50 Things about My Mother (Fill-In Gift Book)


Publisher: Abrams Noterie



Page: 96

View: 784

If your mother had superpowers, what would they be? What's your favorite childhood memory of the two of you together? What has your mom accomplished that makes you proud? Thought provoking and celebratory, this fill-in gift book provides 50 prompts that help you capture all the things you love and appreciate about your mother: her talents, her quirks, the memories you share, and more. With a fresh illustration style and deluxe production details like a grain-embossed, foil-stamped cover, ribbon markers, and a 4-color interior, this book is the perfect keepsake your mother will enjoy for years to come.

My Mother's Shadow: The unputdownable summer read about a mother's shocking secret that changed everything

Author: Nikola Scott

Publisher: Headline


Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 153

Addie thinks she knows everything about her mother. But when a stranger appears claiming to be her sister, she realises that her life so far has been a lie. But why? 'Intriguing, twisting... I loved it' Dinah Jefferies. 'A gripping family mystery told in lush, evocative prose' Erin Kelly. Perfect for fans of Kate Morton and Santa Montefiore. Hartland House has always been a faithful keeper of secrets... 1958. Sent to beautiful Hartland to be sheltered from her mother's illness, Liz spends the summer with the wealthy Shaw family. They treat Liz as one of their own, but their influence could be dangerous... Now. Addie believes she knows everything about her mother Elizabeth and their difficult relationship until her recent death. When a stranger appears claiming to be Addie's sister, she is stunned. Is everything she's been told about her early life a lie? How can you find the truth about the past if the one person who could tell you is gone? Addie must go back to that golden summer her mother never spoke of...and the one night that changed a young girl's life for ever. 'A compelling family story... Beautifully written and evokes vivid pictures of an English summer in the 1950s' Sheila O'Flanagan. 'Trembles with family secrets' Victoria Fox

My Daughter, My Mother

Author: Annie Murray

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 654

In 1984 two young mothers meet at a toddler group in Birmingham. As their friendship grows, they share with each other the difficulties and secrets in their lives: Joanne, a sweet, shy girl, is increasingly afraid of her husband. The lively, promising man she married has become hostile and violent and she is too ashamed to tell anyone. When her mother, Margaret is suddenly rushed into hospital, the bewildered family find that there are things about their mother of which they had no idea. Margaret was evacuated from Birmingham as a child and has spent years avoiding the pain of her childhood - but finds that you can't run from the past forever. Sooky, kind and good-natured, has already been through one disastrous marriage and is back at home living with her parents. But being 'disgraced' is not easy. Her mother, Meena, refuses to speak to Sooky. At first her silence seems like a punishment, but Sooky gradually realizes it contains emotions which are far more complicated and that her mother may need her help. Meena has spent twenty years trying to fit in with life in Birmingham, and to deal with the conflicts within her between east and west, old ways and new. My Daughter, My Mother by bestselling saga author Annie Murray, is the story of two young women discovering the heartbreak of their mothers' lives, and of how mothers create daughters - and learn from them.
Biography & Autobiography

My Mother's Daughter

Author: H. J. Cummins

Publisher: Cathedral Hill Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 137

View: 891

Journalist H.J. Cummins grew up thinking her mother never liked her. In search of answers, she learns about her mother's traumatic past in Germany under Hitler, under the economic and personal hardship where survival comes at the expense of joy and security. Through Cummins's studies in history and psychology, she breaks the cycles of miscommunication.

Recipes from My Mother for My Daughter

Author: Lisa Faulkner

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 972

When Lisa Faulkner won Celebrity MasterChefit was the culmination of an emotional journey that began with her mother's death from cancer when Lisa was 16. Lisa's clearest memories of her mum are of her cooking delicious meals for the family, and in recreating her recipes in this book Lisa is not just keeping her mother's memory alive - she is also able to pass on to her own daughter, Billie, the love of cookery she inherited from her mum. With evocative photographs and easy-to-follow recipes, you too can tempt family and friends with fabulous home cooking all year round. With anecdotal snippets from Lisa's life as well as invaluable personal tips, the recipes include dishes suitable for entertaining - My MasterChef Fish Stew, Pan Fried Scallops with Pea and Mint, Lemon Mascarpone Tart and Pistachio Biscottii - alongside failsafe family fare: The Best Fish Pie, The Perfect Roast, Nanna's Bread and Mummy's Christmas Cake.
Juvenile Nonfiction

