Biography & Autobiography

A Place for All People

Author: Richard Rogers

Publisher: Canongate Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Richard Rogers was born in Florence in 1933. He was educated in the UK and then at the Yale School of Architecture, where he met Norman Foster. Alongside his partners, he has been responsible for some of the most radical designs of the twentieth century, including the Pompidou Centre, the Millennium Dome, the Bordeaux Law Courts, Leadenhall Tower and Lloyd's of London. He chaired the Urban Task Force, which pioneered the return to urban living in the UK, was chief architectural advisor to the Mayor of London, and has also advised the mayors of Barcelona and Paris. He is married to Ruth Rogers, chef and owner of the River Café in London. He was knighted in 1991 by Queen Elizabeth II, and made a life peer in 1996. He has been awarded the Légion d'Honneur, the Royal Institute of British Architects' Royal Gold Medal, and the Pritzker Prize, architecture's highest honour. Richard Brown is Research Director at Centre for London, the independent think tank for London. He was previously Strategy Director at London Legacy Development Corporation, Manager of the Mayor of London's Architecture and Urbanism Unit, and an urban regeneration researcher at the Audit Commission.

A Place for All

Author: John Barone

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press


Category: Religion

Page: 131

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Every community has a growing population of young people with neurological differences. Too often, youth with conditions such as autism, Tourette's syndrome, and bipolar disorder find themselves left out of parish religious education and youth ministry programs. In the pages of this book you will find the following: Information about many of the neurological differences that affect young people Tips for educating the entire community about these differences Advice on how to reach out to youth with special needs Practical steps to modify your facilities to meet the needs of youth with neurological differences Training tools for empowering volunteers to work with special needs youth A Place for Allopens a window into the challenging lives of children with neurological differences, the difficulties faced by the adults who work with them, and the shift in philosophy and methodology required for religious education professionals and volunteers to be able honestly to say, "There is a place for all in our community!"

The Better Way

Author: Ron Clark

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 210

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When Paul came to Corinth he found a culture emerging from the ashes of Roman power. As Julius Caesar rebuilt the fallen city he brought Roman culture to this Greek community. Likewise, Paul's message of salvation in Jesus rebuilt the fallen lives of people dominated by a culture of power. This power was displayed in violence, discrimination, sexuality, and spirituality. As this city emerged from the ashes of humiliation the church emerged, by God's hand, from of the humiliation of Jesus and the cross. Today the church emerges in a culture of power, humiliation, and fear. Paul's challenge for the church is to be mature and practice unconditional love. This love is permanent. This love develops and empowers others. This love causes us to be in relationship with God and others. Through this love God's people see face to face. The church can emerge to radiate love, peace, and empowerment.
Body, Mind & Spirit

The Shield of Faith and the Multi-Manipulator

Author: Shannon Wilkins

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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First and foremost we give special thanks to our father who art in Heaven for being the Author and Finisher of our faith and for the gifts and talents that you have so graciously bestowed upon us to perform such duties as sharing the gospel by all means giving you the Glory, Honor and the praise for who you are in our lives, we love you in full effect for eternity thank you for your unconditional, unselfish love. We would also like to thank our lord and savior Jesus Christ for our union and for life health and strength and our children, parents, pastor, first lady, siblings, church family whom we love very much.
Social Science

Human Behavior in a Just World

Author: Rosemary J. Link

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers


Category: Social Science

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This book is for human service, criminal justice and social work students of human behavior at the 'macro' or large systems level. Due to factors such as the migration of labor, human trafficking, increased rate of international adoptions, spread of infectious diseases, regional natural disasters, social workers now practice in a global context. International issues are infused throughout the text and the variety of case studies take students out of their usual place of work and invites them to stretch for increased global and cultural awareness, plus expanded choice of solutions.

Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Restoration

Author: Martin W. Mittelstadt

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 266

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Although history is replete with tales of revenge, Christian forgiveness provides an alternate response. In this volume, Pentecostal scholars from various disciplines offer their vision for forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration. The essayists offer long-overdue Pentecostal perspectives through analysis of contemporary theological issues, personal testimony, and prophetic possibilities for restoration of individual relationships and communities. Though Pentecostals remain committed to Spirit-empowered witness as recorded in Luke-Acts, these scholars embrace a larger Lukan vision of Spirit-initiated inclusivity marked by reconciliation. The consistent refrain calls for forgiveness as an expression of God's love that does not demand justice but rather seeks to promote peace by bringing healing and reconciliation in relationships between people united by one Spirit.

America's Race Matters

Author: Paul R. Lehman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Philosophy

Page: 120

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This book questions the concept of multiple races and discusses the conflicts and confusion resulting from its unclear definition; it discusses the concepts of race today and in the future, making a clear distinction between the words race and ethnicity. References and examples from society, current U.S. Government information, popular fictional and non-fictional works are used in addressing race matters. A vision for America addressing the race problem in a sensible, rational, and realistic fashion is offered.

I Saw the Lord

Author: Abner Chou

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 280

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The visions of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Paul, and John have captivated the people of God. Could it be that we are drawn to these spectacular passages because they are all different angles of the same eschatological event? This study explores the visions of these writers as they relate to their individual theology in light of the possibility that these writers saw different facets of the climax of history when the Son receives all glory.

Risky Marriage

Author: Melissa Browning

Publisher: Lexington Books


Category: Religion

Page: 222

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Given that women and girls carry the heaviest burdens of the African HIV pandemic, their lived experiences should be the starting point for any pedagogy of prevention. In light of this claim, Risky Marriage: HIV and Intimate Relationships in Tanzania uses qualitative fieldwork with HIV positive women living in Mwanza, Tanzania to ask why marriage is an HIV risk factor. By beginning with women’s experience as a hermeneutical lens, this book seeks to establish a creative space where African women can imagine new alternatives to HIV prevention that would promote human flourishing and abundant life in African communities. The aim of this book is to listen faithfully to the lived experiences of HIV positive women and ask how their experiences can help us re-imagine Christian conceptions of marriage, sexual ethics, and health in an HIV positive world. By drawing on the unwritten texts of women’s lives, this study proposes alternative pedagogies for faith-based prevention methods and contributes to the wider interdisciplinary and theo-ethical discourse on HIV prevention and women’s health. At the same time, it makes local impact of equal importance as women in East African communities are invited to think creatively about ways to end the HIV pandemic. For more information and comments from the author, watch a trailer for the book here:

A Place For All Of Us

Author: Doretta Hile

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing


Category: Discrimination

Page: 36

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A story about two towns and their people. One day, a flood sends the people of Capsville, where they wear only caps, to the town of Hatsville, where they wear a variety of hats according to their occupations. The people of each town soon find out they cannot live together in the same town because they have strong ideas about their differences. Just as they are about to give up on each other, a wind storm comes, and they learn they are not that different after all.