The Talisman Ring

Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446456390

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 5005

A witty and enthralling Regency romance by one of the best-known and most beloved historical novelists. The legend of the Headless Horseman and a proposed marriage de convenance both have their impact on the mystery of a golden talisman ring and Lord Lavenham's young heir, Ludovic. Neither Sir Tristram Shield nor Eustacie, his young French cousin, share the slightest inclination to marry one another, yet it is Lord Lavenham's dying wish. For there is no one else to provide for the old man's granddaughter while Ludovic remains a fugitive from justice ... Yet again Georgette Heyer shows the qualities that made her one of the most successful and best-loved romantic novelists of her age, and why her popularity endures to this day.

Verlobung zu dritt

Author: Georgette Heyer


ISBN: 3732548902

Category: Fiction

Page: 398

View: 2564

Sussex, 1793: Auf Wunsch ihres Großvaters soll die junge Eustacie de Vauban den sehr viel älteren Sir Tristam heiraten. Aber die temperamentvolle Enkelin widersetzt sich der Vernunftehe und ergreift kurzerhand die Flucht nach London. Durch Zufall begegnet sie Ludovic Laverham - ein Adliger auf Abwegen und verwegener Anführer einer Schmugglerbande. Der hitzköpfige Ludovic wird verdächtigt, einen Mord begangen zu haben. Doch Eustacie verliebt sich Hals über Kopf in den jungen Mann und setzt alles daran, seine Unschuld zu beweisen ... "Verlobung zu Dritt" (im Original: The Talisman Ring) ist ein spannender Liebesroman über verlorene Erbstücke, verwegene Helden und abenteuerlustige junge Damen auf der Suche nach der großen Liebe. Georgette Heyer, die Königin des Regency Romans, jetzt als eBook bei beHEARTBEAT. "Amüsant, mitunter witzig oder auch boshaft-spöttisch, aber immer voller Charme." Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

The Talisman

A Novel

Author: Stephen King,Peter Straub

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451698364

Category: Fiction

Page: 944

View: 8543

The iconic, “extraordinary” (The Washington Post) collaboration between #1 bestselling author Stephen King and Peter Straub—an epic thriller about a young boy’s quest to save his mother’s life. Why had twelve-year-old Jack Sawyer’s mother frantically moved the two of them from Rodeo Drive to a New York City apartment to the Alhambra, a fading ocean resort and shuttered amusement park in New Hampshire? Who or what is she running from? She is dying . . . and even young Jack knows she can’t outrun death. But only he can save her—for he has been chosen to search for a prize across an epic landscape of dangers and lies, a realm of innocents and monsters, where everything Jack loves is on the line.

The Talisman of Faerie

Author: Jason Beil

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595323200

Category: Fiction

Page: 520

View: 1220

Alec Mason is a humble baker's apprentice from a simple farming village on the outskirts of Tyridan. But when he discovers an ancient artifact of immense mystical power, he becomes the target of Salin Urdrokk, the dark sorcerer who desires it. With his friends Sarah and Kraig, Alec is forced to leave the life he knows and enter a world of danger and intrigue. Joined by a mysterious hermit and a warrior they cannot entirely trust, Alec and his companions flee Salin's agents, braving the uncharted wilderness north of Tyridan. Beyond deadly forests, plains, and mountains lies the realm of Faerie, the one place Alec might find sanctuary. For in this magical realm live the Fair Folk, a long-lived, pure-hearted race of great power and wisdom. Yet even the pure of heart can be corrupted, and a dark betrayal awaits Alec in Faerie. Weakened and divided by treachery, can the Fair Folk protect Alec from Salin's terrifying wrath?

Middlebrow Feminism in Classic British Detective Fiction

The Female Gentleman

Author: M. Schaub

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137276967

Category: Fiction

Page: 162

View: 8518

This is a feminist study of a recurring character type in classic British detective fiction by women - a woman who behaves like a Victorian gentleman. Exploring this character type leads to a new evaluation of the politics of classic detective fiction and the middlebrow novel as a whole.

The Talisman

A Tale of the Crusaders, &c

Author: Sir Walter Scott

Publisher: N.A



Page: 155

View: 4223


An Affair to Remember

Author: Karen Hawkins

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061895951

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 1563

An arrogant earl looking for the perfect wife; a strong-minded governess determined to transform him into the perfect man--who will win?

Dragon Lad

Tale of the Talisman

Author: N.A

Publisher: Dragon's Egg Books

ISBN: 099638393X


Page: N.A

View: 8348

Magic and adventure abound in this second book in the Dragon Lad trilogy.The Tale of the Talisman follows our young dragon-hatched hero as he seeks his parents, his past and his destiny in Roman-ruled Britannia. A boy without a history¿at least one that he can remember¿Dirk turns to his shape-shifting friends for help. They launch him on a quest involving the one clue he has to his previous existence: a magic talisman.The wizard Beldor gives Dirk a ring that allows him to re-enter the realm he thought he'd left behind. Armed with this ring and a magic map, he travels a trail leading to a raging dragon, a slippery mermaid, two grasping sorcerers and a legion of Roman soldiers. He also discovers a long-lost friend and powers he never imagined.Fast-paced and funny, "Dragon Lad: Tale of the Talisman" is a modern classic that can be read alone or as a companion to the first novel in the trilogy, "Dragon Lad: The Thirteenth Egg."

