Labor unions

When Police Unionise

Author: Mark Finnane

Publisher: Institute of Criminology University of Sydney


Category: Labor unions

Page: 258

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Once upon a time police were not allowed to unionise. Now they are among the most highly unionised of workers. When Police Unionise shows how that happened in Australia. More than that however - this book is a study of the contemporary politics of policing, about the generation of law and order politics in Australia since the 1960s, and about the implications of these developments for the way criminal justice systems work. The highly publicised intervention of the Queensland Police Union in the 1996 Mundingburra by-election is the starting point for a study of the longer history of political activity of police. Set against an international context of increasing police militancy, the book examines the very early unionisation of police in Australia, the turmoil of police industrial relations during the inter-war decades, the combative approach of police commissioners like Blamey in Victoria and MacKay in New South Wales, the optimistic post-war alliance with the Australian labour movement, its collapse in the 1960s and the subsequent emergence of a more autonomous, belligerent and ambitious police union culture. This is a critical appraisal of the politics of law and order in Australia, seen from the perspective of police in their role as workers and employees. The book helps us understand why police have the voice they do in public debates about crime, justice and policing - and why their impact is nevertheless limited by the play of politics in contemporary Australia.
Social Science

Recapturing Freedom

Author: Dot Goulding

Publisher: Hawkins Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 192

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Recapturing Freedom is about the experience of long-term prisoners as they prepare for release. Dot Goulding shows the connection between the institutionalisation that strips inmates of their identity in order to make them tractable, and their subsequent, all-too-common failure to cope with life on the outside. Her book is based on extensive in-depth interviews with male and female prisoners. Recurring themes are the relentless surveillance and control to which prisoners are subjected, and the centrality of violence and brutalisation in the prison experience - group violence, sexual violence and, according to the interviewees, violence which is officially sanctioned. Recapturing Freedom shows why most long-term prisoners find freedom so hard to recapture - physically free but mentally still locked into a subculture of brutality, isolation and deprivation, it is most often prison that recaptures them. Goulding finishes her book with suggestions on how, taking account of the actual experiences of prisoners, this endless cycle of recidivism might be stopped.
Social Science

Policing Cooperation Across Borders

Author: Saskia Hufnagel

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 356

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This book provides new insights into police cooperation from a comparative socio-legal perspective. It presents a broad analysis of comparable police cooperation strategies in two systems: the EU and Australia. The evolution of regulatory trends and cooperation models is analysed for both systems and possible transferable strategies identified. Drawing on interviews with practitioners in the EU and Australia this book highlights a number of areas where the EU can be compared to a federal system and addresses the advantages and disadvantages of being a Union or a federation of states with a view to police cooperation practice. Particular topics addressed are the evolution of legal frameworks regulating police cooperation, informal cooperation strategies, Joint Investigation Teams, Europol and regional cooperation. These instruments foster police cooperation, but could be improved with a view to cooperation practice by learning from regulatory techniques and practitioner experiences of the respective other system.


Author: Alison Bashford

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 256

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This book examines the coercive and legally sanctioned strategies of exclusion and segregation undertaken over the last two centuries in a wide range of contexts. The political and cultural history of this period raises a number of questions about coercive exclusion. The essays in this collection examine why isolation has been such a persistent strategy in liberal and non-liberal nations, in colonial and post-colonial states and why practices of exclusion proliferated over the modern period, precisely when legal and political concepts of 'freedom' were invented. In addition to offering new perspectives on the continuum of medico-penal sites of isolation from the asylum to the penitentiary, Isolation looks at less well-known sites, from leper villages to refugee camps to Native reserves.

Global Issues, Women and Justice

Author: Sharon Pickering

Publisher: Institute of Criminology, Sydney


Category: Law

Page: 378

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Global Issues, Women and Justice explores the ways women seek justice through the nation-state, global process, and international criminal justice mechanisms. It draws on a diversity of academic and advocate voices in examining how women have accessed justice under conditions of globalization, militarization, and colonization. Global Issues, Women and Justice will appeal to academics and activists as a valuable resource for research. As well, it provides numerous case studies of the ways women have mobilized to achieve justice, which will be useful both in the classroom and in campaigning.

Comparative and International Criminal Justice

Author: Charles B. Fields

Publisher: Waveland PressInc


Category: Law

Page: 598

View: 778

"Geographic and cultural diversity is well represented in this volume. Traditional systems of justice are included, as well as some very nonconventional methods of dispute resolution and punishment. This finely tuned international collection will enhance a reader's appreciation and understanding of widely diverse approaches to law and control in selected cultural systems that differ greatly from familiar Western-based attitudes. Fields and Moore's collection provides readers with valuable twenty-first-century insight into the increasing complexity and interconnectedness of international criminal justice."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved