African American businesspeople

Ain't Nothin' Down about it

Author: Pualara Hawkins



Category: African American businesspeople

Page: 306

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When David and Val meet Mel, they hardly expect their entire marriage and outlook on life, love and sex to change completely. But what Mel introduces into their relationship is something undeniably tempting and completely irresistible...

A Gangster & a Baller

Author: Tyrone Pierson

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 620

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A Gangster & A Baller (A Tale Of 2 Big Homies) is the powerful conclusion to the Platinum Dreams trilogy. It includes the screenplay, the official soundtrack, & the 3rd episode from Tyrone Pierson’s new Atlanta based sitcom “Son Of Superman”. When Tyreal North gets out of prison, he hopes to STAY out of prison, & sell his television show. In search of a better life, he moves to Atlanta, & ends up meeting two big homies. One of them is a Gangster from California, & the other one is a Baller from Minneapolis. The Baller doesn’t want him associating with the Gangster, & the Gangster doesn’t want him socializing with the Baller. Eventually, Tyreal realizes the Baller represents God in his life, & the Gangster represents the devil in his life. And they’re competing for his soul. After Tyreal starts a secret society for Alpha Males, he meets a Alpha Feminist, who appears to be the dream wife from hell. With one foot in the church, & the other foot in the street, Tyreal works in the day, & hustles at night, until he’s able to secure his dream job at Turner Broadcasting System. The Baller is happy for him, but the Gangster attempts to sabotage his victory. When it builds up to a spiritual showdown between good & evil, there are multiple casualties, but Tyreal is able to come out victorious. “A Gangster & A Baller” surgically interlocks the lives of a Angel, a Demon, a Super Hero, a War Hero, & a Drug War Survivor , as it professionally articulates how far a man must go to bulletproof his Dreams & survive spiritual warfare. From near-death experiences & conspiracy theories, to gang activity & paranormal activity, this is unequivocally... one of the most awesome success stories ever written!!


Author: Sarah Barnwell Elliott



Category: Fiction

Page: 492

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Catfish Joe & Double, Double, Toil, & Trouble


Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Humor

Page: 184

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Catfish Joe is a poor, black, street preacher who has opinions about everything from women's hair to Machiavelli. He is always helping people if with unorthodox methods and he audits courses at University of Pennsylvania. He is a chunk of life and southern wisdom, a florid, engaging and tough character. Double, Double, Toil & Trouble is about three fat, rambunctious married socialites who are wild as March Hares. They pick up gigolos, have affairs and drink to every occasion. Myrtle and Gladys are the nicer ones: Lavinia is like a tigress. They even visit a Baptist church to get in touch with their spiritual side. They are described as being more bitchy than Macbeth's three witches.
American periodicals



Publisher: UM Libraries


Category: American periodicals

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When Justice Come A-Callin

Author: Sharia Kharif

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Fiction


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An aging griot spins stories filled with gossiping hens and troublemaking 'possums, a blues-crooning rooster and preaching peacock, freed Tennessee slaves and singing catfish. Every captivating tale tells a story of survival, hope, and American Black History. These unmistakably Southern folktales will hook you with their vibrant characters and bold illustrations.

Cities of the Plain

Author: Cormac McCarthy

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Volume Three of the Border Trilogy In Cormac McCarthy's Cities of the Plain, two men marked by the boyhood adventures of All the Pretty Horses and The Crossing now stand together, between their vivid pasts and uncertain futures, to confront a country changing beyond recognition. In the fall of 1952, John Grady Cole and Billy Parham are cowboys on a New Mexico ranch encroached upon from the north by the military. On the southern horizon are the mountains of Mexico, where one of the men is drawn again and again, in this story of friendships and passion, to a love as dangerous as it is inevitable.

a taste of chocolate

Author: Celina Adrian

Publisher: Outskirts Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 309

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In the deceptively calm lull between World War II and Vietnam, the United States faced one of its most important challenges: the battle to establish precedents for true racial equality. In a small Southern town, segregation and racial bias erupt in the lives of four children. Black siblings Jeremiah, Sarah Mae, and Wallace will cross paths with a White boy, Glen Dale, in a way that will leave all of them changed forever. In navigating their way through an oppressive town in the wake of a murder, their lives will depend on whether they can throw off the ideologies and indoctrinations that have enslaved them all. One of these children will have a hard journey toward adjusting their perspective. Narrated by children and beautifully written in authentic dialect that gives a deeply intimate look at each character, this thought-provoking novel of childhood survival reminds us that growth and change are inevitable and necessary-but not easy.