanography

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Facts101 is your complete guide to The Ocean Basins, Their Structure and Evolution, Second Edition. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Oceanography: an Earth Science Perspective

Author: Dr Andy Cundy,Andy Cundy,Steve Kershaw

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134983360

Category: Science

Page: 288

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This work provides a wide perspective of the oceans by examining their places in the earth sciences, drawing together all the key strands of ocean study and presenting a holistic view of ocean processes, ancient and modern.


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Vols. 54-57 include section "Kartographischer Monatsbericht von Hermann Haack" (title varies) v. 1-4, 1906-11.

"Meteor" Forschungsergebnisse

Reihe C, Geologie und Geophysik

Author: Eugen Seibold,Hans Closs,H.-J. Dürbaum,Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft,M. Sarnthein,Meteor (Research ship : 1964- )

Publisher: N.A


Category: Geology

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Earth sciences

Author: Edward D. Young,Margaret W. Carruthers

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781859863688

Category: Science

Page: 259

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Essentials of Oceanography

Author: Alan P. Trujillo,Harold V. Thurman

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Oceanography

Page: 532

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"How do oceans work?" This book answers that question encompassing geological, chemical, physical and biological oceanography. A detailed and handy reference for those interested in oceanography. No previous background in mathematics or science is necessary. Demystifies scientific terms. Features a dedicated companion web site. Extensive rigor and depth of material." For anyone interested in learning more about oceanography.

Understanding the Indian Ocean

Perspectives on Oceanography

Author: T. S. S. Rao,Raymond C. Griffiths,Unesco

Publisher: Unesco


Category: Science

Page: 187

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Marking the thirtieth anniversary of the end of the International Indian Ocean Expedition, this book offers the reader a fascinating view of past lore and the present state of oceanographic knowledge of the Indian Ocean and suggests future directions for its study and monitoring.

The Arctic Seas

Climatology, Oceanography, Geology, and Biology

Author: Yvonne Herman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461306779

Category: Science

Page: 888

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The Arctic region has long held a fascination for explorers and scientists of many countries. Despite the numerous voyages of exploration, the na ture of the central Arctic was unknown only 90 years ago; it was believed to be a shallow sea dotted with islands. During Nansen's historic voyage on the polarship Fram, which commenced in 1893, the great depth of the central basin was discovered. In the Soviet Union, investigation of the Arctic Ocean became national policy after 1917. Today research at several scientific institutions there is devoted primarily to the study of the North Polar Ocean and seas. The systematic exploration of the Arctic by the United States com menced in 1951. Research has been conducted year-round from drifting ice islands, which are tabular fragments of glacier ice that break away from ice shelves. Most frequently, ice islands originate off the northern coast of Ellesmere Island. These research platforms are occupied as weather sta tions, as well as for oceanographic and geophysical studies. Several inter national projects, conducted by Canadian, European, and U. S. groups, have been underway during the last three decades. Although much new data have accumulated since the publication of the Marine Geology and Oceanography of the Arctic Seas volume in 1974 (Yvonne Herman, ed. ), in various fields of polar research-including present-day ice cover, hydrogra phy, fauna, flora, and geology-many questions remain to be answered.

Die Entstehung der Kontinente und Ozeane

Author: Alfred Wegener


ISBN: 3944309006

Category: Science

Page: 289

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Dies ist das grundlegende Werk über die Entdeckung der Kontinentaldrift und die Entstehung der Kontinente. Wegeners Theorie von der Verschiebung der Kontinente blieb zu seinen Lebzeiten immer umstritten und geriet nach seinem Tod rasch in Vergessenheit. Erst seit den 1970er Jahren ist seine Theorie allgemein anerkannt. Seit dem Jahr 1911 fand er mehrfache Belege dafür, z.B. die Ähnlichkeit der Konturen von Südamerika und Afrika, dass die bisherige Auffassung von feststehenden Kontinenten nicht richtig sein konnte. Wegener geht in seiner Theorie von einem Urkontinent aus. Aus diesem Urkontinent names "Gondwana" haben sich demnach im Laufe der Erdgeschichte durch Auseinanderbrechen des Urkontinents und anschließenden Auseinanderdriftens der Bruchteile die verschiedenen Kontinente und Ozeane gebildet. Ungeklärt ist bei Wegener allerdings die Ursache der Kräfte, die für das Auseinanderdriften sorgen. Auch deshalb fand seine Theorie zu seinen Lebzeiten nur wenig Anerkennung und führte zum späten Durchbruch der Theorie.

Die Stratosphäre

Phänomene, Geschichte, Relevanz

Author: Karin Labitzke

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3642599893

Category: Science

Page: 178

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In diesem Buch wird einerseits die spannende Entdeckung der Stratosphäre selbst und verschiedener unerwarteter Phänomene in der Stratosphäre beschrieben: ein bemannter Ballonflug im Jahr 1901 bis in 11 km Höhe; eine Expedition zum Victoriasee im Jahr 1908; die Entdeckung der Ozonschicht um 1930, des "Berliner Phänomens" im Jahr 1952, des Einflusses von Vulkaneruptionen im Jahr 1982, des Ozonlochs im Jahr 1985 und des Einflusses der Sonnenaktivität im Jahr 1987. Andererseits wird gezeigt, wie diese Erscheinungen miteinander verknüpft sind und wie sie anthropogene und natürliche Schwankungen in unserem Klimasystem verursachen. Am Beispiel der Stratosphäre soll das Buch zum Verständnis der Erforschung komplizierter Zusammenhänge in der Natur beitragen.

Genetik kompakt

Author: John Ringo

Publisher: Spektrum Akademischer Verlag

ISBN: 9783827416391

Category: Science

Page: 383

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Genetik - kompakt ist ein neuartiges, kurz gefasstes Einführungslehrbuch, das insbesondere für Bachelor-Studiengänge geeignet ist. In 42 kurzen Kapiteln werden die Hauptthemen moderner Genetik dargestellt. Darüber hinaus kann das Buch auch als Nachschlagewerk oder zur Auffrischung der Grundlagen der Genetik dienlich sein. Genetik - kompakt ermöglicht ein einfaches Lernen, von den grundlegenden molekularen Strukturen über die entscheidenden molekularen Prozesse bis hin zu Populationsgenetik und Evolution. Studenten werden die kurzen, auf den Punkt gebrachten Kapitel eingängiger und leichter zugänglich finden als die oftmals langen, komplexen Kapitel vieler herkömmlicher Genetiklehrbücher. Jedes Kapitel behandelt ein bestimmtes Themenfeld, sodass Lehrende wie Lernende durch spezifische Auswahl die Inhalte auf ihre jeweiligen Bedürfnisse zuschneiden können. Das Buch ist durchgängig mit klaren und einprägsamen Grafiken bebildert, die von den Studenten einfach zu rekapitulieren und zu reproduzieren sind. Für Einführungsveranstaltungen in die Genetik ist dieses einzigartige Lehrbuch die kompakte Alternative.