Number and Logic Puzzles

Author: The Times Mind Games

Publisher: Collins

ISBN: 9780008190309


Page: 384

View: 8474

Test your powers of logic and mental agility with this mixed collection of 500 number and logic puzzles from the MindGames section of The Times. With more than 500 assorted number and logic puzzles, this collection contains the favourites Suko, Brain Trainer, Cell Blocks, Futoshiki, Kakuro, Set Square and KenKen. The perfect gift for all number and logic puzzle enthusiasts.

The Times Mind Games Number and Logic Puzzles Book 2

Author: The Times Mind Games

Publisher: Times Books

ISBN: 9780008251024


Page: 384

View: 4722

Test your powers of logic and mental agility with this latest mixed collection of 500 number and logic puzzles from the MindGames section of The Times. With more than 500 assorted number and logic puzzles, this collection contains these favourites: * Brain Trainer - 72 mental maths challenges * Cell Blocks - 96 Japanese logic puzzles * Futoshiki - use the numbers 1-5 to fill in the 72 grids * Kakuro - 64 mathematical crossword puzzles * KenKen - 72 arithmetical logic puzzles * Set Square - 72 mental arithmetic grids * Suko - 96 espresso Su Doku puzzles The perfect gift for all number and logic puzzle enthusiasts.

The Sunday Times Brain Power Tetonor

200 Challenging Number and Logic Puzzles

Author: The-Times-Mind-Games

Publisher: Collins

ISBN: 9780008290382


Page: 288

View: 5978

Tetonor rules: each number in the main grid can be formed by adding or multiplying a pair of numbers in the strip below the grid. Each pair of numbers should be used twice: once as part of an addition and once as part of a multiplication. For example, a 10 and 24 in the main grid may be solved by the sums, 4 + 6 and 4 x 6, respectively. Enter each sum in the boxes below its answer. Any blanks in the strip must be deduced, bearing in mind the numbers are listed in ascending order. Use your mental agility, logic and powers of deduction to tackle this collection of brainteasing puzzles: 60 easy, 80 medium, and 60 difficult.

The Times Mind Games Number and Logic Puzzles Book 3

500 Brain-Crunching Puzzles, Featuring 7 Popular Mind Games

Author: The Times Mind,The Times Uk

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9780008285333


Page: 384

View: 4144

With more than 500 assorted number and logic puzzles, this collection contains these favorites: Brain Trainer--72 mental math challenges; Cell Blocks--96 Japanese logic puzzles; Futoshiki--use the numbers 1-5 to fill in the 72 grids; Kakuro--64 mathematical crossword puzzles; KenKen--72 arithmetical logic puzzles; Set Square--72 mental arithmetic grids; and Suko--96 espresso Su Doku puzzle.

The Times Codeword 9

200 Cracking Logic Puzzles

Author: The Times Mind Games

Publisher: Collins

ISBN: 9780008241247


Page: 288

View: 7319

Appearing daily in the newspaper, Codeword is a popular alternative to Su Doku and Crosswords. The concept is simple: each number represents a letter, so, starting with the solved letters, use your logic and vocabulary to reveal more letters, form words, and then crack the code! The Codeword series is so popular because you don't need any prior knowledge, unlike a crossword. You can just pick up a pen and get puzzling. It steadily increases your vocabulary, as the difficulty slowly grows as you progress through the book, and even though you'll be working your brain, it's the perfect way to unwind.
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The Times Codeword

150 Cracking Logic Puzzles

Author: Puzzler Media

Publisher: Times Books

ISBN: 9780007368198

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 192

View: 3320

A second addictive compendium of brand new puzzles that rely on patience, logic, and ingenuity to crack the code The perfect alternative to knowledge-based crosswords and number-crunching sudokus, Codeword is an utterly addictive puzzle designed to test word power and logic. The concept is simple. Each number represents a letter; puzzle-crackers must use a base of solved letters to unveil more letters, form words, and then crack the code. This compelling collection contains 150 new puzzles ranked in increasing levels of difficulty, making this the perfect introductory volume for novices.



