Are We Screwed?

Author: Geoff Dembicki

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA


Category: Nature

Page: 320

View: 163

A declaration of resistance, and a roadmap for radical change, from the generation that will be most screwed by climate change. The Millennial generation could be first to experience the doomsday impacts of climate change. It's also the last generation able to do something about them. With time ticking down, 31-year-old journalist Geoff Dembicki journeyed to Silicon Valley, Canada's tar sands, Washington, DC, Wall Street and the Paris climate talks to find out if he should hope or despair. What he learned surprised him. Millions of people his age want to radically change our world, and they are at the forefront of resistance to the politicians and CEOs steering our planet towards disaster. In Are We Screwed?, Dembicki gives a firsthand account of this movement, and the shift in generational values behind it, through the stories of young people fighting for their survival. It begins with a student who abandons society to live in the rainforest and ends with a Muslim feminist fomenting a political revolution. We meet a Brooklyn artist terrifying the oil industry, a Norwegian scientist running across the melting Arctic and an indigenous filmmaker challenging the worldview of Mark Zuckerberg. Are We Screwed? makes a bold argument in these troubled times: A safer and more equitable future is more achievable than we've been led to believe. This book will forever change how you view the biggest existential challenge of our era and redefine the generation now battling against the odds to solve it.
Body, Mind & Spirit

Do We Need to Be So Screwed Up?!

Author: Suki Pryce

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 267

View: 312

Modern life is full of problems - in individuals and in society too. Increasingly we see damaged and disturbed children, mental health problems, addictions of many kinds, antisocial behavior, and crime, violence and war. So it seems sensible to ask: does life have to be this way? Was it always like this for human beings? We ve been around for maybe as much as two million years: surely we didn t evolve to live such difficult and dysfunctional lives?Do We Need To Be So Screwed-Up?!sets out to discover the answer to this question and finds plentiful evidence to show that, on the contrary, human beings evolved to be naturally egalitarian, cooperative, and peaceful. Indeed, for over 95% of our history until about 10,000 years ago - that is how we were: kind, cheerful and happy! This is a paradigm-busting re-evaluation of human nature and our potential for happiness.

If We Screw Each Other, We?re All Screwed

Author: Peter G. James Sinclair

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 405

To be wise, one must spend time with the wise. And how does one become wise? One way is by learning from all the foolish things one has done in the past. Success in life is not a seamless highway; that road has bumps. To become an authority on this, Peter G. James Sinclair has led a life that has been a series of stops, starts, fast bursts, long hauls, desert treks, jungle manoeuvres, and a whole lot more. And yet even when a brick wall has stood between him and success, he has learnt to stand back, size up the opposition and simply shout, 'There must be another way through'. And do you know what? There always is. If We Screw Each Other, We're All Screwed: A Book on Getting Earthly Wisdom is the result of a life lived in the real world dealing with real people. Within its pages, more than five decades of tried and tested wisdom has been compacted into short, concise and easily digestible phrases that have been designed for immediate application to your life. Some would call them quotes. Peter calls them liquid gold. In order to reach success in life and have successful relationships in this world, one must acquire and administer earthly wisdom.

Best Gay Stories 2008

Author: Steve Berman

Publisher: Lethe Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 292

View: 930

Editor Steve Berman has selected twenty stories--some moving essays, some splendid works of fiction--from the prior year that best feature the lives, loves and losses of gay men. With tales by fresh voices and established writers, Best Gay Stories offers readers indiscretions, poignant trysts, and reminiscences that are as evocative as they are imaginative.

This Is the Life

Author: Alex Shearer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 286

American Library Association Notable Book In the spirit of #1 New York Times bestseller The Fault in Our Stars, a “lovely, touching book” (Alexander McCall Smith) about two estranged brothers who come together when one of them discovers he has a brain tumor and the other emerges as his caretaker. This is the life: Not the one you thought you had yesterday. Or the one that might not be here tomorrow. Just this one. Here and now… This is the story of Louis, who never quite fit in, and of his younger brother, who always tried to tag along. As they got older, they grew apart. And as they got older still, one of them got cancer, and the other became his caretaker. Then they became close again, two brothers on one final journey together, wading through the stuff that’s thicker than water. Told in anecdotes as his brother remembers them, we discover who this cranky, cancerous Louis once was. That before his brain surgery he had a mind that was said to be bigger than the rest of the family’s put together, and that his heart was—and still is—just as big. That it’s hard getting a haircut with a brain tumor, and that it does no good to help your brother memorize a PIN number when he might not be able to remember where the bank is. We learn along with these two brothers how the little stuff is as big as the big stuff, how tragedy and comedy go together, and how necessary it is that they do. Inspired by Shearer’s experiences when his own brother was dying and written with a warm touch that is at once tender and achingly funny, This Is the Life is a moving testimony to both the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of the simpler things in life, like not taking a dying man’s tea kettle away.

