Juvenile Fiction

Always Watching

Author: Brandilyn Collins

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

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This daughter of a rock star has it all—until murder crashes her world. The exciting and suspenseful Rayne Tour series features sixteen-year-old Shaley O’Connor, on tour with her mother’s popular band. Shaley lives in a whirlwind of backstage secrets, hotels, and limos. With beauty and fame of her own, Shaley wants for nothing ... except the one thing she can’t have. During a concert, sixteen-year-old Shaley O’Connor stumbles upon the body of a friend backstage. Is Tom Hutchens’ death connected to her? Frightening messages arrive. Paparazzi stalk Shaley. Her private nightmare is displayed for all to see. Where is God at a time like this? As the clock runs out, Shaley must find Tom’s killer—before he strikes again.

Daddy's Always Watching

Author: Sara Kitty

Publisher: Wet Kitty Purr


Category: Fiction


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The MAN OF THE HOUSE has been keeping a close eye on the BRAT. He's got all kinds of photos and videos of her on his computer. When the BRAT sneaks in and finds his secret files, he catches her in the act of going through them and now it's time for him to deliver the hard and unprotected punishment he can tell she secretly craves. Can she admit to herself that this is what she wants? Will everything fit? Sara Kitty's quickie stories have what you crave -- none of the fluff, just hot action between Older Men with a BIG & THICK MANHOOD and the TABOO Brats in their lives. These are the stories you're coming for. Blackmail, Dubcon, Dubious Consent, Taboo sex, Taboo Erotica, step erotica, stepdad erotica, stepdaughter sex, forced submission, forced seduction, forced erotica, forced, forced sex, rough sex, virgin, creampie, short stories, erotica short story, erotic romance
Young Adult Fiction

The Woods Are Always Watching

Author: Stephanie Perkins

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 240

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New from bestselling author Stephanie Perkins, and the perfect companion to her New York Times bestseller There's Someone Inside Your House, available now on Netflix! “The scares here are authentic, and the details meticulous, driven by a smart, distinct narrative voice. Hand this to fans of the film Midsommar who will delight in the eerie world building, the disintegration and rebuilding of interpersonal relationships, and the unseen forces of evil that threaten to break two friends apart.” –Booklist Bears aren’t the only predators in these woods. Best friends Neena and Josie spent high school as outsiders, but at least they had each other. Now, with college and a two-thousand-mile separation looming on the horizon, they have one last chance to be together—a three-day hike deep into the woods of the Pisgah National Forest. Simmering tensions lead to a detour off the trail and straight into a waking nightmare … and then into something far worse. Something that will test them in horrifying ways. Stephanie Perkins, the bestselling author of There’s Someone Inside Your House, returns with a heart-stopping, gut-wrenching novel about friendship, survival, and navigating unmarked paths even as evil watches from the shadows.
Family & Relationships

God Is Always Watching Over You

Author: Gary Morris

Publisher: Blue Mountain Arts, Inc.


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 68

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This book celebrates the power of prayer and faith in daily life and it expresses the heart's gratitude for all the blessings God bestows.
Performing Arts

Watching Anime, Reading Manga

Author: Fred Patten

Publisher: Stone Bridge Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 360

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The first book-length collection by the most respected writer on anime and manga today

Losing Streak

Author: Kristine Wyllys

Publisher: Carina Press


Category: Fiction


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Happiness doesn't come without a price. Rosemary Young knows the Lane. It's where she grew up, raising a brother barely younger than she was. It's where she served drinks, wearing a gaudy uniform in a low-lit bar to support her mama. It's where she fell for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Brandon Williams might've had a taste for gambling and been headed nowhere fast, but something about him made her almost forget every promise she ever made. These days when Rosie walks the Lane, it's on the orders of the man who owns it. The man who owns her—Joshua King. A bet gone wrong ties her to him, serving as the collateral Brandon didn't have. For Brandon the guilt is a white-hot brand, but Rosie can't bring herself to regret it completely. The safety of those she loves is worth the sacrifice. Now King's called Brandon back to town early and given Rosie one last job to do before they're free. Nothing—not even King—will keep Brandon from Rosie, not after three years of simply existing without her. And before it's all over, everything that had been done in darkness will come to light and nothing in their lives will ever be the same again. 67,000 words


Author: Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell




Page: 496

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Sports & Recreation

Female Fans of the NFL

Author: Anne Cunningham Osborne

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 230

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In the past, sport, particularly football, has been defined as a male domain. Women’s interest stereotypically ranges from gentle tolerance to active resistance. But increasingly, women are proudly identifying themselves as supporters of their teams, and have become highly desirable audiences for sport organizations and merchandisers. Football provides a unique site at which to examine the complex interplay between three theoretical areas: identity formation and maintenance, commercialization of cultural practices, and gender hegemony. This book explores how women experience their fandom, and what barriers exist for the female fan.

Crimes of Atoka County - Book Two - Time Served

Author: A. Dean Conaway

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Fiction


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Dane Conroy unwillingly entered the school of hard knocks when he was eleven. That schooling proved useful when it became time to avenge the murder of his younger brother and end the ongoing abuse of his little sister. Dane retaliated the only way the corrupt government of Atoka County understood. He called it justice, but those not acquainted with Atoka will probably call it revenge. In the following years nothing else seemed to matter anymore...until the night his wife Lydia called the F.B.I. Dane had broken rule one. "The only hard and fast rule to the perfect murder is not to tell anyone." Now he must call upon every bit of his mental stability, strength, and knowledge of violent prison life to survive. Vengeance cuts both ways.