My Mother, My Heart

Author: Eleri Fowler

Publisher: HarperCollins


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

View: 736

Celebrate mom with color! Illustrator Eleri Fowler’s intricate, gorgeous illustrations that depict the joy and tenderness of a mother’s love are beautifully represented in this delicately rendered coloring book. From flowers to birds to hearts and more, these pages and pages of delicate pen-and-ink drawings are waiting to be brought to life through your artistry. As with Eleri Fowler’s Joyous Blooms to Color, her new book, My Mother, My Heart, will provide hours of joyful coloring book creativity.
Social Science

My Mother's Hip

Author: Luise Margolies

Publisher: Temple University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 339

View: 680

Some 400,000 hip fractures occur every year, the vast majority among the elderly; all too often these fractures are associated with death or severe disability. After her mother's double hip fracture, Luisa Margolies immersed herself in identifying and coordinating the services and professionals needed to provide critical care for an elderly person. She soon realized that the American medical system is ill prepared to deal with the long-term care needs of our graying society. The heart of My Mother's Hip is taken up with the author's day-to-day observations as her mother's condition worsened, then improved only to worsen again, while her father became increasingly anxious and disoriented. As both a devoted daughter and a skilled anthropologist, Margolies vividly renders her interactions with physicians, nurses, hospital workers, nursing home administrators, the Medicare bureaucracy, home care providers, and her parents. In the Lessons chapter that follows each episode, she discusses in a broader context the weighty decisions that adult children must make on their parents' behalf and the emotional toll their responsibility takes. Here she addresses the complex practical issues that commonly arise in such situations: understanding the consequences of hip fracture and its treatment, preparing health care proxies and advanced directives, enabling elders to remain at home, and the heartbreaking dilemma of prolonging life. Like many adult children, Margolies learned her lessons about eldercare in the midst of crises. This book is intended to ease the information-gathering and decision-making processes for others involved in eldercare. Author note: Luisa Margolies is Clinical Research Director of the Hip Fracture Research Project of South Florida; she serves as a consultant on aging-in-place as well as housing, assistive technology, and universal design for the elderly. She also is Director of Ediciones Venezolanas de Antropologia in Caracas, Venezuela.

The Autobiography Of My Mother

Author: Jamaica Kincaid

Publisher: Turtleback


Category: Fiction

Page: 228

View: 370

A seventy-year-old West Indian woman looks back over the course of her life and examines the relationships that have given meaning to her existence

My Mother's Boyfriend

Author: Ravinder Singh

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Fiction

Page: 24

View: 521

When Rajni finds out that her husband of several years has fallen in love with his secretary, she is heartbroken. After the divorce, as she falls deeper into depression, her son whisks her away to Goa for a change of scene, in the hope that it will lift her spirits. What he doesn't reckon for is that his fifty-four-year-old mother will find not just a new lease of life, but also true love. Will he be able to make peace with his mother's new boyfriend?
Family & Relationships

To My Mother

Author: Marci

Publisher: Blue Mountain Arts


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 96

View: 898

Marci and her adorable Children of the Inner Light(R) characters honor and celebrate the amazing place a mother holds in the lives of her children with this delightful book. Filled with all the words mothers would most like to hear, it captures the admiration you feel for her, the appreciation you have for all that she's given and done, the happiness she's inspired, and the memories she's helped make. This is a gift of love that every mother will treasure.
Juvenile Fiction

My Mother's Sari

Author: Sandhya Rao

Publisher: NorthSouth Books


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

View: 527

A little girls sees her mothers sari as ""long like a train"" and that it ""fills the air with color when I dance and sing."" A blue sari is a ""river""; a patterned one is a place to hide with her friends. Best of all, the youngster wraps herself in the vivid cloth because she loves how it makes her dream. The endpapers demonstrate how to wrap the garment. Full-spread illustrations capture the colors and textures of the fabrics and the little girl's wide-eyed playfulness and love of her mother's attire.
Juvenile Fiction