Author: Roland Geisselhart,Christiane Hofmann,Manuela Bürger

Publisher: Haufe-Lexware

ISBN: 3648082566

Category: Psychology

Page: 252

View: 5274

!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2016-07-05T14:01:42 -- Modernes Gedächtnistraining hat nichts mit sturer Paukerei zu tun. Mit den Techniken in diesem Buch können Sie innerhalb kurzer Zeit Ihre Merkfähigkeit und Konzentration spielerisch ausbauen. Damit Sie sich an Namen, Gesichter und Termine besser erinnern. Inhalte: Schritt für Schritt die Merkfähigkeit verbessern Mühelos Einkaufslisten, Namen und Termine aus dem Gedächtnis abrufen Konzentration und Entspannung als Basis für geistige Leistungsbereitschaft Mit großem Trainingsteil: von den Grundlagen bis zum Master-Training - Übungen für Einsteiger und Profis

Mesmerizing Mind-bending Puzzles

Author: Terry H. Stickels

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9780806987743

Category: Games

Page: 94

View: 1265

You’ve looked at the top row of letters on a typewriter hundreds of times, right? Then it should be a snap to figure out the only 10-letter word that can be created from those letters. (TYPEWRITER!) You’ll also want to play Frame Games, which use arrangements of words and numbers to phrase a thought, plus dozens of other visual/letter/number mind-benders.


was an unserem Wissen alles falsch ist

Author: John Lloyd,John Mitchinson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783492257541


Page: 366

View: 6668

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Book of Puzzles and Enigmas

Author: Fabrice Mazza,Sylvain Lhullier

Publisher: Chartwell Books

ISBN: 0785834540

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 160

View: 6910

Embark on the unrivaled adventures that await in the puzzles and stories of this ancient-themed collection! The Book of Puzzles & Enigmas looks like an ancient tome that's been sitting on a castle shelf for hundreds of years, though despite it's vintage appearance, it is in fact a new addition to your imaginative world. Illuminated lettering, tasteful illustration, and contemporary style make this book a highly original product. The puzzles inside range from simple riddles to challenging logic puzzles that will have you scratching your head for hours! Fun for the whole family, The Book of Puzzles & Enigmas contains more than 100 superb puzzles that are guaranteed to get your brain spinning and your mind whirring. Set in long ago mythical times, Merlin the Magician, Avalon, King Arthur, and other mythical people and places feature prominently. Within the pages of this beautiful book you will encounter a variety of fascinating brainteasers. There are logical conundrums (watchtower, Allegiance), number puzzles (Inkwell, Rosebush), lateral thinking posers (Mule Driver, Sphinx) and many more to uncover!

The Times Su Doku Book 8

Author: N.A

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 000727257X


Page: 256

View: 9436

The eighth installment of the best-selling Times Su Doku series to feed the nation's desire for yet more Su Doku puzzles.

Mighty Mini Mind Bogglers

Author: Karen C. Richards

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486490440

Category: Games

Page: 154

View: 1348

Great for classrooms and free-time fun,this collection of small but substantialchallenges offers a lighthearted, nonacademicapproach to a variety ofmath, logic, and verbal conundrums.Most of the puzzles can be completedin only a few minutes and are a perfectway to get children interested in mathematics— adults will relish them as well.Reprint of the Orient Paperbacks, Delhi,India, 2000 edition

The Times Samurai Su Doku 5

Author: The Times Mind Games

Publisher: Times Books

ISBN: 9780008173821

Category: Games

Page: 224

View: 8064

For anyone who loves the challenge of Su Doku but manages to solve them within minutes, you can now enjoy the extended mental workout and ultimate endurance test of a five grid interlinked system. This is Su Doku multiplied: every column, row and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 to 9. Where the puzzles overlap, the rows and columns do not go beyond their usual 9x9 length but the interlocking boxes give you more clues - and more complexity. With another 100 new Samurai puzzles to vex you for hours, lose yourself in the four levels of this book: 10 Easy 40 Mild 40 Difficult 10 Super difficult Even the speediest of Su Doku solvers will be agonising over these ultra-complex, extended brain-teasers. These are the most difficult Su Doku puzzles in The Times range.

Sudoku für Dummies

Author: Andrew Heron,Edmund James

Publisher: Wiley-VCH

ISBN: 9783527702442

Category: Games

Page: 356

View: 3174

"Sudoku für Dummies" gibt einen kurzen Abriss über die Geschichte von Sudoku, erklärt, wie Sudoku gelöst wird und welche Strategien es gibt. Vor allem bietet es das, was Sudoku-Süchtige und Neueinsteiger eigentlich wollen: 240 neue und einzigartige Rätsel verschiedener Schwierigkeitsstufen und natürlich auch die entsprechenden Lösungen für alle, die ein wenig mogeln und vor allem prüfen wollen, ob Ihre Lösung die Richtige ist. Unter gibt's täglich ein neues Sudoku zum Ausdrucken und Lösen.
Magic squares

The Times Killer Su Doku 3

Author: Sudoku Syndication,The Times Mind Games

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007248008

Category: Magic squares

Page: 72

View: 4708

Push your nerve and logic to the absolute limit with this third collection of The Times Killer Su Doku. The puzzles use the same 9x9 grid as normal Su Doku but with an added mathmatical challenge. The aim is not only to complete every row, column and cube so that it contains the digits 1-9, it is also necessary to ensure that the outlined cubes add up to the same number. With 150 new Killer Su Doku puzzles, you can ease yourself in with the Moderate before taking the plunge and tackling the real killers: 20 Moderate 50 Tricky 50 Tough 30 Deadly For those who like to live dangerously and push beyond their mental comfort zone, steel yourself for The Timesâe(tm) toughest collection yet.