Liebe unverzollt


Author: Georgette Heyer,Emi Ehm

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783423204262


Page: 329

View: 473


The Talisman

Author: David Lindsey,Dawn Lindsey

Publisher: Signet

ISBN: 9780451165381

Category: Fiction

Page: 223

View: 5531

Alessia risks her reputation and her charmed existence to nurse Mr. Rhys Fitzwarren back to health from a gunshot wound, and soon Rhys's spell over the lovely lady begins to take hold


Author: Leonard Streitfeld

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477176845

Category: Fiction

Page: 145

View: 8969

The twelve stories in this book are of a psychic nature and all have a different theme. A resume of one of the stories will give you an idea of what to expect. THE CLOSET ...Agatha and her husband Conrad were asleep when there was a deafening scream. They quickly ran to Carri’s bedroom to find their three year old daughter sitting in bed, deathly white with fright. She didn’t speak but pointed to the closet. “What happened?” cried Agatha. There was silence. Carri kept pointing to the closet. Conrad went to the closet and slowly opened it with apprehension and...
Juvenile Fiction

Cinderella and Other Stories from "The Blue Fairy Book"

Author: Andrew Lang

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486158233

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

View: 8302

Six tales — "Cinderella," "The Bronze Ring," "Felicia and the Pot of Pinks," "The White Cat," "The Story of Pretty Goldilocks," and "Snow-white and Rose-red"—will delight young and old. 23 illustrations.

The Talisman

Author: Walter Scott

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 5873932360

Category: History

Page: 358

View: 1705

Contributing authors: Charles E. Israel; Guy Fournier; Timothy Findley; Alice Munro; George Ryga; David C. Humphreys.

Words That Bind

Author: Ash Krafton

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 1628305614

Category: Fiction

Page: 314

View: 1574

Social worker Tam Kerish can’t keep her cool professionalism when steamy client Mr. Burns kindles a desire for more than a client-therapist relationship—so she drops him. However, they discover she’s the talisman to which Burns, an immortal djinn, has been bound since the days of King Solomon…and that makes it difficult. Ethical guidelines are unequivocal when it comes to personal relationships with clients. However, the djinn has a thawing effect on the usually non-emotive Tam, who begins to feel true emotion whenever he is near. Tam has to make a difficult choice: to stay on the outside, forever looking in…or to turn her back on her entire world, just for the chance to finally experience what it means to fall in love.
Body, Mind & Spirit

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic

Author: Arthur Edward Waite

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 3849644618

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 274

View: 1490

This book is the second edition of a work which in its first edition was titled, more provocatively, The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts. This book is an attempt to synthesize the procedures of all of the famous Grimoires. It draws on the Key of Solomon, the Grimorium Verum, the apocryphal Fourth Book of Cornelius Agrippa, and many others, including the famous Black Pullet, or Poulet Noir. While Waite is careful in his analysis of the various Grimoires, he treats the subject matter skeptically. The result is an unparalleled look at the details of ceremonial magic.

Confessions of a Scoundrel

Author: Karen Hawkins

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061896095

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 2457

Legend says that whomever possesses the St. John talisman ring will find their one true love. Now that the ring rests in the pocket of renowned scoundrel Brandon St. John, the dashing rake must decide whether it is a blessing…or a curse. Never has the irresistible rogue, Brandon St. John, pursued a woman with more fervor—but his ardent suit of Lady Verena Westforth has a different purpose. The delectable blond lovely is indeed enticing, but Brandon suspects her of hiding a valuable missive that he has sworn to recover. With a sensuous kiss and a passionate caress he intends to lower Verena’s guard…and then discover where she’s hidden “the goods.” Without the missive, Verena stands to lose the one thing dearest to her heart. And now an extraordinary man has entered her life…at the worst possible time! Vulnerable though she may be, Verena vows she will not be just another of Brandon’s “conquests,” even as she aches to melt in his arms. But is he a needed friend or a foe in alluring disguise…and will she be able to prove to him that love is their true destiny?


Author: Georgette Heyer


ISBN: 3732558991

Category: Fiction

Page: 412

View: 8785

Sir Gareth Ludlow, ein attraktiver Baron aus altadliger Familie, soll wieder heiraten. Da er noch immer um seine verstorbene Verlobte Clarissa trauert, ist die Hochzeit für ihn reine Formsache. Er ist sich sicher, dass er sich niemals wieder verlieben wird. Zum Entsetzen seiner Familie entscheidet er sich für Lady Hester, die mit ihren fast 30 Jahren bereits als unvermittelbare alte Jungfer gilt. Als er sich auf den Weg zu seiner Auserwählten macht, trifft er in einem Gasthof auf die blutjunge Amanda. Der edelmütige Baron betrachtet es als seine Pflicht, das unerfahrene Mädchen in seine Obhut zu nehmen. Doch Amanda hat es faustdick hinter den Ohren, und sie richtet mit ihrem Geflunker jede Menge Verwirrungen an ... "Frühlingsluft" (im Original "Sprig Muslin") ist eine turbulente Liebeskomödie mit lustigen Dialogen. Jetzt als eBook bei beHEARTBEAT - Herzklopfen garantiert.