The Ocean Basins: Their Structure and Evolution

Author: Open University

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080537936

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This is an invaluable textbook, prepared by the Open University team and designed so that it can be read on its own or as part of the OU course. This second edition has been fully revised and updated including new colour illustrations increasing the striking spread of full colour diagrams throughout the book. The clarity of the text has been improved, providing comprehensive coverage of the evolution of ocean basins and their structure in a clear, concise manner aimed specifically at the student market. In this second edition the technological advances in fields as diverse as: - deep-towed instruments for `sniffing' hydrothermal plumes - mapping the sea-floor by sophisticated sonar techniques - three-dimensional imaging of crustal structure by seismic tomography - the use of satellites for navigation, and for making precise measurements of the height of the sea-surface The first chapters describe the processes that shape the ocean basins, determine the structure and composition of oceanic crust and control the major features of continental margins. How the 'hot springs' of the oceanic ridges cycle chemical elements between seawater and oceanic crust is then explored. Sediment distributions are examined next, to demonstrate how sediments can preserve a record of past climatic and sea-level changes. Finally, the role of the oceans as an integral part of global chemical changes is reviewed. High quality full colour diagrams Substantial chapter summaries ideal for revision Answers, hints and notes for questions at back of the book

The Ocean Basins

Their Structure and Evolution

Author: Joan Brown

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483292681

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This Volume describes the processes that shape ocean basins, determine the structure and composition of the ocean crust, and control the major features of the continental margins. Further subjects examined are the 'hot springs' of the deep oceans, the main pattern of sediment distribution in ocean basins including the recording of past climatic and sea-level changes, and the role of oceans as an integral part of global chemical cycles. Each Volume in this set is well laid out and copiously illustrated with full colour photographs, graphs and graphics. Questions to help develop arguments and/or understanding can be found in the text and at the end of each chapter, with worked answers provided at the back of each Volume. Each chapter also concludes with a sum mary to help consolidate understanding before the next chapter is begun.

The Ocean Basins, Their Structure and Evolution, Second Edition

Earth sciences, Oceanography

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Facts101 is your complete guide to The Ocean Basins, Their Structure and Evolution, Second Edition. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Oceanography: an Earth Science Perspective

Author: Dr Andy Cundy,Andy Cundy,Steve Kershaw

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134983360

Category: Science

Page: 288

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This work provides a wide perspective of the oceans by examining their places in the earth sciences, drawing together all the key strands of ocean study and presenting a holistic view of ocean processes, ancient and modern.


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Vols. 54-57 include section "Kartographischer Monatsbericht von Hermann Haack" (title varies) v. 1-4, 1906-11.
Business & Economics

Ocean technology, development, training, and transfer

proceedings of Pacem in Maribus XVI, August 1988

Author: International Ocean Institute,J. H. Vandermeulen,Susan Walker

Publisher: Pergamon

ISBN: 9780080402895

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 516

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A new approach to the development and management of environmentally sustainable and socially relevant technologies in the marine sector through new forms of private and public international cooperation. Deals with the most fundamental aspect of the development gap between the North and the South - the "technology gap". As technological innovation based on research and development is the engine which drives economic growth and most developing countries are left out of research and development in high technology, it is difficult to narrow the economic development gap, thus reducing poverty. It is of paramount importance that this gap be narrowed if both environmental and international security is to be increased. This book emphasises the development of human resources in technology co-development, moving from traditional to contemporary to futuristic concepts, and makes a number of concrete recommendations which should be on the development-environment agenda for the 1990's.

Regional oceanography

an introduction

Author: M. Tomczak,J. Stuart Godfrey

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann


Category: Science

Page: 422

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Biological Oceanography

An Introduction

Author: Carol M. Lalli,Timothy Richard Parsons

Publisher: Oxford ; New York : Pergamon Press


Category: Science

Page: 301

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The comprehensive coverage of this book encompasses the properties of seawater which affect life in the ocean, classification of marine environments and organisms, phytoplankton and zooplankton, marine food webs, larger marine animals (marine mammals, seabirds and fish), life on the seafloor, and the way in which humans affect marine ecosystems. The second edition has been thoroughly updated, including much data available for the first time in a book at this level. There is also a new chapter on human impacts - from harvesting vast amounts of fish, pollution, and deliberately or accidentally transferring marine organisms to new environments. This book complements the Open University Oceanography Series, also published by Butterworth-Heinemann, and is a set text for the Open University third level course, S330. A leading undergraduate textNew chapter on human impacts - a highly topical subjectExpanded colour plate section

Introductory oceanography

Author: Harold V. Thurman

Publisher: Macmillan College


Category: Science

Page: 550

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TAKEN AS A WHOLE, EARTH'S OCEANS COMPRISE ONE OF ITS LARGEST INTERACTING, INTERRELATED, AND INTERDEPENDENT SYSTEMS. As humans continue to impact Earth systems, it is important to understand not only how the oceans operate, but also how the oceans interact with Earth's other systems, such as the atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere. "Introductory Oceanography, Tenth Edition, " is designed to introduce the non-science student to perhaps this most integrated of all physical sciences through clear explanations, abundant illustrations, and compelling, relevant examples and applications. New to this edition: Students Sometimes Ask: Common (often entertaining) questions, with answers. New word etymons, which help demistify scientific jargon. Coverage of the most recent discoveries in oceanography, profiled in over 30 new feature boxes. Over 100 new photos and illustrations. New appendix: Careers in Oceanography.

Understanding the Indian Ocean

Perspectives on Oceanography

Author: T. S. S. Rao,Raymond C. Griffiths,Unesco

Publisher: Unesco


Category: Science

Page: 187

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Marking the thirtieth anniversary of the end of the International Indian Ocean Expedition, this book offers the reader a fascinating view of past lore and the present state of oceanographic knowledge of the Indian Ocean and suggests future directions for its study and monitoring.

An Introduction to the World's Oceans

Author: Alyn C. Duxbury,Alison Duxbury

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science, Engineering & Mathematics


Category: Oceanografia

Page: 446

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The Arctic Seas

Climatology, Oceanography, Geology, and Biology

Author: Yvonne Herman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461306779

Category: Science

Page: 888

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The Arctic region has long held a fascination for explorers and scientists of many countries. Despite the numerous voyages of exploration, the na ture of the central Arctic was unknown only 90 years ago; it was believed to be a shallow sea dotted with islands. During Nansen's historic voyage on the polarship Fram, which commenced in 1893, the great depth of the central basin was discovered. In the Soviet Union, investigation of the Arctic Ocean became national policy after 1917. Today research at several scientific institutions there is devoted primarily to the study of the North Polar Ocean and seas. The systematic exploration of the Arctic by the United States com menced in 1951. Research has been conducted year-round from drifting ice islands, which are tabular fragments of glacier ice that break away from ice shelves. Most frequently, ice islands originate off the northern coast of Ellesmere Island. These research platforms are occupied as weather sta tions, as well as for oceanographic and geophysical studies. Several inter national projects, conducted by Canadian, European, and U. S. groups, have been underway during the last three decades. Although much new data have accumulated since the publication of the Marine Geology and Oceanography of the Arctic Seas volume in 1974 (Yvonne Herman, ed. ), in various fields of polar research-including present-day ice cover, hydrogra phy, fauna, flora, and geology-many questions remain to be answered.