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The Zen Teachings of Master Lin-chi

A Translation of the Lin-chi Lu

Author: Yixuan,I-hsüan

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231114851

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 140

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Renowned scholar Burton Watson's translation exactingly depicts the life and teachings of the great ninth-century Chinese Zen master Lin-chi, one of the most highly regarded of the T'ang period masters.

If you meet George Herbert on the road, kill him

Radically Re-Thinking Priestly Ministry

Author: Justin Lewis-Anthony

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 144116992X

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Priestly ministry in the Church of England needs a radical rethink... George Herbert died in 1633. His legacy continues. His poems are read and sung, and his parish ministry remains the model for the Church of England's understanding of how and where and why its priests should minister. But there is a problem. The memory of Herbert celebrated by the Church is an inaccurate one, and, in its inaccuracy, is unfair on Herbert himself and his successors in the ordained ministry. This is a book of the long view. It sets out to assess realistically the context of Herbert's life and to explore the difficulties of parish life today. By examining the status and role of parish clergy since Herbert's time and today, it draws on the work of historians, social anthropologists, psychologists and theologians, and presents their ideas in a readable and passionate style. It argues that the future strength of parochial ministry will be found in a recovery of historic, renewed understandings of priestly ministry, and concludes by outlining more sustainable patterns of practice for the future. In a climate of uncertainty for the future of the church, it will be an encouragement for priest and people, and welcomed by both.

Deconstruction and the Ethical in Asian Thought

Author: Youru Wang

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135988145

Category: Philosophy

Page: 272

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The striking parallels between Derrida’s deconstruction and certain strategies eschewing oppositional hierarchies in Asian thought, especially in Buddhism and Daoism, have attracted much attention from scholars of both Western and Asian philosophy. This book contributes to this discussion by focusing on the ethical dimension and function of deconstruction in Asian thought. Examining different traditions and schools of Asian thought, including Indian Buddhism, Zen, other schools of East Asian Buddhism, the Kyoto School, and Daoism, the contributors explore the central theme from different contexts and different angles. Insights and notions from the contemporary discussion of Derridean deconstruction and its ethic or Derridean-Levinasian ethic as a paradigm for comparison or interpretation are used as a framework. Furthering our understanding of the relationship between deconstruction and the ethical in Asian traditions, this book also enriches the contemporary ethical discourse from a global perspective by bridging Asia and the West.
Literary Criticism

Buddhist Scriptures as Literature

Sacred Rhetoric and the Uses of Theory

Author: Ralph Flores

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791478831

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 231

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Looks at a variety of Buddhist sacred writings as literature and includes insights from literary theory.
Biography & Autobiography

Making Zen Your Own

Giving Life to Twelve Key Golden Age Ancestors

Author: Janet Jiryu Abels

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0861717023

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 200

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Tracing the life stories of 12 Chinese Zen Masters, who, together, shaped what was to become known as Zen's Golden Age, this volume, based on scholarly and historical records, discusses how ancient Zen insight is relevant for the 21st century. Original.

Clouds Thick, Whereabouts Unknown

Poems by Zen Monks of China

Author: N.A

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231520980

Category: Poetry

Page: 328

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Compiled by a leading scholar of Chinese poetry, Clouds Thick, Whereabouts Unknown is the first collection of Chan (Zen) poems to be situated within Chan thought and practice. Combined with exquisite paintings by Charles Chu, the anthology compellingly captures the ideological and literary nuances of works that were composed, paradoxically, to "say more by saying less," and creates an unparalleled experience for readers of all backgrounds. Clouds Thick, Whereabouts Unknown includes verse composed by monk-poets of the eighth to the seventeenth centuries. Their style ranges from the direct vernacular to the evocative and imagistic. Egan's faithful and elegant translations of poems by Han Shan, Guanxiu, and Qiji, among many others, do justice to their perceptions and insights, and his detailed notes and analyses unravel centuries of Chan metaphor and allusion. In these gems, monk-poets join mainstream ideas on poetic function to religious reflection and proselytizing, carving out a distinct genre that came to influence generations of poets, critics, and writers. The simplicity of Chan poetry belies its complex ideology and sophisticated language, elements Egan vividly explicates in his religious and literary critique. His interpretive strategies enable a richer understanding of Mahayana Buddhism, Chan philosophy, and the principles of Chinese poetry.

