Chase's Calendar of Events 2022

Author: Editors of Chase's

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Reference

Page: 753

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Notable birthdays, historical anniversaries, national and international holidays, religious holidays, and thousands of additional days of note from all over the world.

Bane of Angels

Author: L.L. Hunter

Publisher: L.L. Hunter


Category: Fiction

Page: 36

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Ebony is now the fully fledged Goddess of the entire universe. Something she’d never thought would happen. She was told she was worthy of such a title, but Ebony is still suffering from imposter syndrome. Travis is changing. Again. Ever since the demon attack in the Realm of Ice, he has been different, Distant, and his powers are morphing into something more dark and deadly. Will the darkness completely overcome him? Will Ebony’s love be able to bring him back into the light? A war with the rebels is brewing, and this time they’re out for blood. Will they be able to find the Nephilim’s weakness and exploit it? Betrayal. Love. Rebellion. War. In the final chapter of the bestselling Ebony Angel series, Friendships will be tested. Lines will be drawn, and hearts will be broken. Will the Nephilim make it out alive?

Calling All Angels

Author: Barbara Ankrum

Publisher: Tule Publishing


Category: Fiction


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What if soulmates truly are forever? Emma James isn’t sure if she’s dead, dreaming, or somewhere in-between after a car accident leaves her hospitalized in a coma. And the gorgeous but grumpy Scot with a sexy brogue claiming to be her “guardian angel” seems to have her confused with someone named Violet. After discovering her "accident" was no accident at all, Emma fears her niece may be in danger. Enlisting her reluctant guardian’s help to solve the mystery takes all her persuasion skills. But alarmingly, she finds herself falling for this centuries-old, grudge-holding immortal. Connor Montrose instantly recognizes Emma as the woman who betrayed him two centuries ago—Violet MacLeish. Though Emma has no memory of that life, or the love they shared, she’s Violet’s doppelgänger and a pain in his tortured soul. He needs to help her cross over so he can get a long-awaited celestial promotion, but this new version of Violet is even more beguiling and stubborn than before, drawing him deeper into the human world he’d rather forget. Stuck between life and death, can these two lost souls find common ground?

Angels of Light

Author: P. B. Lamb

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 239

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On a fall afternoon in Southern Maryland Jessica finds her mother's lifeless body in her bathroom. She was already aware something was amiss before she arrived at her home. She knew without being told something bad happened. She isn't psychic but she always knew unexplainable things. On the day of her mother's funeral she finds out she's instantly responsible for her half-sister, she receives visitors from beyond including her own mother's spirit, and a new handsome man shows up on her doorstep. Everything she thought she knew about her life unravels as she finds herself on a journey in which all of creation is now relying on her to find her path. This fantasy fiction novel pulls elements of religion, fantasy, and spiritual teachings together. The unique blend of research, facts, and fiction make for an uncommon story line.

The Folly of Angels

Author: Shelly Dixon Van Sanford

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.


Category: Fiction

Page: 392

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Ava Rush, a young woman of determination and resentment, intelligence and ignorance in equal measure has one intention--to overcome the loneliness and deficiencies of her unspectacular childhood to find happiness and a life worth living. As an only child of an erratic, dysfunctional mother and a father who died young, and with no other close family, Ava feels even more defeated when, only two years out of college, her fiance breaks their engagement; and she loses her job. She decides to visit her college best friend in the Southern town of Tarryton while she determines her next best move. It's here that she meets a possible savior, a beautiful but unconstrained man in whom she places all her hopes for love, purpose, and family. It is also here that Ava experiences even further an almost unspeakable betrayal by both man and fate and where she comes to believe happiness may not be in the cards for her after all. At the end of these failures and deceptions, Ava realizes the possibilities for her trek toward fulfillment are no longer endless--too many tempests have occurred, and too many blocks rest in her last available tracks. She concedes that to surmount these will require an almost unbelievable summation of her angry resolve, something she may or may not have. This, however, is the moment when Ava sees it--a new fork that has appeared on her path--and it's in that final moment of desperation that Ava knows which road she must choose.
Body, Mind & Spirit

U.F.O. Abductions, Fallen Angels, and Aliens

Author: Dennis Callen

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 194

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The Bible declares in the Book of Revelation in chapter 12 that we will see this one day when the devil and his angels will be cast down to earth. Not all angels have wings. Therefore, they must have something to fly in. We know them as UFOs.In the book, people tell their stories of being abducted by aliens. They tell us how their lives were drastically altered. Many of them had been abducted many times. I believe you will find their testimonies different from anything you've ever read.

The Crafty Chica Creates!

Author: Kathy Cano Murillo



Category: Art

Page: 130

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The Queen of Latina Style, Kathy Cano Murillo, is back with fantastic art and craft projects—including brand-new ideas and previous favorites—in The Crafty Chica Creates.

Children's Daily Prayer 2022-2023

Author: Karla Hardersen

Publisher: Liturgy Training Publications


Category: Religion

Page: 365

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Designed to provide school leaders and catechists with a complete order of prayer for every day of the school year, this annual resource offers students a chance to pray together. The format invites children to participate in the prayer service, while including time for silent reflection to encourage children to examine what the Scriptures mean for their everyday lives. It also includes prayer services for the liturgical seasons and special feasts, and reproducible prayer services for children to take home to their families to celebrate occasions when they are not in school.
Biography & Autobiography

My Other Life

Author: Hildy Gard

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 714

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My younger siblings often wanted to know about the house they were born to and the homeland's traditions and rituals. I, the oldest of five, related to them the experiences we encountered among the Gottscheers, who worked, toiled, and survived in this little known native land surrounded by Slovenia and bordered by Croatia.