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Are You Rugged or Unrugged?

Author: Rugged Dude

Publisher: Loving Healing Press


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 34

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ARE YOU RUGGED OR UNRUGGED? According to Rugged Dude Carson (his real name): "This is the ultimate guide to bringing even a rugged dude or dudette in training all the way up to Rugged Certified status! Even if you live in a high rise building in the city, and drive a Toyota Prius, there is hope for you... Read this book and you'll be on your way to full ‘Ruggedtivityizationalizm.' Yes, that's a real word. Look it up!" Rugged Dude credits inspiration for the book from "Doing my TV series Officially Rugged with RD for eight seasons and the many (thousands) of emails from people telling us their ideas of being rugged or unrugged. we got over that time. " When asked how much of himself he could see in the rugged or un-rugged dilemmas, RD replied: "Safe to say that I do see myself in many of the scenarios in the book. Also, on many of my trips (for taping shows anywhere across Canada and the USA) there would be a couple or three other people with us. And, they too, would be perfect candidates for some of this ruggedtivity." "I feel so much better--it's good to have my ruggedness affirmed by the experts. This book is a humorous look at the outdoors lifestyle that those of us that are rugged, enjoy. This collection of fun illustrations and ruggedisms will keep you turning the pages from cover to cover. Are you rugged? Take the test. And yes, I have fixed a hole in my canoe with duct tape." --Mikel B. Classen, author of Lake Superior Tales, editor of U.P. Reader "After a year in the bush hunting and fishing and not using any deodorant, a hungry bear picks up your trail. It gets a good whiff of you and goes the other way. Rugged?..... Thiis book is humorous and full of many 'Rugged' examples. A winner!" --- Bob Hruska, Author of Humorous Hunting and Fishing Stories From Modern History Press
Social Science

Are You Rugged Or Unrugged?

Author: Rugged Dude



Category: Social Science

Page: 38

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"The author's dialectic attempts address the core of what defines ruggedness in the male psyche by a series of questions and answers of humorous intent. Each hand-drawn panel presents a different scenario where the question "Are you rugged or unrugged?" can be asked"--

Are You Rugged Or Unrugged?

Author: Rugged Dude Carson



Category: Masculinity


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"The author's dialectic attempts address the core of what defines ruggedness in the male psyche by a series of questions and answers of humorous intent. Each hand-drawn panel presents a different scenario where the question "Are you rugged or unrugged?" can be asked"--
Technology & Engineering

Horse Sense

Author: Peter Huntington

Publisher: Landlinks Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 352

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This new edition provides the latest information on new feeds and supplements; new techniques for gently breaking in young horses, handling difficult horses, safe riding, and treating injuries, diseases, worms and other pests.

Re-Educating Racehorses

Author: Fred Cook

Publisher: Crowood


Category: Pets

Page: 224

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This fully comprehensive book guides the reader through the process of acquiring and subsequently re-training a racehorse. It provides an in-depth look at what life was like for the horse at the racing yard and how through correct training and education you can train your horse to become a happy adjusted athlete ready for everyday equestrian activities. Contents include: What to consider when re-homing a racehorse out of training; Under New Management; how to ensure a smooth transition; Feeding and Nutrition; how diet affects performance; Working from the ground; a detailed look at the importance of groundwork training; Re-schooling; what is required of you and your horse. A practical book that guides the reader through the process of acquiring and re-training a racehorse and gives advice on how you can train a horse to achieve a number of different levels depending on how advanced you wish to go. Superbly illustrated with 158 colour photographs. Fred Cook and Rowena Simmonds are experienced trainers and handlers of difficult, temperamental and sensitive horses.

Managing Horses on Small Properties

Author: Jane Myers

Publisher: Landlinks Press


Category: Science

Page: 224

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A dream shared by many is to run a few horses on a small property on the fringes of a city or town. This book shows how to combine sustainable land management practices with a style of horse keeping that will protect the health and well-being of your horses, as well as the land and its wildlife. Good property management does not need to be an expensive undertaking. Improved pasture means less feed bills, reduced mud or dust improves a horse's health and reduces vet bills, better manure management turns a liability into an asset. The reader is first introduced to the horse's natural behaviour as expressed in body language, intelligence, ability to learn, grazing, herd instincts and social behaviour. The book then goes on to cover all the basics of safe handling, routine care and common health problems. Property selection, property design, water supply, pasture management, horse facilities, fencing, trees and plants, manure management and equipment and tools are comprehensively dealt with in separate chapters. This is a practical book written with a minimum of jargon especially for those who are new to horse ownership and small properties. It will deliver real benefits to the landholder, including reduced horse keeping costs, better welfare of horses, increased productivity, and improved land management practices.
Sports & Recreation

What Horses Say

Author: Anna Clemence Mews

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 218

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Anna Clemence Mews presents a beautifully written collection of true stories that have made up a part of Julie Dicker's career as an animal communicator and healer. Client interviews, case notes, and an interesting collection of survey questions and answers that were actually posed to a representative group of Dicker's equine clientele provide "anecdotal evidence" of horses' emotions and their ability to reason.

