Educational Innovation

Author: Charles E. Greenawalt

Publisher: University Press of Amer


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This book provides a comprehensive overview of the education reform movement throughout the nation, and offers an agenda to ensure that United States schools will offer a world-class education. Twenty-seven educational reform and educational leaders from across the country examine the history of the educational reform movement and its current status across the country. The most salient topics in education reform are examined, such as accountability, assessment, certification, funding equity, unionization, community service requirements, educational choice, home schooling, Learnfare, magnet schools, Chris Wittle's Project Edison, and Ted Sizer's Coalition of Essential Schools' philosophy. Co-published with the Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives.
Educational sociology

Sociology of Education

Author: William M. Cave

Publisher: New York : Macmillan


Category: Educational sociology

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Focus on Teaching

Author: Sylvester J. Balassi

Publisher: New York : Odyssey Press


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Social sciences

Social Studies

Author: Indiana. Department of Public Instruction



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Research in Education

Author: James H. McMillan

Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company


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Partnerships in Creative Activities Among Schools, Artists, and Professional Organizations Promoting Arts Education

Author: Samuel Mitchell

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press


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The volume explores the geographical place names which form layers covering the landscape. The original layer, made up of aboriginal names, is widespread. A second layer is provided by the earliest European explorers, particularly the French missionaries and voyageurs who entered the Midwest from Canada in the 17th century. Americans followed, and much of the Midwest was settled and named shortly after the War of 1812.


Author: James Walker Benét

Publisher: Transaction Publishers


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Current discussions of education from Jenck's "Inequality "to Coleman's recent controversial pronouncements on desegregation orders and "white flight" concentrate on the efficacy of educational reform. The articles in this anthology, collected from two issues of the journal "Social Problems, "all consider this topic. The volume is divided into six sections, each exploring different aspects of education. In an introductory essay the editors state the theme of the work and outl i ne the approaches and focuses of the individual essays. Daniels and Benet provide a framework within which the reader can digest and interpret the various contributions, and raise a series of questions intended to guide future educational research. They maintain that only interdisciplinary study can enable researchers to understand the play between individual aspirations and interconnecting social systems and institutions in the development of the growing exasperation with (or indifference to) the schooling question. Originally sponsored by the Society for the Study of Social Problems, this work provides refreshing insights into the nature of contemporary education and explores new areas of research not previously discussed. It follows a "social system" approach to education and advocates it as a model for future researchers. Serves an "important role in the current assessment of American education. "Ray C. Rist, Cornell University