Humanity's Footprint

Author: Walter K Dodds

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Science

Page: 288

View: 614

For the first time in history, humans have exceeded the sustaining capacity of Earth's global ecosystems. Our expanding footprint has tremendous momentum, and the insidious explosion of human impact creates a shockwave that threatens ecosystems worldwide for decades-possibly centuries. Walter K. Dodds depicts in clear, nontechnical terms the root causes and global environmental effects of human behavior. He describes trends in population growth, resource use, and global environmental impacts of the past two centuries, such as greenhouse effects, ozone depletion, water pollution, and species extinctions and introductions. Dodds also addresses less familiar developments, such as the spread of antibiotic resistant genes in bacteria and the concentration of pesticides in the Arctic and other remote ecosystems. He identifies fundamental human activities that have irreversible effects on the environment and draws on recent social science and game theory results to explain why people use more than their share. Past behavior indicates that as resources grow scarce, humans will escalate their use of what remains instead of managing their consumption. Humanity's Footprint paints a lively but ultimately sobering picture of our environmental predicament. Dodds calls for a consilient approach to socioenvironmental restoration that draws on new thinking from across disciplines to develop sustainable solutions to global environmental problems.
Biography & Autobiography

Where Shall We Run To?: A Memoir

Author: Alan Garner

Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

View: 788

A NEW STATESMAN BOOK OF THE YEAR From one of our greatest living writers, comes a remarkable memoir of a forgotten England.
Young Adult Fiction

The Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second

Author: Drew Ferguson

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 273

View: 883

A quirky gay teenager tries to find his way through life, love, and high school in this “funny, honest and engaging book, told with attitude and style” (Bart Yates). Being Charles James Stewart Jr.—aka “Charlie the Second”—means that fitting in is something other people do. Tall, gangly, and big-eared, he’s the walking, talking epitome of a teenage geek. An embarrassment to his parents (he’s not too crazy about them, either), Charlie is a virtual untouchable at his high school, where humiliation is practically an extracurricular activity. But what’s driving him truly crazy is that while his hormones are raging like everyone else’s and his peers are pairing off, he remains alone with his fantasies. Then, a new guy at school begins to liven things up in Charlie’s life. And for the first time in his seventeen years, he learns how it feels to be a star. But even cool guys can have problems—and that’s just one of the lessons Charlie is about to learn on this deliciously sexy, risk-filled journey from which there is no turning back. “Ferguson’s exuberant portrait successfully re-creates coming-of-age’s dizzy heat” in this offbeat novel about fitting in, freaking out, and surviving the endless perils of puberty (Publishers Weekly).
Political Science

Here's Proof Only We Conservatives Have Our Heads Screwed on Straight!!!

Author: Lowell Green



Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 887

As usual Lowell Green, one of Canada's best selling authors and the Country's most honoured broadcaster, rushes in where angels fear to tread! His latest book, (his sixth best seller) "Here's proof only we conservatives have our heads screwed on straight" makes you shake your head with disbelief as writes about the truly magnificent screw-ups the granola-crunching, tree hugging, thug huggers have plunged us into over the years. "Thank heavens," he says, "that with people like Churchill, Thatcher, Reagan, Giuliani, Merkel, Harris and hopefully Harper and maybe even Cameron, there's almost always been a clear-thinking, fearless, principled Conservative or conservative thinker to rescue us from left wing lunacy and economic chaos." Fresh from the incredible success of his most recent book, "Mayday! Mayday! Curb immigration. Stop multiculturalism, or it's the end of the Canada we know," Green's latest work unleashes a firestorm of wit, wisdom and common sense that is bound to delight, titillate, entertain and educate all those who don't believe group hugs and long walks on lonely beaches with our enemies will solve the world's problems. If there is any doubt in anyone's mind whether they should buy "Here's Proof," there's a dandy little quiz in the first few pages that provides guidance and hopefully assistance to prevent severe trauma to delicate liberal and socialist sensitilities!
Political Science

We’re All Screwed: How Toxic Regulation Will Crush the Free Market System

Author: Stephen A. Boyko

Publisher: Traders Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 186

View: 834

You hear it all the time: Think outside the box. But those who purport to protect us with rules and regulations don t do their thinking inside comfy, three-dimensional boxes. They are stuck inside cramped, one-dimensional squares. The world isn t square. It isn t even flat. It s varied, fast-paced, and changing. You re along for the ride whether you like it or not; the good old days got outsourced overseas. Whether it s the small-time thugs who make business owners pay for protection or bureaucrats who promise the masses that rule writing will cure all that ails, America can t take it anymore. In We re All Screwed, financial regulation industry insider Stephen A. Boyko explains how creativity and three-dimensional thinking are the best tools for developing a governance plan. With input from top professionals and entrepreneurs, Boyko outlines a nonlinear approach to governance that works in any area of the world. Boyko envisions a future where America can be a contender. He shatters the pretence of regulatory protection, explaining that linear approaches to governance and subsidized risk never worked and never will. Boyko illustrates how entities meant to govern capital markets have created false hierarchies, false protection, and false promises, saddling Americans with restrictive, obsolete, one-size-fits-all lists of incomprehensible, ineffective rules. Enough is enough! There is a better way. Heeding Boyko s advice is not the gamble; hugging outdated rules around you like the fuzzy gauze of pseudo security is the real risk.