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Structural Materials and Processes in Transportation

Author: Dirk Lehmhus

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


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Page: 500

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Lightness, efficiency, durability and economic as well as ecological viability are key attributes required from materials today. In the transport industry, the performance needs are felt exceptionally strongly. This handbook and ready reference covers the use of structural materials throughout this industry, particularly for the road, air and rail sectors. A strong focus is placed on the latest developments in materials engineering. The authors present new insights and trends, providing firsthand information from the perspective of universities, Fraunhofer and independent research institutes, aerospace and automotive companies and suppliers. Arranged into parts to aid the readers in finding the information relevant to their needs: * Metals * Polymers * Composites * Cellular Materials * Modeling and Simulation * Higher Level Trends
Sports & Recreation

Firearms Guid 8th Edition DVD for Mac & Windows

Author: Kresimir Mijic

Publisher: Impressum Media Inc


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Page: 34000

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Firearms Guide 8th Edition (published July 2017 - is the world largest research able guns & ammo reference guide, gun values guide and gun schematics & blueprints library. Published since 2009 for industry professionals and enthusiasts, the new 8th Edition presents over 67,000 antique and modern guns from 1,000 manufacturers and 6,800 printable gun schematics & blueprints with original parts lists and FREE UPDATES. GUN VALUES for antique and modern guns are provided for professionals in the gun trade and collectors. 6,800 GUN SCHEMATICS (printable diagrams/exploded views) with parts lists and blueprints are provided for professional gunsmiths. Now the world’s largest gun schematics library can be at your service 24/7 and you can print out the schematics, blueprints and parts lists you need when you need them. Find your copy at:

World Guide to Special Libraries

Author: Marlies Janson

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter


Category: Reference

Page: 1379

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The World Guide to Special Libraries lists about 35,000 libraries world wide categorized by more than 800 key words - including libraries of departments, institutes, hospitals, schools, companies, administrative bodies, foundations, associations and religious communities. It provides complete details of the libraries and their holdings, and alphabetical indexes of subjects and institutions.

Ruby Developers Guide

Author: Syngress

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Computers

Page: 520

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An expert guide to Ruby, a popular new Object-Oriented Programming Language Ruby is quickly becoming a favourite among developers who need a simple, straight forward, portable programming language. Ruby is ideal for quick and easy object-oriented programming such as processing text files or performing system management. Having been compared with other programming languages such as Perl, Python, PCL, Java, Eiffel, and C++; Ruby is popular because of its straight forward syntax and transparent semantics. Using step-by-step examples and real world applications, the Ruby Developer's Guide is designed for programmers and developer's looking to embrace the object-oriented features and functionality of this robust programming language. Readers will learn how to develop, implement, organize and deploy applications using Ruby. Ruby is currently experiencing a rapid rise in popularity in the object-oriented programming community Readers receive up-to-the minute links, white papers, and analysis for two years at [email protected] Comes with a wallet-sized CD containing a printable HTML version of the book, all of the source code examples and demos of popular Ruby third-party programming tools and applications
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