My Mother's Ghost

Author: Margaret Buffie



Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 215

View: 683

Canadian award winning author. Jessica never believed in ghosts until she moves to Willow Creek Ranch after the death of her brother.
Biography & Autobiography

Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me

Author: Marlon Brando

Publisher: Modern Library


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 480

View: 359

This is Marlon Brando’s own story, and his reason for telling it is best revealed in his own words: “I have always considered my life a private affair and the business of no one beyond my family and those I love. Except for moral and political issues that aroused in me a desire to speak out, I have done my utmost throughout my life, for the sake of my children and myself, to remain silent. . . . But now, in my seventieth year, I have decided to tell the story of my life as best I can, so that my children can separate the truth from the myths that others have created about me, as myths are created about everyone swept up in the turbulent and distorting maelstrom of celebrity in our culture.” To date there have been over a dozen books written about Marlon Brando, and almost all of them have been inaccurate, based on hearsay, sensationalist or prurient in tone. Now, at last, fifty years after his first appearance onstage in New York City, the actor has told his life story, with the help of Robert Lindsey. The result is an extraordinary book, at once funny, moving, absorbing, ribald, angry, self-deprecating and completely frank account of the career, both on-screen and off, of the greatest actor of our time. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a Brando film will relish this book. Please note: this edition does not include photos.
Biography & Autobiography

The Camera My Mother Gave Me

Author: Susanna Kaysen

Publisher: Vintage


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 149

View: 531

The author relates her odyssey through the world of gynecological medicine in an attempt to diagnose a mysterious disorder, and addresses larger questions that arise when sexual pleasure is replaced by pain.

Quotes From My Mother

Author: Michael Gersony

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Humor

Page: 70

View: 783

Ever want to keep track of the funny things your parents say but never had the time or anything to write on handy. Well this author has written them down and is now putting it out there for all of you to read. Sometimes politically incorrect but always funny this book will amuse from front cover to back.
Biography & Autobiography

My Mother's Rules

Author: Lynn Toler

Publisher: Agate Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 180

View: 949

"Autobiography of Judge Lynn Toler describing her sometimes difficult upbringing and the life-lessons she learned from her mother"--Provided by publisher.
Literary Collections

What My Mother Gave Me

Author: Elizabeth Benedict

Publisher: Algonquin Books


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 306

View: 771

New York Times Bestseller: “A winning collection” of essays by daughters including Elinor Lipman, Margo Jefferson, Jean Hanff Korelitz, Lisa See, and more (Kirkus Reviews). Each of these thirty-one “beautifully crafted” essays (Publishers Weekly) is a story about a mother’s gift to a daughter—one that touched her, taught her something, or symbolized a unique bond. Whether a gift was meant to keep a daughter warm, instruct her in the ways of womanhood, encourage her talents, or just remind her of a mother’s love, each story gets to the heart of a relationship. Rita Dove recalls the box of polish that inspired her to paint her nails in the stripes and polka dots she wears to this day. Lisa See writes about the gift of writing from her mother, Carolyn See. Cecilia Muñoz remembers the wok her mother gave her and a lifetime of family meals. Judith Hillman Paterson revisits the year of sobriety her mother bequeathed to her when Paterson was nine, the year before her mother died of alcoholism. Abigail Pogrebin describes her middle-aged bat mitzvah, for which her mother provided flowers after a lifetime of guilt for skipping her daughter’s religious education. Margo Jefferson writes about her mother’s gold dress from the posh department store where they could finally shop as black women. Collectively, the pieces have a force that feels as elemental as the tides: outpourings of lightness and darkness; love and rage; joy and grief. From literary prize winners, bestselling authors, and other celebrated women, they are “as varied and unexpected and eloquent and moving as mother love itself” (Cathleen Schine, New York Times-bestselling author of The Grammarians).