The Free Spirit Pony Diaries 2015

Author: Andree L Ralph




Page: 174

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Following on from The Free Spirit Pony Diaries (2011 - 2014) - the next installment in the journey of The Free Spirit Ponies, a naturally living herd of horses and ponies and their piggy friends, continues....... Here are our adventures throughout 2015, exactly as they happened and as we shared on our Facebook page. 2015 - A year of growth, of awakenings and of dreams starting to come true.......

DevOps Paradox

Author: Viktor Farcic

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd


Category: Computers

Page: 532

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Discover DevOps secrets from leading experts. Viktor Farcic interviews DevOps industries voices including Mike Kail, Greg Bledsoe, Jeff Sussna, James Turnbull, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Liz Keogh, and more. Key Features Leading DevOps experts share their insights into modern DevOps practice Engage with the real-world challenges of putting DevOps to work Strengthen your DevOps practices now and prepare for future DevOps trends Book Description DevOps promises to break down silos, uniting organizations to deliver high quality output in a cross-functional way. In reality it often results in confusion and new silos: pockets of DevOps practitioners fight the status quo, senior decision-makers demand DevOps paint jobs without committing to true change. Even a clear definition of what DevOps is remains elusive. In DevOps Paradox, top DevOps consultants, industry leaders, and founders reveal their own approaches to all aspects of DevOps implementation and operation. Surround yourself with expert DevOps advisors. Viktor Farcic draws on experts from across the industry to discuss how to introduce DevOps to chaotic organizations, align incentives between teams, and make use of the latest tools and techniques. With each expert offering their own opinions on what DevOps is and how to make it work, you will be able to form your own informed view of the importance and value of DevOps as we enter a new decade. If you want to see how real DevOps experts address the challenges and resolve the paradoxes, this book is for you. What you will learn Expert opinions on: Introducing DevOps into real-world, chaotic business environments Deciding between adopting cutting edge tools or sticking with tried-and-tested methods Initiating necessary business change without positional power Managing and overcoming fear of change in DevOps implementations Anticipating future trends in DevOps and how to prepare for them Getting the most from Kubernetes, Docker, Puppet, Chef, and Ansible Creating the right incentives for DevOps success across an organization The impact of new techniques, such as Lambda, serverless, and schedulers, on DevOps practice Who this book is for Anybody interested in DevOps will gain a lot from this book. If you want to get beyond the simplistic ideals and engage with the deep challenges of putting DevOps to work in the real world, this book is for you.

Will Rogers

Author: Donald Day

Publisher: New York : D. McKay Company


Category: Entertainers

Page: 370

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Account of the cowboy-philosopher based on his autobiography and others of his writings, his wife's biography of him and some magazine articles about him.
Juvenile Nonfiction

Equine Lore Healthy Horses Holistically

Author: Hetty Tapper

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 768

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The main purpose of this book is to show how we can all learn to help and heal our horses. The aim is to bring healing back to where healing belongs "with everybody." Understanding behaviour and communication is important as they are expressions of energy and are crucial to learning to understand others. In this book, you will discover natural, gentle, and supportive therapies that work in harmony with the healing system to help restore and maintain health. Healing will occur when we work with, not against the forces of nature that exist within the body. Animals are our teachers and very often they lead us on a path of discovery that we would not have embarked on without them in our lives. This book will help our descendants and their horses towards a better understanding and a greater mutual respect between the species. Take responsibility for your horse's health and wellbeing. You will find that they will not only feel and look better; they will achieve much more and avoid disease and ailments caused by lifestyle and bad diets. Give your horses the happy, healthy, and vibrant lives they deserve! Topics covered include: ♦Anatomy ♦Horse Care ♦Dietary Requirements ♦Vitamins ♦Minerals ♦Herbs ♦Essential Oils ♦Essences ♦Tissue Salts ♦Subtle Anatomy ♦Energy Healing ♦Yin and Yang ♦Five Elements ♦Chakras ♦Meridians ♦Materia Medica ♦Common Ailments
Biography & Autobiography

American Original

Author: Ray Robinson

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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An engaging, anecdotal portrait of the American humorist, entertainer, and political and social commentator follows the life of Will Rogers from his childhood in Oklahoma until his tragic death, describing his role as a "cowboy philosopher" and his remarkable influence on American life. UP.

