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Bristol Beaufighter (Fighter plane)

Whispering Death

Author: Neville M. Parnell

Publisher: Raupo


Category: Bristol Beaufighter (Fighter plane)

Page: 128

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Aces High

Author: Christopher Shores

Publisher: Grub Street Publishing


Category: History

Page: 704

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A revised collection of the biographies of the highest scoring Allied fighter pilots of World War II. All details of their combat are arranged in tabular form. Included are a selection of photographs from hitherto private collections.

Observers and Navigators

Author: Wg Cdr C.G. Jefford

Publisher: Grub Street Publishing


Category: History

Page: 416

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This title first appeared in 2001 to universal acclaim, quickly went out of print and has remained so since. The author, meantime, has continued his research and the result is this updated edition, over half as long as the first, with stacks of new photographs. Absolutely essential reference for all those interested in military aviation.
Political Science

Little Friends

Author: Philip Kaplan

Publisher: Random House Incorporated


Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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Story of U.S., British, and other Allied fighter pilots escorting heavy bombers over Europe during World War II.

Air Arsenal North America

Author: Phil Butler

Publisher: Aerofax


Category: History

Page: 320

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The book provides a detailed analysis of aircraft purchases made in North America by the subsequent operation of the Lend-Lease Acts and Canadian Mutual Aid, whereby thousands of aircraft were delivered to many Allied countries including the Soviet Union in the years to 1945. There is also significant coverage of aircraft supply and operation in Latin America. Describes and illustrates all of the many aircraft types; these descriptions are supplemented by sections covering their operation by each of the countries involved, including aircraft serials. Also includes descriptions of how the Lend-Lease Act operated, details of delivery routes, and an analysis of the various governmental and other organizations involved. Includes various appendices including statistics.