After the Fall

Author: Ben Rhodes

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: History

Page: 384

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THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR To be born American in the late twentieth century was to take the fact of a particular kind of American exceptionalism as granted – a state of nature arrived at after all else had failed. In the span of just thirty years, this assumption would come crashing down. After the fall, we must determine what it means to be American again. In 2017, as Ben Rhodes was helping Barack Obama begin his next chapter, the legacy they worked to build for eight years was being taken apart. To understand what was happening in America, Rhodes decided to look outwards. Over the next three years, he travelled to dozens of countries, meeting with politicians, activists, and dissidents confronting the same nationalism and authoritarianism that was tearing America apart. Along the way, a Russian opposition leader he spends time with is poisoned, the Hong Kong protesters he comes to know see their movement snuffed out, and America itself reaches the precipice of losing democracy before giving itself a second chance. After the Fall is a hugely ambitious and essential work of discovery. Throughout, Rhodes comes to realize how much America's fingerprints are on a world it helped to shape: through the excesses of the post-Cold War embrace of unbridled capitalism, post-9/11 nationalism and militarism, mania for technology and social media, and the racism that shaped the backlash to the Obama presidency. At the same time, he learns from a diverse set of characters – from Obama to rebels to a rising generation of leaders – how looking squarely at where America has gone wrong only makes it more essential to fight for what America is supposed to be – for itself, and for the entire world.

Survival of Northern Red Oak Acorns After Fall Burning

Author: L. R. Auchmoody



Category: Acorns

Page: 5

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Survival of recently fallen northern red oak acorns after exposure to a cool fall burn was determined on experimental plots in northwestern Pennsylvania. The fire consumed the leaf litter and fine woody material of the forest floor and was considered as a typical fall burn for this region. No acorns were consumed by the fire but some were charred. Between 40 and 49 percent of the acorns contained in the litter were killed. The fire was not hot enough to kill Curculio weevil larvae within the acorns. Burned acorns infested with Curculio that survived the fire had 20 percent lower germination rates than unburned acorns.
Literary Criticism

Kant's Dog

Author: David E. Johnson

Publisher: SUNY Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 274

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Kant’s Dog provides fresh insight into Borges’s preoccupation with the contradiction of the time that passes and the identity that endures. By developing the implicit logic of the Borgesian archive, which is most often figured as the universal demand for and necessary impossibility of translation, Kant’s Dog is able to spell out Borges’s responses to the philosophical problems that most concerned him, those of the constitution of time, eternity, and identity; the determination of original and copy; the legitimacy of authority; experience; the nature of language and the possibility of a decision; and the name of God. Kant’s Dog offers original interpretations of several of Borges’s best known and most important stories and of the works of key figures in the history of philosophy, including Aristotle, Saint Paul, Maimonides, Hume, Locke, Kant, Heidegger, and Derrida. This study outlines Borges’s curious relationship to literature and philosophy and, through a reconsideration of the relation between necessity and accident, opens the question of the constitution of philosophy and literature. The afterword develops the logic of translation toward the secret at the heart of every culture in order to posit a Borgesian challenge to anthropology and cultural studies.
European communities





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Clinical Disorders of Balance, Posture and Gait, 2Ed

Author: Adolfo Bronstein

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Medical

Page: 466

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The diagnosis and treatment of the patient with critically impaired walking abilities present the busy physician with a formidable challenge. This book provides a comprehensive account of the various balance, posture and gait disorders, and of the methods for Their effective Read More ...management. The text is divided into five sections dealing wi

Reformed Thought on Freedom

Author: Willem J. van Asselt

Publisher: Baker Academic


Category: Religion

Page: 261

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This volume examines the concept of human freedom in the work of six early modern Reformers.

Education in Germany since Unification

Author: David Phillips

Publisher: Symposium Books Ltd


Category: Education

Page: 128

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This volume is concerned with aspects of education in Germany over the 10 years prior to 2000, focusing on schools, teachers, vocational training and higher education in those eastern parts of the Federal Republic which formerly constituted the territory of the German Democratic Republic. The articles deal with notions of transition and adaptation at a time of considerable upheaval and rapid change. There is a particular focus in some contributions on the problems involved in conducting research on the views of teachers involved in complex processes of adjustment to a new status quo.


Author: Kansas. State Board of Agriculture



Category: Agriculture


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Records significant developments and events in Kansas agriculture. Serves as an annual report to the governor and legislature.
Biography & Autobiography

Radical Vision

Author: Soyica Diggs Colbert

Publisher: Yale University Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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A captivating portrait of Lorraine Hansberry’s life, art, and political activism--one of O Magazine's best books of April 2021 "Hits the mark as a fresh and timely portrait of an influential playwright."—Publishers Weekly In this biography of Lorraine Hansberry (1930–1965), the author of A Raisin in the Sun, Soyica Diggs Colbert considers the playwright’s life at the intersection of art and politics, with the theater operating as a “rehearsal room for [her] political and intellectual work.” Colbert argues that the success of Raisin overshadows Hansberry’s other contributions, including the writer’s innovative journalism and lesser known plays touching on controversial issues such as slavery, interracial communities, and black freedom movements. Colbert also details Hansberry’s unique involvement in the black freedom struggles during the Cold War and the early civil rights movement, in order to paint a full portrait of her life and impact. Drawing from Hansberry’s papers, speeches, and interviews, this book presents its subject as both a playwright and a political activist. It also reveals a new perspective on the roles of black women in mid-twentieth-century political movements.