Tempting Vivi

Author: Liz Kelly

Publisher: Kelly Girl Productions


Category: Fiction

Page: 209

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Tempting Vivi A DuVal Cousins Novel Ready to graduate college and start her dream career, Vivi DuVal’s confidence is shaken when her boyfriend drops a bomb that sends her spinning…right into the arms of heroic Lane Kettering. But what starts out as a romantic beach fling is about to end up as fodder for the tabloids when Lane’s secret is unexpectedly revealed and Vivi finds herself in extremely hot and tempting water. Tempting Vivi is the latest addition to the Heroes of Henderson series by USA Today Bestselling Author Liz Kelly. All of the books in this series are complete romances and do not need to be read in order, although it’s more fun that way as characters from previous books continue to show up throughout the series. The DuVal Cousins stories, Tempting Vivi and Taming Molly definitely don’t have to be read in order. All the books in the Heroes of Henderson Series are complete romances. They do not need to be read in order, but it might be more fun that way as characters continue to show up in Henderson in big ways and small. Heroes of Henderson books to date: Playin' Cop Heroes of Henderson ~ Prequel (Novella) Good Cop Heroes of Henderson ~ Book 1 Bad Cop Heroes of Henderson ~ Book 2 Taming Molly Heroes of Henderson ~ Book 2.5 (Novella) Top Dog Heroes of Henderson ~ Book 3 Tempting Vivi Heroes of Henderson ~ Book 3.5 (Full length novel) Kissing Cooper Heroes of Henderson ~ A Christmas Edition UnderDog Heroes of Henderson ~ Book 4 Mr. Wrong Heroes of Henderson ~ Book 5 Mr. Wright Heroes of Henderson ~ Book 6 Mr. Wright Now Heroes of Henderson ~ Book 7

Wacky Chicks

Author: Simon Doonan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Humor

Page: 272

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Most of us know a wacky chick. She's a true nonconformist, a woman who dares to be different. On any ordinary day she might be found performing a citizen's arrest, running a concession stand at a swingers' convention, or wearing a tiara on top of a cowboy hat. Even when conservatively dressed, wacky chicks give themselves away with their fire and exuberance: their outrageous personalities make them as easy to spot as a flamingo prancing among pigeons. Once considered a rarity, this wild and wonderful species seems to be increasing its numbers. In Wacky Chicks, irreverent social commentator and humor writer Simon Doonan celebrates this growing phenomenon by introducing readers to a bracing cross section of today's most provocative and unconventional women. He asks them to reveal what it takes to be a wacky chick and how wacky-chickery can help women everywhere find creative fulfillment. Readers will learn everything from wacky-chick spiritualism (woo-woo chicks) to wacky-chick business sense (chicks with shticks). We will witness their lives, habitats, mating rituals, careers, and childbearing practices. There's even priceless advice on fashion, beauty, interior decorating, finding the right partner, and unleashing your feminist wacky chick without losing your femininity. Some of Doonan's wacky chicks you may already know -- Amy Sedaris, cocktail waitress turned creator and star of Comedy Central's Strangers with Candy, and her alter ego Piglet; Warhol muse and Key lime pie aficionado Brigid Berlin; and Susanne Bartsch, the woman who showed Madonna how to vogue. But most are supervixens you've never met, because, naturally, a wacky chick does not aspire to traditional fame and fortune. Included here are the life lessons of fashion designer turned park ranger Spider Fawke, the proud mother of thirty-eight lizards and a four-inch tarantula; slashed-spandex-wearing Isabel Garrett; hip hypnotist Jessica Porter; and a new age pixie named Kazuko. They are about as diverse a flock as you can imagine, but they share a common theme: all of these women are Belligerent, Resilient, Uninhibited, Naughty, Creative, and Hilarious (B.R.U.N.C.H. for short). In a word, they are wacky. A book that pays tribute to the wild and unstoppable female in each of us, Wacky Chicks is the ultimate guide to embracing your inner rebel. Mixing intimate and outrageous interview material with philosophical interludes, Simon Doonan brings you on a soul-searching journey that may leave you creating hats out of tinfoil or opening your own hot dog stand, infinitely self-assured and infinitely wacky.