The Record of Linji

Author: Yixuan,Thomas Yūhō Kirchner

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 0824833198

Category: Religion

Page: 485

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The Linji lu (Record of Linji) has been an essential text of Chinese and Japanese Zen Buddhism for nearly a thousand years. A compilation of sermons, statements, and acts attributed to the great Chinese Zen master Linji Yixuan (d. 866), it serves as both an authoritative statement of Zen's basic stand-point and a central source of material for Zen koan practice.One of the earliest attempts to translate this important work into English was by Sasaki Shigetsu (1882-1945), a pioneer Zen master in the U.S. and the founder of the First Zen Institute of America. At the time of his death, he entrusted the project to his wife, Ruth Fuller Sasaki. Determined to produce a definitive translation, Mrs. Sasaki assembled a team of talented young scholars, both Japanese and Western, who in the following years retranslated the text in accordance with modern research on Tang-dynasty colloquial Chinese.The materials assembled by Mrs. Sasaki and her team are finally available in the present edition of the Record of Linji. The notes, nearly six hundred in all, are almost entirely based on primary sources and thus retain their value despite the nearly forty years since their preparation.

The Book of Equanimity

Illuminating Classic Zen Koans

Author: Gerry Shishin Wick

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 086171802X

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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The Book of Equanimity contains the first-ever complete English language commentary on one of the most beloved classic collections of Zen teaching stories (koans), making them vividly relevant to spiritual seekers and Zen students in the twenty-first century. Continually emphasizing koans as effective tools to discover and experience the deepest truths of our being, Wick brings the art of the koan to life for those who want to practice wisdom in their daily lives. The koan collection Wick explores here is highly esteemed as both literature and training material in the Zen tradition, in which koan-study is one of two paths a practitioner might take. This collection is used for training in many Zen centers in the Americas and in Europe but has never before been available with commentary from a contemporary Zen master. Wick's Book of Equanimity includes new translations of the preface, main case and verse for each koan, and modern commentaries on the koans by Wick himself.

Annotated Books Received

A Supplement of Translation Review

Author: American Literary Translators Association

Publisher: N.A


Category: Translations

Page: N.A

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Author: Konfuzius

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781535100205


Page: 234

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»Lernen und nicht denken ist nichtig. Denken und nicht lernen ist ermüdend.«... "Lunyu" heißt das bedeutende Werk über die Lehre des Konfuzius...

Zen sourcebook

traditional documents from China, Korea, and Japan

Author: Stephen Addiss,Stanley Lombardo,Judith Roitman

Publisher: Hackett Pub Co Inc


Category: History

Page: 275

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Introduction by Paula Arai. This is the first collection to offer selections from the foundational texts of the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Zen traditions in a single volume. Through representative selections from their poetry, letters, sermons, and visual arts, the most important Zen Masters provide students with an engaging, cohesive introduction to the first 1200 years of this rich -- and often misunderstood -- tradition. A general introduction and notes provide historical, biographical, and cultural context; a note on translation, and a glossary of terms are also included.

Lin-chi Yu-lu


Author: Meister Linji,Rinzai Gigen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783943839302


Page: 100

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Buddhisms And Deconstructions

Author: Jin Y. Park

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated


Category: Philosophy

Page: 290

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Buddhisms and Deconstructions considers the connection between Buddhism and Derridean deconstruction, focusing on the work of Robert Magliola. Fourteen distinguished contributors discuss deconstruction and various Buddhisms—Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese (Chan)—followed by an afterword in which Magliola responds directly to his critics.

Hakuin's Precious Mirror Cave

A Zen Miscellany

Author: N.A

Publisher: Counterpoint

ISBN: 9781582439341

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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The two great streams of Zen Buddhism are the Soto sect, known as the School of Quiet Reflection, and the Rinzai school of rigorous koan study. Dogen established Soto Zen in Japan, and his work is widely known in the West with many of his books translated into English. Hakuin is credited with the modern revival of the Rinzai sect and is its most important teacher. Hakuin’s life has been a great inspiration to the students and practitioners of Zen in the West, his writings offering great authority and practical application. Norman Waddell, the translator of this new selection, has devoted a large part of his life to translating and publishing work by and about Hakuin. This collection of six diverse and independent works contains five pieces never translated into English before, some of which have been—until quite recently—unknown, even in Japan. One piece offers the most detailed biographical account of his life, from birth to death, and another is his earliest spiritual autobiography. A rich and various group, the offerings here will be important to seasoned practitioners as well as attractive to newcomers to Zen and spiritual seekers of all faiths.


Author: Keizan,Guido Keller

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3936018081


Page: 283

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