The Times Fiendish Su Doku Book 11

200 Challenging Su Doku Puzzles

Author: The Times Mind Games

Publisher: Collins

ISBN: 9780008241216


Page: 320

View: 7455

The latest title in The Times Fiendish Su Doku series - previously unpublished quality Su Doku puzzles from the puzzle providers to the Times. You don't need to be a mathematical genius to solve the treacherous puzzles in this eighth collection of Fiendishly difficult puzzles - it's simply a question of logic. Since the first Su Doku puzzle appeared in The Times in November 2004, this classic game of logic has become a phenomenon, with over 5 million copies of the Times Su Doku series sold worldwide. Perfect for the advanced solver in need of a constant supply of ultra-difficult puzzles, and guaranteed to provide hours of mind-stretching entertainment.
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The Times Quiz Book

Author: The Times Mind Games,Olav Bjortomt

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0008209553

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 416

View: 9046

Do you have the general knowledge to match double world quiz champion? More than 200 challenging quizzes and 4000 questions from the MindGames section of The Times will test you to the limit. All quizzes and answers are hyperlinked for ease of use. Choose to hide the answers or view them alongside each quiz; test yourself or be the quiz master!

Alex im Wunderland der Zahlen

Eine Reise durch die aufregende Welt der Mathematik

Author: Alex Bellos

Publisher: eBook Berlin Verlag

ISBN: 3827078083

Category: Mathematics

Page: 480

View: 6318

Erinnern wir uns nicht alle mit Schrecken an die ratlosen Momente vor der Tafel im Matheunterricht? Mit Kurvendiskussionen und Dreisatz dürften jedenfalls nur wenige Spaß und Spannung verbinden... Bis jetzt! Denn nun wagt sich Alex Bellos in den Kaninchenbau der Mathematik: in das Reich von Geometrie und Algebra, von Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung, Statistik und logischen Paradoxa. Auf der anderen Seite des Erdballs, am Amazonas, zählen die Mitglieder des Indianerstammes der Munduruku nur bis fünf und halten die Vorstellung, dass dies nicht genügen solle, für reichlich lächerlich. Bei uns in Deutschland dagegen finden jährlich die Meisterschaften der besten Kopfrechner der Welt statt - 2010 wurde in Magdeburg eine elfjährige Inderin zur Nummer eins unter den "Mathleten" gekürt. Die Mathe-Weltmeisterin unter den Tieren ist hingegen die Schimpansin Ai, die Alex Bellos im japanischen Inuyama aufspürt und über deren Rechenkünste er nur staunen kann. Auch wenn er von den bahnbrechenden Überlegungen Euklids erzählt oder erklärt, warum man in Japan seine Visitenkarten keinesfalls zu Dodekaedern falten sollte - Bellos führt uns durch das wahrhaft erstaunliche Reich der Zahlen und bringt uns eine komplexe Wissenschaft spielerisch nahe. Mit seiner Mischung aus spannender Reportage, Wissenschaftsgeschichte und mathematischen Kabinettstückchen erbringt er souverän den Beweis, dass die Gleichung Mathematik = Langeweile eindeutig nicht wahr ist. Quod erat demonstrandum.
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Brain Games

Brain Teasers, Logic Tests, and Puzzles to Exercise Your Mind

Author: Allen Bragdon

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1626367132

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 224

View: 7532

Worried your brain is slowing down a bit? Starting to forget names and numbers? Having trouble with basic math problems? With Brain Games: Brain Teasers, Logic Tests, and Puzzles to Exercise Your Mind, those worries will become a thing of the past. From your short- and long-term memory to your planning skills and ability to learn faster, Brain Games contains everything you need to get your brain back in shape in no time. Packed with three month’s worth of crossword puzzles, over 180 performance tips, and an array of tests—covering spatial recognition, memory, language skills, math, and more—this game collection will make your brain the biggest, fastest, and brainiest around. This is the perfect book for anyone who sits down with The New York Times crossword puzzle in the morning, works through Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles on the way home, or simply loves logic.